Pneumatic tubes, eh? Can’t put coins in those.

Everybody’s seeing everybody at this point, I’m pretty sure, but Bob Elliott is on the scouting itinerary beat this time of year, and tonight in the Toronto Sun he tells us that the Jays had Russ Bove — one of their “most trusted scouts” — in Miami to watch Jason Hammel make a start for the Cubs. Not sure how much he will have liked what he saw: nine strikeouts, but eight hits, a walk, four earned runs in six innings, and an absolutely insane opposite field Giancarlo Stanton home run on a line drive that was about as low as you’ll ever see a homer hit on. Nine Ks though! And only one to the pitcher — and another to Jeff Mathis.

For those of you scoreboard watching, the Rays beat the Orioles on Monday, dropping them to five games back of the Jays, with the Yankees now in second place in the AL East at 4.5 games behind.

I can’t exactly revel in a player’s injury, but Matt Wieters needing Tommy John surgery and being out for the season is certainly a blow to the Orioles, which… I can live with that.

Lots of interesting trade chatter in the comments on the post below, even if some of it is plenty fanciful. And… well… here’s some more (of the less fanciful variety): Jon Morosi tweets that the Braves, who have Alex Wood in the minors and getting stretched back out again, are fielding inquiries on both Gavin Floyd and the Harangutan. I’m not sure why a playoff-bound team wouldn’t be trying to keep all the starting pitching that it could, but those are Jason Hammel-esque names. And while I think we’ve all seen pretty clearly now that this club definitely needs Colby Rasmus, and that it’s not worth giving up a draft pick next summer to go with Gose-Pillar and add a Gavin Floyd, but if you were making a rental-for-rental deal, and wanted to give Colby a good home… I dunno, you could probably make a more insane suggestion than that. Shit, eat a bunch of money and we’ll take back B.J. Upton in the process! (OK, so maybe not that much more insane).

Morosi also adds that the Cubs are not willing to listen on just Samardzija and Hammel, but Edwin Jackson and Jake Arrieta as well. Hmmm…

It’s minor league promotion season, and Aaron Sanchez wasn’t the only one finding himself on a new team. The Dunedin Blue Jays fill us in via their game notes for tonight, noting (it’s in there, I swear!) that number three prospect Dan Norris has been promoted to New Hampshire, along with 26-year-old catcher Derrick Chung, and 23-year-old first baseman K.C. Hobson. Meanwhile, a more intriguing pair at those positions, first baseman L.B. Dantzler and catcher Santiago Nessy, have moved up from Lansing to Dunedin, with 23-year-old third baseman Andy Fermin moving down from New Hampshire (despite a tidy .308/.348/.431 line in his first 68 plate appearances at the level). So… that’s something.

This too: the Bluefield Blue Jays have announced their 2014 roster, which will have some interesting names for you prospect watchers: Smoral, Tinoco, Tellez, Cenas, Alford, Urena, Anderson, and more.

Minor move stuff, just for the sake of completeness because we haven’t done this for a while: last week the Jays released Australian lefty Ryan Rowland-Smith (who I’m pretty sure had an opt out clause if he wasn’t in the Majors) and lost maple dick favourite Shawn Hill to the White Sox somehow (MLBTR). We know how Matt Tuiasosopo ended up with the White Sox: the Jays dealt him there last week for cash (MLBTR). Neil Wagner, who could still be a key bullpen piece for the Jays, if all goes well, went to see Dr. James Andrews and was prescribed three weeks of rest (Sportsnet). Aaron Sanchez didn’t have a great debut over the weekend in Buffalo (Toronto Star), but the Jays are still very excited about him… according to the Jays (MLB.com).

John Lott of the National Post tells the tale of Sunday’s game, and how J.A. Happ delivered a hell of a performance — to the surprise, I’m sure, of many.

Elsewhere in the Post, Lott speaks to Marcus Stroman, who is excited to be making his Yankee Stadium debut Tuesday against Masahiro Tanaka and the Yankees.

Lott also has a great, lengthy profile Frank Viola III, reborn in the Jays’ system as a knuckleballer and pitching now at Lansing as a 30-year-old, in Sunday’s Post.

Speaking of excellent, lengthy profiles, Chris Toman of Gamereax has one on Steve Delabar, who talks about his velocity issues, and his pitch repertoire.

And one more: Michael Grange of Sportsnet profiled the Jays’ rookie radio analyst, Joe Siddall, ahead of father’s day, as he and his family are still dealing with the loss of their 14-year-old son, Kevin.

