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See, now this is probably going to be a lot more representative of how half-assed these are going to be than the last one. The Jays lost tonight to Jason Vargas and the fucking Royals. Some stuff happened. J.A. Happ was probably left in too long, but he at least saved the bullpen enough so that Marcus Stroman can join the rotation tomorrow, ostensibly for just one spot start, but… come on! Drew Hutchison has been pushed to Tuesday (though don’t necessarily quote me on that), which I suppose lends credence to the whole idea that it wasn’t just for Dustin McGowan’s benefit that John Gibbons openly toyed with the idea of going to a six-man rotation back at the start of this month. Can’t hurt to keep Hutchison as fresh as possible, and to limit his innings for a potentially deep run in October (we didn’t stop believing that because of a second straight loss, did we?), and to give Stroman a springboard from which to dive headlong into the rotation conversation. So… this game hurt (y’know… I assume — I barely fucking watched it after the Bautista home run, though I do know that reading some of the many dumb comments on the post below was pretty painful — HEYO!), but it’s all still good (provided nothing more ominous is happening with Hutch that what I’m suggesting). And — holy shit! — Stroman tomorrow!

I can live with that.


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  1. Didn’t watch. Korecky’s line looks good, can anyone tell me how he looked?

  2. The Stroman show, today!

    • I’m excited but almost a little scared. If his line is anything less than amazing we’re going to hear an awful lot of children crying. And I don’t know about you, but I hear enough of that at home. Amiright?!?

  3. Totally right. I’m not expecting magic at all. But still, maybe, just maybe, it might be the start of an era.

  4. There is something about the royals even when they have been 60- 70 win teams they either sweep or take 2-3 when the jays have had good teams. This has been like this since the 90s. Including the rays the royals just seem to have the jays number the most.

  5. Houston has a better record than Tampa.

  6. Okay so we lost 2 in a row. The second to Vargas. But we’re still in first by 2.5. Evil empire lost too and so did the Orioles (4 gm losing streak). The Sox won 5 in a row but are still 4 fucking games under .500. My friend said the Jays will lose 5 in a row. To that I say Fuck you Jobu. I do it myself. It’s a long season but it’s going to be a great ride so plenty of room on the bandwagon.

  7. Here’s a stupid narrative to make everyone dumber:

    If Bautista hadn’t showboated in throwing Butler out, the next batter probably doesn’t run to first base quite as hard, meaning Reyes doesn’t rush his throw. Actually, Reyes doesn’t throw to first at all–he throws to second, and Lawrie turns the double play.

    If Bautista doesn’t showboat, we might still be on a winning streak. Therefore, Bautista is selfish and immature.

  8. ooh! ooh! Better guess…Damian Cox

    • Naw Damian woulda something like “it’s exactly like when the Flames were last in the playoffs and …….”
      Or totally changed the subject ” it reminds when Gilmore played for the Leafs”
      It’s amazing how clueless this guy is about baseball.
      Nobody has my yelling at the radio more than Damian Cox.

  9. Zaun sucking Redsox cock as per usual. “THeyre gonna play, like the Boston Redsox. They’re comin.”

    Just fuck right off

  10. —————————-Quarter-assed Game Threat for Stroman’s First Start———————

  11. Where the fuck is the game threat?

  12. That strikeout was nasty.

  13. Holy shit. Filthy.

  14. Those were some awkward swings on the breaking balls.

  15. herp derp….”At this pace, Stroman will have a Brandon Morrow-like 18 K, CG, shutout”…

    Seriously, awesome looking first inning!

  16. Stro looking like a boss so far.

  17. Jbau lovin the opposite field

  18. And so, it begins…

  19. I love opposite-field Bautista.

  20. And now the Rogers cock-bending ads are blocking our views of the players. I am fucking done with this piece of shit company.

  21. Calm down, Lawrie

  22. This poor Chucker is having a little league meltdown.

  23. I’m here. The lady behind the plate is there [she's been missing the past couple of games]. + it’s happening. It’s all happening. Coincidence? It would be foolish to think so.

  24. Nice to see someone else’s starter implode. Hope they don’t give him a chance to settle down.

  25. Goodness gracious. Hopefully this will put some confidence into Stroman and he throws a perfect game.

  26. Man I feel bad for this guy. The Jays hitters don’t look like they are having any problems with his stuff.

    • Yeah, we honestly might go through our entire batting order without a single out.

    • This is his 2nd game in the the bigs. He came in with an ERA of 27.00 off two innings in his first appearance…at this point (5 runs scored, two outs…wow so that’s the only way to get Gose into a DP) it’s now UP to 37.13…that just a hilarious old-school stat right there.

      Is this the best SP option on KC’s AAA team?

  27. Hahaha, fuck Jobu

  28. This is painful to watch. Like an animal in a trap painful.

  29. Given the last couple of games, I’m not satisfied with a five-run lead. Push it to ten and then you can relax.

  30. 13 strikes, 15 balls, 3 walks, 2 hit batters, double and 2 singles

  31. Strooooooo-man!

    Let’s do this son!

  32. What is Stroman listed at 5’9?

  33. Wow, ump just feels bad with these strike calls

  34. Wooooooo knocked out their starter in the first inning!!!

  35. Perfect. Lets fuck up this bullpen for tomorrow too.

  36. Poor kid.

    Tough break kid. Have a drink on me. Use the bucket to ice down your marbles.

