Has the Jays’ Yankee Stadium graveyard claimed yet another soul?

At least for the night is has, as Brett Lawrie left tonight’s Jays-Yankees game after taking a Chase Whitley pitch off the left hand — the same one he broke, in much the same fashion, while in the minors in 2011. He was replaced by Steve Tolleson at third base, but not immediately! Lawrie stayed in the game as a baserunner after the HBP, scoring the Jays’ second run of the game on a Colby Rasmus single, and played defence in the bottom of the fourth, as well.

So… it at least wasn’t such a nasty injury that it was immediately apparent. Which… is good? I don’t know, but evidently young Brett was in enough pain that he regretted his meat head comment about a World Cup player being stretchered off couldn’t continue. I’ve heard better news than that, in other words.

We’ll keep our eyes on it for when an official diagnosis is made… meaning I’ll keep my eye on it. Which… I actually might just go back to the bar, to be honest. So I’ll update it at some point, I’m sure. In the meantime, just don’t assume the worst like you’re a fucking negative moron — can we at least agree to that?


On the broadcast Buck says that the x-rays on Lawrie’s hand came back negative! So… that’s good. Because as underwhelming as Lawrie’s bat can be, I don’t even want to think about what the hell this team is going to have to do if they’re without him for an extended period, if that’s what it actually comes to. Which, of course, nobody should yet believe that it will.




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  1. Someone get Kelly Gruber on the phone

  2. Buck just said x rays were negative. Hopefully a few days ice and rest and Red Bull is back

  3. My two cents hopefully the jays woes at Yankee stadium don’t cost them a playoff spot this uear

  4. The Brett Lawrie situation is Inchresting furr shurr. He’s a turrific defender as we’ve seen many times. This seezin.

    • Could be one of the best hitters in baseball without that ridiculous swing.

      • Agree. It’s a kind of swoop instead of a swing. His bat is only in the hitting zone for a fraction of the time that the best swings are. With his ability he could be the best 3rd base in MLB. That’s part of the problem though. It’s my guess that he did so well coming up through the minors that no one wanted to go near it.

  5. Well according to Wilner even the best teams lose 2 to 3 times a week but come on this is getting fucking hard to watch, they swing at balls and dont swing at the strikes wtf?

    If AA doesnt do something they will be fucked
    uts gonna be a 2.5 game lead after tonight and oh bal and nny both have games in hand so
    reality check time.

  6. What happens to Ricky Romero he posted a pic on his IG in crutches and a knee brace that was wrapped. Did he have surgery?

  7. Well this team is quickly turning into a fucking joke.

  8. Hairline wrist fractures can be radio graphically occult and may require further investigation with CT or MRI

  9. I bet you by this time next week they wont be,
    bal plays ny for a set and ground will be gained, ever heard the saying check yourself before you wreck yourself, well they better,
    and.I watch every fucking pitch of every game so ya I know what the fuck Im talking about.

    When Tolleson is your best bench player your not a first place team.

  10. Maybe the jays should load their team full of lefties so they can hit cheap homers over the 314′ right field fence. The diamond I played little league hardball in is 308′ in left and right field. What a joke. I don’t even think MLB should allow those dimensions.

    Lawrie pisses me off, his swing is so amazingly fucked up and I don’t know why no one is fixing it. Maybe he’s not accepting or taking the criticism but his swing mechanics are completely effed. He needs to chill the fuck out in the box and they need to get him into a Morneau/Mauer/Manny type swing without a hitch/pump. He is retard strong and his potential offensively is through the roof but his swing needs work so he can thrive.

    • Saying ‘retard strong’ is just wrong, Buck.
      It’s seriously offensive.
      Let me offer the number 1 response from (of all places) The Urban Dictionary, hardly my go-to destination for sage advise usually, but satisfying this particular time, albeit using language that I’d never use.

      A person born with a mental condition and therefore has to work a million times harder to be able to do simple things (such as learn and communicate) that we take for granted. On top of this, a retard will usually suffer a lot of ridicule from society because people fear what they do not understand. The people who choose to make fun of the mental retarded tend to be complete morons and cannot comprehend that these people have feelings and emotions just like anyone else.
      I find it amusing that saying somebody has cancer would not be taken as a joke and yet, using another disease such as mental retarded as an insult is common among society, and many do not realize that it is very offensive and that there is something seriously wrong about it.

