It’s here! The readers. The myths they believe. The legendarily ridiculous questions. Yes, it’s time for another Griff Bag — aka my latest hijacking of Richard Griffin’s mail bag from over at the Toronto Star! So let’s do it to it!

If there’s a question you’d like me to answer, submit it to Griffin here, and maybe he’ll select it for a future mail bag. Fingers crossed!

Q-Hi Richard Stoeten:

By letting go of (Jeremy) Jeffress, (Moises) Sierra, and (Esmil) Rogers, it seemed that the Jays finally committed to fielding the best team rather than retaining assets. I realize Rasmus is a different calibre of player, but with what Gose has brought, especially during Wednesday’s walk-off game, can the team possibly put Rasmus back at CF? His only upside is his power, but this line up clearly doesn’t need it. It needs Gose’s speed. What do you foresee happening when Rasmus is ready to come off the DL?

Matthew McKean, Ottawa

I cannot possibly fucking fathom this sort of thinking. Not just the stuff about Gose being a better piece than Rasmus, or the team needing his speed more, or the assumption that the club doesn’t need any more power — all of which are absurd, of course — but also the checking off of supposed attributes and then simply adding the check marks to determine who is the supposedly more useful player.

It’s almost like you have a conclusion that you want to come to, and are working backwards to find ways to get there. That’s even almost understandable, I guess, because it’s pretty much the only way to figure Gose is better than Rasmus.

Yes, Gose is a fantastic defender in centre, and a better one than Rasmus. Yes, he’s good on the basepaths, steals bases, can occasionally bunt for hits, sometimes forces errors from the defence with his speed, and does a whole bunch of things either better than Rasmus or that he wholly doesn’t. But for fuck sakes, no, Colby’s only upside is not power.

Granted, Rasmus has had some awful years with the bat, so it’s hard to even argue that he is something specific. We really don’t know what he is. Last year, though, in the overall, he was the third most valuable centre fielder in the American League, and the sixth most valuable in baseball. And that’s just it: in the overall.

You’ll get all kinds of narrative-driven garbage about certain pieces fitting better than others, and maybe if there’s anythin to that it even works to Gose’s advantage slightly too. But the differences between the two players aren’t just binary “differences,” there are degrees of difference between the different aspects of their games, and those degrees are crucial. Gose is certainly a better base stealer, but otherwise? He’s a better defender and baserunner, but not by that much — certainly not by anything close to as much better Rasmus is as a hitter, at least when he’s going at his best.

And isn’t that funny? I’m actually acknowledging that the Rasmus we saw last year might not be the Rasmus who’ll show up again this time around. Admittedly, that might make the comparison a bit tighter. Colby’s a tough one to read because his performance has been so volatile — shit, he could probably still play himself into compensation pick limbo, if he’s not careful — and if you’re anywhere close to halfway serious about having an opinion on this, you need to account for those kinds of things.

But is Gose really that tough to read?

This year with the Jays Gose has walked 13.3% of the time and struck out 20.0% of the time. (.379 OBP in 60 PA)
This year with Buffalo Gose walked 10.5% of the time and struck out 24.8% of the time. (.317 OBP in 124 PA)
Last year with the Jays Gose walked 3.3% of the time and struck out 24.2% of the time. (.283 OBP in 153 PA)
Last year with Buffalo Gose walked 8.6% of the time and struck out 27.3% of the time. (.316 OBP in 443 PA)
In 2012 with the Jays Gose walked 9.0% of the time and struck out 31.2% of the time. (.303 OBP in 189 PA)
In 2012 in Las Vegas Gose walked 10.2% of the time and struck out 21.1% of the time. (.366 OBP in 479 PA)

Weird how the one that massively sticks out in a positive way is both the smallest and most recent sample of the bunch, huh? (It’s also the sample in which he’s been most shielded from left-handed pitching, FYI).

