This remains fucking fun.

The Jays are in Detroit for the kind of titanic battle that not even RoboCop could put a stop to (especially the shitty 2014 non-Peter Weller version), clashing with a division leader the way that they did with the Oakland A’s a weekend before last. It doesn’t even feel impossible that they could get the same result! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Despite being a percentage point behind the Jays in the AL standings and losers of six of their last ten games, the Tigers are a tough nut to crack, they’ve got the best hitter in baseball, their starting pitching is, for the most part, superb, and the Jays don’t have the advantage of playing at home like they did against Oakland.

What do they have now, though? A fucking four game lead in the AL East for the first time since 1993.

I can live with that.


Jesus J. Jones, it sure does make one not want to write something here about the fact that the Jays, apparently, took the team bus to Detroit for this series, rather than fly, when all just about anybody can think to respond to it is “MEUH MONEY FRYE ROGGET!!!” But it seems note worthy enough, given that it doesn’t seem like the millionaires took particularly well to cruising down the 401. To wit:

Thing is, at least according to Google Maps, it’s a 3 hour 45 minute drive from stadium to stadium, or about an hour flight, plus a half hour to travel to and from the airports. Factor in whatever time is needed for security and all that and it’s probably pretty close to a wash. So maybe it was a justifiable cost saving thing? Justifiable, though. Sounds justifiable to me.

RoboCop lobbed a pitch that bounced before reaching the plate, tweets John Lott. Oh, Detroit. (How much do you think it would have taken to get Verlander to don the suit unbeknownst to anyone, and to fucking fire one in there? Could it have hurt to ask?)

Shi Davidi tweets that Colby Rasmus is down in Florida still trying to get healthy, but that there has been no date set yet for his rehab assignment.

The Jays are going to eat Anibals like Robert Coello tonight. I think I have that right.

Not gonna lie: gonna be watching Hutchison’s velocity a bit tonight.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:08 PM ET @ Detroit

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Drew Hutchison

Detroit Tigers

2B Ian Kinsler (R)
RF Torii Hunter (R)
1B Miguel Cabrera (R)
DH Victor Martinez (S)
LF J.D. Martinez (R)
3B Don Kelly (L)
CF Austin Jackson (R)
C Alex Avila (L)
SS Andrew Romine (S)

RHP Anibal Sanchez

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  1. Delabar really is a piece of shit this year.

  2. Delabar has completely lost it.

  3. Looks like we’ve got the new Esmil.

  4. To the minors for Delabar.

  5. Why did we not leave in McGowan to finish these guys off.

  6. Good thing Lawrie hit that homer…then again, casey would’ve locked it up

  7. Glad he had the 5-run lead. Delabar is wild and has lost a lot of velocity. 15 Days for right arm shittiness.

  8. Time to diagnose a little right arm shittiness in Steve?

  9. when was the last time Delabar has just come in and done his fucking job? is he the new Rogers?

  10. Cockly wockly Delabar. There’s a fine line between pitiful and irritating, and you’re doing the fucking moonwalk right on top of it. STRIKES MAN! STRIKES AND THAT HOMER ISN’T EVEN POSSIBLE!

  11. Seriously, Delabar is throwing 92/93 mph…. he’s gotta be hurt.

  12. Thank God for Canadian Jesus.
    That would have been a walkoff.

  13. I think it’s time Delabar sacrificed his beard to the appease the baseball gods.

  14. Hutch would have had the shutout locked-down by now.
    Reminder: I only start drinking after the game is over!

  15. That three run shot meant nothing. Everyone relax.

  16. I think at some point were going to have to confront the reality that Delabar is done as a major league pitcher. He was a great story and we certainly won that trade, much like Morrow for League. But much like Morrow his career is over. Thank him for his service, flush and move on.

  17. “See Steve, you’re supposed to throw strikes.”

  18. Love me some KC!

  19. Easy Peasy

  20. Casey walking in with a pimp hand, and glares at Reyes with a stink-eye

  21. Holy fuck Casey you’re a boss.

  22. how fucking hard was that ????

  23. Casey’s like I got this

  24. Auto-motherfucking-matic

  25. Casey: “I’ll just get this done quick and be good for tomorrow

  26. three pitches, delabar…….THREE. PITCHES.

  27. Ballgame!

  28. Fuck me! With authoritah!!!

  29. “I don’t ever let inherited runners score. I’d rather put my own on and bring them around,” said Delabar after the game.

  30. Casey is so fucking awesom


  31. Casey just emasculated Delabar.

    • Seriously, it’s like they are at pitching camp.

      Delabar is the awkward bearded kid who can’t find the strike zone.

      Casey takes the ball from him, fires a 3 pitch K and then says, “did you see what I did there Stevie? Go work on that for tomorrow.”

  32. Scoreless with five hits, combined through seven innings (42 outs).
    Bullpens in the 9th? Five pitchers, 3 walks, 4 hits, 8 ER.
    THAT is the difference between how good starters are vs. how truly shitty bullpenners are.

