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Well holy fucking shit, that was a wild one. Drew Hutchison (on seventeen days rest — though don’t mention that to him — and aided by a mid-game pep talk from Jose Bautista — but not really) went pitch-for-pitch with Anibal Sanchez, basically, in a beautiful, nauseatingly tense pitching duel that ended up 0-0 in the ninth before things went nuts. Anthony Gose took his second walk in eleven games (atoning for another otherwise ugly night at the plate, and surely making numerous mooks dumbly overrate him in the process), he stole second Jose Reyes singled him to third, Jose Bautista singled him home after an Andrew Romine olé behind second base, Reyes was nearly picked off at third, Bautista moved up to second while Don Kelly complained to the umpire that he tagged Reyes, the Jays won the challenge, Edwin walked, Kevin Pillar (awesomely pinch hitting for Adam Lind after the Tigers brought in lefty and Patti Smith guitarist Ian Krol to face him) hit a sac fly to drive in Reyes, the Brett Lawrie went oppo taco, bro, to clear the bases. Then Steve DelaBALL ate the bar after (10,000% rightly, GOBBONS HATTERS) being given a garbage time gift to help right himself after a few days without work and several shaky outings of late thanks to lagging command and velocity, as he managed to give up a three-run home run to the last batter of the game that he was going to face regardless, having backed his way into a couple of outs but created enough of a jam to get the bullpen stirring again. So Casey Janssen comes in and, before you can fucking blink, tidily takes care of things like it was absolutely nothing. Cold bloooded!

So… Jays win! McGowan has Delabar’s job! But the bullpen’s still kind of OK because Janssen is stupidly awesome! Also it’s a lot easier to hit Detroit pitching when it’s not their starter! And non-original RoboCop sucked. Then Sportsnet slowed the camera to show what Lawrie’s bat wobble really looks like. And… holy shit, Jays win! Another one! And a Yankees loss drops them to third place, five games out, now behind the victorious Orioles who the Jays are 4.5 games ahead of. I can live with that! It’s just… it all feels so… weird.


Image/chart via FanGraphs. Here’s how to read the chart. This and this explains the gray line.

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  1. This… this is fun, y’know?

  2. Woooo let’s all drink!!! Fry Grobbobs!! Hierr Stoteman!!!

  3. Amen. It does feel weird dunnit? The idea of the Jays not to be chasing anyone is soo foreign for me. Foreign and awesome.

  4. I am just so fully on board with ‘I can live with that”

    although Why Can’t Us is also hilarious.

  5. I hate to even post this, but .500 from here on out likely gets at least a wild card spot, no?

  6. That 9th inning was some of the craziest shit I’ve seen in a while.

  7. That was a full-assed Post-Game. A rump-shaker. Best!

  8. “the Brett Lawrie” was unintentional, but I’m keeping it.

    • Please make “the Brett Lawrie” a permanent thing

      • Well there is only one of him, it’s not like there’s a bunch of clone Brett Lawries running around out there…which would be terrifying

        • Head out into any bar district Saturday Night/Sunday morning – you’ll see a whole flock of Brett Lawrie clones

  9. Something up with Delabar?

    Is he hurt?

    Possible trip to the DL?

    • We only know what we know. And for now, no. But velocity is down, command has been off. Could be a weird stretch — relievers are volatile. But he actually wasn’t great in the second half (when healthy) last year, people forget, though with the velocity still alright. But… yeah…not the best signs at the moment, though we certainly can’t say for sure. McGowan seems a fine choice there, though, and Santos could be doing a rehab assignment as soon as Monday.

    • Delabar needs Tommy John surgery.

  10. If I am dreaming then I never want to wake up. This team is so much fun.


  11. I love how the Gose apologists have replaced the Ryan Goins apologist as Stoeten’s new whipping boy.

    To be fair though, Rasmus isn’t stealing 2nd in the 9th inning….. ever :)

    • Yeah, but he might have contributed something offensively before that.

      And yeah, I like to point out dumb things that people think and accept to be conventional wisdom, so that, y’know, in whatever small way I can, I can help us avoid it becoming that.

      • Quit hating on Gose

      • I started to think last night what will happen when Colby comes back. The Jays will need to send down a bat.