      • Agreed SP, well said.

        • you’re a hypocrite pal. you’ve never, not once, called someone a retard in your life? Try focusing on baseball and not morally grandstanding.

      • I actually work with the handicapped my friend and yes, perhaps my choice of wording was poor. Even if one of the guys I work with refers to himself as “retard strong”. But if I have to change my wording I will say that Brett Lawrie seems to be strong as a bear and seems like he runs on redbull. Forgive the terminology.

        If he had a normal swing that didn’t hinder his ability to hit balls anywhere in the zone he would be hitting 30-40 homeruns with ease. I have read the reports and heard the rumours that suggest he is hard to coach or at least was such and he has made strides to make his swing a little better but completely reworking it would be the best option for him. Work with a hitting coach this entire offseason and try to get things in order.

      • He wasn’t using it as a derogatory term. He was using it to emphasise how strong he believes Lawrie is. While I would agree that we should try to be respectful when we speak, Buck was not showing any disrespect. If he were to say something like, “Lawrie’s funky swing is so retarded,” then you would have a point. But this is different.

        Words are not inherently bad; it’s all about context. Just because you don’t like that word being used in any situation whatsoever doesn’t mean that others must follow you.

        • re·tard
          delay or hold back in terms of progress, development, or accomplishment.
          “his progress was retarded by his limp”
          synonyms: delay, slow down, slow up, hold back, hold up, set back, postpone, put back, detain, decelerate; More
          antonyms: accelerate
          noun: retard; plural noun: retards
          a mentally handicapped person (often used as a general term of abuse).

          late 15th century: from French retarder, from Latin retardare, from re- ‘back’ + tardus ‘slow.’
          Translate retard to
          Use over time for: retard

          I like the term used in it’s original context.
          It is and was always a verb.
          You would not call a person who limps a ‘retard.’
          It’s only when present day people attempt to use it as a verb that I see a difficulty.
          If you can’t see the offense, then I despair.
          You (of course) needn’t follow me–you are completely free to choose to be wrong.
          Fill your boots.

          • Great balls of fire I hate to admit that I said ‘verb’ when I meant ‘noun.’
            I mean and meant no disrespect to either Buck or chicnpox.
            I don’t consider myself to be in a position to preach.
            I would instead appreciate that you reconsider your usage of the term ‘retard.’
            That is all.

            • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUvdXxhLPa8

              “There is nothing wrong with those words in and of themselves”

              • Well if George Carlin said it, it must be true.

                A very close friend had a younger sister with Downs Syndrome. She had the intellectual capacity of approximately 8 years old. She knew when people were making fun of her and she hated the word “retard”. When we have a lexicon of approximately 250,000 word there is no excuse to use hurtful words casually.

                Instead of being defensive and defending the inexcusable, pick another word.

                • You think I’m defending the inexcusable? No, I’m merely taking a sociological perspective. Words aren’t bad; it’s all about context. Take another example. ‘Spastic’ is a relatively harmless word over here, but in the UK it has been used to offend people with mental disabilities. Sound familiar?

                • I just don’t understand why the PC police is out in full force on DJF, of all places.

                  • Swear all you want; that shit doesn’t bother me. All I’m saying is that there are lots of words out there to use that convey the same meaning without being hurtful. I suspect you wouldn’t use a racial epithet; this is no different, and usage doesn’t make it anymore acceptable.

                    As I said above, instead of getting defensive, use a different word.

                  • Vulnerable populations need people to speak on their behalf, regardless of the forum.

                    And why you think “retard strong” is not derogatory is really beyond me.

                    • You’re a hero Karen. Thanks for trying to save the world, one word at a time.

                    • Disclosure: I worked in dual diagnosis for 10 yrs. Adults with developmental disability AND a dx of mental illness. It made me an advocate, and grateful that my kids were healthy.

                  • I’m going to throw my support behind SP and GSMC.

                    if Buck had of said “Lawrie is nigger strong”, would you have defended that as him simply trying to portray how strong Lawrie is?