It would be great if this really were a new Gose that we’re seeing. It would be great, too, if Juan Francisco is as good as his last month has made him look, and if all the Jays’ other sluggers really do stay hot and healthy and render Colby’s power an excess. But Buck and Pat yammering on about some supposed new display of selectivity, or slobbering over Gose’s game-changing speed, doesn’t make those things any more real.

Can the team possibly put Rasmus back at CF? Absolutely they can and they should and they will. He’s far more likely the better player in the overall.



Q-Hello Richard Stoeten.

Two questions. With the recent success of Jay hitters do you think that they will experience more hit batsmen. I did not see last night’s hit on Jose (Bautista) but I remember when he came over to the Jay’s and was hot, he was a target.

Do you think that MLB would ever increase the bench by one player to allow for more specialists and add excitement to the game for the fans? It would not break too many budgets.



1) What? Seriously? No.

2) They’ve already allowed teams to bring up an additional player for the second game of doubleheaders, so they obviously understand the changing nature of pitcher usage, so I wouldn’t be surprised if such a thing eventually happened. I have no idea how much of an appetite their is for it, though. Can’t see the Players Association complaining.



Q-Dear Richard Stoeten,

The Cubs want a lot for Jeff Samardzija. I don’t like the idea of the Jays giving up both (Marcus) Stroman and (Aaron) Sanchez. But with Gose playing so well, could they deal Rasmus to a team looking for a centre-fielder in exchange for a pitching prospect or prospects, which they could then send to the Cubs along with Stroman in return for Samardzija? (Boiling down to Rasmus and Stroman for Samardzija). Would that be a viable way to use the surplus of talent in one area to fill a void in another?


Anders Hayden, Halifax

That’s probably the only way you’re going to be able to make any kind of Rasmus deal for pitching — which, as I explained above, isn’t necessarily the best idea anyway. With the volatility and the fact that he only has a half season left before free agency, you’re probably not getting a whole lot back for him, unless there were a bunch of contending teams with real needs in centre. Ideally, you’d want to get back the value of the draft pick you’re probably going to get when he walks, but… sure, maybe if it’s for the right piece to flip in order to add the right pitcher you don’t care very much. I can buy that.

That said, Stroman’s on the big league roster now, and even if he wasn’t, he’s been on the cusp for too long to think of him as a serious trade candidate any longer. They need him here, and they need reinforcements beyond that. Alex Anthopoulos has said he’d look to add a true rental rather than making a major, system-depleting trade for a guy like Samardzija, and I tend to believe him. It makes more sense — and the level of prospects involved would fit better with this Rasmus scheme, though, again, giving the keys to Gose at this point is awfully frightening, no matter what his first fifty-odd plate appearances say.



Q-Hi Richard Stoeten,

It’s amazing how the situation with the Jays just feels so much better since many of the question marks (Ryan Goins/Morrow/Jeffress/Rogers/McGowan) have all been sorted out for better or worse and Janssen has come back. But my question is about Josh Thole. I like both Navarro and Kratz, but why doesn’t Thole get more playing time outside of catching Dickey? It’s a small sample size, but he’s batting well this year and has had good OBP in the past, even though he’s not a power hitter. What’s his defence like? I’m just curious about why he’s not starting more.


Rob Brander, Sydney, Australia

Thole certainly isn’t viewed as a below average receiver and defensive catcher. He’s regarded fairly well — and the fact that he catches Dickey attests to that, at least somewhat. He’s batted well in a small sample, yeah. I… I guess I just don’t understand what the issue is here? He’s a backup catcher doing well in a small sample size. I dunno.



Q-Hi Richard Stoeten,

I’ve always enjoyed your work. I’m an old-time Expos fan who has gravitated to the Jays since you know when. Like all Jays fans, I’m thoroughly enjoying this run that the Jays are on. This is basically what we all expected to see last year, but better late than never I guess.

