It’s been a soggy day in Baltimore, with more rain expected in the area through the evening, leading some, at the time of this writing, to wonder whether they’re going to be able to get the game in. Which… since the time of this writing is right before the World Cup kicked off this afternoon, who knows what the forecast might now be bringing? Alls I know is… this here is a game right here.

OK, I got nothing.

Go Jays!


One more time with feeling: tonight we’re having a little DJF shindig (read: getting drunk and watching baseball) at Opera Bob’s here in Toronto. Hit up the Facebook event page, if that’s your thing, for all the pertinents.

While we’re here, a reminder that our old friend Bergkamp makes awesome Dutch comfort food at The Ossington on Sundays, and he’ll be kicking that enterprise into high gear for all of the Netherlands’ matches during the World Cup. Head over there on Friday for the 3 PM rematch of the 2010 Final, as the Dutch take on Spain. In the meantime, check out Borrel at the Ossington for a taste (see what I just did there?) of what you can expect. Hup Holland!

This too: PITCH #4 is fast approaching — it takes place a week from today, Thursday, June 19th — and for those of you who missed the announcement, I’ll be one of the panelists, along with a much more talented group, featuring Jonah Keri, Michael Grange, and Morgan Campbell. Tickets are still available, so grab yourself some here, and be sure to follow @PitchTalks for all the info you need.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:05 PM ET @ Baltimore

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Baltimore Orioles

RF Nick Markakis (L)
DH Delmon Young (R)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
LF Nelson Cruz (R)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
3B Manny Machado (R)
2B Jonathan Schoop (R)
C Caleb Joseph (R)

RHP Kevin Gausman

Comments (600)

  1. Wtf those inside calls weren’t called for jays all game

  2. Well shit. Tomorrow guys.

  3. Yeah he’s out. Unfortunately it’s the ONLY CORRECT call they’ve made all night

  4. Why does it seems like every umpire fucking blows?

  5. Back at it tomorrow.

  6. From the one inning i saw in gonna go ahead and shit on the umps strikzone

  7. Baseball is weird! Oh well.

  8. Fuck. Thought maybe some magic but the GBDP !!UGGH

  9. Annnnnd the wheels on the semi go off the cliff, off the cliff, off the cliff…

  10. Baseball is amazing.

    A week ago Detroit was being swept by this crew.

    Tonight they looked unbearably ordinary. Just plain ordinary.

    The Juan Tolleson experiment gives me pains.

    But there is no way the 1-5 spots can be kept down much longer.


  11. Fat ump was calling pitches a foot outside to lefties strikes, but only against the jays.

    the most egregious was linds first at bat. he was looking at the ump as if he was joking.

    our guys are just missing their pitches. buck and tabs were saying the jays are swinging at bad pitches as being the main problem.

    i disagree, to me the problem is the guys are missing their pitches…thus leading to getting behind on counts, thus resulting in them expanding the zones…

    edwin is a bit off right now and you see what a small funk involving one player can do to an entire lineup.

  12. When people complain this much about balls and strikes, I often look up the strikezone map to see if the complaints are legitimate, and they’re USUALLY fairly overblown.

    Last night:
    Jays pitching had 3 strikes called balls and one ball called a strike
    Orioles pitching had 1 strike called a ball and 11 balls called a strike

    I know there are a lot of things that go into this (pitch framing, pitch movement, etc.) but there are some pretty egregious calls on that map (especially at the bottom of the zone, where everything Baltimore threw was a strike). That’s a swing of 12 pitches going Baltimore’s way. That makes a huge difference in a game.

  13. Jerry Layne behind the plate … same fuck stick who threw out Kazmir in the second inning a few weeks ago

  14. The starting pitching was never going to be sustainable, and now even Buehrle and Hutch are looking pretty mediocre. Happ is garbage and Stro isn’t really ready.

    The lack of hitting depth is really being exposed too. Gose, Pillar and Francisco all had nice runs that are coming to an end, and we don’t have much in the way of replacements except Rasmus — whenever he gets back and for however long he manages to stay healthy once he does.

    Melky has come back to earth hard. Lawrie is what he is, .280 OBP says it all. JB and EE weren’t going to keep this up, and will get hurt sooner or later.

    Last years team won 11 in a row and we know they weren’t very good in the aggregate. This year’s team is marginally better but their true level is closer to what we saw in April and what we’re seeing now than it is to that magical May. It would be a shame if that run of good luck led to terrible long term decisions like rentals, not trading Melky or Rasmus if there’s a deal to be made, etc.