                    Well maybe you would, but most people wouldn’t dream of it.

                    This shouldn’t be any different.

                    • There’s no current context for using the term “nigger strong”, so that statement is just nonsense. Do you really think that Buck is an insensitive prick for articulating his feelings about Brett Lawrie in a particular way (Oh no, I just used ‘prick’ in a sentence… how misandric of me)? His statement in no way gives us insight into his feelings about the mentally handicapped. Oh, is handicapped also a bad word to use? I mean, it insinuates that people with cognitive abnormalities are not ‘whole people’ in a sense. There’s no way to win with all of you and your “holier than thou” shtick.

                      But hey, if you really want to help those people out, why don’t you actually do something? For instance, use your vacation time to volunteer at an elementary school. With the massive shortage of EAs in schools, you would be of great service to the mentally disabled. But by stigmatizing a random person on a message board about baseball for using a word that you don’t like, you are doing nothing to help people actually suffering from things like autism and DS.

                    • No one stigmatized anyone for using the word. Buck was simply asked to choose another word, as the word, regardless of the context, has power. I don’t think anyone has called Buck, or you for that matter, an asshole, etc.

                  • Just, for the sake of all that is good and just, don’t say anything about singing the national anthem. You think the word “retard” rustles jimmies?

            • Holy shit SP. Take your meds.

            • I’m offended that anyone would take offense to the use of the term ‘retard strong’
              Have you ever wrestled a retard? They’re fucking strong. Partially because of their condition, they don’t understand an so they give max effort. Hence the term.

              • I’m offended that anyone would take offense to the use of the term ‘nigger strong’. Have you ever wrestled a nigger? They’re fucking strong. Partially because of their genetics, they just have more muscle mass on average. Hence the term.

                You’re an ignorant prick.

  11. Ah well, being on top of the division was fun for a while, wasn’t it?
    I haven’t seen anything in the past 2 weeks that gives me hope that this slip-slidin’-away feeling is temporary.

  12. The frustrating thing is the Yankees are not that good. The Jays have way more talent than these guys and they can’t get it done. Hopefully they can get a win tomorrow and then win the series against the Reds. June is an important month to gain a hold for first place.

  13. Cecil to the DL

  14. I resent that cover picture only because it depicts the Cincinnati Reds amongst the graveyard of beaten teams. Sure the Yankees have beaten the Reds in two WS meetings, but the last time they tangled (1976) Cincinnati swept their sorry asses away. Also, that is one of only two times that the Yankees have ever been swept in a World Series, the other being in 1963 against the Dodgers.

    What? No, YOU looked that up on Baseball Reference. Frig off.

  15. Fuck. I am so sick and tired of “fans” giving up on this team. I have been following the Jays since 1982. This Team is capable of winning the East Division. So they lose two game to the Yankees. Who cares. Go Jays Jays!! Or as Fergie Oliver would say ” how about those Jays!!”

  16. Another good effort by a starter tonite followed by a mess from the pen. How many times have we seen that bovine flatulence this year? The SP has been very good overall surprising a lot of us I guess. The pen…not so much.
    Anyway , sitting here watching another game that did nothing to cure my insomnia, I can’t help but wonder if a lot of us have it wrong. I mean the Jays did not hit much in April either. Remember how Bats was on all the time with 30BB and all and we still could not score?
    Well we are doing it again. Selective end points I know, but since June 7 the Jays have scored the fewest runs, have the worst average and OPS in the entire AL.
    Rather than pitching which is nice of course, I think we need a another steady stick in there and I think we may be back to looking at 2b again which may not cost us 3 fukin prospects. Unfortunately , I think going for too long with Tolleson, Kawasaki Francisco and a sliding Navarro is not going to be good. I think we need that solid everyday player and maybe then we can get rid of one of the 3 catchers we are lugging around. Personally I think Kratz is better than Navarro at both framing and keeping the other teams’ running game in check as Navarro can’t throw worth shit.
    Forward Soviet!—hey karen, Moosehead on sale again this week in Tallboys!

