Oh, for fuck sakes, can’t it just work for the whole entire game FOR ONCE???

That Twins record sure looks awful decent for a club that’s rolling a pair of guys with ERAs above 5.60, but… well… it’s hard to be too cocky right now, after the Jays’ monstrous bats were stifled by Shelby Miller and Jaime Garcia of the Cardinals over the weekend. So I’m thinking… let’s maybe see them put a damn run on the board before we get too certain about what bad shit is about to go down on Minnesota.

But let’s not pretend we’re actually worried that they might not. They’ll score again. Hutchison will pitch well again. And what went on this weekend will happen again, too. The cushion they’ve built is great, but let’s not forget that a 92-win team loses 70 times. In other words, if that’s the level they end up finishing at — and it’s one that seems likely good enough for them to make the playoffs — we’ve still got a full month-and-a-half worth of losses to watch them accumulate. And they could lose twelve straight and still be at .500! Not that anybody is suggesting that they go out and do a thing like that, but holy fuck, this is great. Now just keep pushing and beat up on these Twins.

Go Jays!


As you can see below — and as was mentioned in today’s Daily Duce — the newly-signed Kendrys Morales is in the lineup for the Twins tonight. Not mentioned in an earlier post: seems like Edwin Encarnacion is doing alright (remember his wonky back last week?), as he’s in the lineup tonight and playing at first base.

More still from today’s Daily Duce (and not just stuff about events/places/stuff I’m pushing you to check out), as Shi Davidi tweets that the tentative plan for Colby Rasmus is to have him go to Buffalo for a rehab assignment at some point this week. Meanwhile, Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun tells us that Sergio Santos has headed to New Hampshire to begin his own rehab assignment.

Megan Robinson tweets a picture of the roof opening at Rogers Centre, as it damn well should be on this fantastic night. She also shows us Marcus Stroman’s glove, and gets us set for the game with a quick video preview.

More picture tweets, as Mike Wilner shows us that Jack Morris — who, it can’t be stated enough, was much better than I expected him to be (which… well… mind you, it wasn’t like I set the bar very high) — is back in town tonight as part of the Twins’ broadcast crew. And he’s got another one to make us nostalgic: Paul Molitor, currently the Twins’ hitting coach, once again wielding a bat at the Rogers Centre. Kinda cool.

Steph Rogers tweets that it’s never too early in your week to get your cry on, directing us to her post at theScore, where we see some Blue Jays dads getting a heartfelt Father’s Day surprise.

Sticking with theScore, while not Jays-related, GROF examines Mike Trout’s insane grand slam home run off Chris Sale.

The Buffalo News tweets a link to a bunch of photos from the club’s annual Star Wars night, which took place over the weekend.

Breaking news from Reddit: Shelby Miller may or may not be an asshole. INTRIGUE!

Lastly, Griff makes an awesomely filthy insinuation about my reaction to being mentioned by Jonah Keri on Prime Time Sports tonight. It’s all lies!

AND ONE MORE: Holy shit, Trevor Cahill designated for assignment? That would have seemed insane a couple years ago. Maybe it seems insane now. He’s striking out over a batter per inning, and while he wasn’t great last year, and is walking more than five batters per nine at the moment, a 4.09 FIP and 3.92 xFIP, plus no loss in velocity (an ever-so-slight increase, in fact, over each of the past three years — though it’s been pointed out to me that he’s been pitching out of the bullpen, so I guess that’s why), and… yeah. Let’s take a flyer here — though, as Drew astutely tweets, “How many teams willing to take a shot with Cahill? ‘Many’ is my guess.” Uh-huh.