    Leave the goddamn starters to sort things out!

    • Ordinarily I’d agree with your sentiment, but Hutch was already at 105 pitches, and the Jays did just skip a Hutch start in order to limit his innings, so making him throw longer probably wasn’t going to help that.

  33. That’s the way you debate!

  34. Casey needs a fucking cape.

  35. Casey is the fuckin’ boss.

  36. seriously 23 innings is the sample size you guys want to decide as he is done.FFS.

    • Agreed. With that said, the loss of velocity really makes me wonder if Delabar has an injury.

      • This I am inclined to believe because he, just does not have command. Still shocking to think we only gave up thames to get him. and gave up snider to get lincoln who we flipped for rasmussen and kratz. I have to say we definitely won these trades. Snider is still in the bigs, but rockin a wonderful 215 avg, 311 obp, .318 slg, and hit 3 hr in 123 at bats.

    • Yeah, but you look at his location and velocity over those 23 innings this year and it’s nowhere close to what it was last year. Something’s probably up, and I hope it gets cleaned up.

  37. So to sum up:
    McGowan gets the win.
    Delabar gets the hold despite being shittier than shit itself.
    Janssen gets a save on three pitches.
    And Hutch, who threw 7 shutout innings, struck out 7, and only gave up 3 hits, gets bugger all.

    Baseball. Love it. And we keep on rollin!

  38. Casey pretty much just dickslapped Delebar there.

  39. Feel bad for Delabar. Saw the special on him and what he’s gone through to get here. Seems like an awesome dude too. But shittiness is shittiness and I’m afraid ya gotta go Steve.

  40. Boston Losing, and another loss for the rays. Now if Texas and the A’s can beat the yankees and the orioles we will be laughing.

  41. My question remains: does Morrow go to the bullpen when he returns?

  42. Janssen is fucking clutch, great WIN but on a shit note, Delabar is shit. Zero fucking confidence late in the game.

    • That’s why they put him in the game with a 5-run lead. Gibby trying to give him a chance to work it out.

      • Agree Pri, but it appears it’s worse than we imagined.

      • ok, its like fucking groundhog day every time he takes the mound late in the game.How many times is Gibby gonna let him work his shit mechanics out before losing a game that counts? He’s been absolutely crap all year in these situations. Time to cut bait. The weighted ball experiment is over!

  43. We won that, but holy fuck Delabar! Thank god Lawrie jacked that

  44. Henderson Alvarez CGSO of the Rays.

  45. Gibby drives me nuts sometimes. You just know Janssen was going in there with a 3-run lead, but 5 runs? Nah, there’s no fuckin’ save situation. Then he ended up warming twice, and had to come into the game anyway.

    Awesome win though. Hutch = nails.

    • Yeah who cares if its a 1 run lead tomorrow and we need him

    • I agree with Gibby’s decision-making. It’s Detroit, good offence with good starting pitching. We may not see a 5-run lead late in the game all series, so may as well get Delabar some work now with some margin for error, which was sadly necessary tonight. And Janssen threw three pitches, so it’s not so bad.

    • He didn’t want to waste his best bullpen arm in a low leverage situation. Then he definitely would have been good to go if needed tomorrow. Now, maybe he is, maybe he isn’t.

      • Goggles and Wolf Monster have both had two days off. I think our late game is covered, provided Dickey doesn’t cock things up.

        • Goggles hasn’t pitched since May 27th, a full week ago. Hope nothing’s wrong with him other than a little fatigue.

    • wrong Bob.
      You might need your closer tommorrow or the day after.
      Let him rest and try somebody else.
      It’s straightforward.

    • You’re wrong, Bob.

    • Shit, y’all are right. Seeing Delabeard walk 2 guys with a 5-run lead got my blood boiling a bit.

  46. Sox lose. Rays lose (again). Come onnn oakland & Texas

  47. The Rays are 12 games out. Crazy, I thought they’d be our biggest concern preseason.

    • I thought the same even a few weeks ago. But man, they look terrible right now.

    • Losing Lord Z (Zobrist) was the major kick-in-the-nuts in Maddon’s system. Longoria can hit the clutch, but Zobrist is the most intangible guy they have at the plate to clutch or set the tables.

  48. RObinson Doritos ties it up!

  49. One of those games good teams win. Ugly in a ’14 Blue Jays bullpen knd of way but wow !
    They just seem so much more confident and relaxed. Wish Reyes could hit more balls like that sweet little single. Stop flailing away, just meet the ball and you are nails.
    Another series win in sights. Loving this !

  50. Minor league allstar teams are littered with Jays, check it out:

    They singled out Norris for the Northern allstars.

    “The Northern pitchers are led by Dunedin lefty Dan Norris, who has struck out 66 against just 14 walks in 56 1/3 frames this season. He’s also sporting a sparkling 1.12 ERA and a WHIP of 1.05.”

  51. I was out and missed what sounded like a great game. But in all this wonderfulness, the bullpen is still a problem and I don’t understand it. They were the one good thing last year.

