Oh, for fuck sakes, can’t it just work for the whole entire game FOR ONCE???

That Twins record sure looks awful decent for a club that’s rolling a pair of guys with ERAs above 5.60, but… well… it’s hard to be too cocky right now, after the Jays’ monstrous bats were stifled by Shelby Miller and Jaime Garcia of the Cardinals over the weekend. So I’m thinking… let’s maybe see them put a damn run on the board before we get too certain about what bad shit is about to go down on Minnesota.

But let’s not pretend we’re actually worried that they might not. They’ll score again. Hutchison will pitch well again. And what went on this weekend will happen again, too. The cushion they’ve built is great, but let’s not forget that a 92-win team loses 70 times. In other words, if that’s the level they end up finishing at — and it’s one that seems likely good enough for them to make the playoffs — we’ve still got a full month-and-a-half worth of losses to watch them accumulate. And they could lose twelve straight and still be at .500! Not that anybody is suggesting that they go out and do a thing like that, but holy fuck, this is great. Now just keep pushing and beat up on these Twins.

Go Jays!


As you can see below — and as was mentioned in today’s Daily Duce — the newly-signed Kendrys Morales is in the lineup for the Twins tonight. Not mentioned in an earlier post: seems like Edwin Encarnacion is doing alright (remember his wonky back last week?), as he’s in the lineup tonight and playing at first base.

More still from today’s Daily Duce (and not just stuff about events/places/stuff I’m pushing you to check out), as Shi Davidi tweets that the tentative plan for Colby Rasmus is to have him go to Buffalo for a rehab assignment at some point this week. Meanwhile, Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun tells us that Sergio Santos has headed to New Hampshire to begin his own rehab assignment.

Megan Robinson tweets a picture of the roof opening at Rogers Centre, as it damn well should be on this fantastic night. She also shows us Marcus Stroman’s glove, and gets us set for the game with a quick video preview.

More picture tweets, as Mike Wilner shows us that Jack Morris — who, it can’t be stated enough, was much better than I expected him to be (which… well… mind you, it wasn’t like I set the bar very high) — is back in town tonight as part of the Twins’ broadcast crew. And he’s got another one to make us nostalgic: Paul Molitor, currently the Twins’ hitting coach, once again wielding a bat at the Rogers Centre. Kinda cool.

Steph Rogers tweets that it’s never too early in your week to get your cry on, directing us to her post at theScore, where we see some Blue Jays dads getting a heartfelt Father’s Day surprise.

Sticking with theScore, while not Jays-related, GROF examines Mike Trout’s insane grand slam home run off Chris Sale.

The Buffalo News tweets a link to a bunch of photos from the club’s annual Star Wars night, which took place over the weekend.

Breaking news from Reddit: Shelby Miller may or may not be an asshole. INTRIGUE!

Lastly, Griff makes an awesomely filthy insinuation about my reaction to being mentioned by Jonah Keri on Prime Time Sports tonight. It’s all lies!

AND ONE MORE: Holy shit, Trevor Cahill designated for assignment? That would have seemed insane a couple years ago. Maybe it seems insane now. He’s striking out over a batter per inning, and while he wasn’t great last year, and is walking more than five batters per nine at the moment, a 4.09 FIP and 3.92 xFIP, plus no loss in velocity (an ever-so-slight increase, in fact, over each of the past three years — though it’s been pointed out to me that he’s been pitching out of the bullpen, so I guess that’s why), and… yeah. Let’s take a flyer here — though, as Drew astutely tweets, “How many teams willing to take a shot with Cahill? ‘Many’ is my guess.” Uh-huh.

