Free money!

Or… well… maybe not quite free money, but the Jays are sending J.A. Happ to the hill today to face off with Justin Verlander, and yet they’ve already won this three-game series with the Tigers, so… not that it doesn’t matter, but… whatever Happ-ens Happ-ens, if you know what I mean. And if he gets a bunch of runs hung on him, maybe ol’ Gibbers isn’t so quick with the hook, in hopes of saving the bullpen a bit.

I can live with that.

That said, this should still be a fun test and an interesting afternoon of baseball, it’s just… forgive me if I’m maybe thinking a little ahead, to the well-oiled Cardinals machine coming to town for a weekend series, and Stroman, Buehrle, and Hutchison getting a chance to show what they can do — and the Jays, mercifully, avoiding Adam Wainwright and Michael Wacha. That should be fun, too.

It’s all fun right now!

Go Jays! Push your luck!


Edwin Encarnacion is indeed sitting out for this one, which makes total sense, given that his back tightened up last night and he was removed from the game.

Shi Davidi tweets that John Gibbons says Edwin’s back is better, but not better enough to play. “Just smart to give him a day off,” Gibbers says.

Davidi also tweets that he spoke to Sergio Santos, who felt great after a 25-pitch bullpen session (in which he threw sliders, it’s noted), and that he hopes he’ll have another on Sunday, with a rehab assignment soon to follow, one suspects.

Another from Davidi tells us that Colby Rasmus took BP in Florida yesterday, and the hope is that he’ll get into a rehab assignment next week.

The Bisons were playing early today, and Mike Harrington tweets that, as he went to the mound to start the eighth, Deck McGuire sported a 2.29 ERA in three Triple-A starts. To that point today he’d gone seven innings, allowing three hits, one walk, and one run, striking out ten. Well well well…

One more from Davidi, because holy shit it looks like a beautiful day for baseball in Detroit.

Lastly, once again, don’t forget that I’ll be live blogging the draft tonight (at least until the Jays make their first two selections), and also that, even though this post has forced it off the front page, don’t forget that we recorded a fresh DJF podcast yesterday afternoon. Have a listen!

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. St. Louis

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Dioner Navarro (S)
C Erik Kratz (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP J.A. Happ

Detroit Tigers

2B Ian Kinsler (R)
RF Torii Hunter (R)
1B Miguel Cabrera (R)
DH Victor Martinez (S)
LF J.D. Martinez (R)
CF Austin Jackson (R)
C Alex Avila (L)
3B Nick Castellanos (R)
SS Andrew Romine (S)

RHP Justin Verlander

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  1. Stuck at work for the game but fingers crossed!

    • stuck in Pakistan and just found a good feed, lets go jays.

      I’m kinda like that they have a set infield for lefties and set infield for righties

  2. This year, Verlander has had several un-Verlande-like outings.
    Lets hope he has another today.

  3. Verlander vs. Happ and EE sitting out.

    I should feel like they’re fucked and yet…I have hope.

    2014 man. Shits crazy.

  4. Jose Reyes plays for the Blue Jays.

  5. Verlander getting off easy today. NO EE to pound him.
    Go Jays.
    Forward Soviet!

  6. Day-drunk, sun, baseball…

    I just had a single solitary tear…

  7. That’s my boy.


  8. Time for Juan to pick up LIndy.

  9. No #Kratzup catching Happ today? Wasn’t that a thing?

  10. Happs ter has to get that ball down vs these first 4 hitters especially

  11. That’s better. Nice dp guys. Always want Miggy up with no one on

  12. That looked like a strange shift/positioning Lawrie was playing there. Worked great though…

  13. Look Lawrie. Use your head. We need to get the PC up. Swinging at balls over your head is not good

  14. Lawrie has his Braveheart makeup on.

    I expect him to go full William Wallace today.

  15. Don’t look now, but the Happster has a Sub-4 ERA.

  16. Going into the season, I would have been a little scared by Dickey-Buerhle-Hutchison-Stroman-Happ. Now, it calms me. Strange.

  17. Yikes. Verlanders PC is looking pretty stellar through three.

    They are going to have to put up better at-best the second time through the order if we want to see that tasty bullpen again.

  18. The Jays batters do know that JV is better than the Tigers bullpen… work the pitch count maybe, holy fuck.

  19. Melky a little too aggressive on the Kinsler triple. It’s one run, keep him at second.

  20. These Tigers have the third-best record in the AL. We didn’t actually think Happ was going to shut them out, did we?

    …unless we’re subscribing to the lucky horseshoe theory.

  21. I’ve given up on 6 bombs today, so I Have had 2 of thebarleys and now having a third in anticpation of a ball in flight this inning. Hope fuking up the first inning vs this guy doesn’t bite us in the nuts

  22. Now that was an ideal at-bat.

  23. Nice fuk up by the tigers there. Lets take advantage of that 2 base boo boo

  24. Got something cooking here. Let’s not let this one get away!

  25. Put on your office rally caps.

  26. Cmon Fat Juan…

  27. nice job this time upu by CJ.Get tht PC up. C/mon Dinner.NO GROUNDERS

  28. Atta kid, that’ll raise your .284 OBP !


  29. Gameday is really complimentary to Dinner. The camera may add 10 lbs but the animator subtracts 50.

  30. from KLaw’s draft chat (makes you wonder whether the Jays purposefully picked Bickford as an unlikely sign to get this extra pick in this year’s draft – STRATEGY!)

    Mitch (New York)

    If you’re the Jays would you rather have Bickford or 11th pick tonight?

    Klaw (1:40 PM)

    11th pick tonight. Didn’t have Bickford as a first-round talent last year and he’s regressed at CSF this year.

