It was 5-1!

Oh… apparently this game isn’t until 4. But whatever, this is all you get.

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  1. Very appropriate.

  2. Sanchez watch is on tonight in Buffalo…

  3. That header. Wow.

  4. I’d like to see a win today, that would be good, looks like those Yanks are on a roll…

  5. All we get is more than expected.

  6. Hup Holland is pretty lame

  7. It’s nice to see that Stoeten took time from his dialysis to post a game threat.

  8. Awesome article. Very cool. This will change things.

  9. I watched the soccer game at a local bar in Spain yesterday, got pretty scary by the end, I ended up leaving and going to a more touristy bar

  10. Now that hockey is mercifully over, perhaps the attendance will go up at home games.

    • Hockey being over is good enough for me.

    • Yeah, but the CFL’s starting up now…

      Wait, why are you laughing?

    • I heard the play while driving to Mosport (sorry, Canadian Tire but I refuse to call it Motorsport Raceway) and just couldn’t believe it. I get it, and I, personally have to live risky or not at all, but that was far too important to send a guy home from third in that situation.

      I feel today will be a win because they’ll really want this.
      Too bad about Lind, though.

  11. who gives a fuck about soccer. It’s a game for Eurotrash, Muslims and Latin American garbage. Baseball is where it’s at.

    • Europe, Islam, and Latin America? So pretty much the whole world…it really is a global game, eh?

  12. Bartolo Colon as a mid-season rental? Take some heat off Hutch and The Marcstro (I am trying to get that nickname rolling)!Y28nr

  13. Today, EE breaks out of his funk and ducks up the Orioles.

  14. For the sake of argument, can Hutchinson handle pitching through the entire playoff through to the WS if it were necessary? And same for Stroman?

  15. Impressive job of the Dick working his way out of that jam.

  16. Good for RA, but geez those guys Davis and Cruz…just dumb

  17. 2nd time Lind has done that this series. Just destroyed a ball for single

  18. Well that’s a good sign.

  19. I guess the Baltimore announcers don’t realize Thole is Dickey’s personal catcher.

  20. Well at least Gose didn’t hit into a double play.

  21. That was such a right now Blue Jays inning. Luckily Norris walked one in because these guys have no confidence to even hit a sac fly to the outfield right now.

  22. JBats HR coming up.

  23. Jabba the Hutt gets a souvenir

  24. Clang

  25. Nice going fatty.

  26. Man is Tabler ever a humourless turd.

  27. Phew. But The Dick Man plays with fire again he gonna get burned.

  28. Am I the only one who looks at Dickey since becoming a Blue Jay and wonder how he ever won a Cy?

  29. Juan owes us a dinger for that clanker in the field, right?

  30. Let’s see Lawrie take 2nd on this one…

  31. The Dick has been pretty good at working his way into and out of jams today.

  32. It sure would be nice to see Gose at least make the pitcher throw more than 2 or 3 pitches to make an out.

  33. Why did Machado appeal? He can’t just take his punishment like a man? Punk.

  34. C’mon Dick

  35. Aaaaaaaand here we go again. Who is it called him ERA Dickfingers?

  36. So Dickey hasn’t made it past 5 2/3 innings in 4 starts? Please dear god change that here.

  37. Don’t hate on Buck and Pat. Save it for fucking Ken and Evanka. Twats.

    • I really dislike Tabler’s commentary, personally. Other than Buck getting confused and mangling his words he really isn’t that bad, at least he seems to be having a good time and adds a bit of humour.

      • You can’t have a vin scully on every broadcast . Sure tabby isn’t perfect, but nobody is. Stop being so critical, tabby is fine

  38. Can we put Tolleson in please?

  39. FUCKING Juan

  40. We can go ahead and DFA Francisco now, his 15 minutes ended a while ago.

  41. And that’s the ballgame

  42. Fuck this guy. AA gave up a boatload so that we can watch this shit?!

  43. That should have been a solo.

  44. Does Fat Juan not understand we’re trying to win?

  45. I don’t like dickey

  46. its kinda crazy how Lind refuses to swing at the first pitch. but it seems to be working.

  47. Kittenz could easily have 3 hits today.

  48. I hope kitten/goat face is ok.

  49. Fransico is really having a game today eh?

  50. Need some runners…

  51. Look at the difference it makes when the #9 guy gets on base!

  52. Come on Melky, give us a double

  53. I think this is the ball game right here. Go Melkman!

  54. 2 weeks ago that would have bounced off second into center

  55. Dickey to the DL

  56. Speaking of being forsaken by the Baseball Gods…

  57. No Lind

  58. Breaking: Penis Beard Goggles

  59. Terrible ab by navarro

  60. awww crap

  61. WHY send JoeyBats on that one?

  62. he’s out

  63. Fuck. Out by an inch.

  64. man thats close

  65. I don’t understand sending him in that situation, even though it took a perfect play to get him.

  66. 1 Out why the fuck would you send him

  67. fucking JJ your killing me

  68. fat juan

  69. Damn, that was a perfect throw

  70. just plain dumb down two!!!