Via the Globe and Mail, Gregory Strong of the Canadian Press speaks with John Gibbons, who insists that he isn’t doing anything differently this year than he was last, despite the vast difference in results.

Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus takes a sarcastic look at Alex Anthopoulos’s off-season moves — the point being, sometimes you don’t have to panic and make “wow” moves when you already have a pretty solid roster to begin with.

Gregor Chisholm of MLB.com, John Lott of the Post, and Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star tell us about Jose Bautista’s leadership-y leadership of late.

Sticking with the Star, it’s probably just a headline writer thing, but back last week Richard Griffin wrote (according to the headline, mostly) that the Jays’ history on road trips like the one they were then about to embark on didn’t bode well for the club. Then today the headline is: the Blue Jays will be playing in October. I guess the split in Baltimore was pretty important!

Some items from Sportsnet, as Shi Davidi looks at R.A. Dickey’s constant search for the right knuckler. Mike Wilner — again from last week — makes an always important plea for fans to be mindful of the big picture. The Tao of Stieb says that the Jays must be mindful not to repeat the Estaban Loaiza trade, in which they dealt away one a very good player in Michael Young for immediate (and ultimately futile) pitching help. And Ben Nicholson-Smith takes a less sarcastic look at the paying off of the Jays’ winter decisions than Sam Miller did over at BP.

Blue Jays Plus takes a look at Dustin McGowan inducing a double play ball from Trevor “Shredded Wheat” Plouffe in high leverage situation.

Bluebird Banter notices a clip of Todd Redmond plunking Erik Kratz to cause a bench clearing. Neato.

Over at FanGraphs, Blake Murphy looks at Casey Janssen and the hyperefficient save, which… shit, Jannsen is good at those, eh?

Lastly, a reminder that PITCH #4 goes this Thursday, featuring Jonah Keri, Michael Grange, Morgan Campbell and yours truly. Tickets still available! Details are all right here.

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  1. *Dan Norris is the Jays prospect not Derek

  2. Tao’ article was pretty solid. Perfect timing for a history re-fresher, actually.

    And Melky just retweeted me. So, there’s that!

  3. Minor correction, says the Rays beat the Orioles on Tuesday. Let’s hope that ends up correct, but it’s Monday.

  4. Ugh hammel. Hes no better than ja happ. That would be a pointless transaction and not an upgrade in the least. Its gotta be shark.

  5. Any update on the jays first rounders? They gonna sign?

  6. how come cubs these last few years seem to have pitchers that pitch well with them and they are able to build trade value for solid prospects. Garza, Samardijza, Feldman, Hammels, Arrieta, Dempster, Shawn Camp (even though not traded had one good season), Grimm (doing alright), kevin gregg, Paul Malholm. Some of these player have revived their careers coming to the cubs, and cubs are able to use them as trade bait.

  7. Lott’s piece on Frank Viola III was a great read.

    I got a soft spot for these knuckle baller, rebirth stories I suppose. Good on the kid.

  8. Sam Miller’s piece brings up an interesting thought–if we had just kept Emilio Bonifacio, would we have a decent 2B right now?

    I mean, sure, it’s easy to say “he just needed a change of environment.” But on the same note, it seems like Buehrle, Thole, and Melky have all taken incredible advantage of their “change in environment.” Which is to say maybe it’s all just BS and maybe Bonifacio would be putting up reasonable numbers for us right now.

    With that said, imagine how pissed off the fanbase would’ve been if we declared Bonifacio the starting second baseman to start off this season.

  9. Redmond looks like a bit of an asshole in that clip.

  10. The Red Sox win last night moves them half a game up on the Astros in the wildcard race and into sole possession of third last in the AL.

    Just thought I’d point that out.

  11. The Kansas City Royals, eh?

    I’m quietly cheering for them. That’s a fanbase that deserves some decent baseball.

  12. So Ian Kennedy’s name came up in the comments yesterday…is there any indication he’s being shopped, or is that just hoping he’s on the market? And if he was available, would we think the price for him would be any cheaper than The Shark? Both are signed through next season.

  13. Cubs have re-opened Samardzija negotiations. Meaning: Cubs are loosing leverage and need a better deal so we can pull the trigger and get rid of him for as many prospects as possible.
    No way Samardzija resigns. Cubs – take Sanchez and be done with the Shark.