The issue, of course, is that Cahill has a tonne of salary still left on his deal — what’s left of $7.7-million this year, plus $13.5-million next — so it’s not likely that anybody is going to trade for him (unless you get Arizona to eat a bunch of the contract — which isn’t impossible, since they’ll be on the hook for it if nobody takes him), nor is it likely he’ll get picked up on waivers. Seems like a thing where teams would just wait for him to clear waivers and become a free agent… or… shit, will that even happen? He came into the season with five years of MLB service, and… do I really need to think about this? Ugh. If he clears waivers and refuses his assignment, does he forfeit his salary? Seems like a Romero-like situation, right? So probably. So… maybe he’ll just end up in the minors? Fuck, I don’t know — and I’m not looking it up, because the damn game is on. Gotta focus on willing some balls to stay in the fucking park, thankyouverymuch R.A. Dickey.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Minnesota

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Josh Thole (L)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Minnesota Twins

CF Danny Santana (S)
2B Brian Dozier (R)
1B Joe Mauer (L)
LF Josh Willingham (R)
RF Oswaldo Arcia (L)
DH Kendrys Morales (S)
3B Trevor Plouffe (R)
C Kurt Suzuki (R)
SS Eduardo Escobar (S)

RHP Ricky Nolasco

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  1. Jack Morris was decent, but I’m pretty happy with how Joe Siddall has worked out so far.

  2. The fact that Griffin actually uses that photo in Twitter is all sorts of awesome.

  3. Unbuttoned + unbridled once more this week! I’m really going to be burned out before the All-Star Game @ this rate.

    I watch a lot of Twins baseball + as a semi-expert on them I think it’s safe to say that the Blue Jays got this. Yup.

  4. Griff assumes you do laundry.

  5. Yeah, no way in hell Cahill gets through every team in the AL so we can get a crack at him

    • You can trade for guys who’ve been D’d FA, F your I.

      But yes, then taking on salary becomes an issue, I suppose.

      Also: picking him off waivers will mean taking on the contract, so he’s going to clear and then become an FA, now that I think about it a little longer. Right? So, hard to see it happening here, then.

  6. A Dickey fastball quickly leaves the park? That never happens!

  7. Dickey….why you gotta be doing this

  8. Yikes

  9. Well at least it was a knuckleball that time.

  10. ERA Dickfingers strikes again. Fuck this guy.

  11. Oh, hello doubt.

    I thought i could feel you creeping in over the last day or so…..

  12. Yeah, this is why we’re not making the playoffs (among many other reasons).

  13. Cahill is owed almost $20M… How much of that should the Jays be willing to take on in a trade?

  14. Yikes 30 pitches and down 2 runs. No rest tonite for the BP.

  15. Seeeeeezin
    For the seeeeezin
    This. Seasun.
    The sayzin

  16. It’s a good thing this lineup can score about 1000 runs per inning.

  17. In a way, this could be unfolding in the best possible way. That hot May showed what this team can do with even average pitching.

    And I would imagine June is going to show that this team has well below average pitching. If they had contionued to be strong, it owuld just mask the weakness in the rotation. This team needs a strong (at least) #2 type.

    I refuse to believe that Rogers and Beeston will waste this opportunity given to us by this ridiculouslly offensive team AND an extremely rare weak ALE by being cheapskates and staying pat at the deadline.

    This team in it’s current construciton is not a WS team.

  18. Thx to Thrillingham for letting that one drop in – now let’s tie this shit up

  19. Jeez, Molitors aged at least 20 years since he last played with the Jays

  20. this start is why the jays need to trade for a solid pitcher at the deadline

  21. That was a strike Lind. Don’t stand 5 ft from the plate maybe

  22. That wasn’t a strike.

  23. Welp, this ump is an asshole.

  24. Really ump….

  25. Edwin!

  26. Lovely.

  27. EDWIN!!!

  28. SWEET

  29. Edwin.

    And once again all is right with the world.

  30. The best! Sqqquaaaaak

  31. Hey I’ve got a great solution for weak pitching….

  32. Are we fucking calm now, for fuck sakes?

    • Just because the offense is awesome doesn’t mean we can’t bitch about other things.

      • True. Just don’t be idiots about it. (Hint: pissing and moaning about two early runs like it’s the end of the world and confirms every negative suckhole thought about Dickey is being idiots about it.)

