Holy shitting crisising hell! Look at that record on the Jays! How will they ever possibly come back from it??!!?!?

Season’s over, you guys. Might as well look like garbage against Australia at this point, for all that beautiful start was worth, eh?


Colb. Eh.

Adam Lind could “maybe” pinch hit tonight, but the player himself sounded less sure, per a tweet from Brendan Kennedy.

Brett Cecil tweets that Barry Davis is ready to go tonight, if called upon. Er… hold on. Other way around.

Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets a link to his (?) piece on Brandon Morrow, who felt good after playing catch whenever it was that he played catch. Surgery perhaps not necessary? Cue the Jays rushing to call his return “as good as a deadline addition,” or some such bullshit.

Ben Wagner informs us that Sean Nolin is on the Buffalo Bisons’ DL. Ugh.

Probably some other stuff, too. (Samardzija extension talk and shit, for example. Come on, Cubs, don’t make my Photoshop useless this fast!)

Bluebird Banter spoke with Kevin Kennedy, who is running Toronto’s outstanding PITCH: Talks series. Hey! And speaking of…

Don’t forget: PITCH #4 is tomorrow night! Thursday, June 19th! and for those of you who missed the announcement, I’ll be one of the panelists, along with a much more talented group, featuring Jonah Keri, Michael Grange, and Morgan Campbell. Tickets are still available, so grab yourself some here, and be sure to follow @PitchTalks for all the info you need.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:05 PM ET @ Yankees

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Juan Francisco (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

New York Yankees

LF Brett Gardner (L)
SS Derek Jeter (R)
CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
1B Mark Teixeira (S)
RF Alfonso Soriano (R)
DH Carlos Beltran (S)
C Brian McCann (L)
3B Yangervis Solarte (S)
2B Brian Roberts (S)

RHP Chase Whitley

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  1. The Return of Cletus.
    Cletus Strikes Back.

  2. Go baseballs!

  3. Clearly you’ve been drunk since this afternoon. (Congrats, by the way!)

  4. Until the offense starts firing again, I will be worried, not giving up hope, just worried. We all know how leads in the AL East can shrink in the blink of an eye so yes, the stifled offense does create a little worry for me anyways. Still loving their record and really liking that guys like Happ, Redmond and others have come dressed for battle most nights.

  5. TSN is showing the Jays game with audio from the Nats game. Never seen that before.

  6. Game over

  7. Shifted too far dammit

  8. Is it quiet in here or am I just hungover?

  9. My god was that 300 sequel a steaming pile of crap.

  10. These shitty at-bats are so painful to watch……

  11. I’ve had growth spout too Buck… but I lost it somewhere.

  12. Buehrle’s a baseball player.

  13. Yankee stadium strikezones piss me off.

  14. So if Colby continues to have a fine but not great rest-of-season, I assume we’ll still give a qualifying offer.

    I’m starting to wonder if he’d accept it, to avoid the draft pick compensation worries and build more value with one really good year before going for that big multi-year deal in free agency after that.

    • That would be win win.

    • It’s not out of the question. At least, if he has a terrible year. But… “continues to have a fine but not great rest-of-season”? On what planet is that what’s happening? Wasn’t great for the first month, then was on the shelf. Continues what?

    • Don’t think payroll parameters would allow the QO unless they were sure he’d decline. Even if he’s mediocre over the rest of the year, though, some team would give him 5/50. Good all-around CFs don’t grow on trees, even the ones made of glass.

  15. Somebody has to hit a baseball soon.

  16. Will the Jays ever hit again?

  17. Tabby apparently has no idea how to weight averages.

  18. Score some runs… now.

  19. Blue Jays.

  20. Come on guys, wake up. This is pathetic

  21. Damn he’s good.

  22. Look at that Jeter range.

  23. it all starts with a hit.

  24. What the hell is going on ? Even the latin guys look pale

  25. Dude in the shades and Jays jersey looks like Charlie Day.

  26. Lawrie looked like he thought the ball was going to miss him

  27. Someone mentioned it way up yonder – that the 300 sequel was a steaming pile of crap…well I quite enjoyed it. Until Monday it was my top film of 2014. Yes, it’s awful…but like FUN awful. Though the original is obviously way superior.

    • Dinner time!

    • I’m guessing you didn’t watch Captain America 2.

      • Haven’t seen Captain America 2. Not a huge fan of Marvel @ all. I’ll probably eventually see it but…eh?

    • ^Reply fail.

      As for the 300 sequel – To each their own I guess but I didn’t even get through it. With about 25 minutes left I finally succumbed and turned it off.

      • I suppose what I couldn’t stand about it was that it seemed like it was TRYING to “fun awful” and that pissed me off because although the original is over the top, that’s because it is being accurate to the legend.

        The sequel seemed like a parody of itself.

        • I agree with what you’re saying. It was still entertaining to me. Mainly because it was ridiculous + lots of ultraviolence. Also, I fully fell in love with Eva Green’s character instantly. So yeah…probably blinded by boobies + her awesome wardrobe.

          • Hey, that’s cool. I can accept that it’s not something everyone needs to get worked up about.

