Give us some Stroman! Um… y’know… from a safe distance, that is.

I don’t say that because the curveball-that-looks-like-a-slider thing he throws is so disgustingly filthy that it might be lethal — though that would be a good guess.

No, I say that because this isn’t your little brother’s businessman’s special today. Or… wait– no! It is your little brother’s businessman’s special today, because it’s fucking Kids Day! Or School Day… or… whatever it is they call it when the Rogers Centre gets overwhelmed by shrieking children when I’m just trying to have a damn drink and enjoy some baseball!

But, actually, I kid. This maybe isn’t the day that I’m happiest to skip out on the office and take in some mid-week afternoon baseball, but I can’t begrudge the club for encouraging younger fans to take in a game. Good on them, I guess. It’ll keep the beer lines small if you do end up going, or it’ll give you an excuse to go watch the game with some cheaper beers in a bar, and get an even better look at the ridiculous stuff Marcus Stroman brings to the mound.

I can live with that.

Go Jays!


A roster move! Kevin Pillar has been sent back down to Buffalo, and Bobby Korecky recalled. Shi Davidi of the Rogers-owned Rogers Sportsnet tweeted this news from Rogers Centre on the Rogers-owned Blue Jays first.

Of the move, Drew tweets that he thinks the “Blue Jays seem very wary of a short Stroman outing. With Redmond and Jenkins going long this week, figure Korecky is the caddy for today?”

Gregor Chisholm adds that John Gibbons said that Pillar became the odd man out on the roster because the club isn’t scheduled to face a lefty starter for the next ten days. He follows up by tweeting, though, that the Jays are likely to add a position player following today’s game — with Darin “Pat” Mastroianni a possibility. Which kinda takes us back to what GROF said…

When Korecky was recalled the last time, John Lott wrote about the secret of his new-found success for the National Post.

Ken Rosenthal talks Jays at Fox Sports, saying that they can’t limit themselves to just rentals — they have to go for it, he says.

Bob Elliott tweets a link from the Washington Post, telling us that the Jays’ third-rounder, Nick Wells, will sign for slot — $661,800. So… that’ll play.

Steve Tolleson against a right-hander? Yes, Juan Francisco has been that cold of late.

Sergio Santos didn’t have a great rehab outing for New Hampshire last night, but not quite as bad as the line makes it look, according to a tweet from Fisher Cats play-by-play man Bob Lipman. “Strikeout, line drive single, walk, strikeout, infield single, misplayed fly ball (double) allows 3 runs,” is how he says it went down. 

John Lott spoke to Alex Anthopoulos about the status of Colby Rasmus, and he tweets that the GM warns that, despite some other, slightly more positive reports, the club is just “hopeful” that their centre fielder will get into a rehab assignment by week’s end. He has “not played a game in extended spring,” we’re old.

Marcus Stroman tweets a birthday felicitation to Jose Reyes. He makes $16-million this year, $22-million each of the following three years, and turns 31 today. But that’s OK, because he’s fucking awesome. And the third best Jose in baseball!

There were a few Jays-related tidbits in Keith Law’s post-draft chat with readers at last week, but this was definitely my favourite:

Maurice (Toronto)
Would the Jays picking Toronto’s own Gareth Morgan over Reid-Foley have been defensible?
No. I didn’t understand Jays fans’ desire for the team to take Canadian players when I worked there and I don’t understand it now. This is major league baseball not the freaking World Cup.

Not baseball-related, but holy shit The Ray Hudson Soundboard.

Get down to the park if you can, because it’s the last Jays home game for nearly two weeks — until the Yankees come to town following a road trip that will first send the Jays to the Bronx, following their weekend series at Baltimore and next weekend’s visit to Cincinnati. Big divisional matchups upcoming! And how great is it going to be to go in thinking, “Hey, if we even just win one of three, they’re not gaining that much ground”? Not that we don’t want more, of course. And not that we can’t damn well get it.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:05 PM ET @ Baltimore — and at the DJF shindig Opera Bob’s!