      • Dickey is worth every dollar we r paying for him. He’s a quality pitcher who will throw 200+ innings. Hutch a day Stroman will go through some growing pains but will be solid. I don’t want to see a trade. Let them play. They got this.

        • This is too far the other way, obviously. Though it’s not like anyone’s trading either of these guys. Another arm would be a good thing. It’ll almost certainly happen. People demanding it like they’re afraid it won’t and like Anthopoulos has his thumb up his ass, though, are insufferable clowns who need to get a damn grip.

    • Taking Polly for a walk didn’t address the rotation issues.

      • Get a grip.

      • Guys. It was one inning. Perspective.

        • No one is saying anything based on one inning or one game or one week. Let’s even forget about stats for a second….the starting rotation is not good enough. Period. Full stop.

          Losing a series to St. Louis had nothing to do with that assessment. Having a torrid May had nothing to do with it. It just is what it is.

          • Get a fucking grip.

            • so you are then saying, indirectly, that you believe it’s reasonable that the rotation as it is now could take this team to the WS?

              I’m not talking about “could”…..of course it “could” if every pitcher overperforms. I’m talking about a realistic, reasonable likelihood.

          • Without stats, every rotation sucks. What’s your point?

            Fact is the Jays are now 19th in the league in ERA (if anyone cares about such fickle stats), and have been moving up (the god way). Their FIP is pretty much dead on that ERA. Starters on their own have a 3.71 ERA – 12th in MLB.

            Stop seeing what you want to see and accept what we have right now – an-above average rotation with some upside on top of what they’ve shown.

            • I’m not talking about career stats. Just this years.

              And dude, the rotation isn’t that good. It certainly isn’t “above average”.

              Surely i don’t need to tell you that what a player is for a month or two of the season is most def not “what we have”.

              For example, we don’t have a CY caliber pitcher in Buerhle, even though thats what the stats so far this year say.

              Take away Buerles ERA and the rest of the staff has a 4.33 ERA (didn’t include Stroman either since we don’t know much about him) which would put us closer to 27th or so.

              I get that you can’t simply “remove” stats you don’t like….but do you honestly think buerle is going to continue at this rate? And Hutch…..if you’re not even a little bit worried, you’re not paying attention. And Happ is crap.

              There’s a lot to love about this team, but let’s not have blinders on. The rotation as a whole isn’t good enough, even if the stats don’t bear that out yet. Because given a whole season, they almost certainly will.

              • Get. A. Fucking. Grip. You. Clown.

              • I explained why you’re being ridiculous in the comment linked below, by the way, but apparently your head is too far up your asshole to bother to try to comprehend why someone might be telling you to get a grip, and apparently you don’t know what that phrase means, either. Hint: it’s not “I wholly disagree with your position on this.” For fuck sakes.


                Now please, get a grip.

                • no, I just didn’t respond because your ad hominem attack made it seem like you didn’t have anything to actually support your arguments.

                  I’m pretty sure i made valid points, whether they’re right or not is yet to be proven. At least rebut that with SOMething, other then to call me names and repeatedly tell me to “get a grip”.

                  Or you could ban me, and until all the opinions around here resemble yours. It’s your blog, after all.

                • In other words, pretending you’re Mr. Super Smart Guy who has discovered this fatal flaw, when everyone and his mother knows that the Jays could use rotation help — including the Jays, who will surely do everything in their power to get it — and wailing on and on about this shit like nobody fucking understands your genius is annoying as fuck. The rotation is fine for now, deals don’t generally get made at this time of year, they’re not going to just sit around with their thumbs up their asses if the team continues to be in this sort of position. SO WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL THIS NOISE ABOUT? Get. A. Grip.

