So here’s something I’m totally going to turn into a post even though I’m currently working on a Monday evening Daily Duce and, by all rights this should just be a small item in it. Munenori Kawasaki is coming back! Welcome clickbait.

Wilner, at the time of this writing, is so far the only one to have tweeted it out:

Now, before you go getting too much of a warm fuzzy over a utility player — or the possible end of the Juan Francisco thing, given that Kawasaki and Steve Tolleson can platoon rather nicely-ish at second — let’s not lose sight of what this also means: losing for two weeks either a key weapon against right-handed pitching, or a hugely important reliever. Or, at least, that’s what we’re “expecting.”

Lind fouled a ball off his foot on Saturday, and while x-rays were negative, John Lott’s piece for the National Post that evening tells us that “he was limping noticeably in the clubhouse, but said, ‘Hopefully, I just wake up tomorrow and I’m fine – or good enough.’ ”

Brett Cecil was hurt the night before, and David Wilson of BlueJays.com spoke to pitching coach Pete Walker, who explained on Sunday that “we’ve got to treat the heck out of it today, get back in there, treat it and hopefully he’s available on Tuesday.

Neither player got into Sunday’s victory, so it’s not like the Jays can’t survive without them. It’s just… not the best news, even if it means the team gets its our spirit animal back. And Muni could be a bit useful too, at this point, so… I can live with that.

Temporarily, at least.

Hey, it was going to happen for someone eventually, right?


And, of course, the zaniness has already begun:

Twitter’s translation? Little cum will go very much major. Alone lonely Airport ( ; ; )

OK then…

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  1. The way he was complaining about the pain, I’m guessing it’s Lind to DL.
    Cecil also said he felt much better while KittenChin said he felt worse.

    • I’d rather Lind out a few weeks with a sore foot than have Cecil with arm trouble. Goggles has been good.

      • And Lind fucking hasn’t?!? He’d be 1 +wRC point ahead of Miguel fuckin’ Cabrera if he had the ABs to qualify.

      • 2014 Lind has more value than a reliever, even a good one like Goggles. Cecil has a sore groin not an arm issue – so even if he goes on the DL it shouldn’t be a big deal.

        • Bad groins can = big problems on their own though for athletes (probably moreso hockey than baseball, but still…)

  2. I don’t care I love Kawasaki

  3. I wonder if he’s added any pages to his translation book. Paging Scott Johnson!

  4. And don’t forget. ..he is JAPANESE!!!!

  5. He’s going to meet up with Ichiro!

  6. How does this help the team at all really? If Lind is on the DL you would think that someone like Dan Johnson would be getting the call to step in at DH/1B? I mean I know the fans love Kawasaki cause he does dumb stretches and he bows and shit but how does he help the Jays right now? He’s an average hitter with zero power.

    • How good do you think Dan Johnson is?

      • Have a look at his numbers vs. Kawasaki’s and then you tell me how much better his is.

        OH wait… he doesn’t stretch like a mental patient and bow to people on the field… my bad. I thought this was baseball not wrestling where performance matters.

        Keep Francisco at 3B, Lawrie at 2B and slide Johnson into the DH spot.

    • Good lord.

      Francisco takes Lind’s spot. Lawrie stays at 3B full time. Kawasaki platoons with Tolleson at 2B. Look at OBP maybe. He’s not great, but don’t be dumb.

      • How am I the dumb one to suggest that Johnson’s 16 homeruns, .402 OBP, .953 OPS would be a better way to try and replace Lind’s numbers than a guy that can’t hit his way out of a paper bag? Johnson has a better average, worlds more power, a better OBP, a better OPS and so on.

        Sure, what you said would work but having Tolleson and Kawasaki platooning at 2B still leaves a hole in the line up power wise. Why not bring up a guy that can step in and maybe provide some power and drive in some runs instead of basically an auto out.

        Not saying Dan Johnson is amazing but he is sure as shit a better replacement in the line up than Kawasaki.

        • In case you haven’t noticed, the offense hasn’t exactly been knocking the cover off the ball lately, having even less offense will just put more pressure on the Jays jekyl and hyde rotation to pitch even further above their skill range.

          Not saying Johnson would save the day, dude is a career bench / AAA player, Im aware he’s not a star but right now the jays need help at the plate, not in the field.

  7. I think he’s saying, “Going to the Major (league) in a little bit. It’s lonely being at the airport by yourself.”

  8. “Little cum will go very much major.”
    DJFers: why am I not reading your sick very humorous reactions?
    Cum on people! If this isn’t an invitation for bad, badass, inappropriate, cringing, trollish, funny cumbacks, then I’m moving to another blog, my friends.

  9. Jerry Howarth is gonna be pissed it was Goins called up …he was on prime time today jerking him off heavily

  10. Could be both Lind and Cecil on the DL with Rasmus due to be activated.

  11. I hope Lind is out too long, he is awesome against righties. Already worth a tidy 1.1 WAR by baseball-reference.

  12. Spirit animal!!

    • Meh
      I think the spirit animal angle is played up a little too much.
      There’s a reason AA re-signed Muni.
      Just because the guy has a personality doesn’t mean he should be penalizied.
      He is what he is.

  13. Uh any news on Colby?

  14. Good, he can actually put the bat on the ball which phat juan struggles mightily with. Not to mention, the guy is so funny and can put up a good AB even though he rarely hits the ball out of the infield

  15. Rays up 5 – 3

  16. Might help to give Reyes a day or two off during this 15 day stint. Move Melky to leadoff and Reyes can come off the bench for a couple.

  17. Rays win 5-4.

  18. rays beat the o’s. and Boston won as well. jays now have a 4.5 on the Yankees,5 on Baltimore, 8.5 on red Sox.

  19. O’Day O’Day O’Day O’Day

    O’Day O’Day

  20. What’s the Jays record with Muni on the 25 man roster? If I remember correctly, it’s above .500.

    90 wins or bust!

  21. Please Twitter, obviously he meant:

    I will come-and-go Chokku-ra major. The lonely Airport alone (;;)

  22. With Ramsus due back id assume lind and Cecil hit the dl.

    Not the best news to lose lind’s bat in the lineup vs rhp. Hopefully Francisco can shake off his recent struggles

  23. Bob Bannerman must be annoyed.

  24. Kawasaki is being called up to taunt Tanaka to get him off of his game.

  25. Is that Kawasaki on the Bob Bannerman radio ad sounding like he is mentally-handicapped? Wow, if so that is so inappropriate. The whole Japanese thing is getting beyond borderline racially insensitive, although MK seems to enjoy/embrace the attention in a good-hearted manner…. Something about it tho makes me feel uncomfortable…

    • Hello Morgan, I am sorry to hear you find the ad offensive. It actually is Kawasaki from the blue jays and his English is not that great but he tries his best. He is very excited about the commercial and so are his followers. Thanks Katie Shea

  26. + billions to Dr. Obvious’ statement

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