        Pillar is the logical keeper as he has a RH bat to combat LHP and it’s worked out quite well so far.

        Gose, despite his okayness has great speed around the bases and has excellent speed in CF, but he hasn’t matured into the Rajai Davis basestealer yet and is still fooled by breaking balls. And there were a couple of balls last night that any other ump in the league might have called strike 3.

        So, Gibby has a choice to make: send down Pillar and miss the right handed bat and force Rasmus to hit LHP, send down Kratz (another RHB) and have Happ have to adjust to not having a personal catcher (boo hoo), or send down Thole and have Dickey pitch to Kratz.

        Speed has been a weapon for the Jays, and it’s a great approach to get runners in scoring position for Cabrera / Bautista / Edwin / Lind to knock in, and I like Gose’s value on the bench as a runner over Pillar’s RHB.

        • (meaning absolutely, Rasmus is the everyday CF, but I prefer Gose stay up on the team over Pillar, Kratz, or Thole) at the 4th OF / PR / Buntboy

        • too bad RA needs his own catcher. would be nice to keep Gose and his speed, its come in pretty handy.

    • You deserve all you get TS. Using one RARE walk to make a case for Gose against Rasmus is literally what Stoeten tried to head off.

      Do you get how ironic you just were?

  12. gose still has a 350 plus OBP with his D if he can even maintain a 330 OBP Ill take that

    • He cannot.

    • I think it was Stoeten who pointed out how Gose looked in his first 10 games vs his second 10.
      Quite a difference.

    • I’m not even sure he could slug .330 at this point. Not to say that he won’t be able to in the future, but he’s just not a good hitter.

    • People seem to forget that Colby is an everyday centrefielder.

      Even if Gose could keep a .330 OBP, he’s not doing that if he’s in there against Lefties as well.

    • Why do people keep pointing to goses average and obp A) he won’t keep it up history has proved that and B) it’s only ever against right handed. Just to give you some stats Colby last year hit. 284 with a. 359 obp vs righties. With a ops of. 893.gose thus year us batting. 243 against right handed with a. 391 obp and a. 661 ops. That there shows rasmus is better. Boom

  13. While it is obviously a small sample size, Gose has spanked Rasmus in fWAR this season. Gose has 0.9 fWAR in 20 games and Rasmus has -0.1 fWAR in 37 games. I’m not saying that Gose is ultimately better than Rasmus (he’s probably not); But if there is a perception out there that Gose has outplayed Rasmus this year, it’s probably because he has.

    • Sure but Rasmus has a career 12.8 WAR and 103 wRC+ in 726 games to Gose’s 1.1 and 82 in 128 games. So yeah.

      • I’m not saying Gose is the better player, I’m just saying I understand why some fans might have that perception. Just so my position is clear, I firmly believe Rasmus should get his job back when he returns. More likely than not Gose’s current numbers are not indicitive of his true ability.

    • True, but utterly irrelevant.

    • Gose currently has 61.5 UZR/150 while Rasmus sits at -35.2.


  14. It does feel fucking weird.

    I hesitate before I even type or open my mouth, because after the last two years I feel like a nightmare is about to kick in at any moment.

    But…why not us? We have had our fair share of bad luck recently, maybe it is our turn.

  15. ” So Casey Janssen comes in and, before you can fucking blink, tidily takes care of things like it was absolutely nothing. Cold bloooded!”
    ^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS
    “It’s just… it all feels so… weird.”
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ AND THAT!!!!11!!!

  16. Missed the game – how was Hutchinson’s velocity? I assume he must have been fairly sharp..

  17. Stoeten, whatever you did yesterday, repeat and write because your post and comments were great!!!!

    I’m so overcome with joy(and booze) that I can’t express well how I feel about the team right now. I should slow it down on the booze, being 5:30pm and all.

    Go Jays and Stoeten articles

  18. ‘The Brett Lawrie’ is fucking hilarious. Also, the bat bobble may be the funniest shit I’ve ever seen.

  19. its funny how many things have to go right for it to happen like it is. even when the jays didn’t play on Monday, all relevant teams lost that day.