  33. DINGERS!

  34. Squawk!!!

  35. Bless you the Edwin. You make up for that no good jabroni piece of garbage ERA Dickey!

  36. For now Stoets…for now….There’s always a Pagan witch hunt among all of us

  37. Can’t we just clone some edwings?

  38. Transformers, did Buck say Terminators?

  39. See guys. This ump is dumb for everyone.

  40. Good game threat, Stoet… just one minor nitpickety thing – Trout’s HR off Sale wasn’t an inside-the-parker.

  41. is it me or is dickey throwing a lot of strikes that are being called balls?

  42. Did anyone order an Edwin parrot shirt from the latest campaign?
    Get it yet?

  43. 3-2 already…dare we have a slugfest on our hands?

  44. (just to piss of stoeten) “the bottom part of the order is the reason this team won’t make the playoffs. also, gose is better than rasmus. and the starting pitching just isn’t good enough”

    • Dumb

    • i know you’re just going for a laugh, but don’t lump in valid criticisms with foolish ones.

      The rotation isn’t good enough. And even if that assessment ends up being wrong (I hope it does) if you don’t think it’s at least a valid concern at this time, you’re clueless.

      • so, is it a valid concern, or is the rotation not good enough? Because if it’s not good enough, it’s a fact, not a concern…

      • Hey Rob, maybe stop being an insufferable asshole, eh?

        • Pot, meet kettle

          • the pot has several “valid concerns” about the kettle. Also, no way the kettle is good enough to make the playoffs. I hope the assessment is wrong, but there it is.

          • And FWIW I’m kinda of just doing it on purpose now. I’m a bit annoyed when a valid criticism is met with such hostility. I very well could be wrong. But it’s not like my concern is something completely baseless. To tell someone to “get a grip” and call them a clown is not a great way to encourage productive dialogue.

            Perhaps I picked the wrong time to mention it as Dickey had a bad first inning and it seems my comments are based on that. They aren’t.

            • If Dickey had a terrific first inning would you have voiced your concerns? My guess is no…so they probably kind of are entirely based on his first two batters.

              • No, probably not.

                That may be what prompted the comments to be said. It certainly wasn’t what the conclusion was based on.

                And Stoeten, i went to your link, it’s just the comments from ths threat. I can’t see anything that would disprove the comment that “the Jays rotation right now isn’t realistically good enough for a WS caliber team”

                • Holy fuck, Rob. Try it again, man. Couldn’t be simpler, really.

                • Gah. OK, I can’t resist. See where I wrote “everyone and his mother knows that the Jays could use rotation help”? That’s maybe a hint that I’m not even arguing with you that “the Jays rotation right now isn’t realistically good enough for a WS caliber team” — though I would definitely argue that, because it’s dumb — and maybe should tip you off to the idea that I’m telling you to get a grip about something else. As in: the something else that I am precisely talking about in the comment in question, and several more.

                  Did you not find it odd that in an argument you thought was about the quality of the rotation, I wasn’t bringing up a single thing about the rotation’s quality except for the part where I kind of agreed with you? How, in your head, you turned this into “Rob says the rotation is bad and Stoeten disagrees” is BIZARRE.

            • Dude, it’s not a valid criticism of Dickey. He’s not the ace we hoped he would be, but in no scenario where we get more pitching is Dickey not in the rotation. So, you are trying to segue from your ‘fuck Dickey’s shit’ to another argument entirely. Instead of doing that, just PLEASE FUCK OFF.

              • No no, the Jays are one of the best teams of baseball in early June and winning tonight, so let’s all cry about how bad their rotation is and how it’s not going to get it done, all while we’re pretending that they’re not actually going to do anything to reinforce it — which, of course, is the lone massively improbable scenario in which any of this self-indulgent crying makes the slightest bit of sense.

                • I think Rob is just falling prey to dumb aa guy syndrome…. Dating a God Damn fucking super model with legs that go all the way up a rack to hang your hat on and an asset so fine u can eat off but wishing she had the eyes of the girl sitting across from him in central park.

              • ???

                Did you not read the comment where i said Dickey has a place on a championship Jays team, it’s Happ that needs to go?

                If you’re going to jump into the conversation, at least have read the fucking thing.

