As noted in the comments of the post below, this fancy little Vine clip — via @DanToman — is even better than the curveball GIF I used.

Safe to say Eric Hosmer was impressed.

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  1. That. Was filthy. Wow is right.

  2. So what now? Keep the 6 man rotation? Move the aussie down to AAA after a couple of decent starts?

    • Send the Aussie back to Buffalo. Stroman has big league stuff…

    • Regardless of fairness, it’s a good problem to have.
      But yeah, free Stroman.
      He’ll undoubtedly have some speed bumps but that stuff…..

      Wouldn’t hate if they gave Nolin another start when Hutch and/or Stroman need a break to keep their innings down. Only 24, he continues to get judged on 1.1 innings of ML work yet continues to pitch very well in AAA. Another crafty lefty can’t hurt.

      • Hendriks had a nice line in AAA, too. I’m sure Redmond would, too.

        • I think they do the 6 man for a week or two to give Hutch some rest. No I am not making the excuse that the last outing was because fatigue, but because of the TJ he could use an extra game or two rest.

          • They may well think he could use more rest than that. Conventional wisdom would put his innings limit at around 175 this year…

        • True, but he deserves a shot to see if he’s more than either of those guys.
          At some point. Not saying it should be any time soon.
          Maybe in a month or so if someone needs a rest.

    • The last start was certainly not decent. Results were, but we’re able to look past that. Playing with fire having him start again — though Comerica might help a little, if they really feel they need to have more justification to send him down.

  3. From the Boston Globe:

    The 20 best stories in baseball in 2014:

    1. Toronto Blue Jays — Worst to first, at least so far. The Jays have received excellent hitting from Melky Cabrera, Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, and Adam Lind, and great pitching from Mark Buehrle, R.A. Dickey, and Drew Hutchison. All the things that should have worked last year and didn’t are working now.

    Pretty cool to come from that paper, of all places.

    The other 19 are here:

    • From Cafardo, no less

    • 3 /20 jays related pretty sweet.

    • “All the things that should have worked last year and didn’t are working now.”

      That’s it in a nutshell.

    • I remember reading somewhere last fall that David Ortiz said he wouldn’t be surprised if the Jays came out this season and did exactly what they are doing right now. He knew the talent was there, and seemed just as shocked as everyone on the Jays last year at how poorly they performed in 2013.

  4. WOW RT

  5. I was helping a friend move today so I missed the game.What a game to miss. Here’s hoping Stromon gets the next start.

  6. Not to sound incredulous, but once Stroman has more PitchFX data, I’d be interested in seeing how his slider/curveball compares to Jose Fernandez’ “The Defector”, which is basically a slurve. They look a lot alike, IMO.

    • Stroman may call it a curve, but it sure acts like a slider, maybe a slurve. Curves are way more 12-6,this nasty treat went 2-8.

      • With late break. No wonder Hosmer was surprised when it broke.

      • Anything 2-8 is just nasty.

      • 12-6 curves come from guys who pitch with an over the top delivery. For guys who pitch 3/4, curves break at the angle that Stroman’s does.

        • It wouldn’t be a curve then

          • When you look at the side angle, Stroman’s pitch looks a lot like a FB as the ball is released. It only begins to move once the ball is past the half-way arc. And when it does move, it really fucking moves downward with huge horizontal and glove side vertical tilt.

            That was a nasty pitch. Homer thought it was a FB and got fooled when he was looking to cheat on the heat to drive it.

            Dunno what Pitch FX had it classified. Certainly looked like a really tight slider. Reminds of how Stein used to make hitters looking foolish when he unleashed his plus plus slider.

            Free at last, Stroman could very well play a big role in the rotation. But there will be challenges.

            His FB is good but like say Tanaka’s, it’s hittable if not well located. Locate the heat, throw the change and cutter to mix things up, and unleash the curve and slider to put em away. Watching video on Stroman is fun. His arm angle and release point is practically all the same no matter what he throws. But his most impressive feature might very well be his makeup and compete level. He is not out there to finesse or outsmart hitters. He works fast and attacks. Lots of poise in that kid.

  7. Hosmer’s view: *Sees 5’9″ midget on the mound..HAHAHAHAH*, out comes a bitchin’ Slider, “Holy Shit, that was filthy”.

  8. Stroman was filthy. Defense needs to tighten up.

  9. Damn I’ve had to miss the last few games do to emplyment (Kids and old lady are fed up with mystery meat) but I am sure happy the Jays bounced out of 2 losses and nailed it. Sounds like the kid looked good with a healther run lead. TSN is reporting that Redmond gained a save after a 12 to 2 victory….Tits and TSN are for kids.

  10. What an awesome reaction by Hosmer.

    That break is sick.

    • Gonna rock a meetup with fellow Island Jays fans probably at

      • Fuck, whenever. You name it. I do have a busy sked, but a thursday 4pm PST start game is my best chance for BP.

        Saturday morning at 10, would have to be spliffs at my house ;) BP wouldn’t serve you, but i sure would.

        Though Thursday is preferred.

      • hit me up on twitter or something…

  11. Marcus Stroman-Rookie of the year?


  13. I’ve brought this guy up for a month, will cost a fraction of Smardjia and the big names.

    Peter Gammons ‏@pgammo 51m
    Why Jason Hammel makes sense for Jays:1 start all year allowing more than 3 runs, 8 of the 11 are quality starts

    • I like his numbers, but will the Cubs part with him?

    • But were they quality starts according to the Manalyst?

    • Seeing Stroman’s first big league start, I think I can handle a Hammel going forward. He won’t force out guys like Stroman from future big league starts in a way the Shark would.

    • Jays need an assassin, not just another good arm. Although Buerhle looks mighty assassin like and Stroman’s slurve looks like a silver bullet pitch right now. Hammel = no thank you

  14. Hosmer is terrible tho.

  15. Did they just call that pitch location francisco’s rape zone?

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