Now a little something to kill time on a Wednesday afternoon: it’s an actual, shit-you-not real edition of the DJF podcast!

And today we’ve got just Drew and I, with @RyanEligh on the ones and twos, but no one filling in for the hopelessly disinterested Wally Pippp as our fourth Horseman of the Anthocalpyse while we discuss everything under the damn sun (except maybe the premature death of Steve Delabar): positivity, good times, trade aspirations, Rasmus-Gose, the rotation, PITCH #4, the draft, not caring much about the draft, health (shhhh!), the twists and turns that await, things we can live with, not being fucked, good times, your (still!) first place Blue Jays, and more!

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Many (most? some?) mintmusical interludes courtesy Toronto’s own Optical Sounds, who recently released Psych Pop 2, their second free-to-download compilation of outstanding tunes from local psych- and garage-influenced artists, plus friends of their great collective. Be sure to check them out online and buy every single fucking thing you hear at their site!

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  1. Just commenting in support of the podcast in the hopes that you will keep doing them this often. I need something to listen to on my walk home.

    • Drew ended this one with “see you next week,” so we’re obligated now. Which is totally fine when there are good things to talk to.

  2. Fier Gobbons!

  3. looking forward to listening, but I will be the whiny voice this week that chimes in with “soundcloud is blocked where I work, can we go back to the other host?”

  4. Mmmmm….dat DJF podcast knows how to tickle my fancy, if you know what I mean.

  5. Good podcast, fellas. I’ve only listened to the first half of it so far, but I agree that J.A. Happ looks like an utterly interchangeable sort of pitcher. The kind of guy that you’re reasonably okay with as a fifth starter or long man (you “can live with that…”), but never overjoyed to see taking a start. He’s a fly ball pitcher with poor control and, while he strikes out an above-average number of guys, he doesn’t miss enough bats to make up for it. On balance, he’s a below-average, but above replacement-level pitcher. The definition of a number five starter.

    It is interesting to see how he’s basically remained the same pitcher despite adding nearly 5mph to his average fastball velocity over the past five years. It’s gone up every year.

    Do you think there’s any reason to expect that whatever the Jays can get out of Morrow and/or Drabek over the remainder of this season might be sufficiently better than Happ to make trading whatever chips the Jays have (as you say in the pod: Sanchez…) a misuse of resources?

    The Jays are not going to get a frontline starter for what they have to offer. They’re going to get a number three (which I think of as a guy who is better than average, but not a star) or a number four (an average pitcher). Does two months of a guy like that in place of some combination of Drabek, Morrow and Happ starts seem worth six to seven years of Aaron Sanchez? I have a hard time saying yes to that.

    • I think the point is look at the Orioles. They are 4.5 games behind us and if we were both looking to trade for the same players then they can blow us out of the water with their prospects. I’m thinking you never even get to that dilemma you mention.

      • Yeah. That makes sense, Kristen. I agree with that sentiment. I suppose I was guessing that the Orioles might use their larger number of trade chips to try to land a bigger fish and that a Blue Jays starter acquisition might be a tier or two down from the sort of guys the O’s might be pursuing.

  6. Sportsnet PR ‏@SportsnetPR ·14 mins
    We have a new record! Last night’s @BlueJays win vs. the Tigers on @Sportsnet was the most-watched game of season,attracting 889,000 viewers

  7. Wow actually talking sense about the looming Colby contract… Nice to hear. Let him walk, or trade him for whatever they can get for him this year. He gone.

  8. Sometimes listening to these things is just hearing 2 guys wanting to be right…but not wanting to be wrong. So they pick and choose when they want to be in the middle lol. Its entertaining so dont tell me to leave lol but yeah. Lets stop pretending that they dont do this on the site.

  9. Just commenting to say I love the podcast and I miss the Getting Blanked podcast.

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