Statement game tonight, boys! Let’s do this!

I’d say more than such shitty, well-worn sports platitudes, but the breaking Marcus Stroman news has really sucked up all of my Game Threat-writing time. Fortunately, though, it also sucked up a bunch of Daily Duce-finishing time, so instead of just burning all that stuff, I’ve included the most interesting and time-sensitive of it as tonight’s scuttlebutt!

Remember when Jose Bautista Larry Walker’d that guy? Holy fuck!

To the beginning of a new streak! Go Jays!


You can find all kinds of Stroman goodness in the post below, but one tidbit from Ken Rosenthal that I didn’t want to make a full update there: he tweets that Stroman might not simply be coming as a starter — he could end up in a relief role if the bullpen gets decimated tonight by a bad outing from J.A. Happ, or if it goes to extra innings again. Um… Gooooooo HAPP!!!!!

Barry Davis spoke to Alex Anthopoulos on Baseball Central, and he tweets that the GM explains that Stroman is on hold pending the outcome of tonight’s game, and that he wouldn’t rule out starting him tomorrow, or having him in some kind of a relief role. Sounds like he’s coming up, though, I guess. Sounds like what Rosenthal said, too.

The Jays announced today, via an official release, that they have sent Rob Rasmussen back down to Buffalo, recalling Bobby Korecky in his place. So much happened in yesterday’s game that it’s maybe easy to forget that Rasmussen was wild as hell against the five batters he faced (especially, it seemed to my wholly unreliable eye, when the crowd was getting amped up for him to finish off a batter). To wit.

Korecky truly earned his promotion, and not only because he’s toiled in the Jays’ system since 2011 — after a year with the Winnipeg Goldeyes in 2010! — having thrown just one big league inning for the club, mopping up the end of a 11-4 September 28th loss to the Yankees in 2012, allowing two of those eleven thanks to an Eric Chavez home run with a Chris Dickerson walk on base. But this year in Buffalo the story has been different for the 34-year-old: a 0.29 ERA, 16 hits and eight walks in 31 innings, with 32 strikeouts and just one home run allowed. The club had an empty spot on their 40-man roster, which is why they were able to select his contract without making a reciprocal move.

Something else about last night’s game that I don’t think was talked about enough (and that I thought was a thing from several beers deep and way up in the 500s): as the ball was hit to Jose Reyes on what should have been the game-ending ground out, baserunner Jarrod Dyson crosses through his field of vision just as the ball is about to get there, and almost seemed to fake like he was reaching back to touch the ball. Check out the highlight from MLB.com and see for yourself. I mean, I know Reyes caught it anyway, but I certainly wondered at the time if it hurt his concentration.

Before all of this business, Alex Anthopoulos had a pre-game chat with reporters, addressing all manner of questions about his budget — some raised by his own comments to Peter Gammons — and… well… didn’t really say a whole lot. As usual. As I noted in last night’s half-assed post-game post, you can read the transcript at Gregor Chisholm’s North of the Border blog — and it is still worth reading, it’s just… believe it or not, Alex says he believes in ownership and believes money will be there when he needs it. He also says that he’s received consent to re-draft Tyler Beede, which is something Keith Law noted the other day (though he’s also been suggesting of late that Beede may end up falling out of the first round, FWIW).

Anthopoulos also downplayed the concerns about the Jays being strapped for cash in their draft “war chest,” a story that Law also said yesterday, as you may have seen in our Thursday Daily Duce, is “not true.”

More KLaw, as he has revised his top 25 prospects list for ESPN.com (Insider Only), and there is no Jays content to speak of there. Not even in the honourable mentions. He had Aaron Sanchez at 30 on his pre-season list. In his chat with readers today, he reiterated his concerns, on Sanchez, saying that “like [Taijuan] Walker he’s got that short stride and upright finish working against him.”

