Future Blue Jay James Shields? Don’t bet on it.

The Jays put their nine game winning streak on the line tonight with two major things working against them. One, James Shields is on the hill for the Royals, and he’s sort of a fuckin’ beast. Two, I’m headed down to the ballpark tonight, and my record in games seen in person this year is dismal to say the least. I can’t remember all the ones I’ve been to, but this will be the first since the streak started, and… I’ve probably been to a win at some point this year. Like, literally maybe one.

It’s all going to be my fault if the streak comes crashing to a halt tonight, is what I’m saying.

But you know what? If it does… fuck it. Couldn’t ever blame them for losing to Shields, even with Dickey on the mound, and they’re running so damn well right now that you feel like all it will mean is they get a chance to start a new streak tomorrow.

I can live with that.

Have I mentioned yet that this is really, really fucking fun?

Go Jays!


Arden Zwelling passes along some comments from John Gibbons. Among them: Colby’s status is still “wait and see“; Gibbons, as he thought he would, likes Dustin McGowan as a reliever, figuring he’s better when he throws harder and fewer pitches; and the manager suggests Steve Delabar is struggling a little bit because of his decreased velocity, which… obviously.

Sportsnet’s Megan Robinson tweets that Casey Janssen is available again tonight, having benefited from a night off after being unavailable yesterday due to “general soreness.”

Megan also tweets a link to today’s Sixty-Second Setup, in which she previews tonight’s game.

Sportsnet’s PR team tweets that last night’s Jays game was the most-watched of the season, at 839,000 viewers. Winning is good.

The Jays’ official account tweets out a picture of Kevin Pillar in the hat they’re giving away for Country Day on Sunday, because, y’know, when you think Blue Jays and country, you think of the man from the affluent San Fernando Valley community of West Hills. You think of Kevin Pillar.

Ben Nicholson-Smith notes that while the Jays’ power numbers may be inflated somewhat by the hitter-friendly Rogers Centre, the club also leads the majors in park- and league-adjusted wRC+ at 116. Nails much?

Jonathan Mayo of answers a mail bag question about the Jays possible interest the name Touki Toussaint — and not just because it’s an awesome name, but because they’ve been linked to him as a potentially draftee next week. The draft begins a week today.

Feminist Bautista has a message for assholes of all stripes.

Sounding like we might be doing another Opera Bob’s event sooner than later — might as well get people out to watch this magic while it’s still unfolding, right? Y’know… assuming it will be. Stay tuned!

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Kansas City

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Josh Thole (L)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Kansas City Royals

RF Nori Aoki (L)
2B Omar Infante (R)
1B Eric Hosmer (L)
DH Billy Butler (R)
LF Alex Gordon (L)
C Salvador Perez (R)
CF Lorenzo Cain (R)
SS Alcides Escobar (R)
3B Pedro Ciriaco (R)

RHP James Shields

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  1. Loup De Loup !!!!

  2. Snoop-a-Loup!


  4. Put that in you pipe and smoke it Angel

  5. Jeweler’s Loup!


  7. well then, that was easy

  8. Atta Kid!!!!

  9. Cecil + Jansen for the win!?

  10. Missed Eddie’s second homer.

    Was it cool?

  11. Lawrie has not had a good at-bat this evening.

  12. At least the trolls seem to be consistent, one run up and they disappear, lol.

  13. This team may be reminiscent of the 2003 jays.

  14. Cruz just won’t give up the AL HR lead… Yet.

  15. It was a K but it was a good AB by Thole.

  16. Is it me or is this game very long?

  17. According to my scorecard, our 6-9 hitters are 1-for-12 this evening with 5k’s.

  18. LOUP!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Shit-fuck.

    I have to go to Ball.

    Yell something for me when Eddie hits another.

    Good luck all.

  20. Loup dealing, 9 pitches, leave him in?

  21. Leave Loup in for the 9th? He’s hardly thrown any pitches…

  22. Angel needs some Mr Magoo glasses.

  23. Take a seat, Reyes. Nice cheese. Not much you can do with that.

  24. Do the Jays have a LOB yet? I feel like everyone’s been picked off or scored on a homer.

  25. This guy is pretty filthy

  26. The Blue Jays have indeed stranded zero runners so far this game.

    Has that ever happened before? I mean, has that ever happened before in a game where said team also scored six runs?