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Erik Kratz (R)
2B Steve Tolleson (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Marcus Stroman

Minnesota Twins

CF Danny Santana (S)
2B Brian Dozier (R)
1B Joe Mauer (L)
LF Josh Willingham (R)
DH Kendrys Morales (S)
RF Oswaldo Arcia (L)
3B Trevor Plouffe (R)
C Kurt Suzuki (R)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)

RHP Phil Hughes

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  1. “because it’s fucking Kids Day! ”


  2. Can Marcus Stroman cool off the red hot Brian Dozier?

    Will the Blue Jays bats wake up against the Twins’ lullaby rotation?

    Is that the same Phil Hughes who sucked for the Yankees?

    Find out the answers to all these questions and more on SportsNet Pacific LIVE at 9:30 AM in the morning!

  3. I’m not in the lineup.

  4. Both Colby Rasmus and Juan Francisco have had 135 at-bats coming into today’s game.

    33 H, 8 2B, 1 3B, 10 HR, 14 BB, 52 K, .244/.322/.541

    30 H, 9 2B, 0 3B, 9 HR, 7 BB, 47 K, .222/.266/.489

    All that says to me is that the traditional counting stats don’t come close to telling the story. But it’s still amusing to compare.

    • That tells a pretty clear story, doesn’t it? It says Juan Francisco has been quite a bit better than Colby Rasmus offensively so far this year. I think that’s a pretty fair assessment.

      Unless I’m missing something…

    • Difference being: Juan at his best, Colby at his worst.

    • and they’re both plus defenders in center field

    • Colby has been around for pitchers to see. Francisco sort of burst onto the scene and now he’s regressing/adjustments are being made

      Colby can do a hell of a lot better though. And he was before he got injured

    • Taking a quick look at your numbers, there’s something wonky – they don’t add up. Then I realized you’re including BB in comparing ABs when prolly what you should be talking about is PAs. Which, of course, is apples, not oranges. So after a cheap bottle of Pinot Noir, I can’t tell what it is you’re trying to say.

  5. The Jays game is free on MLB,com today for all of you at the office.

  6. I unknowingly went to a kids’ day. Just brutal.

  7. Got a good feeling about today. Let’s take a series before this somewhat super important road trip.

    • Let’s not go nuts with the “super important road trip.” Would be huge to maintain the cushion. They could have a shit spell and still be entirely in the fight, though.

      • I agree it’s not mathematically that important, it seems like it is psychologically though. Most of our winning over the past few weeks hasn’t been against ALE opponents, so it would be nice to put a beating on them.

        • No.

          • you’re weird need to literally disagree with everything I say makes you look like an idiot.

            “It would be nice to put a beating on our ALE rivals”


            really? It wouldn’t be nice?

            You’re literally the worst thing about these comments section. You bring nothing to the table except be a negative suckhole.

      • Mostly due to the rays being an awful team, and the Red Sox/Yankees ding their best jekll and Hyde impression

      • That’s why I said somewhat.

  8. Since it’s a rubber match, shouldn’t Happ be pitching?

  9. Will someone please go remind Phil Hughes that he is Phil Hughes.

  10. Righties have been hitting Hughes much better this year, Francisco has been struggling, and it’s a day game after a night game so stars align for Tolleson and Kratz

    • I wonder if too much gets made out of lefty righty.
      LIke I bat Left, and have no issues against hard throwing lefties, but the sidearm guys fuck me right, but the same is true with right handers.
      I wonder if it’s more type of pitcher rather than what hand they throw with.

      • They numbers don’t really agree with you.

        Of course there are guys that buck the trend, but the trend is a very real thing.

      • It’s definitely a real thing, but I def think too much gets made out of it, when it seems the #1 factor is matching a batter with the opposite handed pitcher.

        The #1 factor should be if the guy is a good hitter or not. Case in point, is the reason given for sending Pillar down, that being “we’re not scheduled to face a LHP for a while”. Even if they WERE, Pillar should still have been sent down. He’s not really a good hitter, his OPS against LHP is like .680

        YTou can match hitters all day, but if it’;s a crappy hitter, it’s not goiung to make a huge difference.

      • What Major League team do you play for? I’ll look up your splits.

        • why do you get so pissy if someone mentions they play baseball?
          i didn’t say i played in the majors

          • Because your experience is hardly relevant if you don’t.