    • What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      • @cg k.

      • Hahaha! Oh dear, that my darling was a dressing DOWN.

      • He’s clearly trying to troll and being overly dramatic, but what he’s saying might have a kernal of truth.

        Lots of mediocre or worse teams have a great month. I thought FOR SURE during May that “this time was different” and these guys were legit this time. I still think that, but I’m not nearly as sure as i was.

        At the end of the day, there’s a good chance that this jays team is not even the best team of the past few years (I would argue that the 2010 Jays we prob better). The good news is, this year is the weakest the ALE has been probably in 20 years, and by a wide margin.

        We don’t NEED to be the best Jays team since ’93. We do need to be better then we are though. I personally think this team, if left alone, would grab one of the 2 WC spots but wouldn’t win the division. Which would seem to be great, but without a true ace, I’m extremely leery of a 1 game playoff.

        With a legit #1 or #2 starter though, I’m still confident we will win the division.

        • The Jays are currently on stretch where they’ve gone 1-5. The division leading Tigers (1-7, 2-8), A’s (1-5), Nationals (1-6) and Brewers (1-5) have all had streaks at least this bad in the last month alone. In the last month, the Orioles have a stretch where they went 6-13. Before heading into Seattle three days ago, the Yankees had gone 2-6. Boston has losing streaks of 5 and 10 games in the last month alone.

          The best teams in the league are going to look like shit once in a while. Remember when the A’s couldn’t score against the Jays? Or when the pitching-rich Tigers allowed 20 runs in a three game series?

          I’m not trying to say the Jays are as good as they looked in May. That’s pretty obviously not the case, and there are some genuine concerns. But I don’t get why people are so willing to view a 40 day period or dominance as a fluke while a week of struggles represents a true talent level.

  15. Huh

  16. Presented without comment marty fucking York
    @MartyYork: Btw, Yankees are better than #Jays too, despite all the propaganda from the organization and the homers who do the brainwashing for them.

    • Yeah that’s idiotic. Yanks and Rays are def not better then Toronto. Bos and Balt…….well, the jurys still out on that one.

    • I’d say “epic trolling,” but it’s just too blatant to be an epic troll job.

      • Yeah, there needs to be SOME measure of subtlety to it. At least that way it takes a bit of effort.

  17. Interesting little pickup today by the Jays, Adron Chambers, speedy OF who can hit, looks like a Gose replacement:

    The Blue Jays have acquired outfielder Adron Chambers from the Astros in exchange for two young minor leaguers, reports Brian McTaggart of (via Twitter). Chambers, 27, saw limited action with the Cardinals over 2011-13 before signing a minor league deal with Houston. He has posted a .281/.356/.416 line in 102 plate appearances at Triple-A. Heading back to the Astros in the deal are youngsters Alejandro Solarte, a left-handed pitcher, and Will Dupont, an infielder.

  18. Seriously. Could the prophets of doom move their ranting and raving about how the team is now playing to their true talent level somewhere else. Like TSN or comment on the Toronto Sun’s sports page. You sound like a bunch of old ladies. Did you think the team would keep up a 136 game win pace and become one of the best teams in the history of MLB? Get a grip. They aren’t this bad. It’s a cold spell for the bats.

  19. Watched the game last night with an O’s fan. We are united by the bond of hatred for the Red Sox.

    It was interesting to watch him squirm when the Jays got men on base and/or when Bautista or EE came to the plate. He kept saying, “oh here comes 2 runs” and “this one will leave the park” or “it’s about to be a tie game”.

    I felt as though I was looking in the mirror at what it’s been like as a fan of the Jays over the last X years. Oddly comforting to know others have experienced the same shell shock. One could argue it’s been worse for Baltimore fans during that time.

    The one thing he kept expressing shock at was the pitches the O’s pitchers were getting called as strikes.


  20. hmm
    no new posts today? come on

  21. What about Ian Kennedy as a possible pickup for the Jays? Whale’s Vagina sucks this year. Kennedy’s got decent numbers and has noticed an uptick in his velocity. Under contract for $6.1 mill this year, and under control next year too.
    Down side: he’s a Boras client.

  22. So I skimmed through some game t(h)reats and comments from last season, and let me just say we have it pretty lucky with this 1-5 stretch the Jays are currently on.

