The Jays’ lineup for tonight has been posted, and even the chance to take a turn against right-handed Twins shitballer Kevin Correia has apparently not been enough to convince John Gibbons to not let Juan Francisco drop farther down his lineup, tumbling like a rotting pumpkin down a mid-November staircase.


What I mean to say is, Juan Francisco hasn’t been the same guy lately as he was when he first showed up. To wit: he only played one game in the span of five days surrounding May 21st (and 0-fer that I’m not including in the sample) and since then he’s been a little bit too Arencibia-like for anybody’s comfort. A line of .167/.222/.405, producing a wRC+ of 68.

Now, that’s just a fifteen game sample (some of which he entered merely as a pinch hitter), covering 45 plate appearances. He has certainly earned the right to go into a trough for a couple weeks, sporting, as he does, a .301 ISO — which would be good for fifth in baseball if he had enough at-bats to qualify for the batting title — and a wRC+ of 139 (top 25 in MLB with the same caveat). This is no time to abandon ship, but the trend is certainly something to be monitored. Two walks in 45 plate appearances? That’s not good — especially not for a guy who came with big reservations about his plate discipline.

It’s still just 150 plate appearances so far — and I’m not sure whatinthefuck Dioner Navarro has done, exactly, to hit ahead of him — so a couple big nights can swing things entirely the other way. Let’s not go looking up Dan Johnson’s stats in Buffalo, in other words. But… we’ll see. We’ll see…

Doesn’t feel quite so bad as it did a week ago to think that Colby Rasmus is soon going to be back, though, does it?

I can live with that.

Go Jays!


John Lott tweets that Sergio Santos begins his rehab assignment with New Hampshire tonight.

Via Chris Zelkovich of Yahoo! Sports, the Jays hit 998,000 TV viewers back on Friday. That’s a lot!

Note the time on tomorrow’s game, folks. FYI, it’s “Kids day,” so bring your earplugs if you’re headed to the Dome.

Lastly, we know now that pitcher wins are pretty useless, but that doesn’t mean Bob Welch’s epic 27 wins in 1990 weren’t pretty seriously amazing — and back at a time when baseball was everything. RIP.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 12:37 PM ET vs. Minnesota

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP J.A. Happ

Minnesota Twins

CF Danny Santana (S)
2B Brian Dozier (R)
1B Joe Mauer (L)
LF Josh Willingham (R)
DH Kendrys Morales (S)
RF Oswaldo Arcia (L)
3B Eduardo Nunez (R)
C Kurt Suzuki (R)
SS Eduardo Escobar (S)

RHP Kevin Correia

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  1. Before we get into tonite’s game etc, my record at going to games this year is 2-0.I am going to the game tomorrow so a couple of you who have had trouible seeing a victory should come on down. I will be section 121 coutesy of some freebees laid on me if anyone is there. The ticket amount will likely be spent on barleys and dogs instead ( although I do tend to prefer the strreet meat outside the dome. May stop by the “Moose” for a beer or two.
    ANyway, in prep for tomorrow, Forward Soviet!

    And…Fat Juan better learn how to hit , or at least lay off, breaking balls out of the zone as it is a sure one way ticket out of town. Discipline Juan,discipline

    • I could see that going badly for me if I come down to say hi.

      “Hey Fukstik!”

      *punch to the nose*

      “oops sorry, you’re not Fukstik. You there…….you must be fukst…”

      *punch to the solar plexus*

    • I’ll be just above you, in 221. Sucks that it’s supposed to rain. I hope they’re wrong on that.

      I need a win badly.

  2. Random observation, but why is it that Gibby puts Lind between Bautista and EE on some days, but not others?

  3. Now I, on the other hand, did feel compelled to look up The Great Pumpkin’s stats in Buffalo.

    .275/.415/.527/.942. 13 HRs in 61 games (207 ABs).

    Obviously, you can’t just straight up transfer AAA stats to the major leagues, but that’s a delicious OBP.

