After the absence of a proper Game Threat yesterday, you’d think if make an effort to do one up right here today. But nope, this is what you get. Go Jays!

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  1. Git Git Gittin it on.

  2. I know other guys have mentioned this, but I find myself checking the standings several times a day.

    This is getting retarded.

  3. free game of the day in yes yes y’all

  4. Buehrle gon Buehrl

  5. Eye black and shades Lawrie?
    Oh you rascal.

  6. 7 pitches, Buehrle is really labouring.

  7. I love our lineup against RHP, Gibby’s fabulous use of platoons almost seems unfair.

  8. Gah. So close Joey…

  9. Don’t get it together, Shelby!

  10. Buehrle is having a real problem, missing on the arm side. Usually has much better command.

  11. So with the ramp up of pitcher salaries, and Buerle Buerhlin’ all over town, is Buerle’s albatross contract now below market?

  12. 4 called strikeouts already? That’s insane lol

  13. The way Buck always mentions ” CALLED STRIKE THREE” seems to imply that the umpires are giving Buerhle a HUGE strikezone, right? Any truth in that (listening at work).

    • Somewhat yeah. Although the very bottom of the strike zone isn’t there for either pitcher.

    • If you’re hearing Buck… then there is a TV on somewhere at work. Watch the damn thing, man… your boss isn’t around! Strike zone has been pretty wide, I think… yeah.


        altho it is the free game of the day!

        • so ya you are right, but people can see my screen

        • My mistake! I didn’t know the Gameday Audio was the TV feed. Thats unfortunate! What’s more unfortunate, is that you can’t watch this Houdini act by Beurhle.

  14. I’m calling it. Jays get no hit and still end up winning.

  15. Come on Jhonny why

  16. Edwin has that one. Lind should be the dh. EE back get well soon.

  17. I would be happy if prostate cancer took my life if they would shut the fuck up and focus on the game again at some point in the next hour.

  18. All of a sudden, Buehrle is getting squeezed…

  19. Buehle for Mayor

  20. 88? Seriously?!

  21. Even when Buehrle isn’t on he is still awesome!

  22. If somebody wanted to break up the perfect game that’d be great.

  23. Buerhle needs a run support.

  24. Rays have DFA’d, the rapist, Lueke.

  25. How the hell.did that get out

  26. I think the jays should go after Ian Kennedy , guy is showing forms of his Cy Young campaign not too long ago .

  27. and while we go after Ian Kennedy, the jays can trade that bag of trash Colby Rasmus.

  28. There goes the perfecto!

  29. No fucking way! How did that ball stay in the park??

  30. Its refreshing to see Dusty ‘the cashcow’ Mcgowan in the backend of the bullpen finally earning his keep. Its been 8 years since this guy earned his pay cheque.

  31. Maybe Dickey can learn something from Dusty ‘the cashman’ and earn his salary too.

  32. Wilner’s game calling is fucking atrocious. Honestly he reacts like the Rogers Centre crowd. Every fly ball gets a home run build up. Awful. Driving and listening to him I feel like we’re about to hit a dinger every two at bats only to get blue balls when it’s caught.

  33. There goes the no-no, hooray!

  34. Just a matter of time.

  35. Here comes the luck!

  36. Jose, Jose Jose Jose

  37. What happened to this BLOG? No one can voice their opinion anymore without being called a troll. This Blog has changed for the worse.

  38. This Miller character looks a little shaken after 2 hits. Relax champ.

    Also: fuck

  39. Jose decides to lull them into a false sense of security for even longer.


  41. Players in scoring position late in a close game?

    This calls for the wave!!

  42. Even on a bad day Buehrle goes 7 with 1 ER.

  43. I wonder if the offenseive drought the jays are showing today is a sign to come.

    • Earlier this year Miller retired 27 straight Rockies after allowing a leadoff hit. So, no this isn’t a sign of things to come he is occasionally brilliant.

  44. Sure hope Stoeten saw that wave. He probably puked in his soup.

  45. 3 of them just stay in, but Grichuk’s ball somehow gets out. Fuck

  46. That one sounded and looked like it was gone.

  47. Is that Liam Hendricks on the mound for St. Louis?

  48. Jesus. Shelby Miller brought his horseshoes to the park today.

  49. FFS, I am really not used to seeing Blue Jays not hit home runs at home. It’s supposed to be a hitter’s ballpark lol.

