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It appears as though history’s greatest monster, Manny Machado, will be in the lineup against the Jays when they travel to Baltimore this weekend — a four game set that kicks of on Thursday, which is a game we’ll be watching at Opera Bob’s! —  as the Orioles’ third baseman has received a five game suspension for his weekend tantrums, and MASN’s Roch Kubatko tweets that he will definitely appeal. That means he can keep playing for now — and he is in fact in the O’s lineup, batting second — and will surely be in there as well over the weekend.

On the Machado front, GROF offers us a delicious hot take over at theScore. And — more importantly — elsewhere from Drew, he goes into full content mode, ranking baseball’s best Joses. Some of them play for the Toronto Blue Jays, believe it or not.

As mentioned in the previous post, the Jays’ draft haul was listed in Chris Crawford’s latest at ESPN.com, in which he listed the teams who improved themselves the most last week. The Jays rank second, which makes sense given the fact that they picked twice before most teams had picked once, but it’s not even just that. Hoffman, of course, is lauded — if he fully recovers, we’re told, “there’s a chance the Jays just acquired the best prospect in their system.” Max Pentecost gets praise too — or… well… he’s called “one of the safest prospects in the draft” — while Crawford adds that “they also picked up a potential steal in Sean Reid-Foley at No. 49, and both Nick Wells and Lane Thomas have the talent to be among the best bats in their system.”

Jim Callis had a whole lot of praise for the Jays’ draft class, too, as he joined Jonah Keri this week on his podcast for Grantland. Now all the Jays have to do is, y’know, sign everybody.

Mark Zwolinski of the Toronto Star tells us that the Jays are asking MLB to review their review system, with respect to the Oswaldo Arcia hit-by-pitch bullshit that happened last night. Arcia indisputably moved his arm into the path of an R.A. Dickey knuckler, yet was given a free base for it. The Jays got the umpires to review the play, but what’s reviewable the system as setup does not “does not include smaller ‘details’ like whether a batter intentionally puts himself in the way of a pitch to get on base.” As I’m sure you remember, the call, despite being obvious bullshit, stood. And… well… I get that the league would prefer they only look at clear cut yes or no questions, and not a player’s intent, but… come on!

“Hutchison frustrated with inconsistent outings,” is the headline from Shi Davidi of Sportsnet. From Jamie Ross of MLB.com it’s “Hutchison frustrated by inconsistency.” The headline writer for the excellent John Lott of the National Post gets into the game too, with the somewhat wordier “Toronto Blue Jays’ Drew Hutchison frustrated with inconsistency.” Hmmm. I wonder how Drew Hutchison feels about his inconsistency of late.

Elsewhere in the Post, John Lott looks at last night’s heroics and anti-heroics from Kevin Pillar, while Shi Davidi’s piece['s headline] at Sportsnet focuses on the chat Jose Bautista had with Pillar that supposedly helped the young outfielder. “I was down in the cage before the game and Bautista talked to me about my role on this team, and some at-bats I’m going to get, whether they’re off the bench or facing some left-handed pitching,” Pillar told him. “He told me to be aggressive. Even if you swing and miss sometimes, it sets a tone, showing the pitcher you’re aggressive, and they’re more likely to miss over the plate, rather than you being passive, and knowing they can maybe expand out of the zone and feel a little bit more in control on the mound.” LEEDARSHIPS!!!! (But also, truthfully, that sounds like reasonably fair advice.)

Gose ain’t cookin’ says Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun. Or… well… not in so few words. But he does look into the recent struggles of the Jays’ temporary centre fielder, and speaks to hitting coach Kevin Seitzer about it. One “good thing that he was doing when he first came up was that he was being very selective as far as pitches that he was going on. Now he’s kind of swinging on pitches that are in on his hands, pitchers have been pounding him in a little bit and he needs to take those until two strikes and get himself something out over the plate,” Seitzer explained. “He kind of got away from his approach. Because he was getting pounded in he tried to pull the ball a little bit more which makes you vulnerable on the off-speed stuff and so that played against him. So we’re trying to get him to where his hands are ready to fire and he’s been more aggressive out over the plate instead of just being aggressive.”