  20. Thing that sucks right now, basically only 4 relievers you can rely on. Hopefully Santos is back soon (and good), could definitely use another RH power arm.

    Thing that’s awesome, Jays have 5 starters with a fip under 4 (one is Brandon Morrow though).

  21. As a long-time, long-suffering Jays’ fan – all I can do is smile like a goof as I look at the standings….and then wonder how they’re gonna fuck this up at the end.
    But for now – go, boys!!

    • You realize a goof is a slang for child molester in jail. Go into a homeless shelter bad side of town or jail and call someone a goof, they will drop you.

      Made me laugh to imagine how a goof smiles though. I work at a homeless shelter and it surprising how many fights come from that word but in “regular” society it is seen as a kids slang word.

      Being in first is making me strangely nervous like the beaten dog who is getting love from his master, I will take it though.

  22. That was my favourite ball game in a long time. I feel like it’s been a really long time since the Jays won one of those. In recent years, we’d be the ones who blew the play up the middle, or had the reliever come out in the ninth and shit the bed. Not this year. This year we are the ones on the other end of those fuck ups. And it feels niiiiiiiice.

  23. Worst thing about Delabar is the look on his face – even after a loud out – confidence looks completely shot. I hope he comes around

  24. Drew on 17 days rest. Autocorrect?

  25. Lets bake some muffins and feed to our babies!!!!!

  26. This feels like some beautiful dream.

  27. Why was everyone concerned about Hutch’s velocity ? He also decreased in his 3rd and 4th start of the year and there was no commotion….
    Have a look at the velocity chart:

  28. I’m just going to putting out there that maybe Stoeten should be banned from attending games. We don’t want your bad mojo messing with the Jays mojo :)

  29. Jihn Gobbons. Manager. Rotonto Blay Jues.

    • Suck it Farrell! How’s that dream job working for you now?

      • I’m down with the sentiment, but unfortunately right now Farrell’s dream job has given him a ring while we have a 4 game lead in June so maybe we should settle down a little

      • Lol ya…I think some folks need to check themselves. He got a ring, so he until we get one of those there is no argument, unfortunately.

  30. Hey guys check out this hilarous parody page I found on the internet!

    Haha! It’s so backwards. It’s like The Onion or something!

    … wait… what?

    • I know…makes you want to giggle uncontrollably, no?
      They’re 23-9 in the past month – Ain’t nobody hotter right now.

  31. By force of habit I still check the wild card standings to see how many games out the Jays are.

    Then I get confused why they’re not there and assume it must only show the teams that are even in contention and thus this team falls below that line.

    It’s only then I remember the whole first place thing and not having to settle for a wild card if you win the division.


  32. Casey Janssen is the fucken best.
    Just no nonsense gimme the ball. One guy? Heres three pitches on the corners, lets hit the showers.

    What a calming force he is on the whole bullpen.
    Oh Captain, My Captain

  33. Anyone know where Hutchison ranked in the farm system prior to being promoted in 2012?

  34. Has hutch or Bautista been asked what that “conversation” was actually about? I really dislike the way buck sees two players talking about something, says without hesitation that they were talking about “x”, and it becomes fact. So now the narrative is that Bautista gave hutch a pep talk but we have no fucking clue what he actually said.

    • Hutch was interviewed after the game. Buck was right this time.

    • They were likely talking about who would have to sit closest to the bathroom on the bus ride back…

    • Buck is THE WORST play by play guy in the game. Watching the other teams feed on MLBTV is so relaxing and makes you realize just how bad he really is. Blows my mind how he still has a job. It’s just insane how every single night he makes ridiculous mistakes and references and doesn’t even bother correcting himself. I almost shit myself a while back when watching the Baltimore feed and heard one of their announcers actually stop and acknowledge his mistake and correct it.

      • Not even close. Sadly there are way way worse. Buck makes me sleepy but he’s sort of… grown on me.

        • What has grown on you? When he uses homerun calls for balls that don’t make the warning track, or when he calls Anthony Gose Jose Reyes?

      • Not even close

        • I personally enjoy Hawk. To say someone is bad because they are a homer is a totally different argument man, which is what you would be pointing to there I assume. I’m saying Buck is bad because he’s literally bad at what he does. He makes multiple major mistakes and miscues per game.

