The MLB Network’s draft coverage is streaming live now. Earlier today we examined the names most linked to the Jays. In the Daily Duce we got you up to speed with all the late changes to the various mock drafts. We’ve already put more effort into this than MLB did in designing their draft logo, in other words. And then the Jays won. Again. Madness! Tremendous madness!

The Jays hold the ninth and eleventh picks tonight, with all kinds of intrigue surrounding them. Do they go with massive upside? Do they cheap out? Do they try to help their upper minors with someone more polished? Do they take a pitcher who just had Tommy John surgery?

At 7 PM the festivities,  and the march begins toward the Jays’ two selections, begin. I’ll be here to guide you through it all. So keep refreshing, and follow me, @AndrewStoeten, on Twitter for all kinds of good stuff. The latest updates I provide will go above the horizontal line you see below, with all previous ones residing below it. Let the insane comps begin!

8:16 PM

The Jays Select Kennesaw State C Max Pentecost (11)

Pentecost is a catcher who folks seem to think will stay a catcher, but has a bit of a bat and is athletic too. Lots of yelping about Touki Toussaint not going here, or Trea Turner — who I thought I heard the Jays were super for sure going to take, or something — but given the state of catching in the majors right now, and the fact that Jonathan Mayo — one guy on the MLB Network panel actually worth listening to — figures he’s the only actual catcher of any of the projected top 15 picks, and that sounds pretty alright to me. But what do I know? Nothing. What do you know? Nothing. What does anyone know? Nothing, really. But let’s try to fix that, shall we? I’ll hang up the live blog for a little bit, but fear not, as I’ll be back shortly with all the scouting we need on these two.

8:10 PM

The Mets take Michael Conforto, and the Jays once again find themselves on the clock.

Some housekeeping. I’m going to post the Jays’ next pick in the same format as the update below announcing Hoffman, and then, as far as following along with the selections, you’re on your own. I’ll be back, though, providing all the information I can find on the two Jays selections.

Sound good? Good.

8:04 PM

The Jays Select East Carolina RHP Jeff Hoffman (9)

Peter Gammons calls Hoffman “a special guy” and says that this is a great gamble, as many teams looked at the medicals on Hoffman, who just had Tommy John surgery (or he otherwise would have been picked much higher), and thought that the operation was clean and that he should be back in 15 months ready to go. The success rate on Tommy John isn’t 100%, but this is a very smart gamble for a club that has two picks here. They save money for elsewhere in the draft, and by taking him at nine they have a lower slot recommendation to begin negotiations with the eleventh pick at. That saves even more pool money to use later on, and shouldn’t be an issue, with a lot of talent that they still thought might be available still around. A better gamble than Phil Bickford. Let’s say that.

8:02 PM

Penta-what? JJ Cooper says he’s hearing otherwise…

Scratch that hearing Hoffman for Jays. They have 2 of next three picks, so can get a little creative here.

— JJ Cooper (@jjcoop36) June 6, 2014

That’ll play, too.

7:56 PM

We’re on the clock! The Rockies take Kyle Freeland. So, like I say, some guys we might not have thought would have been here. Some rumblings about Max Pentecost. We shall see!

7:53 PM

The Phillies take Aaron Nola, which makes sense, since none of the mocks had him getting past this pick — though some had him earlier. He was drafted out of high school as a late-round flier by the Jays, but didn’t sign — and looks like he made the right choice, eh?

One more pick — the Rockies — before the Jays are on the clock. Conforto, Kyle Freeland, and Sean Newcomb are three names that a lot of the mocks didn’t think would all be available at this point, which could change what we thought about the Jays’ intentions with Turner/Hoffman/Toussaint. Who are all those guys? I assure you we’ll find out if the Jays take one.

7:46 PM

The Mariners take California high school catcher Alex Jackson, which puts the Phillies on the clock. Michael Conforto was thought to be gone by this point by most of the experts, but the Cubs threw a wrench in those plans. He’s a college bat — the one Law says is the closest to the majors — and you wonder if he’d have been linked more to the Jays than Trea Turner if the thought had been he’d be available. Maybe he will be? Intrigue!

The coverage here, by the way, is slightly atrocious — at least in terms of the damn comps and the “they need a right-handed bat so take this guy and maybe in five years they’ll have one” kind of stuff. Mike Ferrin is covering the draft too on MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM, and he tweets out that you can join up for a free trial (no credit card needed, apparently), and listen to that instead. My recommendation? Do it. Ferrin is good and good people.