            • i’m just saying maybe its not so cut and dry,
              like i wouldn’t want lind in to face aaron loup, but i like his chances against a predominantly over hte top fastball left handed bullpen guy

              • That’s an interesting point. Didn’t need mentioning anything about non-MLB experience to make it.

            • So if you play baseball but not in the majors somebody’s opinion on facing live pitching shouldn’t count?
              Oh boy.

              • Fuck off RADAR with your transparent drooling over the opportunity to dumbly be a shit in my direction. It’s not a blanket statement, but yes, the opinion is irrelevant when applying it to MLB games if the thing is to say “hitting a lefty as a lefty isn’t so hard,” because obviously the quality of pitching is massively different.

                • Sensitive today.
                  Looking for clarification on your thoughts.
                  Guy gave his personal opinion through his own experience of playing the game.
                  Perhaps he shoulda asked the same question you asked.

                  “What Major League team do you play for? I’ll look up your splits.”

                  • The problem is that his experience has no relationship to what MLB players experience, and even if you use a major league player as an example that the matchups are overrated, it’s still only one example to go against the hundreds and hundreds of examples that exist to prove that there’s a significant effect.

                    Think of the best left-handed hitting Blue Jays of all time.

                    Delgado – .981 OPS vs. RHP, .806 OPS vs. LHP
                    Olerud – .896 OPS vs. RHP, .767 OPS vs. LHP
                    Green – .884 OPS vs. RHP, .754 OPS vs. LHP
                    McGriff – .930 OPS vs. RHP, .791 OPS vs. LHP
                    Lind – .858 OPS vs. RHP, . 598 OPS vs. LHP

                    It goes on and on… Overbay, Moseby, Whitt, Upshaw, Hinske… and the results don’t change at all. I’m sure there is a difference between sidearm lefties and those who throw straight over the top, but these samples add up to tens of thousands of PA against lefties and the results are pretty obvious.

                    • but why are they so pronounced?
                      is it a right eye left eye dominance thing?

                    • I don’t know what the specific reasoning is and there’s no point in me trying to guess, but it’s always been that way and to suggest that it’s not as pronounced as it seems is to ignore the hundred + years of evidence to the contrary. Lou Gehrig (1.118 vs. .988), Ted Williams (1.151 vs. .941), and Barry Bonds (1.084 vs. .986) are among the best hitters to ever play the game and they all crushed lefties, but they also all had a fairly pronounced righty-lefty split.

  11. Let’s fuck these fraternals right up so bad that Jesse the Body jumps off the top rope off the CN Tower.

  12. Dozier hitting numbers just blew my mind.

    • Yeah, I never really knew about him before this series. His HR prompted me to read up on him and look at his career numbers, and now I thinkAA should make a serious phone call to see if the Twins would trade him.

      We could really use a legit 2B

      • Not that we don’t have one in Lawrie, but if Lawries on 2B, we have crap on 3B. If he’s on 3B, we have crap on 2B.

        • Yeah, those Homers have him on pace for over 30, and he is a great defensive two bee.

        • False. As usual. Jesus fucking christ, Rob. Stop being wrong about stuff/misreading small samples.

          • holy shit, you’re something else.

            Tell me who we have that is NOT crap for 2B if we have Lawrie on 3B?

            Tell me who we have that is NOT crap for 3B if we have Lawrie on 2B?

            Tolleson? Francisco?

            Ok dude.

            • When they only play against their best platoon side they are fine. Don’t be dumb.

            • Rob I’m with you. Stoeten has eaten to many lollipops with the children at the game

            • Didn’t we go over this all yesterday? The combination of Lawrie, Francisco and Tolleson has 3 fWAR in just over 450 PA. Altogether, they’re on pace to average somewhere around a 4 fWAR season each. As I said yesterday, they’re being used appropriately, and it will require a whole shitload of regression to get to the point where the 3B/2B combo isn’t working anymore.

              It’s not an ideal situation and OF COURSE an upgrade would be nice, but it shouldn’t even be remotely considered a concern at this point.