  50. Did Melky jusy grab Buehrle’s dick in the dugout?

    Also…all these near HRs make me feel terrible for that prostate cancer foundation guy. What was it 200k donated per HR? Fuuuuuuuck

  51. Bases loaded. Loups specialty.

  52. On the plus side Jansen gets an off day.

  53. Time to trade Colby Rasmus for some well needed pitching in my opinion.

  54. Okay letz get all the bad bullpen appearances out of the way.

  55. I do not understand Gibby’s use of the bullpen in this inning.

    • Loup was the right call didn’t have his stuff. White happens baseball is hard. Jays still in first and will be for the long hull. Loup has been nails more than not and both he and delebar will have top notch 2nd half.

      • White happens. Sorry. Fin playbook autocorrect

      • I’m not saying Gobbons is turrible or anything just that I don’t understand his moves in that inning. I imagine he didn’t want to use his other pitchers when they aren’t leading but even if we say Loup is equally good at getting out LHP and RHP why bring in Delabar to face a lefty with two runners already on base when Delabar has had a very difficult time throwing strikes lately? Why not Jenkins or Redmond who are not good but tend to throw strikes? If the bases were empty Delabar would be fine but I’d hesitate to use him in a situation where 1 walk puts him in a bases loaded jam.

  56. Delabad filling up strike zone like usual.

  57. Dear Jays,



  58. Fieldin Culbrith has fucking shitty strikezone, but it has been consistently inconsistent and shitty at least.

  59. On a somewhat bright note … Being surprised that the Jays will actually lose is a nice change of pace from expecting the Jays to lose.

  60. It might be time to send Delbar down to work on his mechanics.

  61. I wonder who will get traded first for some quality pitching the Jays desperately need?
    Candidates include:

    1) Colby ‘ five tool ‘ cough cough’ player ‘ Rasmus
    2) R.A. Dickey
    3) Adam Lind ( guy’s value is at its peak )

  62. Why is my opinion to trade Rasmus or Lind when their value is at its peak wrong.
    Your an idiot, go to the tsn board loser.

    • Rasmus’s value is at his peak? When he is on the disabled list and only has 4 months left on his contract? Interesting idea of value.

      • Rasmus has been holding back this team since he was acquired, i wish the jays would have retained Edwin Jackson instead of colby bag of trash rasmus .
        Edwin Jackson would look good right now as our number 4 ahead of Dickey at number 5 .

        • Ha ha ha, you’re so funny:

          “How the Cookie Crumbles says: 06.07.14 @ 2:24 PM EDT
          and while we go after Ian Kennedy, the jays can trade that bag of trash Colby Rasmus.”

          New name same old troll, gfy.

    • Because Rasmus doesn’t come with a pick since he is in the last year of his contract, so he has no value to sellers, and no one is going to send pitching for Lind, who is a platoon guy. Not that hard to think before you write sometimes.

      • So basically your saying their value is the equivalent to a bag of trash, interesting point my friend , very interesting.

  63. delabar surely to the dl right???

  64. I repeat, “Fieldin Culbrith has a fucking shitty strike zone”

  65. We haven’t seen a big jays comeback this year, no?

    I think it’s about time for a bat around walk off in the ninth.

  66. Brutal. Statement series lost. I wanted 4 wins out of this 3 game series. Massive disappointment.

    But seriously, the Jays could use Santos back. You’d like to hope that either him or Delabar will have their shit together for each game.

  67. I think Gibby has been going to the Loup well too often, but hey, the bullpen is allowed to blow one every now and then, right?

    Redmond in for mop-up innings, about all he is good for, IMO, not sure if that’s the best use of a bullpen spot, but that’s easy to say during a month like the Jays have had…

    Delabar on DL, and Santos still a week away, who gets a cup of coffee? Hendricks again? Someone else?

  68. Dickey, Rasmus and Lind and 1 prospect for David Price.

  69. Before the Tigers series, I figured splitting the 6 games against the tough Tiger and Cards stretch would be totally fine considering how good those teams can be. 4/6 would be great.

    No biggie on the loss today. Shelby Miller was awesome. Hopefully we can go out tomorrow and snatch the series.

  70. Gibbons thinks he could just come to the ball park and fill out a line-up card,
    you have do something, who do you think you are ? Cito Gaton.

  71. I wonder if we can trade R.A. Dickey for Noah Syndergaard

  72. Bummer. Get them tomorrow!

  73. Stoeten can you pls block this annoying guy? thx.

  74. This Blog was built on die hard fans like me you idiot !

  75. Well today’s game illustrated the importance of limiting the number of pitches you throw per inning.

    Buehrle threw 118 pitches and only made it to the end of the seventh inning.