    • though in reality the questions was not “would you rather have last year’s 10th pick or this year’s 11th pick” but I think this year’s 11th is supposed to be better.

  31. More like Hungover Jays Fans am I right?!

  32. It’s Dinner time!

  33. Dinner!!!

  34. Beauty AB DinDin

  35. #kratzup!!!!!

  36. It’s Kratz time

  37. The Blue Jays are in flight!

  38. And the Jays Kratz-up to the Tigers!

  39. Nice. Was wanting a KRATZSMASH but thatll do pig, thatll do.

  40. FanKRATZic

  41. Verlander pitching? No EE? Happ possibly Happ’ing? No fuckin problem! Slick as a dick, three runs and still one out. Atta boy Kratz!

  42. Kratz,fortunate, though. That was an easy dp ball as was that shit by Gose,FFS

  43. Lawrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    This inning is all Lawrie.

  44. Bioner for Dioner.

  45. Started watching at two…good thing I raced home

  46. Stoeten do you think the Jays might use Hendriks a few times to save the innings on Hutch and Stroman? Do the Jays play some crap AAAA NL teams in which his stuff would play better than at home?

    Paraphrasing you on the podcast (which was excellent, swearing in mid-season form), this recent run means the Jays can just play to not-completely sucking levels at other times of the year and still be in the ballpark for contention. Getting the odd 7 inning game from Hendriks against say the Mets might be useful. Would matter less if Hutch/Dickey started pitching later in the games.

  47. Turkey bacon – it’s what’s for Dinner!

  48. The good news is that Verlander threw 27 pitches that inning, which is equal to the amount of pitches he had thrown up to this point in the game so far.

  49. Ok, no ball in flight that inning but it was still worth the barley. Hope Happ can bear down

  50. Gose sucks with a bat in his hand. That would have been an ok time to try to catch the third baseman napping by dropping down a bunt. At least you get two into scoring position for Reyes.

  51. I’m TRAPPED at work!!!!
    I’m relying on the Sportsnet Tracker and this forum to keep in touch. I want DETAILS.
    No pressure, though.

    Is there a feed someplace to watch it?

    • This feels like it’s going to be a tight game actually…

    • All the usual locations should have it as long as you’re comfortable running them on your work computer.

      A quick google search should show you those sites if you don’t know them by heart.

  52. Geez-Fukin Lead off walk

  53. Agree with Joe, don’t nibble, Happ!

  54. is anyone actually watching?
    did gose at least hit it hard?

  55. Calm your boy down, Smasher.

  56. Come on CJ…

  57. Atta boy Erik-Fuken throw em out!


  59. No no no kids, you don’t run on Kratz.

  60. I think Gose is doing his best to address the “Rasmus or Gose” conversation.

  61. What kinda asshole would ever choose to drink Bud Light…?

  62. How much rope does Gibby give Happ?

  63. klang

  64. That was the buntiest non-bunt of the season.

  65. I’d walk Kinsler here and go for the double play.

  66. Toss Kinsler, you can hear the swears on tv

    • bean would be devastated.

      • I’m only devastated because I can’t hear the swears! Maybe it’s time to switch to my headphones? Because if there’s a way to get close to my heart it’s through artful swears…

  67. And that’s why you should’ve walked Kinsler. Happ got the result he needed to, but there wasn’t anybody on first, so there was no double play to go for.

  68. 3-3 tie after 5.
    Not too shabby.

  69. JUAN!!!!

  70. Fat Juan!!!!!

  71. And there you go…

  72. Oh yeah, remember that day when Arencibia walked?

  73. Phat Juan!

  74. How much top shelf sex are you having if you dump Kate Upton?

    Reason number 237 why we should pound Verlander.

  75. Phat Juan delivers a fat hit baby! That’ll restore Gibby’s waning half-chub for him!

  76. Yesssssssssssss

  77. Tuning up Verlander on a baseball afternoon. Love it

  78. For Kate !!!!


    • And now the Psych job begins.

      “You guys REALLY think you can stay with us? Go ahead. Throw the ball.”

  79. 5 runs in 5 innings against Verlander so far!!!

    There is no stopping this offence, even without EE.

  80. The Juan is FAT

  81. I’m suddenly OK with the thought of a CG from Verlander.

  82. OMFG, not the same as watching, but that update on the ticker…..delightful

  83. Praise Canadian Jeebus!


  85. CJ!!!!

  86. The second coming!

  87. For Kateeeeeeeee

  88. Edwin who?

  89. Holy shit!!


  91. Holy….Dickey smiling in the dugout for the first time since…..signing with the Jays?

  92. Avila chasing Dinner was just hilarious. “This is not in slow motion folks.”

  93. Verlander has a higher ERA then Happ.

    Wait, what?

  94. No Way!!!! This is getting ridiculous back to back!!!

  95. Is Verlander finished? The jays are just destroying him!

    • He’s definitely diminished, but he’s still young enough to be pretty good.

    • He’s averaged over 234 IPs since – what? – 2006? You’d think they’d give him an extra week off after the AS break or something. Way to manage your assets Tigers.

  96. So we could end up 13 games over .500? When is the last time that happened? This is unbelievable.

    Hope I didn’t jinx us…

  97. Oakland and Detroit are arguably the best 2 teams in the AL. Verlander is a Cy Young winner.

    This bodes well.

  98. Nice to see Reyes take a pitch so that speedster Kratz can get a read on verlander’s move after a couple of throw overs

  99. I hope Tabby never comes back.

  100. Just finished up at a conference only to flip on the TV to see the back to back jacks. Holy shit this is fun!

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