It’s been a soggy day in Baltimore, with more rain expected in the area through the evening, leading some, at the time of this writing, to wonder whether they’re going to be able to get the game in. Which… since the time of this writing is right before the World Cup kicked off this afternoon, who knows what the forecast might now be bringing? Alls I know is… this here is a game right here.

OK, I got nothing.

Go Jays!


One more time with feeling: tonight we’re having a little DJF shindig (read: getting drunk and watching baseball) at Opera Bob’s here in Toronto. Hit up the Facebook event page, if that’s your thing, for all the pertinents.

While we’re here, a reminder that our old friend Bergkamp makes awesome Dutch comfort food at The Ossington on Sundays, and he’ll be kicking that enterprise into high gear for all of the Netherlands’ matches during the World Cup. Head over there on Friday for the 3 PM rematch of the 2010 Final, as the Dutch take on Spain. In the meantime, check out Borrel at the Ossington for a taste (see what I just did there?) of what you can expect. Hup Holland!

This too: PITCH #4 is fast approaching — it takes place a week from today, Thursday, June 19th — and for those of you who missed the announcement, I’ll be one of the panelists, along with a much more talented group, featuring Jonah Keri, Michael Grange, and Morgan Campbell. Tickets are still available, so grab yourself some here, and be sure to follow @PitchTalks for all the info you need.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:05 PM ET @ Baltimore

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Baltimore Orioles

RF Nick Markakis (L)
DH Delmon Young (R)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
LF Nelson Cruz (R)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
3B Manny Machado (R)
2B Jonathan Schoop (R)
C Caleb Joseph (R)

RHP Kevin Gausman

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  1. Gregg Zaun wants the Jays to trade for David Price AND Ben Zobrist.
    Me too, Zauner. Me too.

  2. There’s freakin rain all over the east coast… This is why I like the Jays having a retractable roof

  3. It’s time to serve the Gasman up a big shit burger.

  4. Wow! Just went to Orioles Hangout and they’re still bleating about Gaston and the ASG.

  5. Go Jays. Gotta start mashing again. Take 3-4 in Baltimore

  6. Zaun really enjoys his Grinchy role. Dickish comments just now.

  7. Goes without saying that anything less than taking 3 of 4 this series would be a disappointment. Time to widen that gap in the standings.

  8. being pretty shittastic for me right now which is super cool

  9. Just be uninjured, don’t care about the play.

  10. So let’s see if we can get an idea of the ump’s strike zone tonight.

    That second called ball on Buehrle is an initial warning sign that we’ll have a tiny strike zone tonight, but we’ll see what else the ump calls.

  11. Holy shit, again?

  12. Gee, 2-0 in the first.

  13. So are we approaching Elias territory yet with the first two batters thing?

  14. Welp, at least we’re sticking with our 2-0 ritual.

  15. offense running with weights on … supposed to make you strooooonnnngggg

  16. I liked it better when we were pounding the shit out of the ball and getting every break

  17. Marky Mark has walked 5 batters this season.

    In his career, he’s walked 5 or more 4 times that I could find prior to this season, and 2 of those were in 2001.

  18. That walk by Gausman was amazing. All four of the balls were waaaaay off.

  19. Joseph hit some pretty impressive fouls while waiting for his pitch.

  20. 3 runs. Already too tall a task for the Jays’ offence.

  21. Can’t say I’m surprised at the moment. Buehrle doesn’t pitch all that well at Camden.

  22. Mark Buehrle leads the league in RISP? Cue: a hit with runner in scoring position. Almost as if it’s unsustainable…

  23. Francisco swings at an awful lot of shitty pitches

  24. Trying to resist hopping aboard the shitball express. Which is where I fear we’re headed unless we turn this thing around pronto. Wouldn’t surprise me if we are in first come Sept but neither would it if we’re in last place by the ASB.

    • If jays are in last by all star break gibby unfairly gets canned

    • Last place by the ASB?? The Jays are like 14 games ahead of Tampa.

    • Yeah as already mentioned, no way they’re in last. 4th is possible, if unlikely.
      As Gibby himself said the other day, the Jays had pretty much the same May the year he was fired (I think he was fired mid June).

      So although May “felt” like finally we were becoming the team we all thought we were, who knows? Maybe it was just the good month of a non playoff team, which actually happens all the time.

      That said, I don’t actually believe that. I think the Jays will be at least a WC team. But I’m a lot less confident since the end of May.

      • There have been several terrific Mays in the past. The difference this year has been a weaker overall division and a not-horrific April. But it’s still early to get too confident based on a couple of good weeks.

  25. Jays are letting this guy off the hook by not taking more pitches. He could be in AAA if they play him right.

  26. Wow just looked at jose’s numbers with risp and 2 outs…25 pa…batting .105

  27. How many broken bats is that for Edwin in the past 10 games.. dude needs a new shipment.

  28. Ugh, will this be 7 games in a row with basically no offense? At what point do you start asking questions? I have no idea what those questions would be. This is getting tough to watch though.

  29. Brett has put together some good plate appearances. It’d be great if he could get it going more than just hitting homers (which is nice too).

