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The Loup Garou! Loup Ferrigno! Loup Aaron, Canada’s Mettle King! Louperstown! Captain Loup Albano! Loup, There It Is! Louperman! The Tigers Got A Bad Case Of Loupus! Uh… Loup Franceschetti?

Holy shit, Aaron Loup. That game got just a little bit fuckin’ hairy in the bottom of the sixth inning. In it R.A. Dickey’s lack of sharpness finally caught up to him, as Alex Avila singled in between two walks to load the bases with none out, immediately after the Jays had taken back the lead at 3-2 after a two-out double from Adam Lind cashed a pair. Dickey wasn’t quite as bad as you probably remember — he gave up solo shots in the first and third to Cabrera and Kinsler, but had otherwise only surrendered two walks and three singles when he took the hill for the sixth — but he wasn’t as good as his final line makes it look, either. Two earned runs and four strikeouts in five innings? Not great, but not awful, and maybe some karmic justice for a few games where you could probably argue he’s pitched better than it looked. That isn’t to say that he hasn’t been wholly disappointing this season — especially if you’re expecting him to be some kind of an ace, and not just the solid inning-eater it seems he really probably is — but, more importantly, why the fuck am I rambling on about R.A. Dickey?? AARON FUCKING LOUP MOTHERFUCKERS! After entering to clean up Dickey’s mess, Loup put on a Janssen-esque performance, dispatching J.D. Martinez, lefty-killer Rajai Davis, and Ian Kinsler with nine pitches. Then coming back out for the seventh, with just a 3-2 lead, he neutralized Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, and Torii Hunter 1-2-3. Astonishing. Just astonishing. And this, of course, setup the Jays, starting with Jose Reyes up and one out, to go single-single-single-double-intentional walk-fielder’s choice in the bottom of the frame, blowing the game most of the way open with only two innings to go — and two more runs still to come, for a final score of 8-2.

Who knew having a horseshoe up your ass could feel so good? I mean, no the Encarnacion back thing is obviously not great news, given how fantastically he’s been going — and, y’know, is – but this little run sure is something else. Four straight. Thirteen of fifteen. Sixteen of nineteen. The Orioles are charging and they still can’t gain any ground. This. Is. Fun.

I can live with that.


Image/chart via FanGraphs. Here’s how to read the chartThis and this explains the gray line.

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  1. Loupus?!? Is it Loupus?!?!

  2. This is so fucking awesome. That is all…

  3. Loup Dogg?

    I’ll show myself out.

  4. This is it!!!!! I can’t believe we’re finally here.

  5. Considering that loup showed up out of fucking nowhere Jesus fuck that’s my analysis

  6. Party people
    Yeah Tag Team music comin’ straight atacha
    That’s me DC the Brain Supreme
    And my man Steve Roll’n
    We’re kicking the flow we’re kickin’
    And it goes a little somethin’ like this
    Tag Team back again check it top
    Wreck it – let’s begin
    Party people let me hear some noise
    DC’s in the house jump jump and rejoice
    There’s a party over here
    a party over there
    Wave your hands in the air
    Shake the deriere
    These three words mean you’re gettin’ busy
    Loup there it is
    Loup there it is

  7. Tampa is currently 13.0 games back. That’s more than the Astros! #schadenfuckle

  8. I prefer Loup A Doup!!!

  9. Stoeten I saw you retweet, a question on why don’t the jays consider A.J. Burnett on twitter. I don’t use twitter, but the answer would likely be the hurnia he is pitching through that has made him inconsistent.

  10. It’s kind of funny that two teams in this division have already gone on 9-game losing streaks.

  11. How ’bout a little Lind-love?!

    Vetrin McClutch!

  12. These Tigers games are kind of tense until the Detroit pen shows up. I need some kind of alert on my phone to tell me when Verlander is knocked out tonight so I can watch the fun part.

  13. Loup is french for Wolf. Thought I would throw that out there.

  14. It all evens out. Loup blew it in Pittsburgh when RA was leading, and now its some role reversal. Good times.

  15. I wonder who starts the second half after the ASS. Dickey started the season but Buehrle is the ace. Also, given the unpredictability of a knuckleballer, I’ve never liked the idea of Dickey pitching the first game.

  16. From now on, I will call Aaron Loup “The Loupin Express”

  17. That Rivière-de-Loup be flowin’
    Swirlin’ and churnin’ and carvin’ the banks
    Just like the ptiches Aaron be throwin’
    Dippin’ and dartin’ and rollin’ like tanks

    Comin’ in tight from the left side
    In on your hands, or grazin’ your eyes
    Slayin’ them Tigers like an Indian guide
    Countin’ down days to the ultimate prize

  18. Brotherhood of the Loup.

  19. The low, hoarse Loup-Loup-Loup chant at the RC is my favourite.

  20. How about some love for Gibby’s BP management? He’s been awesome this year.

  21. Wolfman!

  22. Larrupin’ Loup

  23. Loupin the Third

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