So it remains not the best idea to spot your opponents two runs in the first inning — as the Jays did again today — even if it’s the Twins. I like the cocky swagger of doing so, but it’s probably time to start winning some fucking games, eh? Y’know, big road trip coming up and all… in the full throes of a death spiral… all that sort of stupid noise from people who’ve never actually paid attention to baseball before.

That’s not to say that losing is good, but I sure can feel the fuckfaces slowly starting to press themselves back out through the woodwork and into the conversation around this team, like so many turds … um… through woodwork? Shitheads are poised to resume being shitheads, in other words, and to forget completely why they felt the strange, unfamiliar need to stop inundating people with their dumb opinions for a few weeks there.

Ahh well. It’s baseball, it happens — it all happens: the shitheads, and the shit starts, and the shit hitting, and the shit luck, and the shit feeling Marcus Stroman had today that he pitched through, and the shit need to go to Korecky, and his shitting the bed, though some of those hits were kind of shit, and… shit. That was shit. Four of the last five games have been shit. And yet…


And the Jays actually did something proactive following the game (per… everyone), sending Bobby Korecky down, as expected, and recalling Darin “Pat” Mastroianni. Not only is Mastroianni a good outfielder with speed on the bases and a right-handed bat to complement Anthony Gose (and, eventually — i.e. when Gose gets sent down — Colby Rasmus), but he has a surprisingly decent line at the plate in Triple-A this year (.291/.376/.419) with a 10.5% walk rate down there, and an even better .371/.426/.597 against left-handed pitching — not to mention a .307/.398/.352 against lefties in his last healthy season, 2012, in which he played 70% of his games in the majors.

Also, this:


This forever and ever and ever. And into Baltimore (the first game of which we’ll be watching at Opera Bob’s, FYI — tomorrow night!). And on to New York. Games not to be dreaded, but to be excited for. Baseball!

I can live with that.


Awesome image awesomely from @james_in_to.

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  1. Why didn’t he just tag him?

  2. Shitty fucking game, but this weekend will be the real test.

  3. Just back from the park after this snoozefest. Well. they scored-yahoo!
    Great seats behind the plate. Stroman has good stuff-looks solid. in my mind the only mistake he really made was giving Willingham a breaking ball in the first inning which ended up in the 2nd deck after he had thrown 2 fastballs by him. I would guess it was supposed to be in the dirt but…..
    Not a great game for me or the kids.
    Before the game at 12:15, went to section221 and yelled “Is Karen from Oshawa here”?
    No one replied. The usher asked me what I was doing
    I replied I was looking for a Drunk Jays Fan named Karen.
    He said “Try the fifth deck”. He didn’t get it so I left.
    I am not going anymore ifI find out either Karen or Stoten is going.
    Over and out

    • Agreed…. I’m sending Karen my schedule of tickets to give myself a fighting chance of seeing winning baseball.

    • Hey Mr Fukstik that must have been the same time I was in 121 looking for you.
      Or I was in the long line for alcohol. It may have been kids day, but they weren’t sitting near me. Adults & beer lines.

      Don’t abandon me yet. Next time I’ll actually go to that horrible moose place before the game, for a drink.

      I really felt like a true DJF when I bought wine & the server said “I know I’ve told you this many times, but I love your ring”. Many times? Nothing like being recognized by alcohol servers at RC.

      • I don’t want to crash your party but I would love to meet up with you guys at a game. I go to every game (season tix) and would be happy to get together for a pre game bevvie at one of the many available RC outlets.

        • yeah, I’m game. The 28th game is likely to be with the other half and she just tolerates going at all so that one is iffy but all othe games that I may go to w/b game. I’ll keep you posted. BTW, why the french moniker-are you from Quebec originally? (I am)

          • Sure, I have some Friday games in July.

          • Número Huit was the number of my favorite player when I was a kid. Even on tv, you could hear the PA announcer introducing him when he was coming up to bat.

      • We’ll get you a win yet, nurse Karen. Sorry I missed ye. Geez, you’d think the usher would have remembered you if you’re a regular imbibier but he feigned disinterest. Oh well.
        I went over my quota of ONE tallboy at the game and had 2 as the game was, shall we say ,subdued, and my bud and I figure we might as well have some healthy barley. No Moosehead though,unfortunately .
        Do you always go insection 221?
        My next game is Sat, June 28 vs Chisox. Hope we are long out of our funk by then

  4. I noticed Stroman sweating like a pig in the first inning. Didn’t seem to affect the stuff much, though.

  5. Please stop yelling at doubters, Stoeten. This team has not yet earned the trust of the fan base even though they have been amazing for a while. The 21 years between the Jays and the play-offs has not exactly fostered whole-hearted faith and good will. They lose 4 out of 6 and people are gonna get antsy. The team is going to go through patches like this. We’ll see what they’re made of when we see how they weather them.

    That having been said, we need at least one real starter. I’d like to see two. The rotation has managed to hold it together but right now it’s a combination of spit, kiddy-glue and crossed-fingers. Stroman has a lot of potential, but other teams have tape on him now so he will have to make adjustments. Also I was a bit worried at the amount of fly-ball outs the team made in the last two series. Seems like they hit the ball hard and right at people. So maybe pitchers are working out how to pitch to them. And they will have to switch that up as well.