7:42 PM

The Twins take Dee Gordon’s brother Nick at number five — getting closer to the Jays here! — but let’s go back to the Schwarber pick for a second here. Clearly nobody’s going to question the way that the Cubs and Jed and Theo run their organization, but the highest he went in any of the major mock drafts that Kyle mentioned in this morning’s preview here was 13th. So… that might make things more fluid than the Jays would have thought — at least by one player. And maybe more if other clubs go off the board! The Mariners are on the clock next…

7:37 PM

Holy shit, Schwarber’s introduction to the world includes big ups to Skrillex, Anchorman, and a general goofy dumb guy vibe. Sure, make him a millionaire. Why not? WHAMMY!!!

Chris Crawford tweets that this is a “massive reach” for the Cubs, even though he’s a good hitter, he adds. Disarray!

7:31 PM

With the fourth pick the Cubs take Indiana first baseman Kyle Schwarber. Because, of course, they’re going to get all the pitching they need when they trade Samardzija. Sort of just steaming through these, aren’t we?

Also this:

Brady Aiken has the stage presence of Mark Hamill.

— Devang Desai (@DesaiDevang) June 5, 2014

7:27 PM

Another Law tidbit, as the other Chicago team is currently on the clock:

Mitch (New York)
If you’re the Jays would you rather have Bickford or 11th pick tonight?
11th pick tonight. Didn’t have Bickford as a first-round talent last year and he’s regressed at CSF this year.

So… that’s alright, right?

7:25 PM

As we wait for the White Sox with the next pick, here’s one of KLaw’s Jays-related tidbits:

Asked about who’ll make the majors first out of this draft, Law says “Conforto. I might have said Turner but his swing is a real concern for me – he’ll move fast if and when a pro coach gets him cleaned up and shorter to the ball.”

Trea Turner is the name that has been linked to the Jays more than any other, and if you read Kyle Matte’s preview you’ll see he was a little down on him, particularly because of the concern about the swing and the fact that he might be more a guy who fits better into the system than the best player available. Thing is, though, the Jays have had some success with getting guys’ swings cleaned up and shorter to the ball, haven’t they? Maybe it’s not all bad. I don’t know!

Oh, and I guess we’re not waiting long for that pick: the White Sox take Carlos Rodon, who was viewed as the clear-cut 1-1 for much of the year leading up to this draft, but struggled a bit this spring.

7:19 PM

I wrote about Tyler Kolek quite a lot this morning in the Daily Duce, as he seemed to be slipping down a bunch of mock drafts. That’s because of what Law, in his chat, explained was a late fear that he’s really just a velocity guy. “ If I wanted to crush him, I’d argue that he has below-average command, his slider isn’t effective vs LHB because he can’t locate it, he doesn’t throw his changeup, and he’ll have to work to maintain his physical conditioning,” he explained. “If I didn’t tell you that he throws 100 mph, wouldn’t you ask why the heck that guy was in consideration in the top few picks?”

Well… he does, and the Marlins have taken him at pick number two.

7:16 PM

The Astros indeed take Brady Aiken, the California prep left-hander. Whoopty fuck. At least as far as we’re concerned.

What do we want? Jays-related tidbits! And Keith Law offered some in today’s pre-draft chat at

7:11 PM

No surprise here, as Jon Manuel of Baseball America tweets that the Astros will indeed take Brady Aiken, as expected. I won’t be doing this for every pick that leaks before Herr Bud makes the announcement, but… I dunno… why not start off here, as the Astros really could have thrown the draft into disarray if they didn’t make this selection.

7:08 PM

Bud Selig rambles, for I suppose the last time before a draft, but I can hardly snark him, as he offers a eulogy for the departed Don Zimmer, who touched so many throughout his 66 years in baseball. The Astros are now officially on the clock.

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  1. Just to be sure, this isn’t on TV anywhere in Canada, is it?

  2. I’m hoping for the upside picks….Touki and the tommy john kidney please

  3. I hope they pick guys that are good in 5 years

  4. My sources say Nick Howard. Then ‘Hoff’.

  5. Satellite radio said Jays are gonna pick a pitcher who needs Tommy John, but I didn’t catch the name. Maybe Hoffman.

  6. John Manuel couldn’t dress up for the event eh?

    He looks like a kid in high school borrowing one of his dad’s suits for prom.