I have a funny question for you. I’ve always been a big Jose Bautista admirer, and basically still am, especially since he seems to have gone back to the more patient approach that characterized his banner years (2010-2011). However, I’m wondering about his lack of enthusiasm on the bench when it comes to the accomplishments of other players. I’ve watched just about every game on television, and although we only get glimpses of the dugout, there are usually a lot of shots of the end of the bench where the “Dominican gang” sits. That’s understandable, given the results that Encarnacion, Cabrera, Bautista, Francisco, and now Reyes, have posted, especially in May. When one of them does something, they all slap each other on the back and have fun celebrating. Except for Bautista. As I said, I have a limited view of the dugout, but unless Bautista himself is enjoying a good day, especially if he hits a home run, he is nowhere to be seen when players come into the dugout after a HR or some other notable exploit. He seems to go into the clubhouse (to sulk?) after a poor result at the plate. Last week, after the incredible consecutive 2-homer games by Encarnacion, Bautista was never there to partake in the celebrations. This attitude seems more apparent when Encarnacion is on a tear. Could there be some jealousy involved? Bautista is used to being the offensive stud on this team, but that label has pretty well shifted to Edwin the last three years. I realize that very few people can be as demonstrative as Reyes (how refreshing), but I would expect a bit more enthusiasm from the team’s perceived leader. Although I like to think that I’m a good observer, I may be in left field on this. Just curious to know what you think.

Robert, Beaconsfied, QC

Yes, you do only get limited view of this stuff. It’s pretty seriously irrelevant. And FYI, when Bautista goes into the dugout after a poor result, I’m pretty sure that’s because he’s going to watch video in order to learn from his mistake, because he’s kinda super-competitive and driven to win.



Q-Richard Stoeten,

I get why John Gibbons likes to have the lefthanded Lind bat between Bautista and Encarnacion (to split up the 2 right handers), but doesn’t having Edwin bat in the 4 spot right behind Bautista make more sense? Opposing pitchers would be less inclined to pitch around Bautista if Edwin is coming up after him, thus Jose would see better pitches to hit. Do you think Gibbons should stick to an everyday order of Bautista-Edwin-Lind, or do what he has been doing and insert Lind in between, depending on the pitching matchup?

Justin, Richmond Hill, ON

Though the idea of lineup protection being a myth is itself a bit of a myth, it’s doesn’t make nearly the difference the TV commentators of the world will try to tell you. And splitting of the left-handed and right-handed sluggers makes it more difficult for opposing managers to utilize platoon splits to their advantage in late-game situations. I’m fine with what he does.



Q-Richard Stoeten,

Do the Jays have 4 all stars this year in Melky, Bautista, Encarnacion, and Buerhle?

Justin, Richmond Hill, ON

Sure. I guess so.



Q-Hey Griff Stoet,

There’s been a couple plays lately that has me questioning Bautista’s leadership on the field. Firstly, I was at the game on Friday and there was a deep fly ball hit to right-center field. Pillar got there early and was easily camped under it. Bautista came racing over, and once Pillar made the catch, seemed to give Pillar the dirtiest look that he wouldn’t get out of the way to let him get it. Then, there was the fly ball last night that Tolleson went out for, got camped under, called for, and then, Bautista seems to call off and just get the catch. Am I reading too much into these plays? Just a matter of there being a lack of chemistry, or does Jose need to back off and trust the new guys that are around him?

Evan M.

This is nonsense.



Comments (101)

  1. Rasmus is way better than Gose, it’s not even close.

  2. Yes Bautista clearly has no fun or enthusiasm on the bench:

    • Bad example, hes just trying to cool him off so that Bautista can go back to being the best offensive player on the team.

    • Seriously. How many times have we seen that clip of Jose feeling EE’s bicep after that 3rd deck shot? How many times have we seen him at the dugout entrance doing fancy handshakes with Reyes et al? That was one of the weirdest mailbag questions I’ve ever read, and that’s saying a lot!

  3. What’s with the unending crusade against the team’s best hitter? I don’t get it. He’s hitting .311/.442/.558 but it’s always leadership this, attitude that, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING MAILBAG.

    • Jose is a serious dude. If he played at first base, he might nod at other team’s players but it is doubtful he would smile and joke and pat them on the bum. It isn’t his style. EE does that. Reyes would. Not Bats.

