We’ve found out the reciprocal move for last night’s summoning of Munenori Kawasaki, and it turns out that it was neither Brett Cecil nor Adam Lind, as both of them find themselves on the Jays’ lineup card tonight — though neither is starting — as you can see above.

Can you spot whose name is missing? Look harder!

[Hint: Look at the title of this post, maybe.] [Double hint: It's Steve Delabar.]

And here’s something weird: the move isn’t due to Delabar’s poor health — though you’d be forgiven for thinking that it might be, given that he hasn’t been quite himself this season (or in the second half of last season, or… well… let’s just say he was really good at the end of 2012 and the start of 2013) — it’s due to the fact that he has options left.

Nobody has hit the DL, in other words, but the Jays, didn’t want to begin a tough, important series in New York with a short bench while Adam Lind heals. At least, that’s what Delabar said, according to a tweet from John Lott, when he spoke with media before shuffling off to Buffalo. “The move was made because he had options,” Lott adds.

Clearly this is a disappointing move for Delabar — though Barry Davis tweets that he took the news like a pro — but it’s actually probably pretty good news for the Jays. No, bringing up Kawasaki isn’t a like-for-like swap, but it probably makes the best of the situation by moving Juan Francisco to DH, keeping him off third base, and allowing the beloved Muni to platoon with Steve Tolleson at second. It could have been Ryan Goins instead, I suppose, but I can understand bringing in a veteran who won’t miss the regular at-bats as much, I think. And sure, Francisco probably needs to play less right now, not more, but if Lind can’t go, save for scheming to bring up Dan Johnson (and then very possibly losing him on waivers when they need to send him down), there isn’t much better the Jays could have done here.

Delabar had found himself sliding down the bullpen depth chart, with Dustin McGowan having emerged as the club’s best high leverage non-Janssen option since he was removed from the rotation, and while you’re still probably a bit nervous about Sergio Santos, and not thrilled with the idea of Chad Jenkins (who also has options FYI) being the club’s next best right-handed option, it can’t hurt to give Delabar a chance to work on some things in a less intense environment. That’s not what this move is about, reportedly, but earlier this month Lott wrote a piece in the National Post that looked at the mechanical adjustments that Delabar admitted he’s been working for. That piece is referenced in another excellent slice of Delabaria, which came last week from Chris Toman at Gamereax, as he dove deeply into the peripherals, and spoke to the 2013 All-Star about his repertoire and about getting back on track.

The best news is, of course, that neither Lind nor Cecil will be headed to the DL. At least not for now.

Another move will have to come soon, though, with Colby Rasmus now having played five games for Buffalo on a rehab assignment after missing a month with a hamstring issue. He’s quite not hitting the way you’d want him to yet — just three singles and one walk in 19 plate appearances — so maybe they’ll prolong the assignment a little bit longer, but before long the roster cycle will start spinning again. Hold on tight! Especially since, according to one tweet from Shi Davidi, John Gibbons says that Brett Cecil could be available tonight “in a pinch,” but should be good for tomorrow, and in another tweet he says that the hope is for Lind to be ready in the next couple of days.

And if you’re Steve Delabar (or Munenori Kawasaki) maybe don’t pack too much.


Image via @lottonbaseball.

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  1. Delabar aside, sounds like great news all around.

    Hell, Francisco is still sporting an .860 OPS despite his slump…looks like people are giving up on him quickly. I’ll wait for that number to slide a lot more before I think he should be riding the bench from now on…

    • He’s hitting .091/.091/.273 over his last 9 games. 1 double, 1 home run, no walks.

      • and still has well above average stats…I’d give it more time.

        • Lots of ugly arbitrary endpoints. .190/.244/.488 over his last 30 games. .161/.217/.411 over his last 21.

          Talking about his ‘overall’ numbers is missing the point pretty badly.

        • He still has good numbers because he was hitting like fuckin Barry Bonds a month ago. Not saying he’s shit or anything, but he’s a big downgrade from Lind right now.

          • He’s definitely a downgrade from Lind. He’s obviously not Barry Bonds and he’s also not JP Arencibia. The reality could still be somewhere in the middle and right now that middle is an .860 OPS. I personally don’t think they should give up on him yet, because truthfully we still know nothing about what his true talent level might be.