  7. Kolek next.

  8. When was the last time someone who threw 100 didn’t flame out after 2-3 years?

  9. Bud Selig is terrible at this.

  10. Justin Verlander.

  11. Cubs must be pissed missing out on Rodon.

  12. This is fun:

    Red Sox after their 10 game losing streak: 8 back of the Jays
    Red Sox after their 7 game winning streak: 6 back of the Jays
    Red Sox now after losing last 3: 9 back of the Jays.

    Even with their 7 game winning streak the Red Sox are further back of the Jays now than they were immediately after they lost 10 in a row. Muahahaaa…

  13. oh shit, really Cubs

  14. Just say it Bud! On the clock! Not ON. THEE. CLOCK.

  15. Great teammate, makeup off the charts. Bullshit.

    Next we’ll be hearing leadership comps.

  16. Can Jackson or Gordon slip to the Jays???

  17. Mayo picked Schwarrber to Cubs correctly.

  18. TB losing again. That would be 10 in a row? I’d almost feel bad if I didn’t hate them with the fire of a thousand suns.

  19. Couldn’t listen to analysis, had to mute them and crank the volume on my Iggy Azalea hits.

  20. This is why I like the MLB draft. I don’t know any of these guys and when someone slips i get all excited.

  21. I don’t know why but i hope the pick Conforto!

  22. Well were up next…who’s it going to be?

  23. LOL…Dickey as an impact first rounder.

  24. Please…..

    Hoffman #9
    Touissant – #11

  25. I think they take touki tousant

  26. I’m thinking Hoffman

  27. Nice!

  28. Hoffman. Total Ninja.

  29. noice, now go get Touki @ 11

  30. And he’s already had TJ so they got that out of the way haha

  31. YES!!! YES!!!!

    Hoffman will be a STUD!!!!

  32. He was supposed to be a really high-round dude. Let’s hope for the best. Now sign him…

  33. Jays must be going with 2 pitchers.

    Mets are definitely going with a bat you would think. Tonnes of young pitchers over there.

    If they wanted a bat they would have taken him before the Mets. Gotta be Conforto going to New York.

    • Conforto gone. Gotta be Toussaint here.

      Underslot the leverage less Hoffman and get extra cash for Touki.

  34. Quantrill? I didn’t know he was with the Jays.

  35. What in the fuck Does Harrold Reynolds know?

  36. Reynolds is fuckin annoying

  37. Now….please……


  38. Hoffman is a Boras client…hopefully a sign that budget issues may not be a big concern.

  39. This next pick I’m 50-50 on Touki going to the Jays. I’m wondering if they are leaning towards Turner.

  40. A lot of love for Hoff on bleacher reports…Justin Verlander type comparisons…nice

  41. 11th pick is the unprotected one? Correct?

  42. This next selection will determine whether or not Rogers are cheap bastards.

  43. Isn’t touki a hs kid ?


  45. Nooooo!!!! Fire AA!!!!


  46. A catcher meh

  47. I guess Hoffman & Pentecost are going to save Rogers quite a bit of money.

  48. meh..I hope he pans out

  49. I lost my maple boner.. :(

  50. Easy people.

    Lots of cash to be freed up here for some HR picks later in the draft.

    Always a few big prospects slip because of sign ability.

    And seriously… How long have we been looking for a good young C. Pentecost has a high floor and should get to the bigs soon

    • I could totally be talking out of my ass here and I have no idea if the data would back this up.

      But I’d rather my team not use a premium pick on a catcher in baseball or a goalie in hockey.

      Like goalies, catchers just emerge out of nowhere it seems.

      And even the rare talents like Mauer & Posey eventually move to 1B at which point the value really drops.

      Could be way off, though.

      • Honestly…I’ve always said the same thing. Nothing to base it on but random drunk sports conversations with drinking buddies though…I wonder if that’s a thing I could put on my blue Jays job resume…extremely good at talent evaluation by reading online and formulating my evaluations while drunk. Gonna try it, wish me luck everyone. God, this could even turn into a Disney movie.

      • Except having a catcher that can actually hit is incredibly valuable.

        • No disagreement on that.

          But how easy is it to predict the career path of a catcher out of the draft?

          How many 1st round catchers actually become something notable?