  23. So, what’s the consensus….do we trade guys like Stroman or Sanchez, etc for an “established” guy like Samjksalkjfaldskjf or Pierce (provided they could be re-upped for a couple of years after 2014)? What’s in the cards for Gose / Rasmus?
    Or do we hold the course for the season and see what’s what after that?
    I mean, there’s a best-before date on guys like JBats and EE as well…how long do we keep them waiting for Rogers?
    I’m not advocating one way or the other…I’m merely trying to get a dialogue started.

    • I trade either of Stro+ or Sanchez+ but not both. It’s really easy to fall in love with prospects, but they flame out so much. It’s extremely unlikely either of those guys will ever be as good as Samard.

      Remember the embarassment of riches we had with our farm a few years ago, and then bemoaned selling it in the Marlins trade? Yeah, only Syndergarden still seems like he could be a star.

      • Good points, but the thing is, unless you’re the Red Sox or Yankees you’ve got to hit on a few of those prospects. I’d be really hesitant to trade either. But I guess if I had to I’d trade Sanchez. Stroman’s already contributing to the big league team, so by trading him you’re creating a hole. Not just for this year, but potentially next year as well.

        • Yeah, Stroman has looked really solid as a starter so far. I see no good reason to move him at this point.

  24. ~~Drunken Post-Oranje Victory Game Threat–


    Go Jays. *tsssk*
    Go, I csn only imagine how blasted.Stoeten is after todays assfucking

  26. What a joke.Tbis team is so fucked right now.

  27. Adam Jones looks like T.I.

  28. THAT’S IT. Takin a drink for every “seezun”

  29. How many days rest is Hutch on, 4?

  30. Did Tabler just talk about a “big shit”

  31. They need to be PATIENT with Jiminez.

  32. Tonight, the Jays are going to fuck Jiminez up Oranje style.

  33. EE is regressing to the mean. He is just not dialed in right now.

    • Which mean? His .264 .348 .485 .833 career or .272 .371 .551 .922 over the last 3 years? Regressing to the mean is misused a lot and your comment is, I think, an example of that. Just because he was awesome in May doesn’t mean he is going to be bad to make up for that. Regressing to the mean or reversion to the average should mean that he is going to resemble his past performance.

      This doesn’t mean I am disagreeing with your assertion he just not dialed in right now I am just trying to explain that “regressing to the mean” for a brilliant hitter like Eddy means something different than it does for Brock Holt or Gose or the Blue Jays as a whole.

      • He was ridiculously hot during May and nobody stays that hot. Its a long season and right now he’s not dialed in. His mean (and I think the last three years are his new norm) is still awfully damned good.

        • I think we agree about EE’s true talent and how he is currently playing but if you think he isn’t going well right now you mustn’t call that regressing to the mean since his new mean is a .922 OPS.

          • Let me rephrase that. His current struggles will bring down his numbers. I thought he was at better than .922 (.918 to start the game). Forgot just how cold he was to start the season.

    • If you don’t think he is going well that is not him regressing to the mean, that is him being uncharacteristically bad (based on the splits I referenced anyhow).

  34. Wow. Lawrie and his .280 OBP took a walk. That’s a good sign.

  35. Watching the game via the Baltimore feed, refreshing to have a different outlook.

  36. Fat Juan…

  37. Jimenez threw him a pitch with no bend in it. “Pedro Cerrano Lives”

  38. The Jays should adopt the strategy of scoring runs, while not allowing any.

  39. The Juan is fat!

  40. They are nicely letting Jimenez hang himself.

  41. Eeehehehe ‘nother walk

  42. My goodness the DP’s are killing us. GOSE even.

  43. Hutchison has thrown 15 of 16 for strikes.

  44. Is the tumour growing back in Melky’s back?

  45. That wasn’t very graceful.

  46. new outfield defensive stat … % catching L’il Loopers PC2L

  47. Fat Juan is becoming my favorite Jay, regardless of success.

    Nothing like a loveable fatass who can mash. I don’t even remember the last time we had one of those.

  48. Why the fuck is Melky swingin at first pitches. Fuckin take maann

  49. OWWWW!

  50. Lawrie should just play 2B for good and platoon at 3B instead, he’s too good there. WoW.

  51. If the Jays take the next 3 games against the Orioles, I will buy everyone a pint of lager. (Last time I made this offer the Jays went on a 9-game winning streak).

