Not Kyle Drabek.

Nope. Still doesn’t not feel weird to type those records out in the headline of this post.

This run from the Jays still hasn’t stopped being fun as hell, either. Series already clinched with Liam Hendriks yet to have pitched in it?

I can live with that.

Go Jays!


Casey Janssen won’t be available for the Jays tonight, due to “general soreness,” according to… everyone. He’s “hanging a little bit,” says John Gibbons, according to a tweet from Mike Wilner. It’s nothing serious. “Overall body soreness,” said Gibbers, as per a Brendan Kennedy tweet.

Sergio Santos, on the other hand, according to Wilner’s tweet, has suffered a bit of a setback and is shut down until Sunday. Gregor Chisholm elaborates, saying that Santos felt some soreness when throwing from 120 feet, while Kennedy tweets that the official explanation was that Santos’s forearm felt “tender.”

Scott MacArthur tweets: “Santos wouldn’t describe what he felt as either ‘pain’ or ‘soreness’ and says he’s not sore today.”

“Nothing new on Rasmus,” tweets Brendan Kennedy. “He says he’s just getting treatment, taking it day to day. Ran a little yesterday. No plans for a rehab assignment.” (As in, nothing is scheduled yet, not that he has no plans on going on one, even though that was something he was saying the other day that he hoped to avoid. Footsteps.)

Dioner Navarro, you’ll notice, is in the lineup and behind the plate tonight. Evidently the bruised finger he suffered last night isn’t terribly serious. He’s not perfect, though. John Lott spoke with him for a piece at the National Post, and it turns out Navarro is simply having too much fun to let a minor injury take him out of the lineup. ”I just love to play, man. I kind of put myself in a situation where I want to be [playing] again after being a backup for the past three years, and now I‘ve got this opportunity. This is such a wonderful experience being around these guys, Eddie hitting bombs, Melky getting five hits a day, Reyes getting stolen bases. It’s just so much fun,” he said, among other things that perfectly capture the current Jays zeitgeist.

Megan Robinson tweets a link to her new pre-game in a minute feature for Sportsnet and the Fan, warning our ears to be on the lookout (the hear-out?) for some Phil Collins tonight, thanks to Liam Hendriks.

Jerry Crasnick was on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight Podcast today talking about the Jays. Worth a listen if you want to hear US guys talk about how the Jays might actually be pretty good. Starts around the 38 minute mark.

Pitch Talks #3 goes Monday, with Richard Griffin, Scott MacArthur, Cathal Kelly, Brendan Kennedy, Alexis Brudnicki, and Cashew Mirman — not to mention, delicious suds from Left Field Brewery — so get yourself a ticket.

The Dome is not open at the time of writing, but there’s still a chance it will be open by game time. @IsTheDomeOpen will keep you posted.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Kansas City

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Liam Hendriks

Tampa Bay Rays

DH David DeJesus (L)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
CF Desmond Jennings (R)
LF Matt Joyce (L)
RF Wil Myers (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)
2B Sean Rodriguez (R)
C Jose Molina (R)

RHP Chris Archer

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  1. Fuck sakes. Another pitch that’s squeezed. Navarro didn’t frame it either.

  2. Fat Juan!!

  3. Can’t poop on Francisco’s defence tonight

  4. Dusty looking like quite the weapon (and a preferred one over Delabar) in the ‘pen…don’t doubt Gibbers…

  5. Anyone find it hilarious that that first ball to Edwing was considerably closer to the middle of the plate than that second called strike?

  6. I agree about McGowan as Delebar scares the shit out of me this year.

  7. Delabar warming

  8. This asshat ump’s strike zone is all over the place.

  9. Really excellent discussion of the Pitching Injury Issue by a couple of the Baseball America crew; covers different team philosophies, debate where the problem may lie (year-round throwing of high schoolers or the arms race of velocity vs less shoulder injuries/more elbow issues which may be preferred). It is the May 15th podcast


  10. Will Lawrie be tonight’s hero?

  11. This lurchy redneck is pretty nasty.

  12. That’s for Dinner’s finger

  13. McGee is nasty.

  14. Molina’s punch drunk

  15. guess it’s gonna be a walk off win tonight

  16. Why the fuck are these idiotic fans booing them for going over concussion precautions with Molina???? Like, holy fuck, the level of disrespect for your fellow human-fucking-beings on this goddamn planet is blood boiling, you moronic fuckwits!!!