          NHL teams have (slowly) smartened up and fewer 1st round picks are used on goalies now than they were ten years ago. Though they still draft too many too high for my liking.

          JPA is a former 1st rounder (and top prospect) and has become nothing basically.

          Heck, how many “catcher of the futures” have the Jays had in their org in the last decade?

          Unless I’m forgetting somebody, Yan Gomes (non 1st rounder and non prospect) is the best catcher to come out of the Jays system in the last decade.

          Better than TDA (so far), JPA, Quiroz etc.

          Surely somebody has studied this.

          Other than maybe the occasional premium guy (Mauer, Posey), I suspect catchers should more or less be avoided in the first round.

          Again, I could be way off on this.

          • I think that the things you said are true of all players. It is just incredibly difficult to project any of the players. If you come upon a player that you think has the package to contribute above average at the major leagues, then you take them (regardless of position). Now if you think they can do it at a position which is incredibly difficult to find quality, then I think you definitely do it.

            • I much prefer what the Jays have been doing by just taking a shit ton of pitchers.

              There are so many slots in which a pitcher can contribute (1-5 in rotation, 1-7 in a bullpen) as opposed to position players.

              Even though it hasn’t worked until possibly this season, I like what AA has done with pitching.

              He hasn’t signed any crazy contracts and has maintained flexibility.

              And the entire lineup sans Lind has been acquired via trade & free agency and that’s where I prefer the money to be spent.

              I’m sure I’m overreacting to this catcher thing, though.

    • It was only like two years ago that our system was “teeming” with catching.

      Of course, JPA, Gomes, Perez and D’Arnaud are all gone now, and AJ Jiminez isn’t exactly lighting it up.

  51. The Yan Gomes debacle rears its ugly head again.

  52. Nooooo, Pentecost! I mean, I’ve never seen any of these guys play even once in my life and am totally basing this all off of one or two mock drafts or sets of ratings but NOOOOOOOOO!!!

  53. There were rumblings that Touki was gonna be a tough sign. There are a ton of high potential arms in this draft. this might help us in latter rounds

    • Touki could never find his control and is green. Hard to complain about a guy you’ll *maybe* see in six years.

  54. Baltimore losing already. Tilman seems to be imploding lol

  55. 49 and 83

    First 100 picks today or just the first round?

  56. What CBS Sports and Eye on Baseball said about #11 –
    Pentecost is an offense-first catcher with a line drive swing, sound plate discipline and enough power to hit double-digit home runs per season. He is also a rare catcher with speed who will steal bases. An inconsistent throwing arm makes him something of a liability behind the plate, but Pentecost is a fine receiver and does well blocking balls in the dirt. He has improved every year at Kennesaw State profiles as a workhorse catcher (listed at 6-foot-1 and 190 lbs.) who will be among the most productive players in the league at the position offensively.

    • So that sounds like a Jonathan Lucroy ceiling

      That wouldn’t turn out bad, but I think there was better upside available at #11

    • Sound like a John Jaso type of guy but an every day player
      instead of a platoon guy. Could turn out just fine.

  57. If “Touki Toussaint” was named “Michael Jones” or something generic, would anyone care about the Jays passing on him?

  58. I Like the 11th pick I think Max Pentecost is solid and he’s come up the ranking charts quickly this year.

  59. Hoffman OTOH: I can live with that.

  60. Thanks for your hard work Andrew!

    Title: Jeff Hoffman Will End Up Being One of the Best Players in 2014 MLB Draft

    From a day ago. Yes!

    • That comparison would feel so much better if the following criteria were met:

      1. It wasn’t Bleacher Report
      2. Comparing a prospect to a star player wasn’t mildly insane
      3. That star player hadn’t just been crushed today (actually, Verlander getting crushed today was pretty damn satisfying)

  62. When we look at what we have in 2016 and beyond, college players make sense short term.

  63. I don’t feel like I should make a huge deal about this stuff because you don’t know what is going to happen with these guys. How many of the players on the roster were first rounders compared to lower round guys who worked themselves into the spotlight once they got to pro ball? It’s the work the organization does for the later rounds that pays off the most but hopefully there will be some good turnouts from this draft top to bottom

  64. “The San Francisco Giants select….Tyler B-”


  65. Sounds like they’ve taken two guys who are fairly safe picks
    to get to the big leagues and who might be here in 2-4 years instead of 5-7.