                • Rob, your reading comprehension is SO far below his it isn’t even funny.

                  • Not really. His whole point was predicated that MY point was something akin to “fuck Dickey’s shit” which a simple reading of the conversation would show was not now, or ever, the case, which invalidates his entire comment.

                    And if I did mis read it, it was only because I couldn’t hear over his caps screaming at the end.

                    • You’ve misread literally every comment I’ve written in response to you so far. Literally. Every. One.

                • What the fuck is wrong with happ as a number 5? He’s not going to start in the playoffs. And as long as he gives 5+ and 2 runs, I,like take it every 5th fucking day. Get a clue dude.

                  • See that started out as a sane, logical rebuttal, but you had to be a dick at the end. It could have been a civil convo, but you had to take your cues from the Big Fella eh? Nobody can have a dissenting opinion without deserving an insult at the end.

                    Anyways, to answer your point, it’s not so much that Dickey is a shit #5. It’s that the entire rotation is made up of #3′s and #4′s with maybe a solid #2 (depending on what you think Buerle is going to be but that’s another discussion).

                    If you had a true ace starter, AND a solid #2, maybe some innings eaters at the #3 and #4, THEN you would be happy with Happ as #5.

                    But if we removed Happ and inserted a #1 guy, and bumped everyone down one, THEN you’ve got a legit really good rotation.

                    Just my opinion, of course. Feel free to insult me for holding it.


                    • Why stop at getting an ace. Maybe we can get king Felix and cano and while we are at it take a run at Molina or Posey. The only way the jays will get an ace is to draft one or sign one in the offseason. Pipe dream to think it will happen via trade.

                    • Dude, everyone including Rob-fucking-Ford knows that this team needs rotation help. But guess what? There’s not going to be a trade yet. Not many people have entered sell mode yet. And those that are in sell mode have high asking prices (see: Cubs, Chicago). These things take time. The Red Sox got Jake Peavy last year on July 30th. And until that point, they were getting some decent value out of Doubront. And hey, until we can find a good suitor, we should be able to get some value out of Happ.

                      Nobody is disagreeing with your premise. It’s just that you make it sound like some divine revelation. It isn’t.

                    • THANK YOU CHIKNPOX.

                • That’s why I used the word ‘segue’, asshole. I read the comment, and called you on being disingenuous.

  45. It’s surprising how many people seem to completely disagree with a lot of what Stoeten has written and said bunches about this year seeing as, y’know, this is literally in DJF.

  46. Rosenthal tweeted that the Dbacks are trying to get Cahill to the minors to stretch him out.
    So, it kind of makes it sound like he won’t refuse the assignment and doubtful anyone claims him at that salary.

  47. Redsox vs Orioles. Does this mean I should root for Boston?
    I can’t.

  48. Did anyone else just see the cameras catch that guy trying to take a discreet upskirt picture?

  49. Edwin looked like an angry bird on the bench.

  50. Is La Wire coming round lately or what?

  51. Rasmus cant get back soon enough.

  52. Do we have an ETA on Colby yet?

  53. Nice K.

  54. Jim Callis on the Jonah Keri show today. Continuation of his article – loves the Jays draft.

  55. Reyes!

  56. Sweet!

  57. YAY JP

    I mean JR

  58. JO JO JO

    must be christmas

  59. Almost had back to back Jose jacks…

  60. There was a sign at the RC on Sunday which said “Keep Calm and Encarnaci-On” And that’s probably old, but man is it awesome. I’d love that on a t-shirt.

  61. That picture that the Blue Jays just tweeted out…. jeeze, I’m gonna have to go see Transformers. Nicola Peltz

  62. What the hell kind of hbp is that

  63. Thank goodness MLB.TV asked me to watch the highlight of Kottaras’ Solo Jerk

    wouldnt want to miss that

  64. God dammit…

  65. Just what the doctor ordered.

  66. Dickey’s ERA bailed out by the pen again.

  67. I think it’s time to sacrifice a chicken, drink some Cuban rum, and pray to Joubu next time Dickey takes the hill in the 6th inning.