    • S/b “something to cure my insomnia”.not nothing. Still, I think it is the beers of Moosehead that are really making me sleepy,afterall
      ‘Out here in the fields, I fought for my meals”…

    • You collect beers, fukstik, for a good time, but not a long time.
      karen collects beer vessels for the ages, but needs but one.
      You flatten said can against your forehead, a la John Belushi.
      karen pays the deposit, yet decides to keep it, to display it.
      You have a blue box, and might even use it.
      karen has a complete room given over to said collection.
      Different strokes.
      The saving grace is that you both love wine (spodie odie.)


    • Ive been saying it all season, AA needs to make a move for a trustworthy, tried, tested and true reliever. Doesn’t need to be a big bucks guy, doesnt need to be a flame thrower, just needs to be a guy that can come in and get guys out.

      So while a trade for a starter is the hot topic, their need for a reliable reliever is glaring.

      • Who is Jason Frasor?

      • If we have to give up anything more than a marginal prospect then I say no to trading for a relief pitcher . Assets are best used elsewhere

        The pen is just as likely to start shutting teams down as they are to sucking

        As “great” as buehrle pitched tonight, he only went 6 . If he goes 7 we might never have seen Jenkins

        • Jenkins wasn’t as bad as the box score looks. Cecil also walked in a run and gave up a triple to a relatively slow catcher.

    • Baby Navarro is a hell of a lot more likeable than J.P., but at this point last year J.P.’s OPS was a lot higher than Navarro’s is now. In no way shape or form am I wishing we still had him, but adding Baby hasn’t been much of an improvement, if at all, to this point in the season.

      • Yeah but you’re looking at it wrong, the 3 headed monster of Thole/Kratz/Dinner is better overall defensively, offensively and doesn’t say idiotic things to the media.
        Huge upgrade.

        • At this point last year Navarro had a wOBA nearly 100 points higher than JPA did. This year he has a wOBA 100 points higher than JPA does.
          No, I supposed he’s not an improvement over last year’s JPA, but he sure is an improvement over this year’s JPA, which is what you really should be comparing.

  17. Never get out of the boat.

  18. Travis Snider struck out Joey Votto.

    Consider that.

  19. Ironic that the Jays stop hitting home runs and they stop winning games. The offense is too one-dimensional.

  20. Baseball is a marathon – not a sprint….Even the greatest teams of all-time go through one or two week slumps..

    Yes, we still do need to add a piece of two at the trade break, but no need to panic (just praying the injury bug goes away)

  21. Cecil hurt, Delabar demoted, Lawrie needing rest, Lind not 100%, Rasmus just coming back (?), Francisco being Francisco…Jays need their SP to be even better next week or so, Joey Bats + EE + Melky + Reyes must carry this team until then.
    I was all for Samardzija trade couple weeks ago, but now with so many questions it’s not worth the risk. Maybe a Zobrist trade is a better plan. Find long-term 2B solution so Lawrie can return to 3B.

    • that’s probably what AA is exploring tbh, but not a trade for zobrist, no way that’s happening.

    • Melky’s OPS since the end of April is only .717, so unless he gets back into a groove he won’t be carrying anything.

      And I agree with the comments about Lawrie’s swing – it looks to me like that of someone who has very limited baseball skills (i.e. an 11 year old girl) – all arms. Of course he has the wrist and forearm strength to not completely suck with such a swing, but I wish he could find a way to load up better.

  22. Trade option targets if possible..
    Hill (dbacks)
    Lee & Utley


    • I’d love to have Hill back, and it may be doable, but I can’t see Lee OR Utley being doable, let alone both of them, unless we give up Stroman and/or Sanchez.

  23. #freerickyromero

  24. Anyone else of the mind that looking at an experienced third baseman might be a very good option. Assuming Brett is okay, Im starting to believe having him at 2nd for the rest of the year might not be a bad option at all. I have been very impressed with him there this year. Sure hes made some errors and mistakes but he definitely did when he started playing third and in his first few games in the bigs. There would be a probable drop off of range defensively at third, but Brett at 2nd was taking away a lot of base hits from guys with his ability to play so deep (or so shallow in right field depending on how you look at it.)