  71. Fuck even when something good happens, something shitty happens. .

  72. It’s moments like this that make you miss Butterfield.

  73. Gawd, you know you’re cold when Steve Tolleson pinch hits for you…

  74. Hope Eddy has his third base glove ready for Cincy. No chance Lind should be sitting over Fat Frank if he is healthy

  75. Beauty of a throw by Cruz. Where was that two batters ago?

  76. NOW Cruz throws a dribbler. Jeez.

  77. Impossible to say the inning would have played out the exact same way if Bautista had been standing on 3rd but with runners on second and third a single like that would have tied the game and the Jays would still be batting. Outs are just so valuable at this point.

  78. last chance now boys

  79. Sticks sticks sticks….

    Get on the sticks boys.

  80. I let Gose hit here.against Britton. Not like Pillar is very good plus you keep his speed if he gets on.

  81. In my alternate reality you wear hats on your feet and hamburgers eat people.

  82. With Gose’s pitch recognition sometime I think he’d be better just taking the entire time or keyholing every time like he is 3-1. But I am probably being uncharitable, Britton has been very effective this season.

  83. Hopefully if dickey is out for a bit jays will trade for a starter

    • Yeah, (obviously the hope is Dickey isn’t out at all) that would be a silver lining. If he is out I really hope some corporate shill at Rogers doesn’t use it as an excuse to not get a pitcher.

  84. Reyes has to take 2 pitches here

  85. Holy, did you guys see the guy doing the Blow job motion in the background

  86. never realized Britton threw that hard

  87. Fuck melky. This guy always gets so anxious with men on base

    • He does seem that way sometimes though I haven’t seen any number on his take % with runners on base. I think part of it might be because he is more focused on building up the pitch count facing the starter than a reliever. Maybe.

    • Melky says: fuck you afdg

    • So how’d he get those 34 RBIs? He hits in the two spot, so it’s not like everytime he’s up the bags are juiced. You might be wrong about your diagnosis.

    • Coming into today, with RISP (71 PA’s), Melky has hit .234/.282/.422 with 2 HR’s.

      He does seem to suck in those situations. But lots of season to go for that to prove to be different.

  88. shitty

  89. Good thing the game is over. Tabby and Buck jerked JJ Hardy off so bad I nearly slit my throat.

  90. But why in the blue fuck don’t we have a fourth outfielder?

  91. It would be really nice to win tomorrow because then the O’s still won’t have made up any ground. It’s the benefit of being in the lead… I’m still getting used to it.

  92. Here’s the final line for Sanchez in his AAA debut:

    4.0 IP, 6H, 4 ER, 4BB, 2 Ks, 86 Pitches, 47 strikes.

    • Sorry, should be 4+ IP

    • On the bright side, Cletus with a hit and 2 RBI

    • Well it’s not like Sanchez was supposed to be ready to come up this year. At 21 years old, Sanchez is the youngest player in Buffalo, and… (goes and scans Baseball-Reference) the fourth-youngest player in the entire 14-team AAA International League. In fact, there were hardly any 22 year olds, either. The three position players younger than Sanchez are younger by a matter of a couple of months; and yes, they were all position players, so Sanchez is the youngest pitcher in that entire league.

      • Its quite strange how they’ve pushed him up to AAA already. He had two good starts in AA in a row and boom, he gets bumped up. Those AAA hitters have a better idea as to how to work pitchers over , even though they might have less talent than some of the AA legit prospects.

        Not sure why they upped him. He has no business being in the bigs other than as September depth call up.

  93. He looks about 12 years in this pic:

    Jays manager John Gibbons said recently that Sanchez, who’s armed with a wicked sinking fastball, likely will never have polished command due to his fastball’s late movement. But as a groundball pitcher, the improved infield defence in Triple-A should help his numbers and limit the damage of his potentially high walk rate.
    Sanchez, the organization’s biggest trade chip, figures to play some kind of role for the Jays this season, whether as a midseason call-up or as part of a package to acquire a frontline starter before the trade deadline.

  94. Lind injured. DIckey injured. I really hate the Orioles.

  95. Daniel Norris up to AA. I’m a huge fan, no real reason why. Some lefty-lefty kinship perhaps. Anyway, good news.

    Daniel Norris @DanielNorris18
    Very thankful for the opportunity. Headed to AA New Hampshire tomorrow. #justkeeplivin

  96. Today’s @BlueJays lineup:



    7-8-9 looks like a black hole of strikeouts and groundouts to me. Prove me wrong KTG!

  97. I heard the play while driving to Mosport (sorry, Canadian Tire but I refuse to call it Motorsport Raceway) and just couldn’t believe it. I get it, and I, personally have to live risky or not at all, but that was far too important to send a guy home from third in that situation.

    I feel today will be a win because they’ll really want this.
    Too bad about Lind, though.

  98. Who killed the Sunday threat?

    • At least your comment got through.
      Mines waiting moderation.
      probably maitenence or the switch to disqus.

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