There’s more interesting Seitzer stuff in Rutsey’s piece, so go read it. But as for Gose… yeah. Earlier today I tweeted that over his last ten games Gose has a wRC+ of 1. I added that, “to be fair, a 10 game sample doesn’t say a lot either. But when it’s more in line with the giant MiLB sample people were trying to forget…”

At RotoGraphs, Eno Sarris looks at Orioles’ prospect Kevin Gausman, who’ll we’ll be watching start on Thursday night during our event at Opera Bob’s (along with Mark Buehrle for the Jays), from a fantasy perspective, as he wonders if this is the last chance to buy him before his career begins to take off in the way that his minor league dominance would suggest.

Elsewhere from the FanGraphs family, Tony Blengino looks at the art of the sell — i.e. clubs becoming sellers as the league’s focus now shifts from the draft towards the trade deadline, which is a little over six weeks away.

Interesting stuff from Slate, as Tyler Lopez writes a piece titled Baseball Has an Amazing Gay History. It’s Time to Recognize It.

Bluebird Banter notices that Lansing pitcher Frank Viola III is good friends with Justin Verlander and Kate Upton, and that he tweeted out a birthday wish to the model today, including a picture of her wearing a Jays hat. So… that’s something?

Good question at the heart of today’s Effectively Wild podcast at Baseball Prospectus, as Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller ask, “What’s next for the Tampa Bay Rays?”

At Your Van C’s, Charlie Caskey looks at which players appear to be slated to be heading out to the west coast this year — and it looks like there will be some really interesting talent calling Nat Bailey Stadium home this summer.

Lastly, a couple more reminders:

First off, as I mentioned yesterday, our old friend Bergkamp makes awesome Dutch comfort food at The Ossington on Sundays, and he’ll be kicking that enterprise into high gear for all of the Netherlands’ matches during the World Cup. You check out Borrel at the Ossington for a taste (see what I just did there?) of what you can expect, and now you hit up the Facebook event page, too. See you Friday at 3 PM for the big kickoff against Spain. Hup Holland!

And, as if you need to know at this point, PITCH #4 is fast approaching — it takes place Thursday, June 19th — and for those of you who missed the announcement, I’ll be one of the panelists, along with a much more talented group, featuring Jonah Keri, Michael Grange, and Morgan Campbell. Tickets are still available, so grab yourself some here, and be sure to follow @PitchTalks for all the info you need.

And lastly lastly, we’ll go back to one more cool thing to read, because the Blue Jay Hunter takes a look at the road to 90 wins, which offers some stark reality for the other clubs in the AL East. The Jays need to play five games over .500 the rest of the way in order to reach 90 wins — not easy, mind you, but certainly doable. The other teams in the division, though? Baltimore will need to be 16 games over .500 from here out to make it to 90. For the Yankees it’s 18 games. For the Red Sox it’s 25 games. And for the Rays it’s 35 games. Holy shit, that’s awesome! Er… I can live with that!!

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  1. Also to reported, jays sign second rounder Sean Reid-Foley

  2. “That means he can keep playing for now, and will face the Jays tonight — and he is in fact in the O’s lineup, batting second.”

    Aren’t the Jays playing the Twins?

  3. I’m excited for the Orioles series too but the Jays are still playing the Twins for the next 2 games.

  4. Thanks pedants — no really, I appreciate the catch. I’ll fix it.

  5. ” That means he can keep playing for now, and will face the Jays tonight ”


  6. This Gose debate has to be put to rest. I’ve been saying it for two years now on this very blog, and was challenged by Mr. Stoeten himself a few times on it. Hate to say I told you so, but….

    The fact is, the hardest thing to do in baseball (therefore the most unique talent) is to hit the ball with authority, and to do it consistently. It doesn’t matter how fast you run or how hard you can throw from the outfield, your defensive skills and/or speed can’t make up for being an absolute stiff in the batter’s box. Well, maybe if you’re a gold glove middle infielder or catcher, as those positions, imo, require much more unique defensive skillsets. In center field, you need to be able to run fast and track fly balls. Certainly something that requires skill, but not enough skill to offset the liability of being a strikeout machine.

    I never liked Anthony Gose from day one, and anyone who said that all he needs is time to “develop” simply because he is still young was sipping on way too much blue kool aid, not realizing just how hard that is to do if you don’t have the natural skills to begin with.

