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The Jays got baseball’d pretty good tonight. Hard to see it as anything other than that. J.A. Happ, by the skin of his teeth, wasn’t quite able to keep the Twins to just the two runs he gave up to the first pair of batters he faced — a second straight night in which the Twins plated the first two men they sent up — and it didn’t really even matter anyway. Somehow the Jays just couldn’t quite get anything going off of Kevin Correia — Kevin fucking Correia! — finding themselves shutout for the third time in four games. But you know the old saying: the distribution of hits over a given period of time isn’t even, so to take too much from this four game sample, as opposed to the much larger one that shows they’re leading the majors in league- and park-adjusted wRC+, would be more than a little hilariously dumb.

At least I think that’s how the old saying goes.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean that the team has to be the best forever, of course — they may not be by Wednesday morning! — but they sure are better than this. And I think the number of hard-hit balls they produced tonight probably indicates that as well, just as the flukiness of the result is indicated by the fact that, before tonight, Kevin Correia had left a game having given up zero runs just three times in his previous 71 starts.

So… oh well. The Jays are now 39-27 with 96 games to go, meaning they could lose every other day for the 16 weeks remaining in the season and still finish with 87 wins. There is a lot of losing to come, in other words. That doesn’t mean they don’t need to be mindful of the trouble spots on their roster — yes, they need to acquire another starter (and certainly they will, so shut up about it), and yes they could use help in the bullpen, at second base, and they need to stay healthy and keep monitoring just what they have in Juan Francisco — but as far as them losing a couple in not-gorgeous fashion? With this cushion they have and the second-place O’s losing to keep the Jays’ AL East lead at 5.5 games? I can live with that.

Just… y’know… get out there tomorrow and beat these fuckers.

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  1. Watchin Yanks @ Seattle…..damn I cant wait till the Jays hit the West Coast. Love late night basesball

    • Holy fuck, the Cespedes throw in the other game. Holy fuck.

      • Yeah that was pretty awesome.

        I seem to remember Barfield doing the same thing for the Jays. My memory may be betraying me because I think I was only about 8 or so, but I think his might have been even more impressive as it was from the fence in right field (at Ol’ Exhibition Stadium, mind you), no hops, strike to home plate, runner out.

      • Roberto Clemente would have been impressed by that throw. Mercy.

  2. Sergio santos 1 IP 3 runs in rehab at New Hampshire tonight. results be damned, he’s working his way back.

    Tonight in syracuse, AAA Buffalo faced a team that had zach jackson and manny delcarmen pitching out of the pen!!!!! how’s that for turning back the clock!

    • Wasn’t even quite as bad as it sounds, according to this tweet:

      “Santos inning for Fisher Cats, strikeout, line drive single, walk, strikeout, infield single, misplayed fly ball (double) allows 3 runs.”

      Don’t care for the line drive or the walk, but a pair of strikeouts and the other stuff was out of his hands.

  3. “yes, they need to acquire another starter (and certainly they will, so shut up about it)”

    Ummm…okay? So can this website just shut down then? Like, why the fuck shouldn’t people be talking about something that could or could not be very significant to the outcome of the season?

    • That was in reference to a specific conversation that was going on yesterday in which one of the posters was being very obtuse and Stoeten was trying to get him to see the light. Of course as a stand alone, the comment does seem inflammatory.

    • Thanks for the context. Seemed oddly harsh in light of how sure everyone was that the Jays would get at least one starter over the winter.

  4. In sadder news, RIP Bob Welch.

    Guy was only 57. I remember watching him when i was a kid. He had that one year when he won like 27 games and his peripherals sucked.

    makes me feel old when guys who were the young studs of my childhood are dying.

  5. to the comment about bullpen help for the jays how about deck mcguire. 25 er in 80 innings. 5 er in 19.2 ip in AAA the last three games

    Or Bobby Korecky, John Stilson, Sean Nolin, Rob Rasmussen, Kyle Drabek?