          • You’ll forgive me if I can’t take the opinion of someone who enjoys Hawk seriously.

            Just sayin’

            • Doesn’t bother me. But I think he’s funny the way he blatently throws out the homerism. We, us, etc. Also, the homerun call of “she gone” is a fuck of a lot better than Buck acting like every pop fly is a World Series walk off bomb.

            • You guys are -each and every one of you- crazy if you think that any MLB announcer is worse than these 2 assholes from Cleveland:


              (halfway down the page)

              The ones who actually said over the air that the Jays couldn’t lose by enough and Farrell’s treatment was a Travesty.

          • He fucks up all the time. But he’s a TV announcer, so there’s nothin’ wrong with that.

        • This is amazing, I just love the call on the Mariners’ Grand Slam where he doesn’t say anything for like 30 seconds and then goes ‘And we’ve got a 5-5 tie’.

      • You clearly haven’t listened to enough of them. Some announcers out there can barely string a sentence together.

        • Nah, I have listened to most of them and there is a major difference in the quality. Sure tell me you disagree and give me an example, but don’t tell me I haven’t heard what I say I have.

        • You think buck more than barely strings sentences together?

      • Agree buck is the worst. Anybody who disagrees is full of shit. Name names, bitches.

        • Pat Tababbler

          • Who does colour on the A’s broadcasts? I was watching an A’s game a couple weeks ago and couldn’t stand him.

            • Buck is fine. Entertaining when youre drunk. Cracks me up with the explosive wheezes. Sounds like he’s drunk half the time. Swignerdryve is also awesome.

              Go fucm y’selves.

              • Agony, I think the problem is that once you listen to some of the other crews out there, you come to realize how much Buck and Pat are lacking in terms of insight, rhetorical skill, a feel for the dramatic, and just pleasantness of voice.

            • I actually don’t mind the A’s guys. I can’t stand Hawk. I think the yankees radio guys are pretty annoying with their homerism and stupid homer calls. One of the Royal’s guys is also a pretty bad homer. I thought that Matt Stairs was pretty underwhelming. He’s not super insightful and speaks weird.

              • At least a couple of years ago, I remember thinking that the rockies broadcasters were pretty terrible as well.

              • Also when I say Buck is the worst, it’s obviously a figure of speech. I’m sure of the 100+ guys out there he wouldn’t rank dead last.

                • Buck yesterday:
                  “Edwin encarnacion won player of the month honours in may and homered the first day of June, he’s the first player to win Player of the month for may and homer on the first day of june since barry bonds did it in september of 20xx”

                  not horrible, just hilarious

                • Fuck man it’s all opinions, grow up.


                  naww bro


                  • you dont like it? Change the feed.

                    getting mad about commentators is the lowest of low hanging fruit, they gotta talk for 3+ hours straight, there’s gonna be mistakes.

                  • Lol this is what’s called an argument or discussion, which people give opinions on a topic. Sorry we don’t all come to DJF comment section to tell everybody shit about our life that nobody cares about…ya, and I need to grow up.

                    I don’t know why you’re so bent on picking up for Buck, literally 100′s of people post every night on how bad he is at his job. Not to mention a website dedicated to how many mistakes he makes per night. Your argument of, “he has to talk for 3 hours so there will be mistakes”, is pretty lame. It has been done by many more, far better, for many years now.

              • There is a neutrality standard for national broadcasts (eg Dan Shulman, ESPN)
                that you simply don’t find with the regional broadcasters of any particular team.

                The regional guys are broadcasting to an audience that is made up
                largely of fans of the team that they are covering. And; oddly enough,
                they tailor their comments to their audience. To expect anything else
                is just silly.

                Most of them, Hawk included, will compliment good plays and good players
                on other teams. But their audience is not tuning in to hear those, and they
                are smart enough to know that.

      • Watch anyone other than Vin Scully call a game sometime. Buck is well above-average.

