I’m thinking this one deserves a picture at the top, rather than just a graph (which you can still see alongside a filthy slider curveball GIF via @dshemie8, after the jump), because Marcus Stroman.

Marcus Stroman.

Sure, the Jays’ offence took advantage of some poor Royals pitcher’s self-immolation, but Marcus Stroman. Theeeeeeere’s what we were looking for and kept telling every cretin it was stupid to stop dreaming on after 6.1 not-so-hot innings spread over a few stints out of the big league bullpen. Six innings, five hits, no walks, one run, six strikeouts. Ninety-four pitches, sixty three for strikes. Most importantly of all, perhaps, is that he kept the ball on the ground, producing a ground ball rate as high as any qualified starter in baseball (64.7% on the day; only Dallas Keuchel’s 66.5% is better among qualified starters). It’s just one game, I know, and it’s just the Royals, but that’s what he had to do, and he fuckin’ did it!

His ERA is still 7.50 as a big leaguer, but his FIP and xFIP both sit at 2.97.

Marcus Stroman.

And now: The curveball (which I suppose is what one is to call this pitch, rather than a slider, as Brendan Kennedy tweets that “contrary to what Gameday (and most people’s eyes) were seeing, Stroman said that wipeout breaking pitch was his curveball, not his slider.”

Oh, and for the sake of completeness (and to remind that there were noooooooot a lot of high leverage situations for Stroman to pitch through),  this thing:

chart (3)


Image/chart via FanGraphs.

Comments (18)

  1. Nails.

  2. That was my boner. In case anyone didn’t notice

  3. He looked good today. Granted it was the Royals and he had a huge early lead, but the stuff looked good and so did the command.

  4. Pretty awesome.

  5. I can get used to seeing the curveball.

  6. All Jays game graphs should look like that =p

  7. Call it what you want, curveball or slider, I call that thing fucking filthy.

  8. This Gif bouncing around twitter is even better, you get to see Hosmers complete disbelief.

  9. “…but that’s what he had to do, and he fuckin’ did it!”

    I think a lot of us watched the last 8 innings not wanting it to stop.
    Such an amazing performance.

  10. I’m sorry for the HOF comparison but damn his arm action screams Pedro.

  11. The kid is money.
    Give him his starts and let’s see what’s what over the next dozen or so starts for the young fella.
    Wow – that is one nasty nasty pitch.

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