    At the end of the day, scouts don’t go to track meets to find the next crop of superstars, they go to baseball stadiums.

    Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery for Colby Rasmus.

    • If you were saying it two years ago, you were clueless and deserved challenging. Still plenty to like about Gose, and he still may figure it out. Probably not likely, but talking about people drinking Kool-Aid for not seeing it your ridiculous close-minded way? Horseshit like “At the end of the day, scouts don’t go to track meets to find the next crop of superstars, they go to baseball stadiums”? Don’t be dumb.

    • If Gose can learn to run bases and bunt for hits and do it consistently, his plus plus defense and speed will make up for most of his shortcomings. Certainly, it was promising when he arrived, and there was an argument to be made for keeping him up here when Rasmus returned despite the distinct disadvantages against LHP.

      With his play in the last couple weeks and extending to the month, he is definitely slumping, and he had better whip around into shape as Rasmus is around the corner from coming back. It’s going to be Gose, Kratz, or Pillar going down and I think the push will be to send down an LHB, and Gose’s play of late is going to make Gibby’s choice easy.

      Which is too bad, because I think we would all like to see Gose succeed rather than trying to sign Cletus to a deal.

      • gorgeous peter bourjous seems to be a useful major leaguer though he can’t hit.
        i’m sure there is some hope for gose

        • In addition to this year, he has one more option year left. Up until last night when he was absolutely lost at the plate, it looked to me as if he’s learned a few things. He has all of thisyear and all of next year to put it together and I think he’ll make the #4 spot.

    • Well Ron he WAS very young (still is) two years ago and had 1000 less at bats.

      You may have been right and may continue to be right. Considering probably less than 3% of all draft picks (warning: made up internet number) even play 100 games in MLB, it is hardly contrarian to bet against a guy making it.

      If you said (or are still saying) that he has no chance at all, then you were and are incorrect.

      Also, while turning a guy into a hitter may be hard, it is also hard to turn Jose Molina into a runner. I’d sooner work on Gose’s hitting if I had to choose.

  7. What is Dutch comfort food?

  8. I find fighting, beaning, spiking, etc., all to be useless relics of the past. Glad the home plate collisions are done. Prefer international hockey as it is faster paced without the fighting. Just a regular ol’ pinko here.

    Still, there is something funny about it being ok to “accidentally” throw a ball at a guy’s head but then suspend a guy for “accidentally” throwing the bat back.

  9. i feel a Fat Juan bomb coming tonight. Hes due.

  10. MLB

    Gausman (22-23): 58.2ip, 8.7k/9, 2.5bb/9, 5.52era, 3.92fip
    Stroman (23-23): 18.1ip, 8.4k/9, 1.5bb/9, 5.40era, 2.75fip
    Hutch (21-23): 133.2ip, 7.8k/9, 2.9bb/9, 4.24era, 4.20fip


    Gausman (22-23): 78.0ip, 8.9k/9, 3.1bb/9, 3.46era, 3.22fip
    Stroman (23-23): 35.2ip, 11.4k/9, 2.3bb/9, 3.03era, 2.12fip
    Hutch (22-22): 19.0ip, 9.5k/9, 2.8bb/9, 6.63era, 4.05fip (rehab stint only)


    Gausman (22-22): 46.1ip, 9.5k/9, 1.0bb/9, 3.11era, 2.57fip
    Stroman (21-22): 119.2ip, 10.3k/9, 2.5bb/9, 3.31era, 3.35fip
    Hutch (20-22): 39.1ip, 9.8k/9, 1.6bb/9, 2.29era, 2.14fip

    I mean Gausman’s been solid in the minors, but “future greatness suggested by milb dominance” is a pretty big stretch.

    • Dominance isn’t just a stats thing.

      • Come again?

        • Dominance. Isn’t. Just. A. Stats. Thing.

          You can overwhelm minor league hitters and still have hits fall in. What’s your defence like? Your park? The infield ground? You can also be asked to be working on a particular pitch — one that isn’t your best — or a particular game plan, and have that reflected in the stats on your way up. All this while being a dominant pitcher. If it was about stats alone, what would Aaron Sanchez be? Jeez.

