Sunday Threat: Jays @ Orioles

Win and you split the series, meaning the Orioles gained nothing from the weekend. I can live with that. Let’s do this!!

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  1. Rafael Palmeiro is watching today, and wearing his earplugs.

  2. Expect a mediocre 6 innings of 6H, 3K and 2BB with 3ER from me today! Let’s hope the bats get going! Go Jays!

  3. Brady Anderson is watching today, while combing his burns and loving the right field porch.

  4. Today’s @BlueJays lineup:


  5. Zed is wearing a a hot pink suit today. What a fashionista.

  6. Zed’s dead baby, Zed’s dead.

  7. I gotta change the channel everytime this father’s day stuff comes on.

  8. Imagine father’s day at Steve Garvey’s place.

    Garvey is not my Padre.

  9. Buck is in fine form today. 1 out in the top of the first and he’s already MENCHINNED three Inchresting things

  10. Jerry Layne can go eat a dick.

  11. Outside pitch to jones, but edwin got the same… I can live with it ad long as its there all game…still shitty though

  12. Gotta love that defense! (WHEW!)

  13. Ding ding

  14. Happy Father’s Day to all DJF fathers! If you’re helping your kids to love baseball you’re doing @ least one thing right. I would say to enjoy the day with some cold beverages, but I’m sure you’re way ahead of me on that!

  15. If Navarro wasn’t such a pig he would’ve scored by now.

  16. Daniel Norris to New Hampshire. Here’s to Daniel Norris in September 2015!

  17. Reyes should have had that.
    Still love him.

  18. Okay fanboy. Happy faaaaaaaaaaaathaaaaas day!

  19. Or here’s to Daniel Norris being part of an enticing package for David Price and Ben Zobrist.

  20. Damn you machado, you should be sitting this series you roided out fuck

  21. It’s HAPPening!

  22. Wow, nice Houdini job by Happ there.

  23. I’m sure you’ve seen it but what the fuck is wrong with this guy?
    He can’t go a game without pissing someone off or making a jaw dropping athletic play.

    • Vinscully isnt having any of it

    • He has a bunch of pine tar on his glove and the bat stuck a little bit. The only reason this is kore news than a chuckle is because Puig isn’t a vanilla baseball player instead he has personality and is both black and hispanic (Spanish speaking anyway).

  24. Keep calm and Encarnacion

  25. Just got off the golf course. Happ-y Father’s Day. Let’s get this win.

  26. Great speed by Reyes

  27. Two speed demons.

  28. Happ looking good.

  29. Brett seems to be letting the bat twitch creep it’s way back into his stance. Replayed one of his ABs earlier this week in slow mo and he actually double clutches, depending on where it is in the twitch cycle when the ball comes across. I don’t mean to nitpick at the boy, but it’s pretty bad if even I can see how the twitch fucks up the rhythm.

  30. Buck and Tabler talking about drafting position players, but pitching is the coin of the realm, imo.

  31. Next baserunner Happ allows, I think we pull him.

  32. Love the bunt caught stealing combo….heres hoping

  33. Let’s do it again boys.

  34. I know I said to pull Happ the next baserunner he gives up, but that was such a crappy hit I can’t do it.

  35. edwin is so due

  36. Challenge?

  37. We was wobbed.

  38. What a slide!
    Does the ump err on the out call because the orioles have used there challenge?

    • You can’t challenge an overturned call, so I don’t think that plays into it.

      • I mean. If he calls him out and is wrong the jays challenge can make it right
        If he calls him safe and is wrong the orioles have used their challenge and cant overturn the incorrect call

        (To think this during the time of the call seems a stretch, I know)

        • I was just going to say the same thing, that the ump can’t possibly decide all that in the moment but I could believe umps are subtly and subconsciously biased in that direction but that is getting awfully handwavy and make believe.

  39. The complete uselessness of instant replay strikes again. If your system can’t even view home plate properly, then what the fuck’s the point?

    • It’s comparable to a hypothetical situation where the NHL doesn’t set up those overhead goalline cameras to review goal/non-goal situations. Just goes to show how stupid the MLB has been with the introduction of this replay system.

  40. A Father’s Day Dinner for everyone.

  41. The MLB At-Bat app is notifying me of scoring plays before I see them on tv. Is there more delay on the telecast than usual, I wonder?

  42. Seitzer with the wrong cap – beauty!

  43. Who can we trust to get Janssen a save opp?

  44. Happ, Navarro and McGowan all contributing to the win, that’s huge.

  45. Tabby waxing poetic on McGowan is so creepy.

  46. A’s are off to a good start today, 3-0 over yankees still in the bottom of the 1st.

  47. Janssen will get to face the bottom of the O’s order in the ninth.

  48. I just love it when they say Edwin En-Car-Na-See-Ohn. I think I’ll patent a drinking game.

  49. Those are two hard hit singles.

  50. I think there’s a good chance Reyes’ average is higher than Melky’s by the All-Star break. I would NEVER have guessed that in May. Makes the Melky vs. Rasmus debate a closer run.

