Not Kyle Drabek.

Nope. Still doesn’t not feel weird to type those records out in the headline of this post.

This run from the Jays still hasn’t stopped being fun as hell, either. Series already clinched with Liam Hendriks yet to have pitched in it?

I can live with that.

Go Jays!


Casey Janssen won’t be available for the Jays tonight, due to “general soreness,” according to… everyone. He’s “hanging a little bit,” says John Gibbons, according to a tweet from Mike Wilner. It’s nothing serious. “Overall body soreness,” said Gibbers, as per a Brendan Kennedy tweet.

Sergio Santos, on the other hand, according to Wilner’s tweet, has suffered a bit of a setback and is shut down until Sunday. Gregor Chisholm elaborates, saying that Santos felt some soreness when throwing from 120 feet, while Kennedy tweets that the official explanation was that Santos’s forearm felt “tender.”

Scott MacArthur tweets: “Santos wouldn’t describe what he felt as either ‘pain’ or ‘soreness’ and says he’s not sore today.”

“Nothing new on Rasmus,” tweets Brendan Kennedy. “He says he’s just getting treatment, taking it day to day. Ran a little yesterday. No plans for a rehab assignment.” (As in, nothing is scheduled yet, not that he has no plans on going on one, even though that was something he was saying the other day that he hoped to avoid. Footsteps.)

Dioner Navarro, you’ll notice, is in the lineup and behind the plate tonight. Evidently the bruised finger he suffered last night isn’t terribly serious. He’s not perfect, though. John Lott spoke with him for a piece at the National Post, and it turns out Navarro is simply having too much fun to let a minor injury take him out of the lineup. ”I just love to play, man. I kind of put myself in a situation where I want to be [playing] again after being a backup for the past three years, and now I‘ve got this opportunity. This is such a wonderful experience being around these guys, Eddie hitting bombs, Melky getting five hits a day, Reyes getting stolen bases. It’s just so much fun,” he said, among other things that perfectly capture the current Jays zeitgeist.

Megan Robinson tweets a link to her new pre-game in a minute feature for Sportsnet and the Fan, warning our ears to be on the lookout (the hear-out?) for some Phil Collins tonight, thanks to Liam Hendriks.

Jerry Crasnick was on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight Podcast today talking about the Jays. Worth a listen if you want to hear US guys talk about how the Jays might actually be pretty good. Starts around the 38 minute mark.

Pitch Talks #3 goes Monday, with Richard Griffin, Scott MacArthur, Cathal Kelly, Brendan Kennedy, Alexis Brudnicki, and Cashew Mirman — not to mention, delicious suds from Left Field Brewery — so get yourself a ticket.

The Dome is not open at the time of writing, but there’s still a chance it will be open by game time. @IsTheDomeOpen will keep you posted.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Kansas City

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Liam Hendriks

Tampa Bay Rays

DH David DeJesus (L)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
CF Desmond Jennings (R)
LF Matt Joyce (L)
RF Wil Myers (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)
2B Sean Rodriguez (R)
C Jose Molina (R)

RHP Chris Archer

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  1. What the hell is Lawrie doing? Swings at a slider down and away, swings at a fastball up at his chin. The guy looks like he’s confused and is just swinging mindlessly.

    And of course that farked up formula works out for him.

  2. FUCK off Madden!

  3. Man the Rays are soo slow o.O They are the kings of delay of game..

  4. Review a single with one out in the 4th? Desperation.

  5. Tabby with some words of wisdom there (not being sarcastic).

  6. Keep workin, the count boys-get that PC up there

  7. Archer can really run it back over the plate.
    Big movement on the Lefties.

  8. wow way outside

  9. So when was the last time the Jays had 3 consecutive sweeps? I imagine this has been mentioned in the media somewhere, right?