    ATTA fucking boy Dusty.

    Fucking nails

  68. Thank Christ!

  69. “And once again the bullpen bails out RA Dickey.”

    Not exactly an ideal pattern to set.

  70. Dusty is our 4-leaf clover in the pen…

  71. Mmmmmm dat Dusty. Fuck yes

  72. Wow.
    Such Double Play.

    Great throw.


    • Jose Reyes is a Blue Jay!

      (We don’t get to say that on D that much, so let’s get it out while we can…)

  73. Buerhlasco.

  74. Is Fat Juan slumping or regressing?

  75. The Juan Francisco regression train continues to gather steam…

  76. Nice to see everyone has kept things nice + steady throughout this game.

    In other news I had lasagne AND mini fancy cupcakes!

  77. I really like how Gibbons has been moving guys around defensively and using platoon splits. I’d say that this is a bit of an indictment of the problem of carrying 8 arms in the pen, if only because there is so much less flexibility to do this kind of thing with a short bench.

    • I really like how Gibbons has a toilet for a first name and a primate for a last name

      • Well…the other guy that they interviewed was Head Macaque, so it’s clearly an AA preference…

        • It’s true. Those macaques @ the Toronto Zoo will look straight @ you + then proceed to have a solo jerk anyway. It’s creepy. We don’t need that element.

          • MLB.TV just sent Kyle a PM about it…

          • A lifetime ago passing through Blackpool I happened upon Mickey the Masterbating Mandrill.
            Not a highlight, but never forgotten.

            • @Spuds — that mandrill (and what a name already!) in Blackpool probably would have made a three-and-a-half-week story arc on Coronation Street…

              • …as long as the at home audience continued to accept that the smeary, out-of-focus camera work was actually due to vaseline on the lens.

            • There are excessively cheeky mandrills also @ the Toronto Zoo. Always a good time.

  78. Buehrle, Hutchison, Dickey, Happ, Stroman…

    Looking at this rotation, when thinking about the potential of playoff games, the biggest concern I see about them is that two of the best 3 arms aren’t exactly prepared to go a full season and beyond. If Hutch and Stroman already had a full season of innings on them, I would feel pretty awesome about this 5. We all pretty much know what they have with these guys (besides Stroman), it’s just a matter if they can do it when it’s needed most for the next 4 months or so.

    • Bro…….. it’s the beginning of June….. playoffs are beautiful…… but so far away.

      • When it comes to the parade who will lead they way?

        You think Reyes would be enthusiastic to but would Jbau demand to be the leader?

      • Yeah, things can change obviously. Just saying these are the 5 best guys and if we do get to see the magic of a playoff run I wonder how it’ll hold up.

        Let’s be honest, if the team wasn’t doing well enough to spur playoff hopes, no one cares how Hutch will hold up because his presence wouldn’t matter and he could get more breaks than he could ever need, but for this team to be good it kinda does matter.

        That being said, don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the ride

        • I think the answer to the thought is this……. if the Jays are pitching reasonable well as a group they’ll make the playoffs……. if not…… they won’t.

          So the appearance in the playoffs will actually quell the concern……. make sense?

          • Right. I mean the point is to win the whole damn thing, right?

            • Incorrect…… the point is to make as much money as possible for Rogers shareholders…….. like me:)…….but luckily for fans/customers…..we live in a market where winning makes money and losing does not……..unlike Miami..Pittsburgh..etc.

    • I like the high floor of the rotation. I dislike the low ceiling. I don’t think we have a true #1 here. Obviosuly, if Buerhle continues to pitch the way he has, he would be that guy. I just don’t think that’s going to hold up the whole season. And if not Buehrle, then who? You need that #1 ace type to go deep in the playoffs, and i don’t see it on this team right now.

