Colby Rasmus is on his way to the Bronx, as the busy Twitter fingers of all the beat writers down at Yankee Stadium have informed us that he’ll be activated from the DL in time for tomorrow’s game, with Anthony Gose heading the other way. Gregor Chisholm’s tweet was the first in my timeline.

Rasmus hasn’t quite got his timing back at Buffalo, by the sounds of it (though Bisons play-by-play man Ben Wagner tweets that two of his outs were long fly balls), but… so what? He was 0-for-4 tonight for the herd, but he didn’t strike out, and he manned centre field, which at least shows that the important thing — his wonky hamstring — is moving in the right direction. Alex Anthopoulos spoke about all this with media today in a quote that we find in Gregor’s excellent transcript of the scrum over at his North of the Border blog, explaining, “Sure, there’s a timing component of getting his at-bats but I remember last year, I don’t think he did all that well on his rehab assignment, he came back and hit three or four home runs in a short period. It’s as much making sure he gets those reps in the outfield but you’re not going to run him three or four days right out of the chute.”

As for Gose, he had a nice day on Sunday, and took a walk today — and probably should have done so in his ninth inning at-bat, though umpire Jordan Baker saw it differently (including on one that he’d been calling all night and we shouldn’t get quite as upset at (more on this in the next post) — but things have been pretty dismal since his hot start. The talk about jettisoning Rasmus in favour of Gose that was all the rage a couple short weeks ago has quieted to nothing, and for good fucking reason. Part of that is Juan Francisco — though he had a double and a walk today, which an optimist may see as reason to believe he’s pulling out of his current trough — but while Gose’s OBP is still a more-than-passable-given-his-defence .351, heading into this game his last 48 plate appearances had produced just a .171/.277/.220 line, which… well… uh… it isn’t passable.

Add to that the fact that you see some of the old trouble spots for him — being late on fastballs, and a 31.3% strikeout rate over the past two weeks, as opposed to the 19.2% rate he posted in his first 52 plate appearances (over which he hit .310/.420/.381) — and you see why the move was made.

If the real Gose is somewhere in the middle, that would be a very, very good thing. So this most recent stint in the majors, though now clearly not the one that will see him say goodbye to the minors forever, has hardly been all for naught. Yet it’s impossible to argue that this wasn’t the right call for the Jays to make right now. He should get back to hitting, get back to a place where he’s more comfortable, and continue to refine his offensive game however he can.

And the Jays should get Rasmus right back into this lineup, and hope that he shows more spark than he did in Buffalo, or when he was here and healthy in April. Thing is: after what we saw last year, there’s no reason to think he won’t, which is great, because hoo boy, that’ll fuckin’ help.

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  1. Glad that Cletus us back, he’ll put one in the upper tank tomorrow night.

    Tolleson is not ideal as the 4th outfielder but I guess it’s the price to keep Fransisco around.

  2. Good riddance Gose, you clown.

  3. Colby, its been too long. Cant wait to see that hair flowin in th3 field

  4. The only way to get pumped up for his return:


  5. That might be the most positive thing I’ve heard Stoeten say about Gose in quite a while.

  6. Gose filled in admirably. He just… well… cant hit. Rasmus is a much better hitter and almost as good of a fielder with slightly less range and arm strength.

  7. Phew – now hopefully Jerry will stop going on about how Gose should bunt in every at bat. I hope Colby can get on a bit of a hot streak at the plate, too. I like watching him hit, even though slumping Colby can get pretty ugly at times.

  8. Cletus will save the day! Slump before July and we will poke you in the eye….Slump before August and…well fuck you. Go Jays!

  9. Am I the only one who was underwhelmed by Gose’s legs? I mean, he can fly on a triple, but we were advertised an elite base-stealer and he has yet to really become that. If he could be a LH Rajai – as in, actually do what Rajai did – then keeping the weak bat around would be a little more palatable.

    • Don’t think it’s his legs so much as his reads on pitchers. Watching him in the outfield and he’s got tonnes of speed. Semantics, I know.

      • He’s almost like Colby in that regard. Not many players in the league can run the bases like Colby, but he simply chooses not to steal for some reason. Unlike Colby, who can actually hit, it doesn’t look like Gose will be able to start in MLB unless he can manage to put up 50+ steals with a good rate.

      • Yeah, that was what I meant. If he can’t steal at a rate like Reyes he’s not nearly as valuable.

  10. Even in the midst of hitting .171, his OBP was still .277, .100 points higher than his average. It’s encouraging that when his hitting slumps, neither his defence nor his EYE is slumping! That’s awesome news; small sample but a high walk rate from Gose, along with his defence and speed, would make him a viable option long term (still not better than Rasmus but cheaper). If he hits .230, he can be at least a league average CF overall.

    • Or pitchers figure out that they can pump chest high fastballs past him which he swings through and that on base plummets. His ‘eye’, bahaha

  11. The ! after Gose reeks of schadenfreude here Stoeten…

  12. Sad that Gose’s final at-bat was looking at 6 straight balls with 5 no where close to the plate but called out on strikes anyways

  13. From today’s Globe: “The U.S. Patent Office ruled Wednesday that the Washington Redskins nickname is “disparaging of Native Americans” and that the team’s federal trademarks for the name must be cancelled.”
    Is Atlanta next? Cleveland?

  14. If he hit 2 long fly balls for buffalo they are probably both homeruns to right field vs the yanks.

    That gardiner home run yesterday was a joke, thats not a homerun anywhere besides new york and boston.

  15. WTF is with Rasmus’s arm tattoo?

    50 bucks he has a Ford tattoo on his shoulder.

  16. I thought Gose was better at the plate last night than I’ve seen him for a little while. He was more patient, picked his pitch etc etc. And I did think he was robbed in the 9th. But that having been said, he’s still a bit of a work in progress. I love his speed, but Cletus is damn’ fast as well. And it’s nice to have both in the organization. For now. Although I think either one may well become part of a trade.

  17. Glad to see Cletus back……… with all these boppers in the line up it’ll be great to have another log on the fire to help pick up the slack on stretches when other batters inevitably have cold stretches.


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