After the absence of a proper Game Threat yesterday, you’d think if make an effort to do one up right here today. But nope, this is what you get. Go Jays!

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  1. Bare down Hutch, with our O you’re still in good shape.

  2. 4 runs isn’t a huge deal. Let’s keep it at 4 please

  3. Well that wasn’t pretty.
    Time to get on the sticks.

  4. Haha looks like a chocking team to me here comes a long 6 to 10 game losing streak and the Orioles will be back in first blue gays suck

  5. When you think about it, the Jays have faced remarkable little adversity since they started this tear 20-25 games ago. Even their loses seemed to come at the end of the game, and thus, little chance to actually overcome said adversity.

    Be interesting to see how they respond down pretty big but with plenty of time to come back.

    • They won’t comeback it won’t happen they will lose 10 straight and will be in third place just you wait and see

  6. Holy shit Navarro…..I mean, I get that you’re Navarro, but fuck…..Stephan Hawking could have beaten out that for a single.

  7. we need a homer

  8. this is why I still blame AA for not upgrading the rotation in the winter, as the jays rotation has been coasting by on a ton of luck and are due for huge regressions. Ervin santanna would have made a world of difference for this team

    • After everybody refused to sign him, Santanna agreed to terms with the Jays,then left for a place he could pad his stats.

    • Yeah, I agree…..the sky isn’t falling or anything, and if nothing else, this past month or so has all but ensured we’re at least playing meaningful baseball in Sept…..but I think there’s a ton of regression that’s due all over. Guys like Pillar, Gose, Francisco etc. In the rotation, Hutch is starting to look suspect, Dickey could go either way, Happ is Happ and Stroman looks good but still is extremely unproven. And Burehle is great, but I dno’t think he’s a CY caliber pitcher, which is what he’s been so far.

      Not all doom and gloom, I think the team is great and liekly to make the playoffs….but we may have been spoiled by the past few weeks a bit. Certainly, this team needs to improve by the trade deadline with an acquisition. This is not a team that you can expect to win a WS with.

      • Naw.
        Look at the teams who go to the WS.
        And there’s a long way to go.
        The 93 Jays lost a game 19-3.
        Shit happens.

  9. Wait, how does Pillar have an OBP LOWER then his average? Pretty sure it just showed him with a .250 avg but .242 OBP

  10. Pillar got himself out there. Jpa esque

    • the roster might soon start to look like the week of November 1-7 ……..rotten pumpkins everywhere.

  11. Jays need to notice this ump’s strike zone is small. Quit swinging at shit outside the zone and helping Garcia out.

  12. Hey I heard we’re chocking this game. Can anyone confirm or deny?

    • It was an auto correct error.
      He meant chalking.

      • Yeah that’s what i thought. IPretty sure I saw a few players break the unwritten rule and step on the baselines while walking off the field.

        Goddamn Chalkers!!

    • I can confirm that we are indeed chocking.
      Because chocking = doing something good, right?
      Like, eventually something good will happen.

      • No it won’t they are choking right now and will lose another ten games and will most likely finish the season in last place what a joke this team is I can’t wait till next weekend when we shit all over your pathetic team

    • Watch it, KyleZ, you don’t want to be thought of as a trader.

  13. Ah, baseball happens.

  14. Also, a bad start today and (likely) two losses and people are back to thinking the sky is falling?

  15. I kind of feel the way that one does the moment the drugs wear off at the all night rave. You remember feeling euphoric not long ago, but you just can’t make yourself keep feeling it.

    I was starting to feel like winning at an 80% clip was our birthright. …….sigh…….

  16. What a greatly talented offensive team you have when you can’t get a run off of Jaime fucking Garcia what a joke your whole team sucks Cruz is better than your whole team Bautista sucks and is a whiny diva Lawrie is a douchebag and Encarnacion, Reyes and Melky all suck so hard your team is a piece of shit

    • I mean, the standings, but…

      • What standings in ten games the jays will likely be in forth place and by the all star game will be in last

        • I feel so bad for the players who were drafted by your shit team will never be good because the Jays can’t develop prospects or will have to re enter the draft and risk getting drafted by the worst team in the AL east and one of the worst in baseball

        • Get thee to the Firth of Forth and declare independence from reality.

    • Waht are you getting out of this? This is a horrible troll job.