              • WAR is not a stat……….stop using it to measure success

                • Do you know what a stat is?

                  If you really don’t like WAR (which is specifically designed to measure past success) then how about this:

                  Steve Tolleson has the highest wRC+ among second basemen with at least 50 PA in 2014.
                  Juan Francisco has the sixth highest wRC+ among third basemen with at least 50 PA in 2014.

                  Or does wRC+ not count as a stat either? Tolleson is first by OPS and Francisco is fourth. Or do you just want to know where they rank in batting average?

  13. The Littlest Blue Jay!

    “There’s a voice…keeps on calling me…”

  14. I’m on holidays for a week, but it is still only 10:42 am.
    Beer o’clock?


  16. Hell, why not spot the Twins a 2-0 lead again?

  17. The Twins sure do love them some two-run first innings.

  18. I know the Jays have been really hot but I still can’t believe they agreed to spot the Twins two runs in the top of the 1st every game. That shits just cocky.

  19. Fuck

  20. Real sick of these fuckin Twins. Good riddance after today

  21. Tired of these Twin first innings.

  22. Twins can quietly fuck off now.

  23. deja deja vu vu

  24. Any hoops to jump through to watch the free feed? For me it buffers to 33% and then stops. (using Chrome/Ubuntu if that matters).


  26. anyone know why Kratz didn’t start yesterday? what about the bourgeoning love affair w/ Happ? also it would’ve given us another lefty bat w/ the switch hitting Navarro.

    • Someone else had to catch Happ eventually. Not a lot of room for multiple personal catchers.

      • Each starter on the Jays should have a personal catcher. It only makes sense.

      • i hear you. it was more a question about having an extra lefty bat today. any case, i now see Hughes has pitched 39 strikes, 12 balls, which means . . . nothing makes sense.

    • There must be something about how they call the game, you’d think the catchers would communicate on that

  27. What happens if Jays are shutout again today?

  28. Haha, Stoeten doesn’t find you funny Kelly.

  29. Andrews got a full blown man crush on stroman. How long will it last??

  30. Hughes throwing a lot of high fastballs, some called for strikes. All three outs were guys getting under those.

  31. Good that it bounced out.

  32. Should have just hit that fool.

  33. RED BULL

  34. Had a mini heart attack, then remembered Lawrie is at third today

  35. C’mon Stro, pitch yer way out of this.

  36. Haha, Lawries eyes got huge on the 1-1 inside fastball.

  37. I swear to god Kevin Correa and Phil Hughes are bad at pitching right? RIGHT?

  38. Phil Hughes looks like he chews on tree bark.

    • Hughes has thrown a lot of belt high middle-in fastballs. Eventually those are going to get crushed.

  39. That was classic!

  40. There’s a bona fide confidence builder !!

  41. That was some Keystone Kops shit.

  42. Jays are actually quite deep. Always been a problem in the past.
    This year we have 3 serviceable catchers, a pretty deep pen, some good relief arms in AAA.

    Have some replacement level backup infielders.
    A couple of 4th outfielders.

    The only place we could use some serviceable depth is SP.
    A good 2 bagger would be nice but we can win with the average shit we have.

    Just some random thoughts.

    • Trade somebody somewhere for a starting hucker. I know, perhaps around the halfway point, which is soon.

    • The rumour is that they’re actively looking to deal for a SP, but AA has hinted it won’t be anything like a Price or a Shields; more like a rental for half a season so they can keep their kids on the farm. It’s like we were saying all winter, the offence is good and if the rotation can keep them close they should be ok.

  43. Kratz and Lind tied with 3 HRs each!

  44. That’s more like it. Make them pay.

  45. cash this error in now please, bonus!!

  46. Seriously, everything getting hit is a pop up. He’s getting all these high strike calls. Gotta get on top of it

    • Then he throws that to Tolleson. That’s how he’s going to try to make it threw this game you’d think. If they can’t get around on those fastballs they’re screwed

  47. For some reason I have a desire to go to Fallsview Casino

  48. Emily Blunt is a little bit of a sizzler.

  49. bottom of the order looking weak.. Kratz, Tolleson, Gose….

