I could have sworn I saw R.A. Dickey on the hill at Rogers Centre the other night, but you could be forgiven if you were in Hamburg, Munich, Rome, or several other European locales and thought you spotted the Jays’ knuckleballing… um… ace?

Because he was totally there! At least, he was in bobblehead form — and we have proof thanks to Twitterer Christine Sommerville (aka @FreeFallinFilms), and her awesome Tumblr, Dickey Bobble Blog. To wit:

Here’s R.A. at the Colosseum in Rome. How dare they not close the roof for him!



Here he is at the Sistene Chapel in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican City. [Stupendously offside wisecrack about priests redacted]!



And here he is… um… under a sculpture of some dude’s junk.



There are a bunch more — the beach at Barcelona, Budapest, Zagreb, Hamburg, etc. — but I’m certainly not going to give them all away. Check out the link above already and see the sights of Europe like you always wanted to! Um… with R.A. Dickey?

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  1. i can live with it

  2. A junkballer indeed.

  3. That’s the square outside of St. Peter’s. The chairs are for the Pope’s weekly throw-down. The sistine chapel is a small room much deeper inside (heh) the Vatican.

  4. Balls.

  5. The Colloseum actually did have a retractable roof.

  6. WHOOOOOO!!!! Christine! You’re internet famous now!

    Incidentally, she does fantastic wedding photos too. :)

  7. I think this is dumb. Cheers

  8. Seems like a lot of Dickeying around to carry the Dickster all around Europe.

  9. This is fucking Fantastic.
    Best mailed in post ever!

    ( That last line was for the young’ns, Did I do it right? I meant that I liked it)

  10. I just realized that if the Dutch manage to finish second in Group B, they’d have to play Brazil in the Round of 16.


    • brazil is overrated because of being at home. but this isn’t the nba, home pitch doesn’t mean much. very few teams have won at home.

    • Yeah, no Netherlands fan should have any illusions about what’s possible in Brazil. If van Persie and Robben are healthy and Sneijder can operate more like 2010 than he has since, maybe they can make it work and surprise — definitely they COULD, but it’s a long shot. There are a lot teams with a lot talent who I’d bet on first, I must admit. Yet! Let’s not forget what happened the last time the two teams played in a World Cup.

      Also: let’s not pretend they can’t win the group, either. Spain is beatable at this stage. Maybe not necessarily by the Dutch, especially without Strootman (who might’ve been their best player), but there are a lot of sides I think could topple them, too.

      • Anywhere from 1st to 3rd in that group is a possibility. Chile have a very good team with an abundance of attacking talent. I had them as my dark horses prior to the draw, but their path is extremely difficult now. To me this is actually the group of death with three teams who could go deep. Chile also have the advantage of being more used to the climate too. That’s going to be a major storyline at this tournament.

      • wow, and i thought you were a one trick pony…

  11. This post is just awesome

    On a side note, is anyone else watching Tanaka mow down the mariners and wishing the jays some how found a way to up the $ and contract length and sign him?

    Too bad they didnt. And I guess hind sight is always 20-20

    • He had no interest in coming here. They wanted him. Badly. At least from what I heard. But when they met his people they were basically instantly told no. They didn’t spin it that way, because apparently it looks better to have a “policy” than to admit that they’re second (third? fourth? fifth?) choice — especially for pitchers — but they didn’t have a chance. Again, at least from what I heard. Seems weird maybe, but I’m pretty sure it’s an easy posture to imagine Tanaka taking when he knows how interested the Yankees and Dodgers are. He didn’t need the Jays. Maybe what I heard was bullshit — some of the money shit that happened later on in the winter suggests it is — but that’s what I heard. Wasn’t a “they didn’t do enough” thing at all.

      • Just to add. The Yankees had a dedicated scout who watched Tanaka’s every appearance for the past 2 or 3 seasons. They wanted him very badly. More so than any other club. No chance the Jays could have snagged Tanaka.

        Darvish on the other hand? Hmm, that posting process was definitely more Jays-friendly as Stoeten pointed out when the changed the posting process.

  12. In hindsight either Tanaka or Darvish would be amazing on the Jays this year. Also how good does Darvish’s contract look in relation to Tanaka’s?

  13. Lots of Dickey in that last photo.

  14. Sanchez now in Buffalo, break out the hashtag:


  15. Such a great photoshop.

    Rivals the Mark B – Bob Ross job.

    Great poop. Cheers, all around monsieur Stoeten.

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