Free money!

Or… well… maybe not quite free money, but the Jays are sending J.A. Happ to the hill today to face off with Justin Verlander, and yet they’ve already won this three-game series with the Tigers, so… not that it doesn’t matter, but… whatever Happ-ens Happ-ens, if you know what I mean. And if he gets a bunch of runs hung on him, maybe ol’ Gibbers isn’t so quick with the hook, in hopes of saving the bullpen a bit.

I can live with that.

That said, this should still be a fun test and an interesting afternoon of baseball, it’s just… forgive me if I’m maybe thinking a little ahead, to the well-oiled Cardinals machine coming to town for a weekend series, and Stroman, Buehrle, and Hutchison getting a chance to show what they can do — and the Jays, mercifully, avoiding Adam Wainwright and Michael Wacha. That should be fun, too.

It’s all fun right now!

Go Jays! Push your luck!


Edwin Encarnacion is indeed sitting out for this one, which makes total sense, given that his back tightened up last night and he was removed from the game.

Shi Davidi tweets that John Gibbons says Edwin’s back is better, but not better enough to play. “Just smart to give him a day off,” Gibbers says.

Davidi also tweets that he spoke to Sergio Santos, who felt great after a 25-pitch bullpen session (in which he threw sliders, it’s noted), and that he hopes he’ll have another on Sunday, with a rehab assignment soon to follow, one suspects.

Another from Davidi tells us that Colby Rasmus took BP in Florida yesterday, and the hope is that he’ll get into a rehab assignment next week.

The Bisons were playing early today, and Mike Harrington tweets that, as he went to the mound to start the eighth, Deck McGuire sported a 2.29 ERA in three Triple-A starts. To that point today he’d gone seven innings, allowing three hits, one walk, and one run, striking out ten. Well well well…

One more from Davidi, because holy shit it looks like a beautiful day for baseball in Detroit.

Lastly, once again, don’t forget that I’ll be live blogging the draft tonight (at least until the Jays make their first two selections), and also that, even though this post has forced it off the front page, don’t forget that we recorded a fresh DJF podcast yesterday afternoon. Have a listen!

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. St. Louis

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Dioner Navarro (S)
C Erik Kratz (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP J.A. Happ

Detroit Tigers

2B Ian Kinsler (R)
RF Torii Hunter (R)
1B Miguel Cabrera (R)
DH Victor Martinez (S)
LF J.D. Martinez (R)
CF Austin Jackson (R)
C Alex Avila (L)
3B Nick Castellanos (R)
SS Andrew Romine (S)

RHP Justin Verlander

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  1. What the Fuck!!! I just put on Gamecast and they’ve hung a 6 on JV? This is a joke right? How is Happ not getting his ass handed to him? How good is this offense?

  2. I fucking love baseball and I fucking love the Blue Jays.

  3. Kinda devastated @ this Kate Upton/JV split news. If it is news. Not just because of the alleged break-up, but because I am now learning my hot celeb gossip from DJF. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

  4. Hey look what happened to RR when Miss World jumped the fence.

  5. Give the Jays some credit, Verlander has been 95-96 all game with a good change.

  6. This game is a lot of fun.

  7. Just noticed this from the Scuttlebutt section from Stoets:
    “Deck McGuire sported a 2.29 ERA in three Triple-A starts”.

    Could it be we have a late bloomer? After they put him on the 40 man (I think ) in the fall, I checked his numbers, they weren’t great but his K’s were the most on the Fishercats by a lot..

  8. Wonder who gets the 7th today. Loup and McGowan are both probably unavailable.

  9. That’s a beauty crop of bag hair that Lind is sporting on his chin. Stunning.

  10. I’m at work, just checking in. What did I miss?

    Give me a rundown in 3 sentences or less!

  11. Hi guys,

    I know you’ve seen a lot of me on TV, just thought I’d drop in here to say hi…

  12. Is this team legitimately good or is it still early? Just wondering.

  13. I thought for sure JA Happ was going to be eaten alive by Miggy but he has handled him nicely. Nice to see him out for the 7th.

  14. Who’s warming up in the BP?

  15. This seems to be the season where the Jays can do no wrong

  16. Jenkins is pitching now

  17. Ok Toronto. Listen. I know AA just traded for all these guys and you signed Melky and stuff. But here’s the thing. You’re still in debt from 92/93. So we’re gonna have to clear that off the books – one more complete and total fucking disaster of a season should do it – before letting you have a proper go of it.