    • Drunk a-holes.

    • Agreed, with a caveat. Reminds me of posters on this board bitching about Cito’s on-field retirement ceremony in 2010, moaning about how irrelevant his accomplishments were.

      Except those fuckwits hid behind a keyboard. At least these crackhead assholes bought a ticket and run the risk of a punch in the face.

  17. Looks like it’s gonna have to be a walk off to make it 9. I’m OK with that.

  18. Natasha Richardson says don’t worry, it’s just a little bump on the noggin. The player should never win that argument.

  19. An Apple…fuck that i ain’t eating an apple at a ballgame

  20. I’m feelin Loup-y

  21. It’s amazing that Loup can get out righties the way he steps toward first, with the arm angle he slings from.

  22. So the ump calls that a strike a bunch of times tonight, but those two times he calls them balls. Whatever the Rays are paying you, I’ll double it.

  23. If it wasn’t 2-2 I would say put one in his f-ing ribs.

  24. beauty

  25. Francisco would have had that one too.

  26. Beautiful!

  27. Oh I forgot, Lawrie is just an OK fielder.

  28. What a play by Lawrie, just unbelievable.

  29. C’mon, gents, get Loup the vulture win!

  30. Walk off brooming?

  31. molina’s out of the game

  32. I’m here! Finally! The dude wanted to take me out shopping…it went on…thought the win would be in the bag when we got home…but I’m okay with a walk off. Because that’s totally what’s going to happen, right? RIGHT.

  33. pitch runner please

  34. Dinner!!! Nine good fingers and all!!!

  35. that’s how you start a ninth

  36. yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  37. O Boy!


  39. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  41. We out rayed the rays.

  42. Fuck Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  43. it was messy BUT FUCK YEAH!

  44. FUCKING A!

  45. Fuck you Rays, you bunch of rapists!!!!!!!

  46. on a BUNT…YES

  47. A walk off bunt – who saw that coming!!!

  48. Jdhdhxvdhdjsjjsbdudjsjsziisis!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. That’s how you do it Buffalo style!!

  50. Fuckin’ eh right!

  51. Walk-off bunt aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahhaa yisss

  52. Gose you discombobulating SOB!


  53. Yeah. Yeah. Hello yeah. You can put it on the board.

  54. Someone turn that leaping slide into a giff please!

  55. Well gawt damn

  56. A good throw would have had him — but, still, FUCK YEAH!!!!

  57. The gods are smiling on the men in white
    We’ll take it!

  58. Woah!

  59. Holy fucking fuck that was a fun game.

  60. What a game and what a team.

    Let the good times roll!


  62. I fucking love it!

  63. Mothafuckin’ A!

  64. Seriously. .. Haven’t felt like this about a Jays team in, well, 21 years. We got the makings of something special here folks.

  65. Loving this.

  66. Special.

  67. Awesome!

  68. Wonder who the Blue Jays 2015 center fielder might be….
    Hmmm, can I think of a candidate??

  69. wWALKOFFFFFFF1!!!!!

  70. Shorten – I’m curious as to whether Gose’s speed, which was a factor in winning the game, is factored into his runs created stat (as this is the basis on which you compared him to Rasmus)?



  73. Anthony is going to have a little chat with Crash Davis.
    He needs to work some on his cliches.

  74. Damn. McGowan really shut the door in the 7th there.

    And fucking Jose.

    And fucking Gose.

  75. God that was lovely! That was just lovely!


  77. walk off bunt? We really have some mojo workin’ right now…

    and coming up: the Royals, who just spent the last 3 days getting curbstomped at home by HOUSTON…might have a fight on our hands tomorrow with future Jay Big Game James, but KC is absolute dogshit right now…let’s keep rollin’

    • Houston does seem to be turning the corner…a couple of their young starters and a couple position players are looking pretty impressive. Watch out for them in 2016, with a coin flip on 2015.