    Shelby threw 105 pitches in a complete game effort.

    If Buehrle comes back out in the eighth, we’re only down by a run in the ninth and maybe we don’t lose the game.

    Meanwhile Shelby was near unhittable today; if we make him throw a ton of pitches maybe he gets knocked out of the game in the seventh and maybe we score on the bullpen.

    • Isn’t this a little bit like saying “today’s game illustrated the importance of scoring more runs than you allow”?

      There were times today where it looked like if the Jays had tried to work the count Shelby would’ve thrown 81 pitches (that’s 3x3x9, right?).

  76. Was only able to have one barley this afternoon during this game. Certainly not a Buerhle classic but he battled. Miller was tough and was probably fortunate on a couple of rockets. So it goes….sayeth Kilgore Trout.
    Go get em tomorrow boys and helpme down my sixpack of Moosehead. Nice beer that.

    • you seem to have an unlimited supply of moosehead, maybe you’re the dude who stole the stash?

      • They had the 28′s on “sale” ( well, what passes for a sale in Ontariowe!) so I bought 2 unrtil I can get my sister to bring me up the “Octagons” from Quebec. Good Beer

  77. Prior to the Detroit series, most of us would have gladly signed up for a 3-3 record
    in the games vs two tough opponents in Detroit and St. Louis.

    After today, the record stands at 4-1 with a game to go.
    We’re playing with house money.

    Lets get ‘em tomorrow and run it to a fantastic 5-1.

    • Shelby Miller is why you don’t trade Aaron Sanchez. In fact, when was the last time St. Louis paid money for a starter? Kyle Lohse? Stroman’s the first. The arms are going to start coming in waves. The Jays will be raining power pitchers like a southern ontario thunderstorm of plus fastball awesomeness.

      Prophecy over. Now I need to go get another beer.

  78. Attn Andrew pls block the following idiot asap:

    “Anonymous AL GM ”


  79. WE LOSE

  80. anonymous Al gm is obviously orioles fan. go back to the leafs fan pages. seriously he is one of the crappiest trolls on this board in months.

  81. A’s and Orioles tied at 1-1
    Royals up on Yankees 3-0
    Tigers up on Red Sox 4-1

  82. Sometimes you gotta tip your cap to the opposing pitcher. Today was one of those games.

  83. Well, at least the Rays, Massholes and Yanks are losing or lost too.

  84. jays made some low sign draft picks at 13-14 and maybe 18.

    • The Jays’ 38th round pick, #1134 overall, was the Baseball America #70 ranked prospect on their board.

      I don’t know anything about him, but the #70 doesn’t fall to #1134 unless there’s some serious signability concerns. Maybe the Jays can throw money at him.

      The Jays first three picks were all in the Baseball America top 20; Keith Weisenberg, the above-mentioned 38th round pick, is actually their next highest ranked pick by BA.

      The Jays also managed to snag a Canadian (one who ranked #319 by BA) in the 23rd round, something that could be considered quite a catch for a round that late, if he signs.

  85. You can’t win ‘em all.

  86. O’s win 6-3 over A’s
    Royals win 8-4 over Yankees
    Tigers win 8-6 over Red Sox
    Mariners win 7-4 over Rays

    Jays lead 5.5 over Orioles. O’s leap frog over Yankees for 2nd in AL East.


    Intriguing link, as in it Scherzer and Boras claim that Tommy John surgeries primarily happen to young pitchers with less than four years in the big leagues.

  88. What is this feelng of loss??

    So empty.

    Haven’t felt this way since the last two decades.

    • The best,most balanced article,I’ve read on the subject.
      Definitely required reading.
      Makes Hayhurst’s article on the subject,shall we say,incomplete and sensational.

      Thanks for the link.
      Tip of the hat.

  89. Sunday roast is soooo lame. zzzzzz

  90. What the fuck is this??

  91. That was very uncomfortable to watch.

  92. I knew Zaun was bad. But is he, like, this way all the time now?

    • His streak of horrible broadcastery goes back so far that I find myself sometimes thinking that the phrase “bush league” was coined just for him.

  93. Time for a Jaime GarSeeYa !

  94. Dreamt Lawrie got a $190 million extension last night

    that was something

  95. Hutch is very much not on.

  96. Welp.

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