Elsewhere in the chat you’ll find knocks on D.J. Davis, the Jays’ player development track record, the Jays’ 2013 draft, and a clear “no” on the question of whether Dan Norris got any top 25 consideration. Yay? (The Norris thing, to be fair, would be an enormous jump, as Law had him as the Jays’ fourth best prospect and didn’t rank him — or Roberto Osuna ahead of him — in his preseason top 100.

Elsewhere still in the chat he gave us this draft tidbit following a question about the Jays being in on Touki Toussaint: “I just know they want guys with upside. Anthopoulos did go see Trea Turner at the ACC tournament (for a day – color me surprised Avent still has his job after the season they had), so he’s somewhere in their mix. I have had them with Hoffman and Touki, both very high-upside selections. I don’t see them taking anyone who’s ‘safe’ with a low ceiling.”

On that note, Kiley McDaniel’s latest mock draft for Scout.com suggests that the current rumour is that the Jays may already have a deal with Florida high school right-hander Touki Toussaint to be the eleventh overall pick. He also has the club taking shortstop Trea Turner of North Carolina State at pick nine, and regarding 11, another “late rumor I heard last night has Virginia closer Nick Howard in play here well under slot, as many teams think he can start, but could also rush to the big leagues as a reliever.” Hmmm.

That parrot shirt made it on TV last night, apparently. Only two days left to get yours.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 1:07 PM ET vs. Kansas City; Sunday, 1:07 PM ET vs. Kansas City

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Dioner Navarro (R)
2B Steve Tolleson (R)
C Erik Kratz (R)
CF Kevin Pillar (R)

LHP J.A. Happ

Kansas City Royals

RF Nori Aoki (L)
2B Omar Infante (R)
1B Eric Hosmer (L)
DH Billy Butler (R)
LF Alex Gordon (L)
C Salvador Perez (R)
CF Lorenzo Cain (R)
3B Danny Valencia (R)
SS Alcides Escobar (R)

LHP Jason Vargas

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  1. Okay… where was THAT throw last night, Reyes?

    That was a missile and EE could have just stood there blindfolded and still caught the ball.

    • heh

      that’s just what hurts about last night. Reyes makes that throw probably 98 or 99 times out of 100 with zero problem. Even with the bounce, Edwin probably scooops that, what, 80% of the time or something? It really is a game they should have won. Agh let’s just forget about it.

      • Agree, it’s just one of those days… just jarring to go from delirium of a 10 game win streak to a loss in a hurry.

        We’ll get ‘em tonight and start a new streak!

    • Won’t be surprised to see something like a 4-for-5 day with a couple SB for Reyes. His throw had a real purpose to it, so he may be fired up to do well tonight.

  2. I can’t believe Gybonz isn’t benching Reyes for that throw!! #Sarcasm #ThatWouldBeReallyStupid

  3. All the Stroman chatter and Gibbons talking to Gose… are we sure this isn’t a trade??

  4. Holy Reyes triple!!

  5. We’re gonna work Vargas

  6. Jose says ‘sorry’ in his own inimitable way.

  7. Trippin out

  8. Spuds-read your parables and have a quote for all the trolls who thought the world was ending cause Reyes made an error.
    The Byrds had a saying in 8 mile high :

    Nowhere is there warmth to be found
    Among those afraid of losing their ground
    Rain gray town known for its sound
    In places small faces unbound
    I’ve had 6 barleys already and we are goin gro fuck em tonite. So to get everybody revedd up
    FOrward Soviet FFS!

    Reyes with a triple -score em boyz

  9. Lets go Eddy

  10. C.com guys-lay off that off the plate slop

  11. Lead off triple and not score? Fuk

  12. Butler sure got to first base in a hurry there, making sure Pillar couldn’t throw him out at first base from CF…

  13. Fucking walks-now they have a chance to score

  14. Never get out of the boat.

  15. After watching those dopey Hazel Mae ads whatever did they do with new babe last year .Erin “big Boobs” Hawkshawe? Looks like she is looking for a new job.