      • It’s a hype thing.

      • No dominance isn’t just a stats thing. Sometimes it involves whips and chains.

    • Is your handle juxtaposing former reliever Mark Eichorn with Gnomish inventor Finkle Einhorn?

  11. Hey Andrew you never mentioned much about Dickey yesterday.

    I really wish he wouldn’t throw fastballs ever. But he did pretty well, especially after that start.

    We keep talking about the need for another pitcher. What would people say TODAY if we still had Noah and TdA and could turn them into a guy with Dickey’s stats for the last year and a bit, in the AL East, and who is on the “less injury risk” list?

    • Oh and who is on a pretty reasonable contract for another 2 years.

    • He has to throw fastballs sometimes. Not much to say about him, really. Another Dickey-esque performance, which is not a compliment. Baffling at times, but just can’t seem to find a groove where no one can touch it like we saw in 2012, and to a lesser extent in the back half of last year. I think (hope?) he’ll come around, but… yeah. Lots of good knuckleballs were thrown, but it doesn’t take too many bad ones to undo a lot of the good he does, unfortunately.

      • Yeah – compared to the bar he set and the expectations that Jays marketing let us accept, it’s a downer.

        But with Noah having a bit of setbacks and TdA being sent down, and with Dickey (god I hate to use this term) “battling” and hanging tough in the AL East… on a fair contract and with not much injury risk beyond bits of back pain or whatever, I think I would do the trade all over.

        • “The expectations that Jays marketing let us accept”???? Come on.

          But of course there are lots of reasons to have done that trade at the time which a lot of fans — *COUGH* messageboard people *COUGH* — who want to view it in a vacuum refuse to get. The timing was huge — the Jays don’t get big influxes of cash from Rogers very often, they don’t get the chance to get Cy Young calibre talent very often, they don’t see an opening in the AL East and shift into win-now mode very often. Could they have probably done better for what they spent? Now, with a Samardzija on the market, and Fister dealt, etc., it’s easy to say yes, but at the time? It’s hard to say — and anyone frothing about James Shields is kidding himself. The thinking was sound — it was a risk, absolutely, and a big one and they knew it, but so was not doing enough in 2013 and 2014 in order to save bullets for 2016 and 2017. Doing that, hedging on the Lansing 3 and d’Arnaud to be part of the next great Jays team, at a time when Bautista/Encarnacion/Reyes/Buehrle/Johnson/Morrow etc. would have been gone or in steeper decline, wasn’t as good an option as the people who want for nothing but prospect value try badly to believe. There are a lot of concerns at play — the front office keeping their jobs, the marketing department being able to do their jobs, the accountants liking what they see enough to help convince ownership to raise budgets — and with those in mind it looks a WHOOOOOOOLE lot better than people want to believe. The volatility of the prospects is a part of it, too.

          • “The expectations that Jays marketing let us accept”

            Tongue in cheek I assure you.

            Yeah despite how much I wish he was a little better, I can’t be upset at the trade. He’s healthy and throwing and not being terrible and not costing anywhere near Reyes or Buehrle. After such a hard start, he managed to shut them out in the end left the bases loaded but for kind of flukey reasons.

  12. WIN #40 tonight boys!

    And some thought that would not happen til Canada Day!

  13. Would someone please introduce Kate Upton to Ricky Romero?

  14. Blue Jay Hunter quest for 90 wins table was missing winning percentage so here that is.

    Jays: 526
    Baltimore: 580
    Yanks: .590
    Sox: .626
    Rays: .680


  15. A picture of Kate Upton will make any day better.

  16. Inconsistency seems like the theme of the day so…Stoeten’s on record gauging Bautista’s hoodoo voodoo analysis that aggressiveness with the bat can affect a pitcher’s approach as “reasonably fair advice” bit completely denigrates anyone’s (including players former and current) position on the mythic qualities of leadership. He cites the unquantifiable as being irrelevant simply because the B class mathematicians who populate the advanced metrics sphere of sports haven’t figured out what to measure or how to measure it…
    Inconsistent much?
    Anyhow, just sayin’.
    Go Jays!

  17. I think the Jays are entering a tough spell where they’re likely to lose more often than not over the next month.

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