        • listen to the other team’s broadcasters when the jays are playing…you learn more about the other team and its fun to hear what storylines make their way into the other booth

          example from last night:
          Mcgowan comes into the game
          Announcer 1: quotes shitty stats from starting this year “all those injuries have added up”
          Announcer 2: “its a shamecause he used to have an electric arm”
          McGowan pitches
          Announcer 1: “wow he just hit 97mph”
          Announcer 2 “you shoulda seen him when he first came up, his stuff was lights out”
          McGowan puts the tigers down 1-2-3
          Announcer 1: “maybe he’s more suited for relief”
          Announcer 2: “yeah, his arm used to be something special”

          • I liked the A’s PBP guy but the colour guy just grunted ex-playerisms in broken English the whole game. Kinda like Stairs, who was also surprisingly bad.

            I’m convinced Buck just had a lot of concussions in his career which is why he sounds drunk all the time. I don’t really mind his minor stumbles.

  35. Well played on the Ivan Kral reference!

    • nothing takes the wind out of a well placed reference like someone acknowledging that reference by saying ‘nice reference’

      • Thanks for admonishing me dickhead. I just happen to be a Patti Smith fan. But again, thanks.

  36. how was his velocity?

  37. Don’t know whether it’s been posted, but the picture in the National Post looks like Lawrie’s taking the parrot for a walk.

  38. Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but there’s been a dip in Delabar’s velocity since he went on the DL with that shoulder issue last season, at least in terms of the high-end:

  39. Crazy to think that Delabar threw an immaculate inning less than a year ago

  40. Stoeten can’t resist taking potshots at Gose and ballyhooing Pillar. The hate-on for Gose is getting old, bro.

    • Well, I’ve got no mad love for Gose, either. Yes, he’s got mad speed – but unfortunately, he’s a one-trick pony…and until he learns to put wood to ball, he’ll be nothing more than he is right now….namely, a 4th outfielder or a name that will come up in trade talks over and over again.
      Honest to god, I can’t remember the last time I saw him get a hit – a decent, real hit…not some bullshit high bouncer off the plate or something that bounced 14 times on it’s way to second base.

    • Holy shit. Yeah it’s like his opinion and all but what actual point are you refuting?

      I like Gose and will take him vs the insane money everyone thinks Rasmus is worth (based on a spotty record IMO). But it is very true that the love for him is all because of pretty much one 10 game stretch against mostly RHP.

      Seriously listen to yourself.

      • Rasmus in this lineup makes 1-9 more fucking formidable than it is now. For all the speed and defensive ability Gose has, he can’t hit worth shit and is a useful piece off the bench. late in games.

    • Not slathering Gose with man juice is different than hating him


    holy shit, 4th highest wRC+ but 12th worst BABIP over that 3 year span of Prime Bau?

  42. Rub your eyes and click your shoes bitchez, because we’re 4.5 games up in the American League Beast.

    And, only the Giants and A’s have a higher winning percentage in baseball. Bitchez.

  43. There a new goddamned sheriff in town called the Blue Jays.

    You’d be best to watch out there pilgrims-Boston, NY, Baltimore and Geriatricville.


  44. I liked the Pillar PH. I expected him to go to Kratz but in that spot the two worst outcomes are a K or a DP. Not PHing him there makes me wonder why Kratz is still on the roster, though.

    • I was expecting Kratz too.

      So glad to see Pillar come up with what was a huge second run at that time.

      I guess Kratz is Happ’s personal catcher.

  45. Stoeten how come you dont use those hilarious pics from the Mid Afternoon Snack and the postgame report you uaed to. Wasnit cause of the AA with a heart around it in the background?

  46. Haven’t read any comments but have to agree with Stoet’s point. It’s REALLY WEIRD.
    Coming into this year, I thought we had above average offence and OK pitching*, (*depending on lots of factors like RAD, Morrow, SPs # 4 and 5, etc). Now, the factors seem to be taking care of themselves (who’d have thought that Hutch would be this good?) and the offence seems to find a new way to win every week. (Gose drag bunts and Lawrie oppo field HRs). So as weird as it seems, I’m absolutely ok with it, and do we even know yet how good the offence is?