  10. Over/under b4 he tries to steal 2nd? I’ll say 2

  11. Good piece of hitting there.

  12. wong

  13. woooo moar delays

  14. I meant wrong, of cours-fukin run!

  15. This ump though

  16. Reyes ain’t protecting no plate!

  17. Hope they can reach down for a little extra tonight. Rays are a determined team tonight.

  18. Is there some rule that umpees c/n call out an opposition player on strikes like they can BJs-fuk

  19. He;s hitting 105,LIAM!

  20. This ump must be a Facebook friend with Maddon. Jesus, could Hendriks get a close pitch too?

  21. He just won’t get the ball down-someone could get hurt

  22. Boom.

  23. Finally, a called third strike!

  24. somehow, someway, he’s through 5 with only 2 runs in…let’s score a few here, eh?

  25. In spite of some hard hit outs this is a very solid outing for Dingoboy.

  26. Hendricks completes 5. 6th starter magic!

  27. ok now, let’s put up a crooked number now boys

  28. Holy fuck Archer. Hurry the-fuck up!! Does he know he doesn’t have to wait 25 seconds between pitches!?!?!?

    Some of us would like to have time to do something after the game too.

  29. Good time to take the parrot for a walk.

  30. is it just me or does Archer look like a character from a Norman Rockwell painting

  31. Let’s hope there’s a limited amount of true arrows left in this Archers’ quiver.

  32. fuck yeah Melky!

  33. Ummm.. this defense is giving this bird a boner.

  34. Melky can go get it. Time to change his scouting report.

  35. This Hendricks is scary.

  36. if the Jays win tonight Hendriks owes his outfield a backrub

  37. Best part, Maddon can’t challenge.

  38. Hendricks has to just be loving this.

  39. Very tasty.

  40. Lets get on the sticks.

  41. This is one of the luckier pitching performances I’ve seen.

  42. This defence o.O

  43. The right call

  44. somehow all the DRS and other defensive metrics have the jays as below average defensively…between that and the insane amount of extra WAR they hand to Trout, it’s no wonder some of us don’t trust them yet…the Jays D has been one of the key reasons they are succeeding with a rotation that everyone agrees needs an addition at some point

    • The Jays aren’t good position by position defensively. We just happen to see Juan Francisco make a great play instead of the talking about the ten balls he can’t even fathom making a play on because of his terrible range.

      • Does 0960 identify you as a resident of Baltimore?

        • No? That last play was a perfect example =p

          • I AM CAM. I AM CAM. CAM I AM.



            I DO NOT LIKE THEM, CAM-I-AM.

      • I’m certainly not going to argue that Fat Juan is good defensively, but there are only a couple of balls that I can remember getting past him that Lawrie would had…I think I read something about the Jays’ D taking a significant hit due to the # of balls getting over the OF’s heads, which I attribute partly to Cletus playing shallow and getting burned a bunch early on…

        • Yeah, definitely! He plays way too far in. Probably because he doesn’t want to allow any singles, but the doubles, man.. the doubles..

      • Funny that this gets brought up right before he comes up short on a routine foul pop, leading to double.

  45. They should really flirt with the idea of Lawrie making the full time conversion to 2nd base. He is still very strong on defence, but the bat at second would be golden.

  46. Clay Buchholz on the DL with right arm shittiness.

  47. I wonder how the conversation with Buchholz went when he discovered he had a sore knee.

  48. Matt freakin’ Joyce.

  49. Sweet Dusty McG!

  50. Smart move, Joyce

  51. Why are Rogers Centre fans so fucking stupid? Every single game there are clowns touching balls in play.

  52. There is a comfortable feeling when McGowan comes into the game, late.

  53. Scout: “Dustin McGowan may prefer to go after Jose Molina, whose OPS is .281 this season, with the changeup rather than facing David DeJesus, whose OPS is .808.” No, really?

  54. Molina must be tickling that Umps balls to get that called strike fucking 3 a BALL.

  55. Molina batting less than .150 and you throw a curve in a 3-2 count? Yeesh.

  56. Dusty….Fucking eh!

  57. This is the crooked number inning. Jays to score 4. Who wants the over?

  58. I’d rather the jays win the world series and still be ignored by the dweebs at ESPN than to be patronized by them in late may.