  52. “Everything favours the hitters…” Says Buck Martinez. Yeah but scoring and really offence in general is down so… why should batters expect pitchers to throw at them? Not the worst point Buck has tried to make but a pile of non sequiturs is still sasquatch.

  53. Theres a goodnol EE bat throw

  54. The patented Edwin parrot perch toss.

  55. “And he’s bunting, and not well” Great line by the Baltimore announcers.

  56. Has anyone else noticed that lately Eddy holds with T-Rex arm/parrot perch/chicken wing even higher these days? I think he must have seen the Parrot t-shirt and is conscious of it now.

  57. Man, that’s a whole lot of unlucky there.

  58. C’mon Hutch!

  59. Has Dinner tried rubbing dirt on it?

  60. Under the foot guard. Not fun.

  61. Is it time to sacrifice a virgin to the BABIP gods?

  62. Holy shit that was a long inning

  63. That’ll put some hair on Hutch’s balls.

  64. Bit of a yawner

  65. At the risk of using Buck and Tabby’s talking points… what does Zobrist command on the trade block? He has a 7.5 mil team option for next year but he is on the decline. That would be a really nice addition and more realistic that a frontline pitcher,no?

    • Not only that but you could get a nice pick if he declines a QO. Just don’t like giving the Rays any help.

      • Not this year. Under the new CBA you have to control the player on opening day to get a pick with a QO

        • So if you trade for him, you get him for the rest of 2014, exercise his 2015 option and presto, theres your opening day control. Plus you have him for a season and a half to satisfy the 1 full season requirement for your QO and compensation pick for 2016

  66. Smelled that pitchout a fuckin mile away. Shiiiieeetttt

  67. I think Gose could have been called safe on review. Got tagged on the shoulder with his hand on the base as I saw it.

  68. Have the Orioles trolls made an appearance yesterday or today? I fear that like Beetlejuice just mentioning them somehow summons them.

    I do apologize for my absence. But I’m sort of here now. Sort of.

  69. He’s so fast…hurry back and sock some dingers cleatus

  70. Okay big boys are up. Ubaldos pitch count up. Lets fuck em up.

  71. Ubaldo has actually been pretty good tonight. Not good enough (hopefully)

  72. Walk #5

  73. c’mon Kittenface

  74. Ugh that Jose Bautista getting all those hits, taking all those walks and making great throws from the outfield. He’s so predictably awesome, sigh.

  75. Rally caps on!!

  76. I believe they do better when JB takes his walks.

  77. Edwin due!!!!!!

  78. Just got back in. 2-0 lead…
    Hi, I’m FowlofCanada, long time no see.

  79. Man that was some strike call

  80. Man…. If Eddy got the strikezone that Bautista has earned the team would be a lot better because Eddy could swing at FUCKING STRIKES, YOU FUCKING UMPS! Ahem.

  81. Gonna need more runs.

  82. Dunno…how long can Hutch go?

  83. Someone send these dopes a pic of the REAL Tommy Hunter.

    • You really have a niche audience, Karl.

      • My grandmother ADORED Tommy Hunter. It’s what I think about whenever I see that guy pitching. He’s not the real Tommy Hunter.

        • Your grandmother indeed!

          Thank you bean for making Karl, Dawg and myself feel really geezerish.

          • How old is Tommy Hunter?!?
            I vaguely remember seeing/hearing him, but my country music tastes are not so much with the Tommy Hunter.

            • Never liked country music, still don’t. But I met Tommy Hunter once in a lounge at the airport and chatted for a while. The term “country gentleman” is so apt. He’s just a really nice guy (as well as being a Canadian Icon, albeit from a bygone era) and you feel completely at home in his company. Little known fact: Tommy Hunter has his private pilot’s licence.

    • imagine HIM in costume pitching MLB … put that in your non sequitor

  84. That looked foul.

  85. So that’s our little Red Bull out there with the high socks?!? I didn’t even recognize him – even with the tattoos. + while it’s true I have a certain weakness for high socks…it’s not enough for me to turn around into turned on by our Maple Boner Canadian Jesus. Desolee.

  86. Grand outing by Hutch

  87. I think Hutchison is (Pat Hentgen + Shaun Marcum) / Brandon Morrow

  88. Ok, now make it rain.

    Either with the bats or from the heavens.

  89. Blame it on the rain.

  90. Rain delay go fuck yourselves. And now we get ZAUN as a double fuck you?!?!

  91. Alphabet soup!

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