    • a lot of guys here dont think pitching with a lead and pitching while behind is different, but it is, and they’ve had the lead way more often than they haven’t.
      the defense has been outstanding, I can’t imagine Hendrick’s era with rajai in center, immobile melky in left, and sierra in right

      • Yeah should’ve mentioned that: Outstanding defence. Whereas last year they had to bring in Robbie A to fucking coach that pylon Bonifacio on how to turn a double play, this year whoever they plug in there is an ace.

  47. I appreciate that Gibby is focused during all of this excitement:

    This after the game the other day:

    “I think in ’08 in May we won 20 games, we had the best record in baseball and I got fired three weeks later,” said Gibbons. “I always enjoy a good month but it means absolutely nothing in June.”

  48. Rasmus is a better player overall than Gose at this stage of their careers… But personally, I like the line-up better with Gose hitting 9th giving extra speed especially since Fransisco has taken over Rasmus’ spot in line-up (lefty with pop).

  49. It’s nice to see the Jays doing well this year, and I attribute it to a couple of good and unexpected positive goings on.

    First, the lineup (save Rasmus) is healthy.
    Second, the lineup (save Lawrie) is overperforming.
    Third, Happ might be getting into a groove as a decent #4 starter.
    Fourth, Hutchison has been a very positive surprise.

    Now, if we can get a reliable 5th starter and Dickey’s KN improves, we’re in business. Otherwise, this baseball is unsustainable. But after the shitstorm that we had last year, the positive variance is a well-deserved gift from the baseball gods.

    • You say the lineup, save Lawrie, is overperforming. I’d add Reyes, Navarro, and Rasmus (when healthy) the list of under-performers. I don’t see any reason for a major regression.

      Buehrle probably can’t keep this up, but Dickey could be better. The team happens to be good. Good might be good enough this year in the AL East, or it might not.

  50. Anyone else slightly creeped out by Carlos Beltran’s ads on The “winning takes extra” ad?

    I mean, did baseball not have a steroids scandal recently? Did whoever wrote that ad not notice the obvious parallels?

  51. And Mark Buehrle? WTF?

    • It’s the ebb and flow of baseball.
      On every team,there’s players who over perform and under perform.
      Rarely does the team that breaks ST, is the same as the one you see in Sept.
      Just think over the last couple of years how opinions have changed on Delabar,Cecil,Santos,McGowan,etc.
      Wasn’t that long ago that even EE was waived and released.
      As much as we all try to use stats and logic,things change and become unpredictable.

  52. gotta give some credit for whoever (Gibby?) brought in Seitzer. the lineup performs way better with him as the hitting coach, coincidence or not. Also give props to Hutch who has outperformed most expectations given Morrow is a porcelain doll. still need another starter unless Stroman is the real mccoy as a 2nd yr player. I was an AA critic, so I guess he deserves some props too. the lineup is good..

  53. I don’t see why people want Gose over Rasmus. Gose’s upside is Michael Bourn with fewer walks – we’re talking an OPS+ of 100 in his best years, with great D and baserunning. That is actually being generous, because Bourn was a lock for 50 steals in his prime whereas Gose has only gone 22-7 on the bases in 405 career PAs (plus more than a few pinch running appearances). So a reasonable high-end projection for Gose would be 4 WAR. That’s a good player, but Colby put up 4.6 in only 118 games last year.

    Colby is volatile, but if he comes back and puts up a 125-ish OPS plus this year, I’d have enough confidence in him going forward to try and extend him. Colby doesn’t steal bases, but he’s one of the better baserunners in the league and certainly no liability on defense.

    I’m just wondering what to make of Melky – he’s only hit .266/.331/.379 since the end of April.

    • I don’t think anybody thinks Gose is better then Rasmus falt out (at least I hope not). i think the logic is, the team is probably better with Gose AND another player being paid $15 million/year (or thereabouts; whatever Rasmus will end up being paid) then just Rasmus.

      If all else were equal, sure your team is better with Rasmus then Gose. But Gose is good enough that sticking him there and then getting (for example) a $15 million/year SP or 2B probably makes the overall team better

      • I guess the hope is that if the Jays make the playoffs or are at least competitive this year, the money would be made available to hold on to Rasmus AND upgrade the team in other areas.

        We still don’t know for sure how Rogers will react if the Jays have a big year — which is more likely to happen with Rasmus in the team for the next four months.

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