    The guess here is that they swing for the fences with their picks in the
    40′s and 80′s, looking to take high risk, high upside with those two picks.
    Not that I know, just guessing.

  66. So let’s pretend the Jays signed Nola and Beede when they first drafted them.

    Holy king hell of a farm system.

  67. 4-0 for Texas.

  68. Who the hell is Jason Aldean and why do I care that he likes MLB TV?

  69. Tillman leaves with 1.0 IP, 5 ER (so far)

  70. While I love the Hoffman pick, I just hope the Jays take some upside guys that fall with their later picks and, you know, sign them.

    Saving money on 9 and 11 to spend later is cool.

    Saving money on 9 and 11 to pad Rogers’ wallets though…

    • They will. A lot of upside still available in this draft.

    • Doris Day said it best:

      “Que sera, sera
      Whatever will be, will be
      The future’s not ours to see
      Que sera, sera
      What will be, will be
      Que Sera, Sera!”

    • I’d rather worry less about any financial reasons behind the picks and look at the picks themselves as players and hope they turn out to be good contributors to the big league team

      • I like the Hoffman pick and really don’t give a shit that he’s seemingly going to go under slot.

        Don’t really like the idea of a taking a catcher in the 1st round, though.

        But if the Jays just go through the motions and spend well under their draft budget, it’s a little worrisome.

        Not surprising, mind you.

        Just frustrating especially with the big league team being awesome right now.

        I’d rather pretend Rogers did not exist this summer.

        • None of us have any idea if these picks were financially motivated in any way. Stop making shit up to get upset about.

          • ^ This! I have no idea what people are worked up about here. They scooped up some really highly regarded and supposedly polished talent at places in the draft that fit with many others projections. They took players that can move through the system quickly and have above average overall ceilings. What could fans possibly complain about?

          • @Bob

            That’s why I qualified my statement depending on how much of the draft budget eventually gets used and on the talent the Jays take in the later rounds.

            Not upset yet bud.

            Except a little disappointed at using a 1st rounder on a catcher.

        • You mean the Rogers that has committed full dollars in every NA and IFA draft so far, (and really going above and beyond on the IFA one to boot), is all of a sudden this year going to completely reverse itself?

          We used one first rounder on a guy who may possibly never pitch again, so I don’t mind we used the other on a high floor player at a position of need. Pentecost isn’t really a reach, although rated 15-20 on most mocks, being the only projected catcher in the top 20 means he could have went anywhere.

          Also I like the facts he was MVP of he Cape League where they play with wood bats, that’s one hurdle he’s already cleared that some prospects don’t get by.

        • You are so full of shit 2010.

  71. My gut says we got two great picks…and it’s never wrong.

  72. I can’t wait for the Boss to get back with the scouting reports. I have seen Max P up as high as 8 on the mock drafts and if your going to gamble I’ve read that Hoffman was the one to put the money on.

  73. Why do people keep saying that they drafted Pentecost to save money? is that coming from some source?

    • Mayo had Pentecost at 9 to the Jays. Callis had him at 12. Heyman at 15. Law called Pentacost a long shot for the Cubs at 4. Manuel had him at 8 or 9.

      The point being that I don’t get why people think the Jays are trying to draft some player on the cheap. This player was projected for this range because of his quality.

  74. Not trying to go off topic, but I was wondering if anyone like me, with pentecost selection, tried to look at aj jimenez and then decided to check out some of the jays other prospects. Interesting enough Deck McGuire is actually having a good year…. 2.96 era 1.178 whip, 4 hr, 73 ip in 12 games. However, primarily in AA over AAA. Looks like in a worse case scenario could actually pitch a game or two in a last resort scenario. Still could make it as a reliever.

    Sean Nolin is pitching 2.70, 1 HR, 1.275 whip, 4o ip in 7 games.

    • It’s actually frightening how off tangent you got.
      Way out in left field.
      However, Deck McGuire was a good find.
      Dare to hope.

    • If Deck, Nolin, or Drabek can come in and September and rest some starters going into the playoffs that will help immensely, especially with Hutch and Stro.

  75. Wow are they ever gonna hardball Hoffman with an underslot contract.

    Don’t want to sign it? No problem. We’ll take the 10th pick next year.

    And Pentecost would be hard pressed to be overslot too.