  50. Fuck you Lawrie, you make that look so easy.

  51. To anyone who is freaking out right now–Fuck off.

  52. Willingham hitting .533 with RISP this season if I read the Twins graphic correctly

  53. The StroShow is looking good.

    Time to clobber some high fastball.


  54. This ump crew has a habit of calling that inside pitch (3 inches off the plate) a strike…as long as it goes both ways. Be nice too if Seitzer picks up on it.

  55. RADAR, Stoeten just called you out. Let the monkey fecal flinging fest begin.

    I got 2 to 1 odds that RADAR conquers.

  56. Jays hitters need to be reminded that these Twins pitchers are scrubs.

  57. Ok Jose. Right now please

  58. anyone got a good stream that is unlikely to be blocked at work?

  59. If you have Rogers cable tv and if you subscribe to sportsnet you can watch the games for free on rogers anyplace tv. That is the only thing i like about that though

  60. Someone took one right off the conk.
    Don’t duck fools, try to catch it, it may sting but it’s better then an egg.

  61. Second time through now…KNOCK THE SNOT OUT OF HUGHES’ MEATBALLS

  62. Someone save Evanka…that baseball cap is swallowing her time head!!!

  63. So apparently Kratz coming from the NL calls a lot of fastballs. Noticing that today. And Twins guys said Navarro was calling a lot of breaking balls yesterday for Happ. Thoughts?

    • Happ seems to pitch better when he’s really aggressive with the fastball. I think that’s the main reason he and Kratz are bffs.

  64. Hughes is going to give up the ghost sooner or later.

  65. All of Hughes’ mistakes are pop flies today. Its official ladies and gents. There is clearly a curse.

  66. Boy would that have been demoralizing if lind was thrown out there. Throw was in plenty of time.

  67. Keep missing belt high meatballs. So fucking frustrating.

  68. Swing at everything kind of day.

  69. Strololololololoman has really settled down. Too bad Phil Hughes has a horseshoe up his nether regions today.

  70. Anthony Gose is a terrible hitter but good god I love watching him play CF

  71. Goddam nice catch.

  72. Ball hit the ground.

  73. He clearly used the ground to gain control of that ball. It bounced around his glove, then off the turf and back up into the glove. If he didn’t drag the top of his glove along the turf he doesn’t catch that. Gibby should’ve gotten out there sooner.

  74. 51 strikes and 13 balls. Ump calls the high strike so that doesn’t help. But this is just aggravating.

  75. Holy fuck boys it’s Phil fucking Hughes.

    Fuck up this loser!

  76. I’m bored of the Jays not scoring.

    Please score

  77. Suzuki runs like the car he’s named after.

  78. Its pretty incredible how quiet the Jays offense has been over the past few games.

  79. Ugh. Not indisputable evidence but they’ll fuck it up

  80. I feel like Hudson from the movie Aliens

  81. I’d really like to see some innings where the Jays get some baserunners. You know, one of those rally things.

  82. I had a dream I was in a bouncy castle with Brooklynn Decker.

    No, no, that was a wish.

  83. Bats is now only behind Cespedes in outfield assists

    • That throw last night was pretty sick, but everyone’s making it out like he had the arm of god or something. I feel like Gose or Bautista could make that throw as well. That being said, Cespedes actually did and kudos to him

  84. And it begins….(pretty please.)

  85. here comes the offense finally

  86. Please score here, please don’t let us get shut out again :(

  87. OK, this is looking more like the Phil Huges we know.

  88. So Smasher…how goes the beers?

  89. PLEASE LInd…

  90. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

  91. wow what has happened to the bats…1st and 3rd nobody out..not even a sac fly from EE or Bats…yesterday same thing bases loaded one out …reyes grounds out and so does cabrera

  92. Well, at least at this rate the game will be done quickly.

  93. hey let’s all swing at breaking balls in the dirt!!

  94. Sad trombone.

  95. Way to get the kids excited about baseball.

    Or maybe they’re just trying to prove a point to the kids that baseball’s hard.

  96. How many center cut fastballs have been foul balls today.. this is statistically improbable.

  97. hahaha well played Hay Dirkhurst lol

  98. Well this has been a depressing string of games

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