  37. Other than Gose’s clueless at bat this guy hasn’t been close to getting anyone out.

  38. Devour this bullpen so we can devour them tomorrow. Cmon 3 run shot Jose

  39. So, do we feel comfortable with 7 runs? I’d like to see a few more tacked on against the bullpen.

  40. I’m jacked to see this start for Stroman. Get him going for the post season run.

    7 run pad means throw strikes and cone after guys.

  41. I think Stoets and Karen should both get their asses down to the park to shake off their losing streaks. Slump buster!

    • Can’t risk it. Might end up like that game in Moneyball that Brad Pitt went to because they were winning by so much.

    • Hey it’s a beautiful day to be at the park, and I would actually go but I’m out of town, going to see my fav guys Elliot Brood. So a jays win today & tomorrow and a awesome concert and a drunk hotel romp is pretty much a perfect weekend, right?

  42. That slider is ridiculous.

  43. Stroman is looking great so far. 96, good movement on his fastball, great breaking ball.

  44. Throws a first pitch straight fastball right down the dick every time .. Those are going to start getting crushed soon.

  45. JaRROD? Really?

  46. Stroman will need to mix things up eventually. I think he’s thrown first pitch fastballs right down the middle every time.

    • that being said…that touchdown in the first inning was fucking awesome

    • Might be because he has a 7 run lead. But those fastballs look straight as shit, even if they are 95

    • First two innings…each first pitch is shown as 4-seam fastball at 94-96. The eyeball test (no actual math here) seems like he is throwing about 80% fastballs.

  47. Thought these Royals had trouble scoring?

  48. How awesome is Kitten Face?

  49. Angel you filthy slut

  50. Its a pretty good sign when an opposing reliever is at 23 pitches thru the 2nd inning.

    • It’s a pretty good sign when one sees an opposing reliever in the 2nd inning [or 1st].

    • It’s a pretty good sign when your opponent calls up a guy from AAA to make a spot start when his name isn’t Marcus Stroman.

  51. Looking like 21-9 in May…

    • I’ve looked @ this photo so many times this week + every time Josh Thole’s face just slays me.

      • I enjoy the combination of Happ lurking and Tony/Pillar with the looks of “Oh yea, this is better than Buffalo”

        • Yes to all of it. When I get bored of Thole’s face Happ’s little face crashing in starts to crack me up. This is gold.

          • It’s the background on my computer AND my phone. It will be the pic of the season. If anything tops it, I’d be shocked.

            • I literally don’t think I could handle it being my laptop background. I’m always staring @ it. I would be cackling like a mad woman constantly.

              • Some of the creatures that were in the Rogers Centre are pretty awesome too. The old guy in the red looks like he’s bracing to drop a turd

                • Only being able to listen to the games rather than watch them, I don’t know who some of those players are. Who’s the guy on the top left, leaning on the fence? The guy in the very centre? And the guy with the pen? Any help?

  52. Stroman looks awesome.

  53. I need a tv outside.

  54. It must be said that this years version of Bautista is very MVP-like.

  55. Get that Kitten some Mittenz

  56. Mew!

  57. Kittenz!

  58. Love me some Fat Juan

  59. “…You’ve gotta pound him inside.”
    New guy picking up the Tabby slack!

  60. Sometimes I wish Dinner was “fat athletic” like Fat Juan…but then I think who cares, he’s not J.P. Arencibia.

  61. Letting Bauts rest in the 5th inning….the MLB version of early garbage time.

  62. Got him

  63. “Francisco gobbles it up”
    Right you are Buck. Right you are.

  64. Fingers crossed that tomorrow’s graph remains very fun to look at.

  65. Redmond sucks monkey nuts.

  66. Fortunately, we have enough of a lead.

  67. 12-11 loss incoming. Please flush this Redmond turd already.

  68. Todd Redmond is channeling his inner Esmil.

  69. Christ why is Redmond still here?

  70. Well, it certainly could’ve been worse.

  71. If Redmond can’t pitch an inning in a 11-1 game, where can he really pitch?

    He was good for us last year, I’m hoping he can grab 3 quiet innings

  72. Flat Juan

  73. You guys are hilarious. Redmond will finish this game without issue.

  74. That was a hard Juan.

  75. Nice play by Lawrie.

  76. WOO! New streak.

  77. Well just to let you guys know… none of the Bullpen they send out have names like Davis, Crow, or other guys with ERAs less than 2.00

  78. Great game!

  79. Good to see Redmond get back on track.

    One problem with having too many good relievers in the pen is that there isn’t enough innings to keep all of them in shape.

  80. Lol this lady calling jose reyes “jo jo reyes” on jays talk …. priceless

  81. Just talking with my brother. If Juan stays hot, we have have to give AA a huge amount of credit for (a) picking him up, and (b) making Lawrie the answer to our gaping hole at 2B. Some will say this was an obvious move, but I really don’t think it was at the time. Ditto for putting in these spot starts to conserve the post-surgery arm of Hutch.

  82. I heard a really bad caller. I get that it’s a complicated game and it’s hard to know all the written and unwritten rules and strategies, but if you’ve clearly never watched, or even played a little league, beer league, or video game before, what spurs you to call Wilner to talk baseball?

    There, I found a negative to the winstreak we had.

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