  78. So on the highlight of Lawrie’s play at third, the sportsnet feed cut to the dugout and caught a glimpse of dickey tapping Lind on the cheek and checking out the beard. Just saying

  79. Umm, David Price would be welcome to play Copper Creek everyday (and I mean everyday), please make it happen Rogers:


  80. Just AWESOME.

  81. Hopefully the Jays wore out the Rays’ bullpen enough for the Rays & Red Sox whiny revenge re-match. I hope they wear each other out and go extra innings again.

  82. Missed the game. Those of you who follow me on twitter know my hubby was inducted into the Oshawa HOF tonight. My evening included a discussion about ABI with Eric Lindros, who btw is both gracious & huge.
    So…nice to step in the house in time to see the walk off! Go Jays!

  83. The way the Red Sox are handling the Braves, I don’t think they’re one of the NL juggernauts by any means. Same for St. Louis although they have earned a good reputation. Have the Giants played the AL East yet?

  84. Here’s the clip

    I noticed that the Rays defender interfered with Pillar rounding second.


    • @Oscar
      It’s hard to tell if he interfered* or if Pillar stopped to see what happened to Gose at 1st. Wasn’t that Escobar?

      *Think Escobar might have been trying to decoy Pillar, which is legal

      • There was physical contact with the defender impeding Pillar. If he had been thrown out the run most likely would have counted anyway.

        • Well there would’ve at least been a 10 min delay while the NY head office sat down with their coffees and went over the video frame by excrutiating frame.

  85. Had to go to my game tonite but got to the “library” in time for a couple of barleys and the bottom of the ninth. Wow!
    Gose has done some fine work since coming up and i think he had the bunt beat out with his blazing speed.His defence is awesome and that ball he caugt smashing into the fence , Colby would still be chasing it. WIth each passing day his performance confirms my bias that he will soon take over CF ( maybe not till next year) and the Jays wil use the 15m saved or so, to invest in pitching or Melky or both.
    Kudos to the team for winning w/o ONE extra base hit tonite.
    To say the least, Hendricks was lucky. I still think we have to come up with another decent starter whh won’tbe easy to do.
    Not that I am home I am going to crack open a bottle of Merlot to celebrate that exciting finish. Oh, Gibbons, congrats on running for Navarro-made the whole inning.

    • As much as I l;ike Colby IMHO he wouldn’t have got to the fence that fast and because of that would’ve let it bounce so he could get the rebound. Gose wants to make that play and that’s a big difference.

    • Interesting convo on twitter between Gideon Turk (BJP) and Keith Pelly

      @BlueJays ….nothing but WOW @keithpelley

      (GT). @keithpelley Do you mind giving the Jays some extra cash now so they can add to the roster? Thanks. -Toronto

      (KP)@gideonturk why????

      (GT) @keithpelley Because Liam Hendriks isn’t getting us into the playoffs, and AA shouldn’t have to borrow money from the players.

      (KP)@gideonturk he doesn’t

      (GT) @keithpelley Oh, so things have changed since March?

      • Sorry fukstick didn’t mean for the comment to be here but a stand alone.

        • Well, my Christian hymns thread is sincerely shot to hell, all because of someone how is as old as the hills, and older than dirt.

          • Ha ha and may I say silly? The good ship Tommy pop is in weght as we speak….?

          • @ SP

            Don’t think as old as the hills.
            Think “wiley veteran”or ” I’m really am young, just with decades of experience”.

        • It’s all good, RADAR, especially this bottle at this hour. Watching SEA and LAA.
          I know you are just learning with your new toys Fritter and FAcedown or whatever the fuk they call it. Rock on.

          O’s lose!

      • Gahahaha that kid’s pretty good at this.

      • @RADAR
        I’m just gonna go ahead and assume Turk ( at least, knows, even if Pelley doesn’t) that the time to spend money is in the off season. In order to get good quality players during the season, you have to trade your own players or in the Jays’ case prospects. If in fact Turk is talking about Samardzija, Price or Shields, there would be a huge cost in players and then they could try and sign them later as free agents.