      • I think you may have got that backwards. I’d say the floor for the rotation as it stands now is quite low (we’ve seen Happ, Dickey, and Buehrle struggle as Jays, and we’ve seen health problems out of Hutch/Morrow, and have an unproven rookie in the 5 spot. They all (except maybe Happ) have the potential to be excellent quality major league arms.

        • Maybe “upside” and “downside” is the wrong words, as that kind of makes you think of prospects, or players unproven. Buerhle, for example, is nothing if not proven.

          to rephrase, I’d say I dislike the lack of top end talent. I know it’s hard to quantify “numbers” in the rotation, but if we assume a baseline average rotation is a #1, a #2, a # 3, a #4, and #5, I see ours as being a #2, a #3, two #4′s and a #5. If we could just add a top end guy, I see that as significantly improve the rotation as a whole, as it bumps everyone down, and we can use our #2 actually as a #2 and so on and so forth. I get that there’s really no such thing as “numbered” pitchers, I’m just using the numbers to provide context to my thinking.

          • In the playoffs, you only use 4 max pitchers, so while over the course of a season, depth at SP is a huge asset, it’ts a lot less so in the playoffs. It’s top end talent that’s a huge asset there.

            Can you think of any teams that played in the WS in recent times that didn’t have at least one top end starter? I’m sure they exist, but I bet for every 1 you can find, there’s 10 that DO have high end pitching.

      • Utter nonsense, of course.

        Don’t have to go through many World Series teams of the last 15 or 20 years to see it, either. Who was the ace on the 2011 Rangers? Or in 2010? Or the 2007 Rockies? Buehrle himself was the one for the 2005 White Sox, I guess, but he’s hardly a classic “#1 ace type” you’re blathering about. 2002 Angels had a rotation of Ramon Ortiz, Jarrod Washburn, Kevin Appier, Aaron Sele and John Lackey. Do the 2013 Red Sox qualify? Lester’s good, but probably not quite an ace for me, and Buchholz can pitch like one sometimes, but…? David Cone was good for the Yankees in 1996 and 1999, but was he an ace? Because he was the only rotation guy in ’99 with an ERA below 4.00. How about Cleveland in 1997?

        How about some LCS teams? Is that “deep” in the playoffs? Then explain the Brewers in 2011. How about the Angels in 2009? The Diamondbacks in 2007 (though Brandon Webb was pretty good back then)? The 2006 Mets made the NLCS with 40-year-old Tom Glavine, a nearly done Pedro (4.48 ERA), 40-year-old Orlando Hernandez, Steve Trachsel, and Jon Maine — oh, but they didn’t go farther, some will tell you, because Jose Reyes isn’t a “winner”. Zito was already a question mark, not an ace, when the A’s made the ALCS in 2006 (after giving 16 starts that year to Kirk Sarloos).

        Yes, teams with good pitchers end up in the playoffs a lot, because good pitchers help teams win. But let’s stop with the bullshit, please. Thanks.

  79. Well…that sucked…

  80. What speed

  81. Hang on Loupy, Loupy hang on.

  82. How do we feel about a four-man rotation in mid-August-end of regular season?
    Who are your pitchers of choice? Mine:

    1. Buehrle;
    2. Trickey Dickey;
    3. Stroman;
    4. Happ.

    Hutch to the pen.

  83. Mauer, how the mighty have fallen.

  84. Jose Reyes is a Blue Jay! (Again!)

  85. I like this new, crappy version of Mauer.

  86. Man, this is Reyes’ game tonight.

  87. That Loup sweeping fastball looks even tougher on righties than lefties.

  88. For the maple boner crowd:

    George Kottaras recently called up by The Cleveland’s pounded a HR tonight

    He’s now 3 for 5 with 3 HRs on the year.

  89. Willingham was a G on that.

  90. Fear the parrot motherfuckers…

  91. Damn! That looked good for a second.

  92. Roll over on one plouffe

  93. Im more upset with tolleson than that kid the other night

  94. Die like a dog Suzie.

  95. Come on man. Christ….

  96. Pillar you douche. You’re ruining Mr Automatic.

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