      You need to give at least the appearance of contact with reality in order to rile people. When you SEEM like your opinion might have some weight, that’s when people get upset.

      What you’re doing is just a waste of keystrokes.

      • Look at how bad your rotation is and the fact that your shitty team can’t get a run off one of the worst pitchers in baseball my statements are realistic and I’m not trolling it is reality but your team is very good at trolling they get on these little adorable runs where they win just enough games to make you think they have a chance then promptly go down the toilet the rest of the way an embarrassment for the MLB the Astros will win the World Series before the Jays will win another

  17. Melky cares.

  18. I wonder how long that Orioles troll has been waiting for a Blue Jays loss so that he could get back to trolling.

  19. Do. Not. Feed. The. Morons.

  20. Seemed a little early to pull Hutchison to me, but I guess Redmond is the long man in the pen, he’s the one to use in this situation. Hopefully he can shut the Cardinals down.

    • It was just the other day that people were suggesting that we didn’t need a long man anymore, and should send Redmond down.

  21. My question for anyone watching: is Hutch hurt? Velo down? Just a bad outing? Surprised Gibbers didn’t try to at least get another inning out of him.

    • Keeping in mind that i have absolutely no idea wtf i’m talking about, but I think that Hutch needs to learn how to control himself a little more. I know he seems like a super cool-as-a-cucumber type, but maybe he gets more amped up then his exterior would suggest.

      Remember when he came up the first time, and threw with velo (mid 90′s) that nobody was expecting, speeds he didn’t touch in the minors. Then TJ.

      And now, he came up throwing very hard at the beginning of the season, and trended downward pretty much every game. I think most pitchers (esp starters) leave a little in the tank when they pitch. They need to in order to go 9 inings (not that they do, but that is ostensibly the goal). Most starters prob realize you can’t throw 100% velo on every pitch all game. Maybe Hutch doesn’t do this.

  22. That brunette looked like Mila Kunis.

  23. That intentional walk yesterday was the height of stupidity

    It’s the one area I see where gibbons consistently goes Luddite on us

    Today .. The game could have a drastically different appearance had that mile highly foul pop up by cruise been caught as it should have

  24. Man, do we ever need a Goodbye Homerun

  25. Look at how bad your rotation is it really that much of a surprise and the fact that your shitty team can’t get a run off one of the worst pitchers in baseball my statements are realistic and I’m not trolling it is reality but your team is very good at trolling they get on these little adorable runs where they win just enough games to make you think they have a chance then promptly go down the toilet the rest of the way an embarrassment for the MLB the Astros will win the World Series before the Jays will win another

  26. Someone wake up Stoeten so we can be rid of this fuckface.

    • I thought you said “duckface” at first and I wholeheartedly agreed. I stilln wholeheartedly agree, but I’m not as excited.

  27. Paging Mr. Stoeten to block this in-bred child who seems to have found access to the internets.

    • I love how people ask for me in here, as if I’d actually wallow in the comments. When was the last time I was commenting on a game threat with a game in progress? Hit me up on Twitter next time.

      • Because, you know, it’s totally awful when people actually like hearing your thoughts. Might as well show your contempt for your readers who have that sentiment too.

        • I hope it’s more about concentrating on the game than it is disdaining us.
          I know for myself, some days I’d rather just watch the game.

          • Although I’m not sure about “wallowing”.

            • Except for the part about spreading scent, Karl, it sounds like fun.



              (chiefly of large mammals) roll about or lie relaxed in mud or water, especially to keep cool, avoid biting insects, or spread scent.
              “watering places where buffalo liked to wallow”
              synonyms: loll about/around, roll about/around, lie about/around, splash about/around.

              (of a person) indulge in an unrestrained way in (something that creates a pleasurable sensation).
              “I was wallowing in the luxury of the hotel”
              synonyms: luxuriate, bask, take pleasure, take satisfaction, indulge (oneself), delight, revel, glory; enjoy, like, love, relish, savour.

      • Oh that feels very crying to dad to come fix things… no harm done. Everybody sees the trolls for who they are. Just a waste of time…

  28. Come on seriously this team can’t get a run off of Jaime Garcia

  29. says the orioLOls troll whose pitcher essentially gave up 2 grand slams in one inning

  30. This ump fucking blows.

  31. Right then. I’m off to the cinema. Maybe I’m the bad luck charm today. Hope things improve in my absence. Enjoy.

  32. That last half inning felt very ‘run for the bus.’

  33. This ump is awful

  34. Back to back 5-0 shutouts to some very ordinary pitchers. Are these guys burnt out from winning so much or something?

