It’s Sunday. This is what you get. Go Jays!

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  1. Buerhle gonna Buerhl

  2. Ginger Campbell looks like Opie Taylor with that hat on.

  3. As Robby Alomar would say: “Les go blue yays!”

    Hoping for a great win today!

    Blue Jays!

  4. Yeah! Stuff and things!

  5. God that Zaun Sunday roast segment is awful. And not just because he closes it with “it’s Sunday morning (when it’s a 1pm ET) can you smell tha morning roast?” Who on earth has a Sunday morning roast?

    • Lol. Couldn’t agree more!

    • The biggest problem is how close he gets to being right ( the draft system is unfair to domestic talent) and then just goes off the rails (the draft is unfair to fringe major leaguers when generational talent gets paid).

      • He has a knack for teetering on the edge of sanity before plunging off the deep end. But ya, the argument that Appel shouldn’t get $6 million because Johnny Mac never made more than $2 mill per season is insanity. I don’t mind the crazy signing bonuses, those top picks get shafted for years before getting paid like the market dictates they should be.

    • Roast coffee perhaps?

    • Do an image search for morning roast on google. You’ll see an awful lot of coffee.

  6. More like Hungover Jays Fans am I right?! Who’s with me?

  7. Buehrle gon buehrl

  8. Oh my god those fucking cowboy hats

  9. What an AB by kitty

  10. Nice at bat, Goatboy

  11. Kitty is the GOAT

  12. Thole face is primed and ready…

  13. Guthrie won’t last long at this rate.

  14. In the replay did they call a pitch in the wheelhouse ‘francisco’s rape zone’?

  15. Buehrle looks like the emperor sitting on the bench. “Good, let the bats flow through you”

  16. Sadly, the arrival of Country Hat Day means the end of the Cletus adverts that I enjoyed so much. Such are the days of our lives. I do love that the lady behind the plate is not wearing a the hat.

    Guthrie was the name of my favourite cat/pet ever…but as a pitcher – fuck that guy.

    • I didnt even get the pleasure of seeing it! Dunno what the fuck I was doing during commersher breaks

      • I didn’t get to see it very often because I usually watch on MLB TV but last weekend I was too sick to be in my living room so I watched the games in bed + saw it then. I believe in the curative powers of the Cletus Cowboy Hat advert.

    • Wasnt there guthrie/jays talk within the last couple of years? I forget hot the rumours got

  17. Nice 9 pitch inning. Light up guthrie now boys!

  18. Dinners ready!

  19. here we go

  20. Dinner time!

  21. Dinger for Dinner

  22. A Hungry Man Dinner.

  23. Dinner Dinger!

  24. Wear that gose

  25. Cletus should wear some sort of modified cowboy hat batting helmet

  26. What the fuck was that incoherent drunken rambling about Mormons by Buck about?

    • Probably talking about the fact that Guthrie is Mormon and was a Mormon missionary before he started his baseball career. He mentions it every single time the Jays face Guthrie.

  27. “No! Can’t you see? Rogers still embodies the stereotypes of a giant corporation running the team like it’s a small market franchise!”
    “But they’re giving us a free hat!”

  28. Fat Juan no run

  29. A comedy of errors.

  30. Hahahaha

  31. What did I just watch?

  32. Defensively, this inning looks like the Three Stooges…but hey, it worked. All’s well that ends well.

  33. Bautista hurt himself?

  34. Jose was walking weird after that slide into second. Injury? :(

  35. Oh shit everybody off the wagon!

  36. Shiiiiit. Saw jose clutchin his ass after that slide. Fingers crossed

  37. EEs eyes wont be so good at the plate now

  38. Nice guy Eddie, getting Buehrle a strikeout

  39. Worst route ever o.O

  40. Not through 4 and already one of the uglier defensive games of the season

  41. Thata pick up the 3rd base coach

  42. That’s the way it Gose.

  43. C’mon Gose, 3rd base is meaningless

  44. Better if Gose stops at 2nd, sure, but I don’t mind the aggressiveness. Make them make a perfect play.

  45. Jesus Zaun. That suit. Where are Harry and Lloyd?

  46. Gose must’ve been trying to force another error on the throw to third. Dunno if that’s the smart play considering the 1 through 6 hitters are kind of awesome.