    • Actually it’s not the entire bullpen. But Redmond doesn’t fill me with confidence. And I wonder if there’s something wrong with Delabar.

      • I dunno, the bullpen looks solid lately without Rogers and Santos in it. Cecil and Loup have been awesome for most of the year and McGowan looks like a great addition. And I know he’s not flashy but Redmond has been pretty okay too.

        Delabar’s mistakes are getting crushed now that he’s not throwing in the high 90s.

  52. Bal up 8-2 Yanks tied 2-2

  53. Oakland homer puts them up 3-2 on the Stanks. Always a treat to see

  54. A’s up 3-2 on Yankees.

  55. A’s now 4-2 on Yankees.

  56. 1on no one out. Top of the 10th…

  57. Been out working, just catching up with things/thoughts now:
    Impressed with the intensity tonite, and even JB talking earnestly to Hutch-good to see
    I think Hutch showed his arm is OK and good for him
    OTOH, I had mentioned back in April after a couple of shaky Delabar outings that his ERA since his AS appearance was over 4. Now it is over 6! since then. Others have since commented on it too. He is pitching very very poorly and I can see where he will be dropped own in the pecking order as it were. In fact, had Victor Martinez not uncharacteristically swung at ball4 in the 9th we might still be there. Janssen comes in and throws strikes on a night they would like to have. not had to use him. Delabar is either hurt or he has turned into a pumpkin as his velocity is down quite a bit.
    Good to see Lawrie smoke one to right -way to go kid!Forward Soviet and now off to finish that bottle of Merlot. Rock on, spuds!

  58. As up another run. Yanks are gonna miss Rivera…

    • The Yankees announcers were even “Rivera had 5 blown saves in his first year as a closer – for the best of all time.”

  59. Now A’s 5-2 on the Yankees.

  60. Ballgame. Yanks lose. Puts us 4 up, doesn’t it?

  61. A’s win. Jays up 5 games in AL East.

  62. Hope Dickey can stick it to Porcello tomorrow night. That’ll be a toughie.

    If the Jays are in a stretch drive, I want to see a four-man rotation: (Buehrle, Dickey, Hutch, Stroman).

    Man up and pitch, muthafuckas!

  63. Sidenote: I’d like to see Dan Schulman (ESPN Sunday Night Baseball!) call a Jays game sometime again before I die (I’m a mere 32 now). Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon:

    From a blogger:

    As part of my study of ESPN’s scheduling patterns for Sunday Night Baseball, I was somewhat surprised to see that the team with the biggest discrepancy between performance and appearances on SNB were the Toronto Blue Jays.

    Seriously. The Blue Jays had the 15th best record in baseball from 2007 to 2011, but were tied for 30th (dead last), with no appearances. They’ve had two of the best players in the game to knowledgeable baseball fans: Roy Halladay and then Jose Bautista have been in Toronto. But, guess what, they haven’t shown up on Sunday Night Baseball in recent years. At all. In fact, it was a bit of a surprise when I saw them on Monday Night Baseball earlier this season. Apparently, Tim Kurkjian had to appeal straight to the State Department to get some passport problems fixed, which is probably a good indication of how rarely ESPN gets up there.

    But why, exactly, are the Blue Jays so ignored by ESPN, despite the fact they usually have a winning team? Well, there are two reasons, read on to see them.

    The first reason is that they are in the AL East, so merely having a winning record means close to diddly squat. In 2010, for example, the Blue Jays had a 85-77 record, a record that was good enough for… fourth place in the AL East. In 2008, they were 86-76, a better record than the 2008 Dodgers, who had made the playoffs. The Blue Jays finished in… fourth place. Given the division they are in, the Blue Jays are usually good but rarely “in it”. So they are rarely actual division contenders, so are often ignored.

    The second, bigger reason is that Canada doesn’t count. Toronto is home to 2.48 million people, it’s metropolitan area has over 5.5 million people. It is one of the great cities of the world. But, guess what, to Nielsen ratings, Toronto’s population is zero. Canadians don’t count to American TV ratings. And why would ESPN show a game where one of the teams would be bringing in exactly zero local fans?

    They wouldn’t. And that is why the Blue Jays are never on ESPN.

    • Who the fuck cares.

    • The blogger is an idiot.

      First, how does one get to be “tied for 30th” when there are 30 teams? Second, the first reason doesn’t make sense as the Jays play the Yankees and Red Sox, teams that ESPN want to see on TV, so no reason why they couldn’t have shown one of their games. The only thing that makes sense in that article is the second reason.

      Still… who cares? We’ve got the best team in the AL East right now and we’ve got great TV numbers from Sportsnet, so that’s all that matters. Writers on various sites are starting to recognize the Jays by placing them in the top five in their power rankings. Good enough for me. Let them win a few more series before the pressure gets to be on them.

  64. The leafs always took the bus to D back when they were kinda good…I have pics to prove it…team building bros

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