  4. I also felt compelled to look up Psy’s new video, though, so what can I say.

  5. He was asked that very Q on the Blair show last week. SAYs it just depends on who the starter for the other team is. I know, kind of a feeb diagnosis but there ya go

  6. I inadvertently went to “Kid’s Day” a couple of years ago. Never again.

    The non-stop waves nearly had me drowning.

  7. Wow. The jays are now getting into non Hockey Night in Canada Leaf type ratings numbers. And it’s June. That’s absolutely insane.

  8. I think Gose should stay up. His speed gives us a big asset in a late inning PR that is much better then anything Piallar brings to the table, besides all american good looks.

    • If only he were Right-handed.

      • Nah, that’s a little too splitty for me. In my view, Colbys is a full time player, so the batting side of the 4th OF doesn’t hold as much weight.

        I think the asset of Goses speed when we’re down by a run is a far more valuable one then having our 4th hitter (whose a poor hitter anyways) be a RHB.

    • Plus Cletus delivers all we need in terms of all-American good looks.

    • Nope.

      Someone that can actually hit lefties batting 4 times a game or pinch hitting is way more useful than speed off the bench in case you’re in a close game. Gose is risiculous fast, but Pillar isn’t exactly slow.

      • Whole heartedly disagree. I would agree if the RHB was a good hitter. But Pillar is not.

        Lost in the whole splits thing is that the guy has to be good too, kind of. I mean, I’m a RHB as well. That doesn’t mean the Jays should sign me.

        and remember, Pillar wouldn’t be a 4th OF on a team with a weak OF……The Jays Of is stacked, and the 4th OF would very rarely be playing in the ability to get 4 AB’s/game. Not to mention, the vast majority of pitchers are RH, which reduces his opps even more.

        And Gose is just a different animal speed wise. Think about it: down by a run and the leadoff guy walks. Put on Gose and he can swipe 2nd, possibly 3rd, sac fly get the run in. Pillar is not doing that.

        If Pillar was a good hitter, I’d agree. This is a sub .600 OPS AAAA player though. Even in an ideal setting vs. RHP, he doesn’t bring much to the table. Certainly not what Gose can.

      • Pilla career OPS vs. LHP – .670
        Rasmus career OPS vs. RHP – .643

        Not nearly enough of an upgrade to justify not keeping Gose’ speed up here.

  9. I’m not gonna say a thing

  10. Aaaasssss

  11. Oh mylanta.

  12. Yeesh. Second straight day down 2-0 two batters into the game.

  13. So… how about that amateur draft, guys…

  14. Dozier is kindof a beast though, he’s going to run into some of those.

  15. Happ has no mound presence. Looks surprised when he gets guys out.

  16. This pitching staff still leaves a bit to be desired

  17. I thought that mayybbee phat juan could turn into a poor mans adam dunn. Boy, was i wrong. Dude swings at everything.

    • Still need a lefty masher to platoon with Lind IMO

    • Ive seen one game this year and i thought hed strike out every time….then he hit a huge jack…those mistakes arent coming like they used to

  18. Amazing predictive powers by Buck there. Lind pulls it and rolls one over.

  19. I get it! Jays are spotting them 2 runs every game to make it a challenge.

  20. oooh

    baby dioner’s getting a beard.

  21. In interested to see how ugly tonys swings will be with risp

  22. yikes, that was a helluva play.

    I ain’t even mad.

  23. Melk’s teats melked.

  24. well played, Mauer……

  25. Wow, it was like Gose and Reyes switched outcomes there.

  26. LOL Viste!!!

  27. Jays need to relax. Let Correia be wild.

  28. Shoddy

  29. Happ looks like a penis only less veiny.

  30. I was at the game last night and had a blast. Section 130, second row. We did a number on Plouffe.
    I don’t even want to know the actual pronunciation of his name.
    What a great game it was. Here’s hoping Happ can go more than 6.