      You know who else didn’t fuck around, and in fact fucked around even less? Doc. So I say… Serious Jose is what we want.

      Look what happens whenever a real ace pitcher comes to town or whenever Bautista really gets angry. That’s when he really shines it seems.

    • Toronto fans always seem to shit on their best players. However, they always seem to embrace and pump the tires of dime a dozen guys. It’s total stupidity.

      • More Kawasaki, less Bautista = World Series!

        • Jose does come off as being a little more intense and less prone to clowning celebrations than some of the Jays and, I’ve definitely witnessed him ignore being called off a ball hit in shallow outfield.
          Obviously, that means fuck all in the grand scheme of things but don’t pretend that it doesn’t exist.

      • Toronto fans drive me insane. I cannot believe that, in the midst of the most promising stretch this team has had in years, people are still finding shit to complain about. How about asking Griff why this team is a motherfucking boss?

  4. Encarnacion hasn’t even cracked the top 15 outfielders in Allstar voting. That’s fucked.

    But of course Markakis, Gardener, Rios, and such other chumps are ahead of him.

    • the guy has range, but its a stretch to call him an outfielder

    • Outfielder?

    • Well fuck gently with a chainsaw. I put him in with outfielders, whoops. But still, he is second in homeruns and bear the top in RBI at first base.

      • most people here are too cool to care about the all star game, but i really like it, I think it’s the best all star game of the four sports. I like when the team gets some recognition. The jays are going to get hosed because the lineup is more versatile than most, so some of our best players dont play enough at one spot.

      • Well believe it or not, I was sober when I wrote that.

        After rechecking, he comes 5th in votes at DH. I’ll just punch myself in the face. Sorry.

      • I’m pretty sure Encarnacion is listed on the ballot as a DH.

    • Well neither have I and I have the same number of outfield appearannces as EE.

      • The Jays actually used Edwin as a left fielder for three games in 2012. There was a moment in Spring Training, that year I think, when the Jays put Edwin in left so that they could stash him there if they needed to. Then they got Melky and it all became moot.

  5. As much as I try to like Gose, I can’t get past the glaring hole that is his bat. Yes, he’s got blazing speed and all – but I have a feeling that, while Gose is young and all – the guy is probably not going to get a WHOLE lot better with the bat.
    I’d stick with Rasmus and perhaps lose a bit of speed in the outfield and on the basepaths for his bat. When Rasmus is hot – he’s raking to all fields and for power. I don’t think you’re EVER going to hear any of the words “hot, raking, power” in the same sentence as Anthony Gose.
    But as a fan, I hope the kid proves me wrong.

  6. It’s just too bad that Gose isn’t a RH batter. This imaginary version of Gose would be the perfect 4 OF/platoon partner for Rasmus.

  7. I really just want to see what Rasmus can contribute to this lineup against right handed pitching. It’s going to be quite the murders row, especially if Colby can find his stroke (like he seemed to be doing before getting hurt).

  8. Who is the one choosing these letters for Griff’s mailbag? What a collection of stupidity.

    • Can’t disagree, but stupidity is relative. The post-game calls to Wilner are IMO considerably worse than this.

      I liked Stoeten’s answer about Gose and Rasmus, but it might have been stressed that Rasmus was the third best center fielder in the AL , that is, center field, a notoriously difficult position.

      S o here’s my mailbag question. Why does the Griffin representation on the bench — the Griffiigy — have two fingers up on his right and one on his left? Is it a code? A gang sign?

  9. I hate the “Bautista-leadership” questions so much – they’re the hallmark of the ignorant fan. Bautista has taken a huge leadership role this year – look at how often the guy sacrifices the “flashy” stuff like trying to hit homeruns in order to take a walk, or hit a single the other way, just to get on base and help the team. He also clearly works on defensive situations with his infielders, knowing that you can catch a team off guard (look at the two 9-3 put-outs against KC this weekend). Finally, his new approach with dealing with bad calls in a more productive way have been a vast improvement, and if indeed others are doing-as-he-does, no one is reacting aggressively with the umps on bad strike calls.