  16. You guys are hilarious. #enjoytheride

  17. Going to have to go opposite field on this guy-At the moment he is buffaloing us witha Buerhle like changeup

  18. Infante’s doing a nice job of evening out the pitch count after that annoying little shit Aoki runs it up…

  19. Let’s go Edwing!!

  20. Hey, just a reminder. I’m at the game. I’m 0-4 this season. I’m due for a win.

    This is the second game in a row where I’ve had a group of women (biologically speaking) in front of me, “mega-fans” as they referred to themselves…dressed like giant smurfs, putting all their energy into being noticed and not really watching any of the game. A full-on evening of dancing and selfies.

    So annoying. I must be getting old.

  21. Aoki? Aoki? Aoki Annie.
    Aoki? Aoki? Aoki Annie.
    Aoki? Aoki? Aoki Annie!!

  22. Right in the schnutz?

  23. That foul got Aoki where the sun don’t shine.

  24. Make em pay Brett, need ya kid.

  25. OH my goodness, poor nut sack of Aoki.

    • what exactly happened to Aoki (following on Gameday only…they don’t exactly describe events in detail)?

      • I forget whom, but someone hit a popup into foul territory. Aoki made a sliding catch attempt, and the popup eluded his glove and travelled straight into the nether region instead.

        He grimaced in pain, but he was ok by the next pitch.

  26. Crafty lefties. Hate em.

  27. Full disclosure: I started Vargas in my fantasy league tonight.

    Figure if he goes nuts and throws a CG at least it’ll give my team a shot and if he gets blown up I was gonna lose the week anyway.

  28. I thought the Jays had selective hitters this year?

  29. bad enough watching that slopballer Vargas baffle the Jays…but the two jackasses on their phones behind the plate are just piling it on…you’re at a ballgame and in the front row – how about watching the game?

  30. Hey Blue Jays! Score some runs! Yay sports!

    • How was your hot date, Kyle? Better than a party of female Smurfs?

      • actually was phenomenal. Friend Jeff was supposed to come with me for support but he bailed last second so I had to solo party it.

        Not to toot my own horn but I think I’m my own best wingman

        • You said she was a pretty young girl, as I recall. Did she need fake ID for any of the places you took her to?

        • Toot toot!
          I’d like to try my hand @ wingman-ing. Or wing-woman-ing? I think it would be one of my unique talents.

          • No wingwomen. Why would a chick deal with a dude who is out with another broad for the sole reason of platonic companionship? A good wingman, however, is hard to find. He should be in a long-term relationship and be able to counter any cock-block.

            • I have male friends that I would wingwoman for. Most of my female friends are married or too picky.

              • Or maybe your female friends tell themselves they’re picky because no guy wants to deal with their shitty attitude?

                • Heyo!!!! Hahahaha, nice

                • Truthfully I don’t have many friends. But yes, my female friends are insanely picky – they don’t give anyone a chance. But they’re happy so whatever.

            • Notice she didn’t declare for any gender. I would think Bean would be a good wing person for either. She always seems to say the right thing here without messing up.

              • I don’t fully understand what you mean, but…sure?

                • Even when the trolls come out you manage not to offend. Who was that guy the other night who called you a dude?

                  • I’ve been called a dude a number of times on DJF. I try to take it as a compliment? As some idiot guys think girls don’t know anything about sports.

                    As for trolls – I simply don’t engage.

  31. Get outta here!

  32. Jose the best!

  33. Just sat down, hopefully I’m good luck

  34. Jose’s hitting dingers again! 2 in 2 games!

  35. RHbs hae to go to RF off this prick-Follow JB’s lead FFS!

  36. Ortiz almost seemed to be in a rage of some type…have to give him credit – he’s managed to be a steroid user and kind of an asshole, but fool everyone into liking him…

  37. How big is the crowd for those at the park?

  38. Anybody know if the Happster is worse than average in allowing walks to score?

    • I wonder about the ratio of leadoff walks that score vs. leadoff singles that score. Theoretically, they should be the same, but it sure doesn’t feel that way.

