Announcing PITCH #4!


Pardon all the Twitter handles (though, actually, we’ll all be referring to ourselves that way anyway in the not-so-distant future, probably) but last night the fine folks from @TallboysBar put on another edition of their outstanding @PitchTalks series at the Centre For Social Innovation – Annex, featuring great talks from MLB stat pioneer @RGriffinStar, along with @TSNScottyMac, @CathalKelly, @BKennedyStar, @BaseballAlexis, the premier of the latest video (which you can see below) from @CashewMirman, great food from @LOFTKitchen, and awesome beers from @LFBrewery.

I think that covers it. Though the pic of Griff and I, which can be found on the DJF Instagram, is probably worth checking out, too. I assure you, 2008 Stoeten would have never believed it.

And, obviously, as you can see above — or as you probably guessed when you saw that I was writing a post about it — I’m pleased to let you know I’ll be taking part in the action the next time, at PITCH #4 – and it’s happening soon.  The event will take place Thursday, June 19th, and is moving a bit up the street to an even bigger venue, 918 Bathurst: Culture, Media, and Education Centre. Along with me it will feature @JonahKeri, @MichaelGrange, and @MorganPCampbell.

The event starts at 7 PM, costs $15, and you can grab yourself some tickets here.


Since we’re all here, I should point out that a week prior to PITCH #4we’re also doing another DJF event at Opera Bob’s — and not for one of the games with an odd start time, either. We’ll be taking over the bar on Thursday, June 12th for the Jays’ 7 PM game against Baltimore from Camden Yards. I’m sure I’ll mention it a time or three between now and then.

Oh, and since I mentioned everyone else’s Twitter handle, I might as well encourage you to follow mine, as well. I’m way more on top of news-worthy stuff than the DJF Twitter, which mostly serves to notify folks when posts go up here (all of which I tweet out, as well), plus there’s a good chance at some point I’ll yell at you. Win-win? Anyway, follow me at @AndrewStoeten.

And finally, as promised above, here’s the brand new Cashew Mirman video, which he premiered at last night’s event. Check out his YouTube channel for more gold (or just keep watching the clips that follow this one in the playlist, apparently). Now, Space Jays 3…

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  1. Pitch Talks was once a paradise!

  2. I live out of town and will be in Toronto for some extended times this summer. Has a long term schedule been created PitchTalk or will be announced at a later date and I should keep checking? Thanks

  3. Was that pic taken before or after the “Fuck off old man”?

  4. For anyone wondering, or is hesitant to check out a PitchTalks for any reason, they really are a good time. Absolute paradise for baseball fans – information directly from the mouths of people we read and follow, hell, I’d even say RESPECT. And they serve beer. BOOM!

  5. Cool stuff. You guys going to talk about how the Jays and Rays are going to swing a Zobrist trade?

  6. These all sound very cool. It’s too bad I’m not even remotely in the area to check it out.

    Congrats on being famous, Stoeten.

  7. A great foursome for this one. Wish I was in TO on the 19th. Good luck.

    On a related Jonah Keri item, his popcast yesterday is worth a listen. He’s great but Bob Ryan is out to lunch. He attempts to hammer advanced metrics and ends up sounding like he’s arguing for the world being flat.

  8. Great pic with Griff!

    Are you trying to hide your beer gut with the shirt puff thing? haha

    Be proud of that thing man!

  9. see boys and girls, what Stoeten did in yesterday’s Daily Duce was called “foreshadowing”…..

  10. And of course I fly out to San Diego on the 12th and return the evening of the 19th. :(

  11. It really was a good time last night. Plenty of laughs and even if you’re not a fan of reading someone like Griff it’s still great to hear people with very unique jobs/experiences talk about what they do. Already bought my ticket for the 19th.