    These are exactly the dumb-ass fans that run a guy out of town because of supposed character deficiencies, and then bemoan the state of the team not being able to keep stars in the fold.

    • Good points all! Bautista the best.

    • Right. Last year it was his plate antics that everyone was calling foul on. Now that he’s cleaned that up, on to the next thing’dugout emotion’? Its laughable….but also sad

    • Yes, it reminds me of how people treat Lebron James, Say he’s selfish and all that but when you are the best player on the team you do shit others don’t and people think its selfish of him. And just like Jose takes his walks Lebron passes the ball around, I don’t get fans that get upset at players like this, he’s good! let him be good!.

    • The man just Larry Walker’d two guys on back-to-back nights. The fact he and EE were so thoroughly on the same page to have the synergy such a play requires that they did it twice, how is that not leadership?

      I don’t get these people.

      • Synergy????? Edwin plays 5 feet from 1st base and his job on any hit not at him is to go to the base and get ready for a throw

      • I could very easily see someone not being prepared for such a play. I certainly wasn’t expecting him to try for that when I saw the hit.

  10. I’ll ask my own question. Two parts…


    1. Much is obviously being made about the Jays need for another starter but were not hearing much about relievers. Would you think that finding a solid reliever to replace Redmond should be up high on the list of priorities? Why is Redmond still even up with the club when they have Bobby Korecky with a 0.29 ERA in Buffalo?

    2. Do you think the jays will try some more internal options for the rotation before pulling the trigger on a trade? Deck McGuire is throwing well so is Sean Nolin. You figure they could contribute to the rotation if not instead of a trade, maybe instead of Happ if he falls apart.

    • Did you miss the part where Korecky was called up this weekend and then sent back for Stroman?

    • 1. As the 12th pitcher on the roster Redmond is just fine. He’s been used intermittently and for different intervals (one inning one night, three innings the next), both of which could explain why he’s been hit around a bit more this year than last.

      2. A lot depends on how Stroman and Hutchison fare until the trade deadline. If either one of those struggle badly, another pitcher becomes a must. If they both perform well enough consistently, then you can live with Happ/Redmond/Hendriks/Nolin/Rogers/Jenkins in the 5th spot.

  11. By the time Colby comes up, I’m sure we’ll find ourselves with another injury and the problem will solve itself.

  12. For all of the reasons in the article and the above posts,
    when Colby gets healthy, Colby to CF,
    Gose to Buffalo is obviously the correct move.

    Gose needs to play every day if he’s going to be
    an every day major league player.
    For a 4th OF, the right handed bat of Pillar makes more sense.

    Now next year, when $ and contracts and comp picks
    and the rest of it all come into play, that is a different
    kettle of fish. But that is a conversation for next year.

    Barring some big trade, if we’re looking at a pennant run this year,
    Colby should be the guy in CF.

    • I agree with all of this.

      In September, call up Gose and have both him and Pillar on the bench.

      IF they make the playoffs, I would also want both of them on the roster. Gose would be a valuable pinch running tool.

    • Why not include Gose in a deal for a pitcher. NL team ?

  13. The problem with Bautista is actually way deeper. The last time he was interviewed after a game I noticed his right hand twitching. I happened to be recording it and I happen to know morse code and he definitely was tapping out a code. Something about “pitch away from EE; Bats must win team HR title; EE must die”.

    Anyway I thought it was strange at the time, but didn’t want to mention it. Now that Griff’s readers have let the cat out of the bag I though I might as well expose the full story.

  14. Any idea when we might see Rasmus on the field again?

    It’ll be good to have that crazy redneck back in the fold hitting more dingers for dough.

    • out of the 8 hole

      • That will be some crazy left handed power in the lineup with Lind/Juan/Rasmus.

        Let’s just hope Juan doesn’t regress before it happens.