  30. How long has Cletus been out? I know he’s close but feels like forever

  31. Even when Zaun is right I dislike the guy so much I try and convince myself he’s wrong

  32. C’mon boys, the bus is good, stay on it

  33. Francisco is fixed. We good

  34. He got Juan!

  35. Seriously, guys….I mean, WTF?
    A run here or there wouldn’t go untoward. I can see that 5 game lead evaporating by Monday if they continue down this road.

  36. melky is due

  37. We needed that.

  38. Jays aren’t even being patient at the plate anymore. That’s the frustrating thing.

  39. Unshutoutable!

  40. Nice of Cabrera to pick up Reyes after his shitty AB.

  41. Can we please sweep the orioles? I’m not even asking for playoffs, this would just silence so much bs….at least for a while

  42. Nice catch by Gose.

  43. Anyone notice if Mastroianni is in the dugout? If this turns into a blowout one way or the other I’d like to see him.

  44. Regardless of what happens tonight, I would really like to see the Jays fuck Ubaldo up tomorrow.

  45. Kitten Chin gets a hit here

  46. We used to have a “Little Looper” in this room, no?

  47. Brett Garciapara

  48. The strike zone tonight seems to be extending quite a ways outside, while high strikes are sometimes being called balls.

  49. Ump should get that out on Dinner. First two pitches not strikes, Jesus.

    • I don’t blame Navarro for swinging on that 3rd pitch. If the ump is gonna call the first two pitches “strikes,” then you see another pitch going towards the same place, you have to swing, don’t you?

  50. Am I just noticing it now or that ump been calling that outside pitch all night like that ???

  51. Of COURSE he wont call it on Hardy…fucker.

  52. 10 pitch inning by Buehrle. I can live with that.

  53. Is this the inning, Karen?

  54. I want to know what is the opponents starter era the last 8 games…

  55. And tolleson promptly strikes out on a borderline call

  56. Strike three to Tolleson was ball one to new guy. In the EXACT SAME SPOT.

  57. Wow 2 pinch hitters. .Two strikeouts..might as well have kept fat Juan and Gose in

  58. WTF?

  59. Are we surprised at all that that fucker called him out?

  60. Horseshit

  61. I hope this makes the bats angry.

  62. We absolutely have to stop being kinder and gentler.

  63. That hit Jose square in the back, and he only drifted that little bit after the throw was made.

    He was ‘outside’ MAYBE 6 inches. If he runs 6 inches to the right, the throw still hits him.

  64. So, about that stupid rule about running out of the running lane….you CANT run in the running lane and actually touch first base. at some point, half way down, you have to edge back inside of it to line up with first base.

    this immutable fact seems to have been lost on everyone.

  65. Just need something to break (as in metaphoric game of chance and error) for the Blue Jays. Someone has to step up, perhaps winning this game could be another catalyst. Sorry for the banal comment everyone still confident that the team will pull through in the end.

  66. Matt Tuiasosopo (sp?) to the Chisox for cash, apparently. Thought he was playing well in Buffalo?

    • Oh, .206/.298/.271. Never mind.

      • I like the handle. I met Wells once at a charity thing years back when he did not epitomize suckage. He was an arrogant dick knocker.

        • Thanks. I have no real reason to dislike Vernon, but I always have, even when he was helping us win some games. I’m not convinced we’ve seen the last of him either.

  67. Worst part about this little skid has been how Fucking booooooooring the games have been.

  68. I’d throw the next pitch down a little and six inches outside. If the ump calls him out on a strikeout, then the ump’s being consistent. If the ump calls it a ball, then we’ve set up the double play to maybe get out of the inning without giving runs up.

  69. Well, fuck.

  70. Plug 1 Delasoul.

  71. Delaback?

  72. So I didn’t really see that thing on Reyes. Looked like he was directly on the baseline from my vantage point?

  73. That strike zone fucking sucks.

  74. Pitch tracker tells me the count should be 1-1.

  75. Seen a few umpires lately with bizarre strike zones. Are they visibly – in the era of on-screen pitch tracking – making a display of how technology and go fuck itself?

  76. Atta boy Bats

  77. Bautista with speed, lol.

  78. 3 ABs tonight where Edwin has broken his bat.

  79. The Man from Muncie rises to the occasion.
    Over to you, Brett.

  80. C’mon CJ!

  81. Another quality AB by Lind. A few others could show a bit more of his patience.

    • Honestly, it doesn’t even seem like a bad approach (at least not from the top 6 in the lineup). They just aren’t hitting pitches that they should be crushing.

  82. 7 8 9 hitters for Toronto in the 9th…

  83. Cletus 1 for 2 with a walk and a strikeout in his first rehab game, at least one more AB to come. Can’t wait till he’s back

  84. Whoa, Loup’s K/BB is awful. Would not have guessed that.

  85. Fuckin batter should be out RIGHT NOW.

  86. Pitches 2 and 3 to Hardy looked like strikes on gameday. Did Loup get fucked on those?

  87. Yup..Mopreover the 3 inches off the plate pitch that he calls a strike against the Jays is a ball against the O’s

  88. It’s fortunate for the Jays that it’s the O’s 9th hitter at the plate with the bases loaded.

  89. Way to work out of your jam, Loup.

  90. Oh, I get it. He needs the bases to be loaded to focus.

  91. That’s a start.

  92. Too bad Mastroianni has little pop in the bat

  93. Dinger. 100%.

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