    I have a lot of faith that this team could make the play-offs. But adjustments, guys. Adjustments! And starters. Please.

    • Eh, I have no issue with what he’s saying, just that he says it like he’s posting to YouTube comments. Less of that ugly anger would make the Internet a nicer place. Well, this corner of it, at least.

  6. Probably ought to make some small roster moves… I think the clock struck midnight and Juan Fransisco has turned back into a pumpkin so it might benefit the team to move Lawrie back to third on a more consistent basis and call up someone that can handle 2B.

    • Jesus, give Juan a chance! They guy’s in a slump. Slumps happen.

      • Scarier when he has no track record of being close to as good as he was when hot. Been just a little over league average (104 wRC+) against RHP in the previous two years. So… he’s not likely to turn into AWFUL, but we can’t act like he’s really the guy that he was a month ago, only in a bit of a slump. Hard to believe he was ever really that guy — though the middle ground between 2012/13 JuanFran against RHP and the early-May 2014 one is still pretty useful.

  7. The word “shit” was used an awful lot in the post.
    Had to check to see if Pat Tabler wrote it.

    Thank you, you guys have been great.
    Be sure to try the veal.
    Next week,all week long,check out my good friend Slappy White

  8. Some of the shitheads at the office who keep telling me how they hate baseball yet we’re watching every game in the latter part of the 9 game win streak popped their heads in to say the “collapse has started” this afternoon. These are also the people that asked me why I bother watching this year given the Jays are going to finish in last place.

    • I love it when the Leaf fans in the office swing by to let me know that the Jays lost. Shitheads, indeed.

  9. Zit Remedy reunion tour!

    Everybody wants something – they’ll take your monaaay and never give up!

  10. Too bad Mastroiani didn’t get into today’s game given that he’d probably want a chance to have a few swings at the team that dumped him..

  11. Have Fun at Opera Bob’s guys tomorrow. I truly hope I can get down there to see some of you fuckers one day, but for me , in the summer months MAY 1 to pretty much SEP 29 I am busy with ball ( well, slowpitch,OK?) on Mondays and Thursdays so it’s pretty much ruled out

    • I would smuggle in some merlot just to share a pop with you Fukstik.

    • Is this part of your repertoire fukstik?

      • Good one spuds! where do you find this stuff?
        A lot of the guys do look like this dude, but on our team they kinda play 3B or just DH-we have about 5 guys who want to do that.
        Tournaments used to be super fun, indeed. However, the fact that we are much older now and the fact most of them take up the entire week-end we don’t enter themanymore. Led to a lot of great beer drinking parties back in the day. The annual provincials in LOndon, ON and Niagara Falls every Sept used to be “can’t miss dates” on the local f’stick calendar, but alas, labour day week-end now usually just means yardwork of some kind. But, I don’t have to woory about booking time off work either so….

        • So basically what you’re saying is now ‘you lose some, you lose some.’
          Yard work?
          These are not compensations, fukstik.
          Merlot however, is.

          • Source this one fukstik…

            “The only two things in life that make it worth livin’
            Is guitars that tune good and firm feelin’ women”

            • Easily googled.

            • Well, my wife being a big country fan, (I’m not) but even I recognize the nasally twang of a willie Nelson. Your right about the merlot being fine,allright. Therehave been many a night ending with a high 5 and a fine dinner. Summed by the following lyrics!
              “Well, woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand.
              Whose wine? What wine? Where the hell did I dine?
              Must have been a dream I don’t believe where I’ve been.
              Come on, let’s do it again.

              • Just got back from watching the NYR win one game and watched Tanaka make mince meat out of the seattle mariners. Because the NYY were rained out Monday, Tanak pitched to day instead of yesterday. It;s bad news because his next start is now Mon not Sun and will open agaainst Tor next Monday. Whoever pitches for us, likley Stroman better deal a SO

  12. Didnt see the game but how could they let shitty hughes dominate like that? Was it bad luck (against correia)? or shit approach?

    • Hughes was throwing a ton of high fastballs (a lot the ump might’ve called for strikes probably) and they couldn’t get around and square it up. A TON of pop ups and just missing with the swings. Hughes did make some great pitches too though.

      I didn’t see the game against Correia but it sounded like it was similar with a lot of deep fly balls and just missing

      • Nope not very similar games – Correia they were unlucky – were getting good contact but the BABIP monster reared its ugly head.

        Against Hughes the contact just appeared to be weak….

        • That’s true I guess I just said similar cause they were just missing in different ways both games. Correia it sounds like the swings were on but didn’t leave the yard, Hughes they couldn’t get around the high fastball.

          You could say they were similar in that the offense was close to being able to do something, either the hits wouldn’t fall or swinging just under a lot of pitches.
          In other words, those two games might’ve looked bad, but no reason for panic.

  13. Saw that move coming a mile away after Pillar went down. Hope Mastro does well this time around with the Jays, I was rooting for him when he was with the organization originally.

    Still waiting for a speedy CF/OF to come around and stick. That’d be my ideal favorite player, but Cleatus will do just fine for now :)

  14. the tdot bandwagoneers are in full force today!


    just enjoy the baseball!

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