        • imagine a mediocre right handed pitcher
          reyes, melky, jose, lind, edwin, fransisco, lawrie, colby, navarro

    • The fact that he got sent to Florida and was therefor not in attendance for “Country Day” was a travesty.
      My wife and I held a moment of silence for him after they played that “trucks” song that he usually walks up to.

      • Our only hope is they’ll do another one later in the season when he can attend.

        Or maybe Cornrows Day?

  15. I think Evan M has a firm grip on reality.

  16. This may be out of place but I have to mention it before I forget

    Barry binds had 4 seasons (nearly 5) where his ops was higher than Edwin’s this may…this blew my mind

    • steroids, HGH, testosterone, etc

      • Cocaine is a helluva drug.

      • however you want to qualify it that’s roughly 30 months of sustained batting equal or better than Edwins historic month in may

      • @yeah, who cares? Everyone else was supposedly doing it (including plenty of pitchers) and Bonds still stood out atop them all.

        • It’s still cheating regardless of how many others were supposedly doing it.

          • It’s still cheating but this was a time where it wasn’t even explicitly banned by MLB. And others were doing it including pitchers. And others still cheat. And others take “helpful” substances like Adderal based on no real medical reason. And people used to take amphetamines all the time going back a little ways.

            Singling out Bonds like he is the only cheater is stupid. Acting like his performance was markedly affected ONLY by PEDs is dumb.

          • In the last SIXTEEN years of his career his lowest OPS was .999.

            As in, in 1992 when we were winning our first world series and long before any mass steroid era is known to have started, he began a streak of OPS that will never happen again.

            He also had 36 doubles, 5 triples and 39 SB that year. He was fast and definitely not hulked up as compared to in the early 2000′s, a decade later.

            In the 7 years leading up to our last WS title (’87-’93) he averaged 8.0 WAR a season. During the “steroid” era that number went up to ~10.0 WAR a year. Even if you accept that extra 2.0 WAR as being 100% attributable to roids (which is laughably stupid to do), he still has to be recognised as being worth 8 WAR a year for ~18 years. Reducing him to “a cheat” is really going for the low hanging fruit and is about as myopic as you can get.

            • He cheated. You admit that yourself. I’m not being myopic as I’m quite aware of his numbers. I’m being reductive and I’m thankful that I’m in the majority on that tact.
              Fuck Bonds and fuck the rest of the self-serving, equivocating amoral assholes who turn beautiful things into cesspools of greed and self-promotion

    • What Bonds accomplished was crazy special.

  17. it is pretty crazy how horny everyone is over Gose now that he has put up good numbers in a very small SS.

  18. When your team is ten games over .500 on June 1st, it’s not fair to question anybody’s chemistry or leadership. That’s the rule.

  19. What is with all this nonsense about how gose is better than rasmus. Gose needs someone to platoon with him just to be passable. If he played games against left handed pitching I would guarantee his average would plummet and his strikeouts would increase even further his speed does not make up for the fact that he can’t hit lefties and therefore can only play every other day. Gose is better defensively but when people talk about it they act like rasmus isn’t a plus defender. This argument is stupid can’t wait to see Colby back out there mashing it to the upper deck

    • And it seems this year Rasmus may have improved the accuracy of his throws home, which was probably the biggest knock on his defense.

  20. Lind is also batting 4th against righties because hes hitting .357 with a wRC+ of 178 !!! Bautista wRC+ = 177, EE = 168

  21. Rasmus is everything that is wrong with WAR analysis. He is a classic “mistake” hitter and is never going to face an easy righty with the game on the line late. And because he is an “everyday” player he rarely gets pinch hit for.

    You are forgetting the Pillar part of the Gose vs. Rasmus comp. Gose vs. righties and Pillar vs. lefties gives you Pillar’s better contact rates at the plate and Gose’s better speed and defense late in games as matchups dictate. Oh and there is the little matter of the 8mm difference in salaries. Money which can be used to pay for upgrades in the infield or pitching, along with whatever prospect haul Rasmus would bring back.