      • Looked it up on fangraphs, and apparently the difference is pretty miniscule. (Not that anyone actually cares.)

  39. I think Stoeten should have been more specific in this game threat about the new streak that the Jays should start. But whatever. At least Jays Talk will be filled with enough fucktards to give Wilner a stroke if the score holds.

  40. Come on, Happ.
    Say something!

  41. ooooh boy, that was close.

  42. I would like Price and Ortiz to get injured while breaking up a fight that caused injuries between Longoria and Pedroia.

  43. What the fuck kind of call is that

  44. Fukstik said it. They have to go the other way if the guy is pitching outside.

  45. Holy FUCK!!!!

  46. Jose does it again!

  47. AGAIN??!?!?

  48. Both the Yankees + the Blue Jays are losing 4-1. This is not the kinda symmetry that I enjoy.

  49. Holy fuck, even a more amazing play upon replay

  50. Someone told Bautista he wasn’t leading the league in assists this year.

  51. I love how Rex Hudler still calls the RC the SkyDome.

  52. Man, do you think about PHing for Lawrie?

  53. Fat Juan looms on deck.

  54. I knew it.

    I absolutely, 100% knew it! I allowed myself to be fooled into believing that things had changed and that there was hope for the future. Well, I’m back and now I won’t ever again be hoodwinked into thinking the Jays will be a contender. Two losses in a row and we’re now seeing the true colours coming out.

    As a result of this, I will not watch another game this year, nor will I listen on the radio or on Gameday. I absolutely, steadfastly, 100% will not come back to the site this year. Not to post or to lurk.


  55. Well…at least the middle of the order will get another crack at Holland. I guess…

  56. By the way, before I quit gameday (and this post right before I leave the site forever) I hate how you can be watching replays on Gameday and if the inning ends it just cuts you off mid-stream and makes you wait until the next half-inning begins. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.

  57. The Jays won’t win many games with Happ starting but he did more than enough to give them a shot.

    Frustrating game because Vargas seems like the type the Jays should hit. But he was as careful with Jose and Edwin as you can reasonably be and the hitters after them aren’t the smartest.

  58. 3 Red Sox managers tossed. They’re on their 4th manager.

  59. Why was Happ still pitching?

  60. I can’t stand being beaten by a Lorenzo for some reason.

  61. Ugh. I understand why he left him in but…ugh.

  62. Love Gibby and all…but happ shouldn’t of been put out there for the 8th

  63. Did anyone expect Happ to come out for the 8th? I just assumed it was a given that he was done. WTF…

  64. Well, the KC Cain’s had this one from the start. Better not be starting a trend here.

  65. Pitching needs to be upgraded alex, hope the error last night doesn’t turn into a losing streak

  66. Sorry boys.
    I only have 9 games left this season.

    Still friends?

  67. Hindsight police on the scene

  68. I don’t like this move. If you’re going to PH here go with Gose.

  69. Owww, my ankle is really hurting.

    I’m off this (*#R&T*YEFGH bandwagon

    Do the Jays get swept now or just lose 3 of 4?

  70. Gotta be even keeled, but losing stinks. Baseball is a funny game. Sad sack Royals suddenly become unstoppable force and Jays can’t do anything right.

  71. KC reminding us how many hard throwing relievers they have

  72. I noticed that too. Who doesn’t throw over 97 in that BP?

  73. Well at least that douche threw over 20 pitches. Might not be available for tomorrow. A small win. Ah fuck.

    • and our bullpen will be fully rested, compliments of Mr. Korecky (who seems deserving of a longer look at some point this year).

    • And it looks like the Royals don’t give a shit either way because they sent him back out. Damn.

  74. I liked how the line up construction allowed for Gibby to use 3 LH PH in a row.

    Nothing came of it, but it’s weapon especially if a team only has one are two LHP in the pen.