  47. Would be nice to see a few more fireworks between redsox and rays today. It’s been entertaining. Hopefully Rays can pull out a win though.

  48. Just wondering if buerhle has another 5 quality years does pickoffs come into play when considering HOF? Very interesting how successful he has been compared to other pitchers during his era.

    • I would think that the writers would look at the number of gold gloves he has won. I’d assume pickoffs is part of the consideration when awarding a gold glove.

  49. Fat Juan just rolling all over the place out there

  50. The royals really want to give the jays the game

    • It’s only fair considering how many gifts the Blue Jays have given other teams in the past.

  51. Gordon (just struck out) looks like he doesn´t even wanna be there. KC lookin lame.

  52. Beuhrle at 81 pitches

  53. I think we’re approaching peak-Buerl.

  54. Does Buck even know which team Guthrie pitches for? Apparently the Jays have scored their 2 runs in support of Guthrie…

  55. CG SO?

  56. Camping last night, of course perkins for breakfast today.

    They don’t serve mamosas or ceasars before 11? Well then don’t be mad when i go to the booze store next door and bring my own shit in.

  57. Mark Buerhle you’re my hero.

  58. All the mlb trade rumour stuff about shark for hutch + A prospect is insane. Hutch is close to if not better than Shark, cheaper and more years of control. It’s complete BS how some teams try to create a better market for their players by getting insiders to regurgitate crap.

    • I don’t think Hutch has been good for long enough to say that he is as good as or better than the Shark.

    • I’d trade Hutch for Shark if the prospect coming back was Javier Baez. Oh, what’s that? The prospect goes the other way?

    • I do agree that since Hutch is so much cheaper, under team control for so much longer and their relative ability is fairly close that it doesn’t make sense to trade him

      • Makes sense if something else is coming back with Samardzija. Definitely not if you’re sending something along with Hutch.

      • My point was its absurd. If AA was offered this he would put the phone down hit speaker phone laugh get up have lunch come back and still,let be laughing.

  59. Hendricks and Stroman remain with the team… 6 man rotation? Trade? Just hanging around til Santos comes back? Buck seems intrigued… Thoughts?

  60. Was that seriously a Hendricks jersey?

  61. ??? Lawrie

  62. Marky Mark seems to be having a ball out there. Love it.

  63. Classic Lind

  64. Wham!

  65. Edwin!!!!!!!

  66. BRAWWWWWKKKK!!!! Loving how many 2-run HRs Eddie has this year thanks to Lind.

  67. yay EE

  68. Fuck EE and Bautista haven’t homered in a month. Wait fuck I jinxed kt

  69. Jesus christ eddie!


  71. Love it! Looks like the new winning streak has just begun!!

  72. SQUAWK!!!!

  73. Parrot just slapped the Crow.

  74. After that Buerle is definitely coming out for the 9th.

  75. Looks like Buehrle gets to dictate to the Manager when he’s up by 4.

  76. He be out.

  77. No Buehrle? Are you fucked?

  78. WTF Gibby

    Let him finish

  79. Fuck. Wish he got the cg so today

  80. Gibbons hates fun.

  81. Gibby in the game!!!! KC’s last chance. Gibby makes another of his patented pointless pitching changes and ends Mark’s chance for a shutout.

    • Beurhl was over 100 pitches, the Jays have the day off tomorrow, and it was the 8th inning. he made the right call.

  82. Yanks winning. Sawks winning. Shitbirds winning. Aaaaassss.

    Tampa Losing? Cmon. Get your fucking club in order Joe and take some games from Boston.

  83. In non Jays news Darvish so far today:

    5IP, 3H, 10K on 67 pitches. Struck a guy on a 59mph “eephus” pitch.

