It’s Sunday. This is what you get. Go Jays!

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  1. Who is going to Detroit? I would love to hook up for a beer before the game

    • you’re the guy who went to spring training?

      I’m west coast so I can’t, but DJF should be wise to grab a beer with you. You’re hilarious.

  2. OK so there’s a Coco Crisp Garden Gnome giveaway. My garden would LOVE an Adam Lind garden gnome. Jays need to make this happen in 2015.

  3. 38,000 for the game today. 31 and change for the Saturday match. I sure hope the bandwagon fans are going to start showing up for the games.

    They are still 150,000 fans down from last year’s pace. They are 22nd in attendance avg. in the league.

    The team we were expecting last year is here and in first place. Fans need to get their butts in the seats now.

    • And yet, 69,000 over two days is probably more than the Royals average at home on a weekend.

      I wouldn’t worry too much about it. As summertime ramps up and they are still contending in July, with a bucketful of All-Stars to celebrate, I think you’re going to see packed houses on the regular.

    • 38 and 31k is a bad weekend? That’s a solid weekend, especially with the Royals in town. They drew 74k last weekend but that included a sellout for free jerseys (doubt the cowboy hat is as big a draw).

      • I just stated the numbers, never said it was bad but this team needs to be much better supported than 22nd in attendance soon.

        • Kinda did though, right? Stated the numbers and finished with fans needing to get their butts in the seats.

          This team keeps winning and the fans will keep showing up in greater numbers. Without looking anything up, it feels like the Jays haven’t had many big drawing teams like the Yanks and Sox in town so far this season (just one series each so far)?

  4. It’s no wonder nobody goes to the fucking games, the place is a one big concrete joke. Went to get 2 bottles of water today and spent 2 fucking innings in line to pay $4.50 per water LOL. I always have said I enjoy the games much more watching from home. I used to go to more games but it just isn’t worth it to me anymore. The atmosphere is lame, I missed EE’s homerun today because of the FUCKING WAVE, and the prices are just so insane. Call me out if you want, but I have no interest in going to the shit centre unless it’s a weekend afternoon game where I can at least chill in the sun.

    • Remember you can bring in food and sealed beverages. I just think alcohol is not though.

      • You got me there, but I never remember to do that haha. Either way, I was just illustrating the point as to why it doesn’t fill up every game.

        • Your point still stands and Aramark is a shit company that skydome/rogers needs to ditch to improve the stadium experience. Grass would be great but food and beverages could be fixed easily.

    • Take your own food and water??? Pretty sure you can bring sealed bottles of water in and I know you can bring all the food you want.

    • any pics of yourself?

    • Can’t say you are wrong. I would rather wash my car etc and listen to the game on the radio.
      7:30 would help as a start time. No way to finish work and get to the dome from Markham for 7. Would love to see free wifi at Rogers Centre and the option to plug in earphones to hear the radio broadcst. It’s 2014 for gods sake.

      FYI : great seats for Wed and Thurs in Detroit cost $40. Same seat in Toronto is $70. Cleveland $27. Then deals not rape at the concessions. Quality food.

      • Oh yes that’s another huge, hilarious joke of the Rogers Centre. It’s probably the only building in Toronto without wifi. I’m not married to my phone…or maybe I am, but sitting in there for 3-4 hours without being able to check a score, check out twitter, or whatever it is, when they are the biggest service provider in the area! It is more than a bit ridiculous.

      • Fair points. Write into those cheap bastards and let them know. Maybe they will fix it.

      • I paid $189 for a seat at Yankee Stadium that is equal to a $62 seat at Rogers Centre. And $40 in San Fran for the equivalent of a back row 500 level at Rogers.

        • The team also needs to consider pricing models where they sell more than half the tickets for the games…
          Right now, they are at 48% of available tickets sold. Part of it goes back to not seeing money coming back in terms of food and beverages, so what does it matter then if they are maximizing ticket revenue is what they may think.
          It hurts the team and nothing draws a crowd like a crowd…

    • Really, Riggs? Are you and others who agree with you that fucking stupid? Concessions are expensive at any stadium. Oh! You have to stand in a long line? Yeah, that happens when a few thousand people are in one place. Ticket prices are too high and 7 pm start times are a pain? Fuck off. Go look at the prices for the garbage Leafs and their start times. The amount of leeway that Toronto gives to that garbage team in a dumb sport that’s only popular in two countries is astounding.

      • Dong, I’m with Riggs on this one. We have a bottom five fan experience with the wealthiest ownership in baseball. There is no excuse beyond “it’s just not a corporate priority ” to make things better.

        Wait for the series at Safeco to see what the experience can be.

      • Lol obviously King Kong has never been to a sporting event outside of Toronto. Sure, use the Leafs as a comparison, you fucking clown. Try visiting one of pretty much any other MLB stadium and you’ll find a much different experience. Come back when you actually have a clue.

  5. So…

    Anyone remember a month ago, when people wanted Anthopoulos fired?

    • I do, duck. Haven’t heard a quack from those people in a while. Maybe they waddled back to the hole in the ground they came from.

    • Did you see Gibby’s quote today after the game talking about ’08? When he talks about how well they were playing at this point in the season that year, then he said, “…three weeks later I was fired”.

      He’s hilarious.

  6. Notwithstanding the great game today, I’m a little upset Buehrle did not get sent out for the 9th.

    • Why does it matter? 4 run lead coming home, if the bullpen can’t protect that then we’ll never be a playoff team anyway.

      Save a few bullets in that arm.

  7. People need to get over the attendance. There has been like 2 nice weekends this season. If the Jays are winning and the sun is shining then the numbers will be there. But don’t bitch every Monday or Tuesday when only 15-18k show up because I’ve been there many times in years paSt with about 7k others to watch the Orioles or Rays.

    • In a couple of weeks the kids will be out of school and familys will start travelling etc. I f the Jays continue to show the gold people will forget about the bullshit of the off season that wasn’t, and the massive shit show of 2013. Big crowds will come.

  8. Who gives a shit about concession prices (which are sky-fucking-high pretty much everywhere) when Jays tickets are among the least expensive in the majors?

    Check out the average ticket prices for Boston and NYY. Insane. Realize that we get to watch the best offense in the majors mash some dingers for a relative pittance. There’s your “fan experience”. At the end of the day, presumably you’re there to watch some quality baseball.

    (Protip: get all your food before the game.)

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