  75. Is there anything that EE can’t do at the moment? Ergo, I predict he somehow pulls off a walk-off six run home run.

  76. Never get out of the boat?

  77. Not a big Dioner fan. He’s basically what Tumour-Melky was last year. A slow, poor fielding singles hitter. Him getting paid very little and being a C helps though. Just not a fan of his game at all.

  78. Hmmm. Not often bored during a Jays game but this was a clunker. Vargas toyed with them all nite and only the Reyes triple and maybe Tolleson single were squared, other than the homer, of course. I’ll give Vargas his due. The jays refused to adapt to his slop so he kept fobbing it up there a la Jamie Moyer. Ah weel, at least the Yanks lost, but Bosox have tied TB.
    Game stopped me from drinking as very little exciting going on so there is that. How about you, wolf..still have rums tonite?
    Foward Soviet……into the night

    • Yeah but I felt the same. A very “meh” game. Thought I’d try the basketball game but Miami is putting an old fashioned raping on the Pacers. Maybe hockey. Hoping for a better game tomorrow. Hutch is a “maybe” though?

      • I’m no Kurtz though. Kurtz got off the boat. He split from the whole fuckin’ program.

        • Yeah, I’m no Kurtz-stil on the boat but fukin KC with 10 homers all month til now? EE alone has 18. What is the prob with Hutch-WTF is maybe allabout FFS?

          • I dunno just heard that tonight. Hope the fuck he goes tomorrow. I really enjoy his, Dickey’s and Burl’s starts on the weekend. Only time I get to see the 1st pitch thrown. Dunno what is is with this fucking Royals. Astro’s bent them over at home and they’re looking like world beaters against us. But the boat, that fucking boat, she’s full of holes and stinks like shit but she’s a good girl. I think I;’ll keep her.

  79. Shit, hope he is ok.Watching the stros leading the O’s 2-1 here in the 8th. Hope they do a better job of holding on than what we did. IF so, at least the two behind us will have lost too.
    Can’t believe the worst hitting team in the Al has tonged us for 14 already after scoring only5! against fukin Houston. Anyway the boat is still pointed in the right direction, fuk Kurtz

  80. Can Fenway Park collapse in on itself… soon? Fuck that entire city.

  81. Yanks and Os lose-yay
    sox win-Boo
    Fuk in the last 5 days Tampa have dropped 4.5 games in the standings to the Massholes. Pse don’t tell me they are going to rip odd 9 staright?

  82. They D’d Korecky FA and called up Stroman. Wonder who’s starting tomorrow.

    Kind of a shame in my mind; Korecky looked pretty good to me.

  83. Fuck Stoeten…is there not a way to make the comment section here a little more user friendly? I won’t get into the issues because they have all been discussed but the ability to permanently nuke fucktard trolls would be a pleasant additave.

  84. Seems incredibly cruel to DFA Korecky after he came up here and gave up zero hits and zero walks in his one and a third innings.

    • While I agree that Korecky should be given more opportunity, I suspect he knew, or strongly guessed, that he was called up strictly to come into tonight’s game as an innings sponge – for better or for worse – as soon as Happ was done. Korecky is probably not surprised at hopping back on the bus to Buffalo. His work tonight might have put him first in line to return from Buffalo, if a righty is needed, in case of injury. Rasmussen would likely be the lefty call up in that scenario.

      I figure Stroman starts tomorrow, to either bump back or skip Hutch’s start. Hendricks probably gets another start. Depending on that result, Stroman probably stays and takes Hendricks spot the next time in the rotation and Hendricks moves to the pen. Hopefully, Stroman isn’t outright replacing Hutch due to injury. Cross fingers…

      • well, crap…I didn’t realize that Korecky was DFA’d. Jays will probably lose him (those AAA stats are pretty awesome) with Dickey’s crappy outing burning the bullpen yesterday. If that hadn’t happened, Rasmussen probably wouldn’t have been used until today, when he could have performed Korecky’s role.


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