    - Baseball Gods, circa last year, some time in ST

  18. I’ve had this game on my monitor all day at work. Told my boss the Jays are in first place and I have no choice but to watch.

    he’s cool with this.

  19. Heh, heh, heh.
    Listening to the Detroit announcers…”uh, oh….looks like a double play ball”.

  20. Atta boy Jenkins

  21. Oh and we can play defense too.

  22. How did we hear about this Kate Upton news?

    I’m simultaneously upset for my fave baseball couple and hopeful for my own aspirations.

  23. Can we just get a loop of Buck saying “sexy”?

  24. Gross Buck.

  25. Can’t wait for the ridiculous scores that may ensue when Colby gets back.

  26. Buck should never, ever again under ANY circumstances use the word SEXY. I think my lady parts just died.

  27. It’s official! JA Happ’s ERA (4.12) is now lower than Justin Verlander’s ERA (4.19). Besides Happ cost less.

  28. He went full William Wallace today

  29. Chad Jenkins, ladies and gentlemen.

  30. Lawrie’s looking all kinds of confident back at third, no?

  31. So… send Jenkins out to finish the 9th? I love multi-inning saves.

  32. Is this the first year where there is no active player who was in the show in 1993? Or is there an active player who has been around that long?


  33. So do we assume Baltimore cannot keep pace?

  34. Nail another one or two over the wall.
    Just to say “adios, Detroit” with a certain panache.

    • Thank you, Melky – for making me look all kinds of awesome psychic-like.
      I’m telling everyone their horoscopes next.

  35. Honestly don’t even mind if Happ is the number 5 pitcher.

    • At this rate, no, but if he comes back to earth so to speak… he may be a liability. Of course 5th starters usually are.

      • Agreed. I just wish it wasn’t a crapshoot with Dickey every time, then I seriously wouldn’t mind.

        Those two guys = Pepto Bismol

      • Why is no one willing to believe that he just might be what we are seeing?
        He’s not in the stratosphere; he needn’t “come back to earth.”

      • It’s not like he’s pitching way over his head or anything.

  36. Wonder how Otis Nixon would do against this guy?

  37. Also we really need to appreciate how fuckin good JBau has been… It’s not like he’s just smashing pulled balls, he’s becoming (is?) an hitter to all fields. Who does that at his age?

  38. This is starting to get silly

  39. Im hoping yankees bullpen gives up the lead again.

  40. I’ll take a glass of Melk over a Coke any day!

    *shows self out*

  41. Melky has swagger.


  42. Fuggin’ Melk.
    Love him.

  43. Gonna go with the JENK in the ninth, yes? Four run lead n’all.

  44. freakin nice

  45. Sometimes I wonder if these Blue Jays are actually mine…. Someone check Melkman.

  46. All things are nice in the Melky Way.

  47. Today shall be known as the Day of Double Digits, 10th HRs by Phat Juan (I call him Thump), Canadian Jebus and the Melk Man.

  48. The Melkman cometh

  49. Dear Beermaven,

    La Chouffe. Thoughts?

    Kind regards,

  50. Chad Jenkins looks good so far. Been a season of nice surprises so far. I hope this keeps up.

  51. Pillar’s Defence > Mepolky Defense

    Melky hitting >>>>>> Pillar hitting

  52. You can’t stop the Blue Jays, you can only hope to contain them.

  53. THis is the team we thought we had last year. I officially declare last season a mulligan.
    Just chuggin’ away on all cylinders now.

  54. The jays have done a good job of extending losing streaks this year

  55. Spoke a touch too soon…

  56. Whoops.
    Maybe old Chad has hit the wall.
    Walk out there, shake his hand and bring in Googly.

  57. Spankees winning in the 9th. 2-1.

    Come on Robertson, blow it.

  58. Mmmm ya… That one felt good, Melky…

  59. Smart move by Gibbons. 1 batter shouldn’t set Janssen back, and Jenkins was slowly spiraling into a bad inning. Gotta manage for wins.

  60. Never get out of the bus……. unless your back start to tighten up like Edwin….then get out at a road stop and stretch a bit…… then get back on the bus.