  31. danger danger

  32. Can the Happ era end please? JUST BECAUSE. Thanks.

  33. This is a 30 pitch inning already.

  34. Bless the Busty Lass sitting behind home plate

  35. This inning is being set up for Morales to come up and make friends.

  36. Breaking: not Happ.

  37. Like Happ can be mediocre because he’s the definition of a 5th starter and w/e but Goddamn that inning took all day.

    I feel like i missed Wednesday that inning took so long.

  38. How do you retweet something but with your own comment added?

  39. It seems a miracle the Jays aren’t whipping Correia like a rented mule.

  40. What the hell, Gibbons?

  41. Classic Blue Jays baseball, how I missed you.

  42. Jeeeeeeeesuuuusssss Chhhhhrrrriiiiiiiiiiissssst!!!!

  43. What’s the likelihood of a triple play?

  44. See? Baseball is a lot more fun and easy when you throw strikes.

  45. this inning is weird.

    • Happ is weird. For whatever reason he goes out and nibbles, then gets a pep talk and and then stops fucking around. This is the second or third time this season I can recall this happ-ening.

  46. holy hell, Happ hitting 95 on the gun.

  47. God damnit

  48. can’t blame Cock Features for that one

  49. Fuck that. Pull Francisco out of the game.

  50. That was painful to watch.

  51. I feel like Happ was saying “I do NOT look like a penis!!!!!”

  52. ok boys. Enough fucking around. Get those gd bats going.

  53. Do we hate Fat Juan yet?

  54. I guess the Oracle was wrong. He isn’t The Juan :(

  55. I think the Jays are still within the range of Correia’s right arm shittiness, but better get a move on.

    • Yeah right. They have already thrown in the towel. It’s grip it and rip it time.

      What’s worse? Happ’s left arm? Fat Juan? Reyes’ laughable defense?

  56. Francisco may have pulled a fast Juan on us…..

    • It is almost like the Jays needed to add a legitimate 2B and SP this offseason…

      • It would’ve been nice if Francisco was able to even SOMEwhat keep up the pace, but realistically, there wasn’t much hope.

        Good news is that Lawrie will be back at 3B where he belongs. That said, he’s done a great job filling in at 2B, better then I thought he would have. But I still think he’s best at 3B

        • Absolutely. Time for dat Tolleson full time.

        • For fuck sakes, Rob, do you deliberately try to be wrong about stuff? There’s no reason to be talking in the past tense about Francisco yet. Troubling trend, yes. Also: Lawire is way fine at second. Doesn’t “belong” at third any more than he does at second. Jeez.

          • He’s a better third basemen then he is a 2nd basemen, in my opinion.

            If he has to move to 2nd to accomodate a pre-pumpkin Juan, I’m ok with it. But if the guy on 3rd or 2nd (depending on where Lawrie is playing) is going to be crap either way, I’d prefer him at 3rd base.

            I see your debating skills are still a little unpolished.

            • Rob, do you not remember Lawrie’s turn of a double play last night on the slow bouncer to Reyes? Or how about the amazing jump throw on Friday night when he originally anticipated the ball being hit towards his glove side? Nobody else who has played 2B for the Jays this year makes those plays. Plus, Lawrie is able to position himself in many different places at 2B due to his huge range and schtrooong arm. From what Lawrie has shown this year, he is just as valuable at 2B as he is at 3B.

              And even though Juan Fran is going through a troubling stretch, it’s a much better option keeping this platoon situation going for a little longer than putting Tolleson out there full-time.

  57. Want to get hit Arcia? Try this one on for size.

  58. This may be an advantage if/when these guys try to gimp it home.

  59. This is how we’re gonna win… Injuries.

  60. Ok, I’m home now. Time to start going to town on this shitballer. Thanks.

  61. What would the Jays have to give up to rent this front-of-the-rotation starter? Sanchez + Nolin? I say do it.

  62. Dang…gose going gap wouldve been fun

  63. Damn how many line drives have the jays hit right at outfielders? Sometimes, just not your night

  64. One series at a time I suppose

  65. Correia starting to believe he doesn’t suck.

  66. Alright, baserunners, now

  67. just me or is chad jenkins kind of alright… lately

  68. Lot’s of game left, still have 12 outs to work with.
    GonoCoreia has been hit hard, just at guys.

    Time to break out.