  59. are “guile” and “smarts” code for vaseline and pine tar, Pat? If so, then yes, Perralta has plenty of both…

  60. If the Jays win tonight I’ll try the pulled-pork.

  61. Those slow mo replays are hilarious…Hendricks must’ve set a new record for warning track shots in one game. I know Zaun talked about it earlier but fuck, you need to score a bunch to come out on top when he’s on the mound.

    • and they are great catches, don’t get me wrong but fuck, expect bombs raining down all fucking night when he’s serving up BP.

      • 5th starters are basically those type of pitchers. You’ll be lucky to get a good performance. Most of the time you’re going to need to score a bunch to keep up or bail out your 5th starter.

        • Exactly.
          It’s 2-2.
          We’re in the 7th.
          Good result.

        • yeah, I agree but his ground ball rate is non existent.

          • And yet…here we are.

            • pleased as punch we’re in the 7th with a chance to win…just my observation tonight, shared by most.

              • The scouting report gets around on Hendricks and he’s toast. Hoping that Stroman is ready by then.

              • I doubt that we are disagreeing much, if at all.

                You initially said that “you need to score a bunch to come out on top when he’s on the mound.”
                We are presently in a 2-2 tie.
                He’s probably the 7th starter.
                He’s done A-OK.
                Give him a break.
                Show a little love.

                • No argument here potatoes, just opining about the deep fly balls that could in certain ballparks or situations ie) roof open, leave the yard. Although he pitched a 3 hitter with stellar catches behind him, he needs to keep the ball down to be successful pitcher regardless of his 5. 6 or 7th rotation position.

  62. Last night I muttered, “Casey shouldn’t have ever been in this game” after the Jays were up 8-3.

    Now tonight I say, “shit, Casey shouldn’t have ever been in that game last night”.

    I know I’m supposed to only look “forward, ever forward”. But what about learning from mistakes?

  63. You have to think Reyes steals within 2 pitches at this point in the game.

  64. K. I’m finally home. Mount Gay Rum in the glass. Time to start this party. Dinger please.

  65. Jaysus!

    Max Headroom much?

  66. Is MLB.tv being stuttery for anyone else right now?

  67. Fuck Peralta, I have to work in the morning.

  68. Joey takes first. Very disciplined. And Lind’s going to face the lefty?

  69. I’d go Tolleson here.

  70. Maddon’s move backfires…three run homer by Lind. you heard it first here

  71. Kratz? maybe?

  72. Lind gets the AB.

  73. Lind should braid that goatee

  74. mcGee’s 98 looks alot faster than Archers 98

  75. That is a fugly beard.

  76. bullshit

  77. Fuck that.

  78. Fuck off ump

  79. That was half a foot off the plate.

  80. And – still tied at 2.

  81. Gross call.

  82. This ump is shitacular.

  83. If gameday is correct that call was fucked

  84. need alomar in the house to spit on him

  85. This radio ad with Kawasaki is priceless.

  86. Is the umpire aware its the rays not the sox or yanks. Rays aren’t supposed to get calls like that.

  87. I’d say the ump blows, but I doubt he sees well enough to find an average dick…

  88. Oh, kittenface…

  89. Caught looking on a pitch a foot outside

  90. C’mon Gibbers. Bad decision.

  91. Come on dusty. 3 innings win save.

  92. Fat lawrie

  93. Give him some love.

  94. nice one Fat Juan!!!

  95. I love defense. If this was last season the Jays would have 17 errors by now.

  96. Fat Juan falls in front of one and makes the bullet throw. Nice play.

  97. Filthy Mc G

  98. Longo being very un-Longo-ish.

  99. Longoria looks less lethal than usual this week.

  100. and that’s not a strike fuck me

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