  35. Pillar swings at the worst pitches

  36. I find it hard to believe the jays may go the entire weekend without scoring a run

  37. We like to shit on Toddzilla but he’s gotten it done today.

    If only the offense would revive.

  38. People lining up already to get off the boat.

  39. This has been one shitty baseball weekend.

  40. If there’s anything to take away from today, its that the Orioles have been twice as bad as the Jays.

  41. I just thought I’d mention again that other than Janssen, Redmond has the lowest ERA in the bullpen.

    • You can send a message around the world in a quarter of a second but it can take years to take an idea and pound it through a quarter inch of human skull.

    • Yep. Todd the Brakeman Redmond went five innings of no-run ball. Gotta like that.

  42. Welp

  43. Ugh. Pillar has been such dogshit in the Majors. I was really hoping he’d show something to stick around as a righty on the bench and 4th OF.

    I didn’t think finding a competent righty bat would be so difficult but here we are. Oh well. Minor issue but still, guys like Pillar and Kratz don’t seem to be the answers to the platoon issues. Tolleson is decent enough.

    • He’s been league average in a tiny sample against LHP. Not great, no, but funny how the Pillar haters come out when he strikes out a couple times.

      • It is a tiny sample this year but his at-bats don’t instill a lot of confidence. He’s chasing bad breaking balls, not making any good contact and clearly not walking or even coming close to.

        What’s the outlook for players like him who didn’t hit for power and didn’t walk at any great rate in the minors? Seems like he’s overmatched vs MLB quality stuff.

        I realize the ceiling for him might be merely a 4th OF but the process has looked really bad so far. Not just the ugly results.

        • Agreed. Pillar has looked like the worst hitter on the team. Worse than gose. Totally overmatched. And hes not THAT young.

  44. Sucks, but O’s lost today and the Yankees are down in the 8th. Could always be worse, although going two straight without scoring at home? Rough.

    Huge next two weeks to stay on track.

  45. Repeating a message that I posted on Twitter yesterday… Cue the mass panic button pushing now that the Jays have lost a game.

    Relax, people. They’ll be fine. It’s a long season.

  46. Regarding Hutch… I think he’s been solid as the #3 for the most part and he’s given us more than what we foresaw at the beginning at the year. Having said that, here’s some numbers from Gregor Chisholm that bears monitoring:

    Hutch on normal rest: 6 GS, 30 1/3 IP, 20 ER, 7 HR, 15 BB, 22 K
    On extra rest: 7 GS, 44 2/3 IP, 13 ER, 3 HR, 8 BB, 45 K

    Hutch at home: 5 GS, 21 2/3 IP, 21 ER, 7 HR, 13 BB, 21 K
    Hutch on the road: 8 GS, 53 1/3 IP, 12 ER, 3 HR, 10 BB, 46 K

    He’s given us great value from the #3 slot, but I’d feel better if the Jays would bring in someone else to slot into the top three and continue to get #3 quality innings from Hutch in the #4 slot.

    • It could be that he needs to get a season out of the way after his TJ.

      • I agree… But if the Jays are going to contend this year, they can’t afford to wait for Hutch to get the season out of the way in his recovery from TJ.

        • So they should…send him to Buffalo and call up…Esmil Rogers? I’m not sure I follow.

          • Look at my original post and see if you can see where I suggested sending him down.

            (I didn’t, btw)

  47. Royals 2
    Wankees 1


  48. Now that’s the NL Champs we knew that were showing up. All pitchers from their system are farm grown…screw trading for a starting pitcher…let’s do it the Cards way!!

    • Well, even the Cards depended on bringing in some guys to help them win championships – Carpenter and Lohse, to name two, started their careers elsewhere.

  49. Where in the Playing the Game the Right Way guide the Cardinals have perfected is the section on spitting on baseballs in BP before throwing them to opposing fans? That’s what I saw Shelby Miller do before today’s game. He made sure everyone was looking, before he hacked a giant loogie on a ball before throwing the spit-covered ball into an outfield section that included tons of kids looking for a souvenir from a ballplayer. Absolutely despicable act by a neanderthal redneck.