  76. I like the hoffman pick, seems like very good value. The pentecost pick is meh. When the only good thing a draft expert can say about a prospect is they are a true catcher that doesnt not instill confidence in me. Seems like the budget was tight though.

  77. I don’t know shit about these pics. I’m not going to pretend I do.

  78. If JPA taught us anything, it’s this: a good catcher is hard to find.

    • Thank you Mae West.

    • If the Jays history of the last 10 years has taught us anything, don’t try and “find” a catcher of the future.

      Especially in the 1st round a la JPA.

      Just hope that you run into a catcher like the majority of these teams did:

      • I see what you’ve been saying 2010, but Carlos Delgado was a catcher. So was Brett Lawrie. So were a bunch of other guys that the noon-beer-to-gear-up-for-first-pitch has caused me to forget.

        If they think the bar tool can play, that’s what they’re drafting for at 11. They can move a C somewhere else if he forces their hand.

        Based on some stuff I’ve read on BP, I’d always prefer a HS position player to a college one, but we’ll know in five years…

        • That was *bat tool. Today I’m the “bar tool”

        • I can’t recall anybody believing Lawrie would stick at catcher.

          Correct me if I’m wrong though.

          Pentecost doesn’t sound like he has the bat to be an impact player at any position aside from catcher.

        • He could realistically be playing as our backup C in 2016′ starting in 2017. It will be nice to have a controlled piece there when having to go out and replace Jose, Edwin, and Reyes with free agents as we don’t have replacements for them in the system really. Pompey, or Smith could be up as CF or 4th OF by then, and maybe Dean on the mlb roster somewhere at 1st or DH but our position players are thin. especially after Anderson flamed out and Alford stuck to football (who the fuck does that? Everyone chooses a second sport over football because of the non guaranteed contracts and injury risk!)

    • If JPA has taught us anything, it’s this: your top prospect can go on to have one of the historically bad seasons in baseball and flame out gloriously.

      • It’s a valuable lesson, Kristen, just one we don’t want to revisit time and time again.
        Fingers crossed.

  79. Orioles tied it up…

  80. Ok. So Kopech is gone…

  81. Max Pentecost from Kennesaw State. The perfect marriage of name and school. Sounds like a character from a 60s disney movie. “Well ol Max Pentecost from Kennesaw State was having none of this and that’s for sure, /stares down mountain lion.” He has to make it to the bigs one day!

  82. Gatewood is still on the board.

  83. @Ken_Rosenthal

    Just heard same as @Joelsherman1: #Mets’ Syndergaard injured left (non-throwing) shoulder in home-plate collision during Triple A game.

    7:27 PM – 5 Jun 2014

  84. J.J. Hardy

    3 errors tonight.

  85. Rangers now up 8-5 on the Orioles.

  86. We got next

  87. Sean Reid-Foley, a projected mid-first round pick sitting there for Rogers at 49 – spend that money!!!! or Monte Harrison, ranked just below Reid-Foley as an OF

    • High school arm. Lots to like. You know…for a guy I’d never heard of three weeks ago…

    • The guys on were amazed he was still available.

      • They must be running out of cliches by now, one would think.

        • Yeah but the 2 experts were asked why the guy had fallen.
          Listed at #18 by MLB and BA and the jays get him at 49.
          both said “I don’t know” Absolutely no reason why.
          Sorta shocked look by both guys.
          Not the usual rhetoric.

      • What would they have said of you at 18 RADAR?

        • As Bob said “like a rock”
          “My eyes were clear and bright.”

          • “Felt like a million
            Felt like number one.”

            • Abso fucking lutely.

              Flew out to Vancouver that summer. Drinking age in Ont was 18 ,but 19 in BC.Hadda beard that woulda put Stoeten’s to shame.I was the only one who could get served at the liquor store,so I bought for all. Partied in North Van and stayed awake for 3 days.Took a catnap and partied some more. Beautiful women in BC.Ate at White Castle and Dennys for the first time.I understand why people never want to leave BC.
              Thought I knew it all and what I didn’t know,wasn’t worth knowing anyway.
              My balls were so big, I hadda wear a bra.
              Never walked anywhere, I strutted.

              LOL Sometime between then and now, I got civilized.

              • It happens to the best of us, if we’re fortunate.
                Thank God for women.
                (I was going to say “Thank Heaven For Little Girls,” but it sounded way too creepy.)

  88. Rangers win 8-6. Now Orioles 5.5 games behind Jays.

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