  69. It’s time to fuck them up.,

  70. The twins have been playing this entire game with a horseshoe up their asses.

    Ive never seen a double on an infield roller that was not deflected.

    Then a swinging bunt results in two runs.

    Shitballer extraordinairre alternating between having liners drilled right at people and blindly sticking his glove behind his back for outs.

    this is why baseball teams rarely win 100 games. there is too much luck involved.

  71. This guy is a cock.

  72. Correia is one lucky shitballer tonight. Jays have hit the ball on the screws multiple times right at outfielders. Reminds me of hendricks against the rays a few weeks back.

  73. Cmon kittenface, dinger

  74. Kittenz needs to break the jinx.

  75. Adam Loewen is pitching again? When did that happen?

  76. Fuck Hudak looks like a dumb fuck.

  77. so this Dozier guy…..I wonder if the Twins would ever part with him. He’d fit in pretty well I think, and he’s young and cheap and controllable and all of the things from the AA goody bags.

    • good reasons for the twins not to part with him…

      • For sure, not saying we’d pick him up for nothing we’d have to give quality to get quality.

        Osuna plus Nolin maybe?

        Maybe Sanchez?

        Sounds steep, but Dozier has been worth 6.2 WAR since 2013, he’s got all the thigns mentioned above, and he plays a position that we badly have need of filling in a year when we have the best shot at the playoffs in 20 years.

        It’s interesting, if nothing else.

    • Is he considered a star? I admit I never really heard much about him before this series. His overall career numbers are nothing special, but most of his crappy numbers are bunched in his first year. His 2013 and 2014 numbers are quite good

      • maybe not a “star”. solid 2013, looks like a pretty solid 2014 shaping up too… not the kind of guy a rebuilding team like the twins need to move

        • No, but not the typical kind of player a team rebuiulds around either. High upside prospect pitchers are more of a “typical” player that is most desirable for a rebuild.

          Sanchez, for example.

  78. Vavra to the ump “I want a goddamn litre of Cola”

  79. Jays have not been patient enough tonight. Swinging at too much shit. Each of them wants to hit a 6 run home run.

  80. So Santos gave up 3 runs in 1 inning of work in his first rehab outing. I realize it’s the first but, don’t hurry back Sergio.

  81. So this lawrie thing where he plays shallow right field WITHOUT a shift..is this considered a shift ? Is anyone else doing this at 2b? Is this going to be the next big thing for second baggers with range and big arms? I recall that he’s done this on grass as well..not just a turf thing.

  82. Didn’t Happ say recently that he and Kratz had a good working relationship going on?

    Wonder what became of that?

  83. Back from coffee

    Thanks to the Jays for not doing anything while I Was gone. Lets do some winning now pls

  84. Duensing is a command and control guy, just like Matsuzaka.

  85. Haha, wtf was that Pillar?

  86. Yo Melky it’s time for a C’ya bingo!

  87. Oh Pillol.

  88. Fuck sakes, been stinging the ball all night, right at players.

  89. Stop it BABIP dragon, just stop.

  90. Fuckety fuck

  91. What’s up with all of these zeroes they’ve been putting up lately?

    Really need to stomp on Baltimore this weekend.

  92. I can’t believe the Jays didn’t score any runs off of Correia.

  93. Just getting babiped over and over today.

  94. Horseshoe continues to be firmly up the Twins asses.

  95. This edition of the Minnesota Twins is an annoying lot. They seem like they should suck. Bunch of guys you never heard of and one punchless former star. Crappy starting pitching. Yet somehow they manage to win about as many as they lose.

  96. Awesome call.

  97. I’m thinking that was Tolleson’s play and what a beaut

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