    I havent really looked at who’s available as a 3rd base option, more just a thought.

    But first and foremost should still be a starting pitcher.
    I could be like Gregg Zaun and say something ridiculous like Jays should get Price and Longoria from the Rays …

  25. AA should be calling the Rangers about Beltre….

  26. Did people see this last night on MLBTR.

    “Though there’s been a great deal of focus on the the Blue Jays‘ search for pitching upgrades, GM Alex Anthopoulos tells Jeff Blair and Kevin Barker of 590 The Fan in Toronto that he has had active discussions to bring in an everyday infielder as well (via Sportsnet’s Ben Nicholson-Smith). Anthopoulos spoke candidly about the fact that eliminating the current infield platoon would free up some bench flexibility. He added that carrying three catchers, as the club is currently doing, is far from an ideal scenario.”


    Wonder if he’s looking for 2B or 3B? Probably best player available at either of those positions, if the deal is right.

  27. I wonder……

    Would Jimmy Rollins be willing to come here and play 2nd? He has a vesting option that Phila doesn’t want him to achieve (based on at-bats) & Rollins made it known, he would turn down any deal before he broke the Phillies’ hit record but is now open to a deal…

    Amaro would probably accept a tier 2 prospect for him if Rollins agrees (5/10 rights so he must approve)

  28. stroman and sanchez for lee and Utley is insane. from a baseball perspective too much age for youth. from a financial perspective jays would never consider than unless phlis ate 90% of the payroll difference. team needs to hope Lawrie is ok, Lind gets back soon, and get another lefthander in the pen until Cecil is ok. Would be happy more than happy to package Morrow, Santos, a prospect and even Lind for an upgrade in the rotation. guys that always breakdown just frustrate the hell out of me.

    • Couple years ago Morrow could have been moved for a nice piece, but I think the news is out on him. Maybe Jays try him as fill-in at SP for Hutch, but they could also move him to the pen. With his age, number of chances to make it, injuries, and the performances he’s given I don’t see how another GM views him with any upside.

      • An ESPN item (via mlbtr) suggests trading a ton of prospects for Price, then flipping him at season’s end to replenish the system. If you’re going to do that, you might as well use the same system for a Zobrist/Price megadeal too, but hell, why not go get Shark under that scenario?

  29. Return of the Delbeard…

  30. chase headley

  31. some of you are real fucking boneheads. the team went 20-9 in may, they arent a 20-9 team, but everything broke their way.

    now they need to fight and claw their way down the stretch, which is exactly what everyone expected to happen even in the best case scenario.

    win tonight and be 3.5 up on the division in late June. Fucking take it.

    • No shit win tonight as if that’s easy for them in NYC

      • Lose tonight and they’re 1.5 games up. Fucking take it.

        • exactly, if we lost today’s game we’re STILL 1.5 games up.

          In freaking june. Jeez like get peoples hopes up and and soon as the Jays go on a losing spell they go back to the sky is falling mentality. I mean look at those Royals, weren’t we writing them off to the point where they might trade shields as a rental?

  32. To show you how incredibly comical baseball can be , last night Dana fucking Eveland got the save for the mets last night .

    Not some bs 3 innings mop up save either ..

    A one run high pressure save

    Goes to show you how ridiculous this game can be

  33. 15 losses in a row at YS. Fifteen. Losses. In. A. Row.
    Unacceptable doesn’t even begin to cover it. We’ll see what they’re made of in arguably the first must win game of the season. This is fucking ridiculous.

    • so when you say unacceptable, do you mean the team will become so irrelevant you wont have time to post on message boards about the team? or do you mean they owe you a personal apology?

    • The only losses that matter are the ones this year, bud.

      Just to get some perspective, the Royals recently needed to win 8 goddamn games in a row to just to get into first place. The Jays have BEEN in first place for like a month now.

      People are all like “oh noes, they’d have a 1.5 game division lead if they lost tonight!!”… like that’s such a bad thing? Remember where this team was last year?

      With that said, please, PLEASE win tonight, Blue Jays. Anyway, anyhow. Hate losing to those Yankee fucks.

  34. Hutch has thrown 40 pitches to get 4 outs.

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