  61. throw some coke bottle glasses on Jenkins and he would be a dead ringer for Bubbles

  62. SWEEP !

    I love deez guys……

  63. Casey Janssen: Four pitches, two saves in three days.

  64. The other CJ with a one-pitch save!

    Let’s go Oakland!!!

  65. That was a tough save!

  66. Janssen brings a new meaning to the word “efficient.”

  67. ….and that’s a wrap.
    Thanks for coming – and there will be lovely parting gifts at the door.

  68. KC!

  69. A road sweep of the Tigers against Sanchez, Porcello, and Verlander? I can live with that.

  70. Bring on the House of Cards.

  71. So Casey has 2 saves on 4 pitches? That’s pretty cool

  72. SWEEEEP!

    5 in a row. We can get to 10 this time. Just no more sliders Jose!

  73. Love it. Jansen throws 4 pitches in Detroit, gets 2 saves.

  74. Didn’t think Janssen had much room for improvement on the three-pitch third-out strikeout. But he did.

    • Next game he’ll just look at them and they’ll forfeit.

    • Scenario: next time Jansen pitches, there’s a man on first with two out and the Jays leading. Jansen either picks the man off first or the Parrot has the hidden ball trick for the out. Does Jansen get the save in these instances without throwing a pitch?

  75. I just can’t stop grinning and enjoying every second of this ride.

  76. So the Jays played the Red Sox, A’s KC and the Tigers and lost only 2 games. Bot to the Royals!? This is soo much fun right now.

  77. Seriously guys and gals I don’t know how to act, It has been a real real long time since I have seen the Jays win like this season, I feel like im dreaming and I never want to wake up. I feel like Ariel the little mermaid when she got her legs OH crap did i just type that lol

  78. I’m whistling “‘Zip a Dee Doo Da’ out of my ass.

    Is this what heroin feels like?

  79. Fuck. Norris strikes out looking…

  80. Tigers have gotta be pissed about the sweep. Hopefully they’ll take it out on Farrell this weekend.

  81. Where is that OriLOLes asshole?

    • I’ve gone looking for that tit-fucker over at the brutally named ‘Orioles Hangout’. Don’t know who he was, but would relish a return.

      • Likely won’t happen. My hunch is that he was arrested because other than the Orioles and the Ravens, there ain’t much else to do in Baltimore except commit crimes.

  82. Sweep of the other division leaders. cant wait til the 12th and the 4 game vs the orioles

  83. You know what? I don’t care that the Yankees won today, because they beat the A’s, leaving the Jays A

  84. I believe the last time we were 13 games over .500 was back in 2009…we all know how that ended.


    • Considering the quality of players on that team … Yeah. Not a surprise that it turned out the way it did.

      • I know…everyone do yourself a favour and don’t look up the starters we ran out on a daily basis that year. It’s cringe worthy.



  87. Holy shit this is exciting! Jays are starting to make some room between them and others in the division

  88. When we go to NYY in a few weeks, we project to miss Tanaka.

    • I see the obvious advantage to missing good pitchers [as Stoeten mentions for the upcoming St. Louis series], but it’s also kinda disappointing. Play like a champion + all…

      • They beat good pitchers like champs this series, though, Bean. A bit of luck and a bit of skill gets you the wins….

        • I hear that. But isn’t part of the alleged appeal of interleague play that we get to see all these wonderful players we never get to see?

          But yeah, continued horseshoes up the bums of everyone!

      • As this hot stretch has shown, the Jays certainly aren’t afraid of any pitchers. We’ve beaten CJ Wilson, Yu Darvish, Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, James Shields, Justin Masterton, Justin Verlander, the three (then) one-loss starters from Oakland, an 8-2 Rick Porcello, and so on.

        We “mercifully” are avoiding Waino and Wacha as Stoeten put it? I say ‘bring em on!’

    • Glab yo glocks when you see 2014 Jays lineup! (nothing about this team rhymes with Tupac)

  89. This is un fucking real!
    What planet am I on????

  90. Just a quick question to whomever is left…looking at the tigers and jays position for position right now would you do a straight up trade with any of the tigers? Even Miggy for Edwin at this point?

  91. Just got back from Detroit. What an amazing series !! Starting to feel the Jays need to beat themselves in order to lose. Another sweep. 3rd best record in Baseball. Unreal

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