The issue, of course, is that Cahill has a tonne of salary still left on his deal — what’s left of $7.7-million this year, plus $13.5-million next — so it’s not likely that anybody is going to trade for him (unless you get Arizona to eat a bunch of the contract — which isn’t impossible, since they’ll be on the hook for it if nobody takes him), nor is it likely he’ll get picked up on waivers. Seems like a thing where teams would just wait for him to clear waivers and become a free agent… or… shit, will that even happen? He came into the season with five years of MLB service, and… do I really need to think about this? Ugh. If he clears waivers and refuses his assignment, does he forfeit his salary? Seems like a Romero-like situation, right? So probably. So… maybe he’ll just end up in the minors? Fuck, I don’t know — and I’m not looking it up, because the damn game is on. Gotta focus on willing some balls to stay in the fucking park, thankyouverymuch R.A. Dickey.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Minnesota

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Josh Thole (L)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Minnesota Twins

CF Danny Santana (S)
2B Brian Dozier (R)
1B Joe Mauer (L)
LF Josh Willingham (R)
RF Oswaldo Arcia (L)
DH Kendrys Morales (S)
3B Trevor Plouffe (R)
C Kurt Suzuki (R)
SS Eduardo Escobar (S)

RHP Ricky Nolasco

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  1. Well that was somewhat unfortunate.

    Bear down Casey

  2. Sooo close pillar

  3. Fuuuuck.

    You don’t need to be a hero Kevin.

    Keep the tie run at first!!

    • Ding, ding… we have a winner. Pillar should have played it safe to hold the runner at first.

      Also, second time Casey has a “blown save” where the infield didn’t get the job done on what should have been a game-ending grounder (Reyes bad throw to end the 9 game streak and Tolleson not completing the DP tonight).

  4. He almost had it.

  5. CJ’s got it.

  6. Suzuki just doubled on a curveball low and nearly a foot outside.

  7. Let’s go Jansen. Let’s use that giant strike zone.

  8. Ooooooohhhhhhhhh Noooooooooooo

    My Janssen ERA OCD is goooooing craaaaaaaazzzzzyyyy!!!!

  9. Are you fucking kidding me?

  10. Fuck. Should have conceited that hit instead of diving.

  11. Ok boys……they’ll take this in the 9th if we can hold em here.

  12. Aw. :(

  13. By the the rigid cock of Satan, that blows.

  14. Aw fuck!

  15. Jesus, what the hell?

  16. And that’s why you keep the fucking ball in front of you Pillar…

  17. Casey…charged with Runs…that is unpossible

  18. Had a feeling that botched DP was gonna come back and haunt us. Time to slam the fucking door and win this in the 9th.

    • Amen

      • Sucks, but that’s baseball, winning teams overcome that shit. Never get off of the bus. (its the bus now right? I drink alot)

        • Winning teams also sometimes don’t overcome that shit, FYI. Sometimes baseball just happens and it doesn’t say a damn thing about whether you’re a “winning team” or not.

          • Sometimes oh wise one, sometimes

            • It literally means nothing whether they win or lose, with respect to whether they’re a “winning” team or not (aside from the fact that they would be tonight’s “winning” team). Literally exactly nothing. Let’s not hand over our brains to dumb old tropes, OK?

              • Dude I’m not preaching team chemistry or an emotional spark plug spirit animal bench player. All I’m saying is winning games such as these can make a difference on a “winning team”. And teams that win close games in the 9th, ahhh whatever man, you think what you want. They just walked it off, lets be happy.

        • The bus is on the boat.
          So is the pony.


  19. And you may ask yourself
    How do I work this?
    And you may ask yourself
    Where is that large automobile?
    And you may tell yourself
    This is not my beautiful house!
    And you may tell yourself
    This is not my beautiful wife!

    • I suppose that tonight is not the same as it ever was SP, but I approve of your song choice nonetheless…

  20. Thank you Tolleson and Pillar you useless fucking cunts

    • Bench players gonna bench

      • Tolleson is exhibit A why this team needs a real ML 2nd baseman. Pillar, however, is in the game to make that fucking play. Which means if you cant catch it, keep it in front of you. Baseball 101. Sooooooo dumb.

        • Tolleson is fine as a platoon 2B. Relax. Good fucking lord.

        • Shithead. Every player loses the feel of the ball on the transfer occasionally, even hall of famers. At least he realized it and held onto it as opposed to making things worse by throwing it. The two following hits were the kind I may get if I every managed to make contact in that they were lucky just like the one Pillar got to win the game.