    All I think could do some time in the bullpen for what’s left of 2014.

    A healthy Santos?

    • I think Stilson and Rasmussen are hurt no? Could very well be candidates for later in the year though.

      Nolin and Drabek you want starting, and we may very well see them at some point this year (hopefully not though).

  6. As tasty as mamas milk

  7. Jays weren’t going to score a billion runs forever; Regression was to be expected. The good news is if the Jays go on a tear, they increase their lead. If they start playing poor baseball – much of the last 4 games has been just that – they’re lead essentially stays the same.

    Hopefully the bats get going again soon.

    The AL East is a shitshow this season.

  8. The official motto for the 2014 Toronto Blue Jays: “I can live with that”.

    You know, I can live with that.

  9. I know you’re going to dismiss me for saying this, but it makes me really uneasy when you say that “we could lose X number of games in X amount of time and still be good.”

    If it’s too early to assume that the team was dead in the water last year then it’s still too early to assume we’re the cream of the crop this year. Lets just live and die on every pitch like we usually do and hope everything looks good on labour day.

    Having said that, who the fuck cares that we got shut out a few times. Go back out there and fuck up Phil Hughes this afternoon! My workday ends at 12:45 today!!!

    • You are lucky Ray, I will have to catch this game over the Internets

    • I think that’s exactly what he’s saying, though. If it turns out this team ISN’T the cream of the crop that it’s looked like the last month and a half, that’s ok because they’ve been so good up until now. If it turns out they’re a .500 team, then they’ve played over their heads for long enough that they still have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs.

      If anything, I find it a bit of a comforting notion, and if I was so used to be let down by promising teams over the last 20 odd years, I would be very confident in their chances right now.

  10. Another way of looking at it: the Jays are playing .666 ball in June after playing .700 ball in May.

    To start pissing and moaning now would be absolutely heinous, especially when the team is riding high and first place in the AL East in fucking June for the first time in god knows how long.


  12. Pillar down and Korecky up this morning. I’m guessing they’re worried about a crappy start from Stroman and want some extra support in the bullpen.

    Really thin bench with Thole, Navarro and Francisco however.

    • They’re facing righty starters the next 5 days, so you’re not losing much sending down Pillar until late in those games. I suppose they could call up Mastroianni when they need the outfielder back within 10 days if there’s no injury

    • Does Thole have options? Don’t really see any value there. Not that I’m complaining about our 25th man (though I suppose I am) but doesn’t make any sense that we would send down Pillar and keep someone who honestly has no value unless we bring in Dickey as a reliever.

      Does Thole have options?

      • Even if he does, you couldn’t call Thole back up for another 10 days unless someone ends up on the DL. The two big negatives with Pillar going down are

        1. Melky is staying in late on defense
        2. Gose is getting late game at-bats against lefties

        This stuff might not even matter after today because they can call up Mastroianni tomorrow and send down whoever

        • Ya I guess and again it’s not worth it to agonize over the 25th man. Just seems curious to keep 2 catchers and a DH on your bench but no one who can play… well anywhere.

          • Well for now it’ll probably be Kratz Thole and Tolleson on the bench… Tolleson is pretty versatile. But again this is probably a very short term move. Like one day.

  13. What about the idea of trading for a rental 3B?

    I only say rental because of Lawrie’s displeasure playing second when he’s awesome there as well.

    I don’t know who’s out there is the thing, but if that piece is easier to acquire and it improves the team as a whole right now greater than acquiring a 2B, why not? Are there any decent available 3B out there?

    • Not sure who we would get but I do love Lawrie’s deep playing at 2B. Seems it has been working out real well.

      • His athleticism can play anywhere. While the most defensive value comes at 3B, I don’t see the point in getting another no-bat 2B if there’s a third baseman out there that makes the team better as a whole.

        Not a lot of teams that can count themselves out standings-wise right now though. We’ll see what opportunities open up.

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