  84. Good game Drunk Jays Fans.

  85. 10 games over 500 again!

  86. Great game! And now Buehrle is 10/1. Nice to see the guys stayed strng after those 2 losses.

  87. Nah, thecall was already made, loup was warm

  88. Am I the only one who has far fewer fucks to give for complete games and shutouts than for wins?

  89. Theres a bullpen for a reason, fuck that “give him the CG SO” BS

  90. Zaun nitpicking much?

  91. Can anyone recommend a good site to watch highlights without having to endure a 30 second ad for every 10 seconds of highlights? (i.e. not

  92. Easy game for the Jays. Great stuff.

    Fuck Boston too. This win streak of theirs is starting to get really annoying. At least Tampa is collapsing. Hopefully that will lead them to trading Price. Trade him far away to the NL.

    • Seems like TB has just rolled over and died this season. Which is a shame cause theyre my least hated opponents in the ALE by a wide margin

      • Same here.

      • I hated them because they NEVER got hurt. EVER. They had to be the luckiest team in the majors for a decade in terms of young pitchers not blowing their arms out. longoria misses half a year and freaking Keppinger ends up batting .320 to replace him. But it’s all coming home to roost this year.

  93. Boom lead off HR in the 9th for the Twins ties it up!

  94. Despite my shitty Friday game this has been a pretty great weekend. Two wins, beautiful weather, lots of booze and a fantastic concert in small town Ontario, Waterford. Wooo.
    Now to spatchcock my chicken and fire up the big green egg. Cheers guys.

    • Cheers!

    • I got caught spatchcocking the supper chicken a while back – boy, did I ever feel dumb. Luckily they bought the “new tenderizing method” story.
      I was out BBQ shopping the other day, and looked at the big green egg. But man, 700 bones was a lot to spend. Ouch.

      • $700 is cheap. I think I spent $1200, 4 years ago, but man we love it.
        We grill/smoke year round, about 3 times a week so no question it was well worth the money.

  95. I don’t mind the Massholes’ win streak. It’s not like they’re gaining any ground on the Jays. Sooner or later they’ll go on another losing streak and they’ll burn more witches that have the same weight as a duck.

    • They still have a big hill to climb. Its actually nice to see redsox fans with some hope, because I want to see it crushed again.

  96. 10 Games over on June 1. first place by 3 1/2 . Fuck yes !! Hope this ride continues.
    We have a patient skilled ballclub. I tip my hat to AA. He did so little in the offseason but wow he sure built us one hell of a lineup. heading to Detroit for Wed and Thurs PUMPED !!
    First trip to Comerica , any tips ??

    • don’t ask for a serviette at the concession stand

    • Those extra draft picks are sure looking good right about now, aren’t they?

    • Where are your tickets? I wouldn’t mind going for a beer before the game

    • I went to Ford Field (right across the street) last fall for a Lions/Vikings game.
      There’s a concession stand along the way with smoked beef sandwiches. The guy has a couple of big smokers – and he hauls out this joint of beef and starts slicing chunks from it. He makes this Flintstone-sized sandwich about 3 inches thick for 8 bucks or so.

  97. Were heading to Detroit also on Tuesday, it’s mine and my sons B/day. Hoping for a great game.

  98. Whoever made that parrot gif should be collecting royalties right now. Looks like Jays game ops is going all-in on it with “Take the parrot for a walk!” flashing on the ribbon boards, the word Edwing, with a photo of a parrot on EE’s wing, flashing on the outfield scoreboards and Ace trotting out with a stuffed parrot on his wing as Edwin rounded the bases today.

  99. Did I miss some news on Cecil? He hasn’t pitched in several days.

    Is he just getting some extended rest?

    • He was warming up in the bullpen at points today, but Loup got the call over him.

    • It says on the blujays homepage he slept awkwardly on his pitching shoulder and got a couple extra days off to let it get back to normal. Should be good to go.

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