    • Just love gratuitous use of the word “cunt”, always

    • Good to see some people still making poor language choices.

  21. I missed the double play ball. Did Tolleson muff it?

  22. Truck it walk offs are sweet

  23. The good news is that I wasn’t going to order a pizza because the game was over…. but now….. (416) 977-8451 here I come!!!!

  24. Fine. Walk it off.

  25. Alright, let’s have a walk off win so some of you don’t have an aneurysm.

  26. Drop your cocks and grab your socks boys.
    We got some work to do yet.

  27. I got a fever and the only prescription is walk off.

  28. Have the Jays won a walk off yet this year?

  29. Leadoff walk in the bottom of the 9th to the #8 hitter?

    The Baseball Gods HAVE to punish that, right?

  30. Replacing one catcher with another to pinch run. Lord have mercy on our souls.

  31. Nice one, baby Navarro.

  32. Gose, cue the YOLO bunt

  33. Kratz look like he just woke up.

  34. It’s been Reyes’ night so far, why the fuck not?

  35. Fuck me gose

  36. Sweet ‘offensive weapon’ hunting tony

  37. Casey Fien with his velocity and repetoire is hauntingly similar to our Casey.

  38. Kratz swipes second and third?

  39. But now Melky! But no!

  40. Pinch-run Kratz for Stroman. He must be fast!

  41. Nice hit. Keep it going guys…

  42. Reyes gets 1st star.

  43. Pillar gets to make up for illadvised play.

  44. I’m calling it now…. this game does not end until my Pizza arrives!!….The guy on the phone said 45 minutes….. so… get comfortable.

  45. Pillar walk off!

  46. Fucking A!!!!!

  47. Did that just happened?

  48. YESSSSS!

  49. YES!!!!!!!!!

  50. Turkey Bacon!!!!


  52. Can’t believe I just saw that.

  53. YEsssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  54. Pat saying come on! Love it!



  56. They just look like better people when they make up for their fuck ups….

  57. Wonder which pitcher coulda pinch run and made that slide at home/

  58. Weird win? Or WEIRDEST win?

  59. Janssen finally gets his first win of the season.

  60. Not as pretty as pillars slide but ill take it…on replay pillar needs to be at second base there

  61. I wonder if a pitcher goes from 2B to home so well????

  62. dat pillar walk-off!!

  63. Kratz has some fucking wheels!

  64. Pillar seemed more relieved than joyful after that hit.

  65. Did you see the “fearless leader” coaching Pillar up in the dugout and then out to congratulate him right away?

  66. Thank you Tolleson and Pillar you useless fucking cunts

    -Arthur Pewty, 06.09.14 @ 9:47 PM EDT

  67. Your pizza came fast Famous…

  68. Why doesn’t Thole hit more vs Righties and sit Dinner.

  69. Win 9, lose 2, win 6, lose 2, win x

    What is x?

  70. The kind of game good teams win

  71. A medicine man, eh? Fucking Obamacare…

  72. Yeah it was a terrific win. But Dickey is…not exactly what I’d hoped. Still he was much better down the back half of last season so maybe that’s his pattern.

    • Losing steak down at 2. He was good enough. A little scary but I’ll take it. Wait until he hits the humid weather and the knuckler will float.

    • Call it extremely low expectations, but I’ll take the Dickey stress and over reactions then the guaranteed “JO JO REYES, Brian Tallet; well call that a loss 1 hr before the game starts”.

    • You always are a rain of sunshine on a cloudy day, IsabellaReyes

  73. Back to .600!


  74. Yep .600
    Hot damn

  75. Sox lost again Goddamit. Can’t they even win one lousy game and help us out a little?

  76. Ya live by the bloop…sometimes you die by the bloop.

  77. Stoeten , strange how you entertained comments from RobA about how the jays need starting pitching , you responded everytime as he repeated himself over and over and over again the Jyas lack of pitching depth. People have gotten banned for much less.

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