All we really know at the moment is what you already learned by reading the title, and hopefully it’s as unserious as that makes it sounds, but Edwin Encarnacion apparently didn’t just leave tonight’s game late — Kevin Pillar was set to pinch hit for him in the top of the ninth, and Adam Lind came in for him at first in the bottom of the frame — because by that point it was somehow (LOUP!) a laugher.

No, according to a tweet from BlueJays.com’s Gregor Chisholm, Edwin’s back tightened up on him, and he’s considered day-to-day. Sort of just like the title says.

That’s… not good. Or, at the very least, it’s not great. I can’t possibly speculate on an extended life without Edwin at this point, because that’s just absurd, but something like that was going to happen sooner or later. Let’s just hope, y’know, it hasn’t. The Jays have been pretty cautious with respect to health so far this year — for good fucking reason, I should add — and hopefully that’s all this is.

We’ll keep you updated here if anything further develops.


A little more information has trickled in since the original post. For instance, Shi Davidi tweets that Encarnacion says the tight back worsened over the course of the game, that they’ll reassess it tomorrow, but that he isn’t worried about it. And… good fucking dumb as fucking fucking lord, some of the MEUH THEY SAY ITS OK SO IT’S NOT replies to that tweet. Good lord. Get a goddamned grip people, for the love of fuck.

Like I always say, if you’re going to be an asshole, at least have the common courtesy to not be dumb as shit.

I know I’m just talking about a small-but-vocal minority of the same types of fucking insufferable whiners, trying to doomsday front-run like human garbage, who thought this team was fucked on May 31st, but… fuck. right. off.

Seriously. Relax.

John Lott tweets that the back was bothering Edwin a bit yesterday, while Scott MacArthur adds that Edwin’s not sure about his status for tomorrow. A post at Sportsnet from Shi Davidi quotes him as saying “I don’t think it’s anything bad. We’ll see tomorrow if it maybe needs one day, or if I can play DH. We’ll see tomorrow.”

With tomorrow’s game being an afternoon tilt less than 13 hours away at the time of this writing, I have a hard time seeing Edwin playing first tomorrow, and frankly, with the series already won (!!?!?!) and a bus ride back to Toronto in the offing afterwards, giving him a full day off seems like a real likelihood at this point, at the very least. And that’s OK. Take the precautions, keep him healthy, get him back into the lineup. It doesn’t sound major at all. Don’t get me wrong, it could be, but lets maybe just try to take it in stride given that every single other fucking thing surrounding this team right now is mind-blowingly awesome.

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  1. Fuck
    The team has been playing well and continue to do so.

    But still fuck.
    I don’t take bad news well

  2. Listen i leave my mama in the basement for three full hours and we wnd up with a banana splittingg what? This is for you leto ya domino playing sack of potatoes!!!!!

  3. Wonder if his back was already barking when he clanked that grounder in the 8th? Or did that grounder cause the ailment?

  4. Well, in this day and age, it’s sorta unrealistic to expect a player to go all 162 games and never take a couple days for various ouchies and ailments. (I believe ouchies is the actual medical term). You gotta expect a guy to take a long weekend off to rest up on occasion.
    Go ahead Edwin, take as many hours off as you like. Game-time isn’t til..what, one o’clock or so tomorrow?

  5. Not a good thing by any means, but it gives them a chance to slide Lind to 1B, Francisco to DH, and Tolleson(?) to 2B full time.

  6. Other then Martinez and Cabrera Lind and encarnacion are the best 1B – DH combination… Losing him for an extended period of time would hurt but Edwin said he feels like he could possibly DH tomorrow but he won’t no until tomorrow. I’m not worried… This team isn’t built around one player anyways.

  7. Maybe Davis – Cruz as well

  8. But top 5 for sure

  9. We got a little depth. We can handle this for a few games.
    If he’s been playing through it, it can’t be that bad.
    (Caveat) I have absolutely no medical training but I did stay at a Holiday Inn.
    I also French kissed a nurse one time.

  10. Also,

    Missed the end, had a game.
    Teammate came over to have a beer and watch the Dodgers with me.
    I told him to take a seat on the chesterfield and I’d get him a beer.
    He said “what the fucks a chesterfield?”
    Does no one use this term?
    My dad always called a couch a chesterfield.
    Weird this only comes up at this stage in my life.

    Anyway I gotta go tell him to fuck himself and drink some beer.

    Jaysssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Win.

    • @Smasher


      I use the term chesterfield.

      • Ironically enough there was a series on Canadian English in of all places the Metro this week. It mentioned that chesterfield is a traditional Canadian term for a couch. If you called a couch a chesterfield in the US or UK they wouldn’t have a clue what you are talking about.

        Go Jays!

  11. honest no big deal. let him rest for a few days make sure it doesn’t end up as being a real thing.

    he’s been stupidly good but jays offense is not a 1 trick pony.

  12. Edwims going to be fine. Who doesn’t get a soar back over the course of a summer? Fingers off the panic button

  13. s someone else said, if he played yesterday and today, it shouldn’t be too bad. Defintely deserves some rest, so I would say it’s 100% he doesn’t play tomorrow, and hopefully Detroit is convinced he could PH if need be so that they won’t bring in a lefty to face Lind ( or Francisco) late in the game for any reason.
    Playing almost daily a lot of them have aches and pains, although seriously, when I heard these guys were all playing golf on Monday I wasn’t real happy, because sore backs come from using adifferent swing and muscles than you do in baseball.
    The Red Sox for example, prohibit their players from golfing inseason now, after Beckett hurt…his back several years ago.
    Hopefully with treatment he is back at it friday night.
    Good game everybody but Dickey. Now,..back to the Merlot

  14. With all the absolute fuckin’ bombs he’s been hitting seems pretty reasonable his back would be sore. You can only two arm flex while crossing home plate so many times in a single month. Let’s allow the King of the Parrots to rest a couple of days while drinking in his honour.

  15. So if the Jays say “tight back” that means Tommy John surgery, right? EE needs Tommy John?

  16. Edwin’s soars like a…parrot?

  17. Just gotta win series and this one is already in the bag. Adam Lind and back in same sentence is very worrisome. Encarnacion, not so much. C’mon, Rangers, help a brother out.

  18. I hope they make Edwin lie down for the next two days just to make sure…

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