        • Yeah,I figure Gideon was trolling for a reaction and got one.
          Pelly’s sorta saying AA doesn’t need handouts to sign players which flies in the face of what we know is the truth.
          Meanwhile Davidi’s saying the draft budget may not be there.
          let’s see how this all plays out.

          • Yeah But I’d be absolutely gobsmacked if that were true. The draft is nothing like it used to be with the new slot allowances and penalties. And I forget what the Jays’ total pool $$ was, but it was really reasonable for a team with 2 1st round picks in the top 11. This is supposed to be a great draft with lots of talent. It may sound crazy but my guess is that Davidi has been tasked to write that as a ploy to keep expectations low.

  86. Folks, we need to start voting for our all stars. I can think of a few picks and 25 votes from a fucking nation add up. Let’s make sure our stars get the recognition they deserve.

  87. This team Fucking rules.

  88. It’s on.

  89. Bit of good news-O’s losing in the 9th by5 . Yanks once up 7-0 now,7-4 in 8th

  90. The D was just phenomenal tonight. I’m counting at least five highlight reel plays.

  91. Fuck me gently….I checked on my RADAR smart phone and thought the baseball gods were gonna bring us back to earth. I am prepared to become unemployed for this team! Go Jays!!

  92. The Blue Jays should show highlights of this game to any free agent or prospective pitchers in trade that there is nothing to fear in the AL East with them manning the corners infield, outfield, in between, everywhere. The Blue Jays keep finding ways to win! What a great run!

  93. That Brett Wallace trade wasn’t that bad after all….

  94. Shi Davidi has an article up on Sportsnet about Morrow’s possible mid season return. He speaks about how tight the purse strings are with Jays. Scary stuff.

    Here’s a quote “But until that happens, money is so tight the Blue Jays won’t even have their usual war chest for next week’s draft.”

    I wonder how money will affect the draft strategy. Or if it will.

    Rogers sucks.

    • They are playin’ the opposite game right now brother. I say they right some big cheques by the end of July.

    • I like Davidi but it wouldn’t be the first time he was totally wrong about the Jays budgets.
      He reported that before the Marlin trade that the Jays had been capped at a 90 Million payroll.
      Within a month,the payroll had been increased by 40 million to 120..

  95. After watching kendriks with all of those deep fly balls, I was sure the jays were going to lose 6-7 to 2-3, but Gose and Cabrera sacrified their bodies to get those outs… no way Colby nor Cabrera circa 2013 were going to get those. Add to that two fantastic plays by Lawrie and another diving grab by Francisco.

    Jays were determined to win tonight, despite the SP. Enjoy the ride.

    • Come on, Tim…

      It was a team win, and Hendriks did his share.
      To say “In spite of” is simply churlish, dickish.
      I’m not suggesting that I was ever comfortable, but fuck me, he’s not even a #5 pitcher–more like a #7–and he managed, smoke and mirrors aside, to keep us afloat until our offence shone through. (A walk-off bunt?)
      Give him some love.
      He’s done well, twice now, and shouldn’t be ridiculed.

      • Agree SP. And after all that’s the kind of pitcher (fly ball) he is, I’d feel better if he were a ground ball pitcher, but he isn’t. And it’s not like either of those 2 flies mentioned were out of the park. They were caught by solid defence. Thoughout the entire time Hendriks pitched, he only allowed 2 runs. I’d say thats pretty damn good.

    • A little fucking freakish is what that is…

  96. Imagine tonight’s 9th inning with a JPA K instead of Dinner’s solid single. What a black hole C was last year.

    • Isn’t that crazy that one position can make that difference?

      • Yeah but it’s the most important on the field. One major reason for the a jays’ improvement this year is the absence of JPA. He was bad in every aspect of the game. An example of addition by subtraction in my opinion.

    • Was thinking that after the game. How the bottom third really helped seal this win. Navarro has been a huge upgrade on jpa with the bat and he has only been fairly mediocre. What a shitbag jpa was.

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