  14. I think that they should revisit the idea which they had in the off season and inquire with Colorado about Brett Anderson. Of course, he has been injured pretty much all season per the norm but- he is returning in July. Colorado is 9 games out and probably not happy that he hasn’t pitched and might not mind getting his salary off their books. It probably wouldn’t take a blue chip prospect to get him. The injuries which have derailed him recently have been somewhat fluky and not arm-related- a broken foot and being hit on his finger by a pitch. I would not think that there are too many starting pitchers who might be available for cheap and who could possibly emerge as a staff ace, He is one.

    • I like this Willie.

    • Oakland wanted Santos, Colorado wanted starting pitching..what would Colorado want with Santos?

      • If you believe in such a stat, they are dead last in MLB in save conversion rate.

        Of course you’d have to convince them the recent past is an illusion and Santos can actually be a late inning reliever that keeps them in games and has a future.

        Beyond that, probably not much.

        I honestly don’t know what else they need right now.

  15. Dickey, Thole and Rasmus, for Floyd and Santana

    Somehow, some way, AA always gets his man

    • I think it’s more that AA always keeps his mouth shut. So if he doesn’t get his man you don’t hear about it. Except for Santana…

  16. Yikes, about the “can’t exactly revel” in Wieters going for Tommy J. Could at least throw in a “he’s a great player so this is bad for baseball fans even if it is good for the rest of the AL East”. But I too can live with that.

  17. Wow didn’t know that about Joe Siddal. Feel so sorry for him and his family.

  18. heres to the Jays Royals and Twins all making the playoffs this year!

  19. Stroman 23
    Hutch 23
    Sanchez 21
    Norris 21
    Hoffman 21
    Osuna 19
    Castro 19

    IMO those are the 7 standout young pitching talents in the organization. All of them with legit upper rotation potential. Obviously the younger guys are much less of a sure thing than the older guys.

    I think I’d be fine giving up one of these guys for Shark – though neither of the two guys in MLB already.

    I’d be ok with giving up 2 of them to get a guy like Price, though. The guys in the middle (Sanchez/Norris/Hoffman) are probably the best combination of “we can afford to lose them” and “have good trade value” to build a trade around.

    I wouldn’t hate taking a chance on a McCarthy or Hammel, but the price better be very cheap, because Happ doesn’t suck, and there’s no guarantee these guys would be better than him (all have had awful years in the recent past).

    If we look at Happ, and average out all four of his ERA, FIP, xFIP, and SIERA, we get these numbers:

    Happ Career: 5.7ip/gs, 4.37
    Happ Last 3yrs: 5.5ip/gs, 4.29
    Happ This year: 5.5ip/gs, 4.22

    That’s not great, but it’s not bad…and it’s not exactly begging to be replaced, either. His peripherals are not as bad as people keep saying they are.

    • Hoffman is not signed so he’s not technically part of the Jays’ organization. Who knows how the sub-21 yrs old SP will fare in the next couple years. Look at Deck McGuire. One of the best things is the farm for pen options moving forward – Stilson and Wagner could make guys like Delabar, Janssen, Cecil trade options for 2B and OF.

  20. If Kansas City wins tonight, the first place teams in the AL are Oakland, KC, and Toronto. Quite something to see in June.

  21. so is lind hurt?
    is leaving Lawrie at third and having muni and toleson platoon 2nd while fransisco hits against right handers that much of a drop off?
    fuck lind is such a marshmellow

    • OPS .916. That Marsh-mellow is a god damn gangster.

      • oh he can rake, i’m a big fan, but he just gets these pufftar injuries

        • Never had a bone bruise? They’re excruciating and hard to deal with, especially (I would think) on the foot, where you’ve got a lot of weight (in his case) bearing down.
          This is one DL that he earned.

          • There are some injuries that, regardless of how tough a player is or is perceived to be, you just can’t play through. I would put Lind’s nagging back injuries in that category. Sometimes it’s just not smart to “battle through” injuries, and it can often hurt the team when you can’t perform to an acceptable level.

            It reminds me of all the complaints (primarily from non baseball fans) about pitchers not pitching through minor injuries like blisters.

        • I’d agree if it was back pain from fielding a baseball. This is an actual “ball slammed into the foot and nearly broke it” type injury. Not really his fault.

  22. Giancarlo power. Speechless.

  23. Any word on TheSore allowing a promotion from WordPress to Disqus in regards to the comments? WordPress bites.

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