      • Yikes. That slash line makes Arencibia’s look like Hank Aaron’s.

    • Don’t really agree. If you think a guy has turned into a pumpkin, then waiting for the negative stats to pile up means that you’re sacrificing value overall. I’m not necessarily saying that’s true with Francisco (his offensive career line over the course of a full season would still probably be an upgrade over Kawasaki), but there’s something to be said for moving on quickly if the option is there.

  2. I don’t remember hearing about Santos being reactivated. Maybe I’ve been out of the loop.

  3. Billy Crystal is hittin cleanup tonight.

  4. One would guess Gose down when Colby is back right? But then you have no back up OF

    • who’s the back up outfielder tonight? Tolleson?

    • Tolleson can play the OF. If Lind is healthy and they’re ready to go back to the Lawrie/Francisco/Tolleson thing, then it’s probably Kawasaki. If they are wary of the lack of a true fourth OF and if the Kawasaki/Tolleson platoon with Lawrie back at third seems to give them more in the overall than struggling Francisco and his poor glove, then maybe it’s Gose — maybe it’s even Francisco, but I’d say that’s the least likely.

  5. Is it possible. (I don’t say it’s desirable!) But is it possible that McGowan could be used for a spot start if necessary further down the season?

  6. I’d just like to pass on a sincere message to all Yankees fans that they can toss Rob Fords salad tonight, especially since he is having Mexican buffet in tonight in little Mexico

  7. I’m not liking Kawasaki and Gose at the bottom of the line up.

    You can bring in a lefty reliever for both of them and are you going to pinch hit twice in a row?

  8. Not liking Chad Jenkins? Not this guy. I with the Jenk all the way. Stretch him to start….

  9. And we will all remember the time the Jays were in first place for a while and the day things started to go back to normal. This is that day.

  10. To talk about a first place team and then talk about guys like Tolleson and Kawasaki playing full time roles is like talking about sleeping with playboy bunnies with $6.00 in the bank.

    • sorry, but the yankees who are in second have had kelly johnson play 51 games and a ba of 226 and have a 299 obp. As crap as gose has been he has put up .241 and a .351 obp.

      For reference Tolleson has put up a .261 and .338 in 38 games. I’d rather have Tolleson right now than Johnson. Just saying.

      But keep on trolling.

      • I’m far from trolling by simply stating my the discontent I have with the current Jays line up. I want Gose getting MLB at bats because I would rather see him in CF than Rasmus next season due to the price tag Rasmus will demand.

      • also tolleson hits a career .283 against lefties, and this year 341. Ride the platoon.

  11. One thing I love about Kawasaki, he loves to rack up the pitch count, something the Jays were not doing over the last couple of weeks. Especially if you’re facing a stud like Tanaka.

    I wonder if there’s a pitch count tracker out there somewhere, be interesting to see which Jays take the most/least # of pitches (my guess? JoeyBats see a ton of pitches, Lawrie? not so many)

  12. However on the other side of things…

  13. Very odd timing on this move. The last two appearances Delabar has made he’s been solid, which made it seem like he was turning a corner.

  14. It’ll be nice to see if Delabar can fix himself. The NP article sounds like he knows what’s wrong and how to fix it. It’s just that it never seems to work out that way.

  15. I cant even spell my last name.

  16. I bet Muni takes two walks on 18 pitches,
    gose bunts him over twice
    reyes knocks him in twice

  17. If Kawasaki somehow has a big game at the plate tonight, I’m gonna TAPE Wilner’s call in show. It should be batshit insane.

  18. Is 5 games really not enough of a rehab stint for Colby? When did this become a thing anyways? I thought the point of a rehab stint (for an established starter, at least) was just to provide a bit of game action and make sure everything was working properly. Really shouldn’t take any more then 2-3 games.

    Colby doesn’t need to earn his way back to the Bigs.

  19. Just wondering if the call up of Kawasaki has anything to do with a little familiarity with Tanaka’s stuff from their days in Japan? Considering how well Tanaka has pitched thus far in MLB, any little bit helps, no?

    (not that there’d be much help from Mune in the way of a scouting report, though, considering that Tanaka went 19-5 with a 1.27 ERA during Mune’s final season in Japan).

  20. REYES!

  21. Interesting. So what if my brother’s mama never had any babies? How do you account for that?

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