    In the overall, you are right its not close. Gose/Pillar is the much better option given the Jays payroll constraints.

    • You are one brave monkeyman!

    • well they’re taking this year, not forever.
      so unless gose wants to retire and forfeit his remaining salary, this is dumb

    • Sunk cost…rasmus wins.

      WAR wins above replacement over a season…not just some random late game matchup.
      I could pick goes base running miscue from yesterday and say he’s bad for the team too…if that was how I rolled

      • exactly. WAR counts HR’s off middle relievers mopping up a blowout the same as facing a LOOGY with 2 on in a 1 run game. So with Rasmus, which is more likely?

        • Notably, it counts them the same for all players.

        • monkeyman, your point makes no sense.
          you think Gose would be more likely to get a hit in that scenario?
          Pillar is supposedly still on the team either way, so you dont get to combine two players for your point to be correct.

    • Your point about rasmus being a mistake hitter is a joke. I remember at least one walk off Homer this year and countless other clutch hits as a Jay. I can remember tons of Gose strike outs where he just looks awful and this is against right handed pitching because he can’t hit lefties for shit . with the game on the line I’d rather have rasmus big bat then goses brutal swings and speed.

  22. Anthony Gose is a joke… I’ve been saying it since day one, and finally more people are getting it. If you can’t hit, it doesn’t matter if you’re twice the speed of Usain Bolt and five times the defender of Ken Griffey Jr…. it don’t matter a hill of beans if you’re huge offensive liability that gives the opponents free outs every single game. And no, its not that he just needs some years to “develop”. Lol. He is what he is. Pinch running strikeout machine. Colby over Gose in a heartbeat, its not even an argument.

    • I think he’s serviceable now. He looked like shit in the past, for sure.

      It just happens that Colby’s a lot better than serviceable.

  23. You went wayyy too easy on the ‘Bautista is selfish’/'Encarnacion is the offensive stud on the team’ guy.

  24. I think people are putting stock into the fact our current run has happened with Gose here and Rasmus hurt, and somehow giving Gose undue credit for it as if Rasmus presence would have stopped it.

  25. ‘compensation pick limbo’ sounds like a fun dance. Is there a plug and play formula out there that decides who is worth a compensation pick? ie Compensation Picks for dummies? Would be curious to keep an eye on Colby’s situation if, in fact, the Jays do let him walk and go with Pillar/Gose combo next season. Also curious if the Melk-man could net them a pick.

  26. Gose just has no power whatsoever. Slugging .336 in AAA? Hard to be a useful hitter in the bigs like that without Mauer-esque contact.

    His offensive numbers are almost completely driven by a walk rate that is clearly unsustainable. Take that away and he becomes Ryan Goins.

  27. Gose is bound to regress but he does not look out of place in the bigs. Its obvious what needs to be done: demote him when Colby gets back (Gose doesn’t look out of place but Colby is significantly above average). Keep Pillar around as 4th OF. At the end of the year you probably resign Melky and let Colby walk with a qualifying offer. Or maybe its the other way around and Colby gets moved to left? I don’t think our corporate overlords would stretch the budget enough for both.

  28. You all are missing the biggest point of this comparison. THE $8mm difference in the salaries that next year and going forward will be 12+ million for at least 4 years. Not to mention what Rasmus could bring back now in terms of prospects that could be flipped for help elsewhere.

    When you add that all up, i’ll take the Gose/Pillar platoon all day long.

  29. Why don’t the Jays package Gose and an arm to bring someone in. Gose value is at an all time high in his Blue Jay career.

    • all time high…he’s 23. Colby isn’t even close to Gose defensively. Colby’s league average, Gose has elite range, and he’s a terror on the paths. He puts up 80 wRC+ and he’s probably a 4 WAR player over a full season , and I think there’s more in there than that, all the Gose bashing, and trade talk in these comments are nuts. Strongest move for the team is to get Melky out of the field, and play Colby in LF. Gose barely has to hit, and he looks good at the plate.

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