  12. Keri is slumming it.

  13. is there a draft primer coming up?
    i dont really follow the amateur side so i depend on DJF

  14. off topic but .. heard a radio guy asking this morning about how much you “trust” the Jays. Like he was talking about a business partner or his wife and not a baseball team. “Trust” the Jays? Wtf is that? There were even idiots playing along calling in to say ‘I’ll only trust them if I wake up one morning and they’ve clinched a playoff spot’ and the like. The host — Jeff Dopey-somebody-or-other — used the word ‘trust’ at least a hundred and eighty times in about twenty minutes. Good lord. How do these guys even get on the air?

    • Jeff Blair…who personally I think is a clown. I listen to his show but I usually hate everything he says along with the way he says it. That’s both Jays and Leafs related topics too. He really comes across as a know-it-all and a Rogers cheerleader although he tries to pretend not to be.

      • I don’t think it was Blair – somebody is filling in for him this week I believe. I heard the segment too. The question was dumb and the responses were beyond dumb.

    • I think he just means, how much do you think that what they’ve been the last 20 games or so is the “real” them, and how much is just a hot streak that many teams go on from time to time.

      It’s a valid question

      • I don’t see it as all that valid a question, sorry. The framing of the question precluded what the likely actual reasons were for Blue Jays fans not storming the streets in unadulterated joy because of being in first place. The whole picture was not being presented.

        The question: “What will it take for you to trust the Blue Jays?” with the word ‘trust’ repeated ad nauseam with dripping concern that suggested Blue Jays fans were not being their appropriately over-amped, stadium-filling selves because they were too busy protecting their little hearts from being broken yet again .. with no mention of the too-long-lines for the way-overpriced crappy food and outrageously priced water and beer .. nor was there mention of the single worst playing-surface in the major leagues (at least Tampa has base-paths) or the dead-dead-atmosphere when the roof is closed .. or anything else that could’ve realistically been suggested that would’ve answered his worried query.

        (Writing this, I’m realizing that with Rogers owning the radio station and the team .. ya, of course.)

        But .. valid question, you say? Naa. Not unless you’re waving a Rogers flag.

    • It’s a pretty common phrase in sports. I don’t know why you’re letting your blood pressure spike over it. Though Jeff Blair can be a little bitch sometimes I suppose.

      Save your misplaced fury for when Wilner completely mangles something with arbitrary endpoints. That’s the most annoying thing on radio.

      • No blood pressure issues, Ray. And no fury. We can’t all be on anti-depressants, so .. I have an opinion on occasion, is all. Cheers.

    • Generally speaking, they are……..

      A) Desperate for content, so they’ll fill the space between commercials any way they can on slow days.

      B) A dim bunch who don’t have the capacity create interesting stories by way of research.

      C) Slaves to the old radio play book of riling people up by way of pumped up value statements, getting them to call in, manipulating their ability to malke a case by limiting how much they can speak on air, or twisting their words with their silver tounges, then backing off to a neutral position by the end of the segment.

      D) So paranoid of other writers and/or their jobs, etc. that they are on a desperate search to be first to a story regardless of how in appropriate or needless it is.

      I sincerely, suggest cutting most all of the coverage of this team out and just enjoy the games. Go to Fangraphs and Baseball Refernce and do a little of your own research too.I did it last year and I find I like baseball soooo much more now.

      If you need a small fix, keep it simple, follow John Lott, and the occasional Stoeten piece when he’s not being stubborn or closed minded on an issue.

      Good luck.

  15. I think I’ll blackmail Griff with that photo. I’ll tell him I have the negative and for $100,000 I’ll sell it to him so he can destroy it.

  16. Ugh stupid conflicts with NXNE…

  17. I’ve always pictured Griff to look like the GriffBag photo … He cleans up reasonably well

  18. If PITCH #4 is anything like DJF expect Stoeten to stay completely quiet throughout the entire event, seemingly completely hung over, and then say a million interesting things in the last 10 minutes before everyone was planning to go home.

  19. Awesome win turns into arguments about Jeff Sammut?


    Mozel Tov!

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