  50. Minnesota coming in and then going to Baltimore…those pitching staffs should get the Jays bats going again.



  52. Sorry, it’s my fault.

    My kids had their birthday parties this yesterday and today and I came home to 5-0 endings.

    This won’t happen again for another year, as you were ladies and gents.

  53. I realized today that camden chat is a fucking cesspool

  54. Hey, how come mlbtraderumors’ blog roundup of whatever they call it never features a big boy like DJF for the Jays? Or have I just not been reading MlbTR for long enough?

  55. TSN dumb comments of the day


    “Nobody takes the Jays serious, as long as teams like The Yanks and Baltimore stay within range us Red Sox fans are happy! Report this comment!”


    “Let the June meltdown begin. The Jays do this every year, provide fans with false hope only to disappoint and fail to meet expectations. Another non playoff year we go again. Jays will now lose the next 9 straight and fall to 4th in the AL East. I knew this couldn’t last for long. Another year of meaningless baseball in September awaits the Jays this year. Report this comment!”

    To the first winner the red sox are 9.5 back and the closest team the o’s is still 5.5 back so yeah… Fangraphs, ESPN, and SI all seem to be taking the jays serious with playoff odds. but thanks for coming out tips.

    Second winner, if the jays lost the next 9 straight it would be almost mathematically for them to drop to 4th because they are 12 games above 500 and tb is 16 below. Thanks for coming out dumbass. Also the sox are 7 games below so they also would be below the jays even if they won em all. so thanks for coming out……

    • Psmith. Thing is, the sociopaths actually believe their own BS, so there is not much point in trying to convince them otherwise. They don’t seem to understand that teams do lose 2 in a row sometimes. We’ll just cheer the club on tomorrow, you and me and a whole bunch of folks still in the boat.
      I will admit though, that I am glad I chose the tickets vs the Chisox on june 28 that my kids got me for fathers day rather that today which was the other choice. Snoozer, indeed

      • Yep fukstick I realize just how crazy the tsn commentators are. thought I’d share the winners of the day. :D

    • ooh a fortune teller
      Another year of meaningless baseball in September awaits the Jays this year.

  56. Besides the sox are going to lose today so that even with the jays loss no team gains ground :D The sox and tb still both look dogshit. the sox are not much better than the rays.

  57. Fact of the matter is, this is not a championship team as constructed. Juan Francisco’s fifteen minutes are about up. This results in lawrie back to third and the need for a replacement level 2b man such as tolleson or goins, et al playing every day.

    the lineup vs lefties is already suspect. It had been hot as of late, but in all honesy, anyone who thinks that a lineup including pillar, kratz, tolleson…is going to continue to be solid is deluded.

    the great run has been most enjoyable, and I do believe that this team is as good as any in the east, but there remains some serious issues.

    the starting rotation is still the biggest weakness, and there is no doubt in my mind the team is in need of a big time deadline pitcher to have a legit shot.

  58. Sounds like all kinds of shit in the A’s Balto series. Mannie Machado is making a bit of a name for himself. Not in a good way.

  59. Don’t forget, it’s still early

  60. On top of the 2 signings announced today – looks like Reid-Foley is signing as well.
    His twitter says he’s on his way to Clearwater, and Jeff Hoffman is following him – happy to be teammates?
    Good sign – he was supposed to be a tough sign, hopefully this bodes for the Jays risks payin off.

  61. Interesting article. So at least one guy thought Gose was more valuable than D’Arnaud.

  62. does anyone know $$ on 4th and 8th rd signings. I am interested to see if any is earmarked for 11-14 and 38th rd picks. Jim callis is really high on the jays late guys. but whether its wilner, call is, law or olney I cannot find financial terms yet.

  63. Sean Reid-Foley tweeting that he is off to start his career:

    I’ll also be working with @Cobi_Johnson dad. Great guy. I’m excited
    (Dane Johnson)

  64. Don’t have time to check, but I’m wondering if anyone knows the stats on Hutch when Kratz catches him instead of Dinner?

    • Here are the super basic numbers.

      Kratz catching:

      4 GS (NYY, PHL, TEX, STL)
      23.1 IP
      6.17 ERA (includes CGSO v TEX)

      Dinner catching:

      9 GS
      51.2 IP
      2.96 ERA

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