  27. Cmon CJ

  28. Loup would do well but Casey is automatic.

  29. Casey is going to have to really earn this save: 1 run lead, facing the best 3 the KC lineup has to offer.

  30. Jasey Can-Son!

  31. I liked Jose better when he pulled the ball.

  32. That’s 1.

  33. CJ! That’s 1.

  34. I like the defensive squad Gibbons runs out in later innings.

  35. That’s 2.

  36. No

  37. Holy shit! I thought that only happened in video games!

  38. Why is taking a shit NOW?

  39. What! What! What!? That did not just happen!

  40. that did not just happen

  41. holy shit Jose

  42. Holy shit Jose!!

    Da Man!!

  43. Now that there was a play.

  44. Man, Billy Butler is some kind of hitter but Joey Bats is some kind of HERO!!

  45. Pants = creamed

  46. Fuck you Angel

  47. Fat Fuck Butler.

  48. Man, this streak has everything

  49. Jose had me bowing to my TV

  50. what did Angel do now?

  51. I just got home. That was the first play I saw. JBau!

  52. Ten in a muthafuckin row, come on.

  53. Fat Juan? How about Fat Billy!

  54. Faaaack.

  55. That sucks balls.

  56. No way

  57. Ahhh CRAP!!!!!


  59. Well fuck

  60. Nooooooooooooooo =(

  61. Barfffff

  62. Reyes is a poor fielder.


  64. Dammit dammit dammit dammit.

  65. Poor CJ

  66. Fuck off Baseball Gods.

  67. Welp, guess we’ll just have to walk ‘em off. Eddie bats second in the bottom of the 9th… Third dinger please!!

  68. Shit happens.

  69. That’s 3.


  70. Walkoff time

    • We require a different style of win everytime. Variety is the spice of life.
      Though spice can cause heartburn.

  71. Angel helps out Casey to get the K. We’ll take it.

  72. Atta boy CJ. Love that about him. Just keeps coming.

  73. Sooooooo… Parrot walk off?

  74. This game has given me grey hairs.

  75. Edwin just wanted a chance for a walkoff HR

  76. EE walk off HR to melt the brains of everyone in the GTA

  77. Does Casey get a blown save for that?

  78. Let’s take the parrot for a walk-off.

  79. No problem.
    The parrot can use a little more exercise.

  80. Get the fucking ball over there for fuck sakes.

  81. I love watching Reyes at the plate and on the bases, but that sidearm bullshit he does on a regular basis is just one of several glaring defensive shortcomings he has…EE has saved his ass about 10 times this year on throws almost as bad…

    oh well, let’s just get it done here

    • “just one of several glaring defensive shortcomings he has”. Really? Come on. You’re just pissed the game’s not over. You don’t mean it. Take it back.

      • no I mean it…love the guy on offence, but his defence is pretty mediocre…surprisingly poor range for a guy so fast, regularly pulls that sidearm crap, and random drops…he’s not Jeter or anything, but his D is not a plus

        but yes I am pissed

  82. That’s the kind of play that can end a hot streak and start a cold streak.

  83. Don’t like that Gibby took Melky out for Pillar. Otoh if Reyes hadn’t have fucked the throw

  84. In other news…I finally saw that Colby Rasmus Country Day advert. Wee-ow. How much moonshine did they give him to convince him to do that? He looks so awkward.

  85. Casey deserves the win after getting a BS

  86. All Davis has to do is throw that knuckle curve 6 inches outside and he’ll be out of the inning in no time

  87. I know it’s sappy voodoo and teams that hate each other have won championships but it’s nice to see the team comfort Reyes like that, especially Janssen.

  88. Wow, Angel doesn’t call the bottom 1/3 of the strike zone, does he?

  89. Gabe Kapler just brought to light that over the last 30 days, EE’s K percentage is 10.3.

  90. Hold on to your hats, here comes Redmond.

  91. Time for Redmond to step up.

  92. I guess Reyes didn’t get the memo that we like defense. Gotta make those routine plays.

  93. Reyes is not a wizard over there. He’s going to miss some balls, make some bad throws, etc. Dude also scores from second on a groundout. Take the good with the bad, you babies!

  94. Streak on the line and were conceding? We don’t have anyone better than Redmond for a tie game?

    • Redmond has actually been one of our best pitchers this season out of the bullpen.

      I don’t think he’s been used in a week but I could be wrong, so he might be rusty…

  95. Remember, Jays got picked off TWICE today. Fuck

  96. Flat out Bean

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