    • They gotta resign one of them, there’s not much on the free agent market by the looks of it.

    • Rasmus is better than melky overall, i truly feel. Especially when you factor in defence. Melky is a little overrated offensively in my opinion. But i would rather keep melky then go with gose. Gose would be a good 4th of

      • There are 2 Colby’s. If the good one shows up for the rest of the season the Jays will be fine and Colby will rake in the off season

    • Just checked the numbers, Melky has a 98 wRC+ since the start of May. Yikes.

  51. DP please

  52. Happy with a split there. If they could take two of three from the Yankees that’d be just super.

  53. The status quo works for the chased. Four less games for the O’s to catch Toronto.

  54. 6-0 A’s top of 3

  55. Pretty sweet start for Happ.

    • Sure was, he is a fine league average sort of guy: mediocre but not terrible with flashes of good. I’d take predictably ok where the team always has a chance to score enough runs than an occasionally awesome occasional melt down guy anyday.

      • If he keeps up the fastball velocity at around 93mph (O’s bats missing more than once on high and tight ones), then one could expect those flashes be on the level of Cliff Lee. Now I might feel overrating him a tad but he was supposed to be our fifth pitcher and now pitches just as effective as Santana.

  56. All in all that’s a perfectly acceptable series split. Now let’s go fuck up the Yanks…

    • Yanks down big too

      • Looks like today’s game might fuck up their bullpen too, despite the off day on Monday.

        • Yep, it’s too bad that the Skanks also have tomorrow off… I vote for moving Thursday’s game to tomorrow! Long flight home + beat up bullpen = a beating, if we were to play tomorrow.

          10-0 for the A’s after four innings.

  57. Yeah, was hoping for a split before the series.
    We were struggling, O’s were playing well.
    Good split, no harm done.

  58. Another Happ-Kratz gem. Seriously someone who’s paid to write about it tell us why pitchers work better with certain catchers with some pretty evidence to back it up. Unless it’s just coincidence?

  59. what year is it

  60. The subliminal messaging behind home plate in Oakland makes me think that a Coco Crisp garden gnome giveaway merits a Nobel Prize…

    That is so amazing

  61. Jays had no strikeouts today. Cool.

  62. A very good win, hopefully the injured players are on the mend quickly and the offense gets its big bats ready for the Yanks in the next series. Lawrie was a bit shaky today with both the glove and bat, and it is just best to forget about this series and move on.

  63. Finished watching the Yanks get their lower colon stretched out good by the A’s. Boy, those Yankees’ announcers aren’t the LEAST bit homers, aren’t they?
    Beltran thinks there’s three outs and abandons the base to walk back to the dugout – and of course, is tagged out by the A’s. Do you think the announcers might allude to a glaring mental error…or at least concede a brain fart by Beltran? Or maybe comment on WTF the first base ump might be doing as Beltran walks to the bench? Nope…nary a word, really. Zaun would be gnashing his teeth in a apoplectic fit over the error. Jesus, he ripped Sierra last year for forgetting his shades a few times in the field.
    But it was nice to hear them say “Our next series is against the power-laden, division-leading Jays – who are leading the league in homers”.

  64. I guess disaster averted or something.

    • Even losing 3/4 would not have been disaster. A four game sweep..would have been close to one.. A sweep is perfectly cool considering the standings, being on the road, and the team in general not hitting.

  65. It’s time to inflate Tanakas era. I think we’re gonna sweep them. We’re due. Enough of this .500 shit

  66. So this JA Happ guy. Not a bad pitcher, is he?

    • He can be good. He can be bad. Pretty much you look in the dictionary for a definition of average major league starter and you see his picture.

  67. Is it just me, or are lots of commenters watching World Cup footy instead of Jays. I’m somewhat guilty.

  68. I was at Camden this weekend and had a few takeaways.

    1. AWESOME stadium. One of the best I’ve ever been to bar none
    2. The fans are amazing. They packed that house, were generally friendly and surprisingly knowledgeable.
    3. Nelson Cruz is absolutely terrifying this year. Can’t wait for the 100 game suspension.

    Having said that, holy fuck Baltimore is a shithole. I thought I was going to get Hepatitis on that shitty LRT and the way the risk of stabbing rises exponentially as you get further from Camden is definitely not a selling point.

    Oh well, Go Jays! Lets kick some ass in NYC.

    • Would’ve loved to have seen Cal Ripken break the iron man record there. As for the fans, nice to hear I guess but the one’s that come on here must be some kind of Oriole Fan rejects.

  69. Yeah…would be nice to sweep the Yanks – just to hammer them back down in the standings – because as Jays’ fans, we all know how hard it is to gain ground in a division when you’re a half-dozen games back with teams on top of you.
    It’s nice with a decent cushion because you can just play .500 ball with the guys below you and not lose any substantial ground, if any.
    Fuck, it’s nice to be on top. (as the maid said to the vicar)

    • My rough (extremely rough) calculation has the Jays at 87 wins if they play .500 for the rest of the season. I’d feel a lot better if they took the next 2 series with the Yankees and then we could start doing the “what if?” calculations.

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