            On a completely random note. I couldn’t help but think of something I saw on PPP earlier today. One of the regulars there, is doing a project for a research class that he’s taking about whether or not women are more comfortable discussing sports online than IRL and is desperately short for subjects.

            I thought it was a worth a shot to post it here, in case you, karen or any other female posters/lurkers are interested in lending a hand. I’ll just copy pasta his post below.

            “As part of a research class I’m taking, I’m doing a project on whether or not women are more comfortable discussing sports in online forums vs. IRL. I originally wanted to do a shorter quant. survey aimed at more people but that got kiboshed. So basically, I’m looking for 3-10 women who have a heavy online presence and consider themselves pretty intense sports fans. I’d like if they were also sensitive to gender issues, but beggars can’t be choosers.

            Incredibly, I don’t actually know any women who really enjoy sports so I’m really hoping to find some people here or maybe on twitter. I still have another month-ish to go before I actually administer the questionnaire, but I’d like to find some people who are interested so I can get that out of the way.

            So if you are a woman of any demographic who enjoys sports and spends a fair amount of time reading/commenting on sports blogs and has an interest in answering a short questionnaire in a few weeks, shoot me a line here or at roderickhawes@gmail.com. If you know anybody that fits that description, let them know!”

            • Thanks for posting.
              Always good to participate in student research.

              And I’m curious what his hypothesis is, although I can make an intelligent guess.

    • How to Train Your Dragon II is the best thing ever. Ever.

    • i prefer to read my movies.

  28. Donair!

  29. Finally!

  30. Smasher will be pleased to know that my son wants to be a catcher. I told him he’s too good looking to be a catcher.

    • Catchers are awesome though! They’re The Smartness. It’s good stuff.

      • I was pleased he wants to be catcher, but he’s got a pretty flashy glove for a 7 year old.

        • My boy played short and centre really well, but when it was discovered that he could also catch (and stop passed ball after passed ball ad nauseam) he hardly ever played short again. He also pretty much never had to sit out an inning again because of numbers.

          • Yeah, the boy likes playing goalie too. Maybe there’s a natural affinity for stopping stuff.

            • Mine was our local gold keeper for years and years.
              Not everyone can handle being the last line of defense.

  31. I forget – what happens when one of our guys crosses home plate?

  32. Colby!

  33. Razzmatazz

  34. Sweet Clete!

  35. He’s baaaaaaaaaaack.

  36. CLETUS!

  37. Wait, it’s possible to score more than one run in a game?

  38. Yes ! Colby

  39. I miss Gose already :(

  40. Watching Reyes’ play shortstop is painful.

  41. Joke stadium

  42. Fucking short porch.

  43. I blame Buck for calling McCann’s shot for him.

  44. an out in any other park?

  45. Fucking ridiculous stadium

  46. Combined distance of the Yankees’ two homers so far?

  47. Holy fuck buck and parrot are extra annoying tonight

  48. Can someone get out gardnder please??

  49. Both teams are playing in the same ridiculous stadium. So go on + bang some dingers, then.

  50. LAwrie Update?

  51. wow. I would’ve sworn the call was wrong, but he was out.

  52. That did not look or sound good for LAWRIE

  53. Can this please just be that one season where the Jays are the flukey team that isn’t as talented as others but somehow wins and makes the playoffs?!? Just once. For me. Please.

    Going good so far but the luck has been wearing off lately.

  54. If Buck + Tabby say “strike thrower” even one more time tonight I’m going to lose it.

  55. For some reason I like to jump way ahead and think if this guy gets DL’ed who’s the replacement… And the best candidate would probably be Diaz. So get well Brett, like tomorrow or the day after please.

    • They’d probably just recall Gose and leave Kawasaki/Francisco on the infield.

      • True, forgot they’re missing a 4th OF. Francisco at third every day just scares me

      • Although, Diaz would give you a righty bat with Tolleson to platoon with Francisco/Kawasaki, and Diaz can play the OF as well. But there’s no use getting a headache over this till we know Lawries status

        • When it comes down to players like Diaz, Tolleson and Kawasaki… the only thing that matters is how many positions they can play. It doesn’t really matter. They all suck but how many positions can you suck at?

        • If you were going to bring up a 3B it would probably be Johnson. It would make them sway heavily left, but you can always slide Kratz and Tolleson in against LHP.

  56. I’m getting sick of Fransisco.

  57. Hopefully Lawrie doesn’t go on the dl
    If he does maybe this forces AA to finally get a competent 2nd baseman and not this franscisco garbage out there now

  58. Oh the humanity

  59. A good inning would go a long way right now. Hope Brett is ok

  60. X rays negative. Ala Buck

  61. Kawasabi?

  62. Tuck said Eee-vap-Eee-rate. He and Babby are really starting to grow on me.

  63. Should be able to get fastballs past Jeter at this point.

  64. or nvm

  65. This teams all or nothing offense is really starting to annoy me.

  66. Jeter: clutch.

  67. *yawn* go team.

    It sure is awesome watching our hitting stuggle for 8 innings every game then watch a true athelete and non-douche like Gardner go 4 for 4.

  68. Do the jays have nobody better to put in this high leverage situation than jenkins? Cecil? Santos? mcgowan?

  69. Hey guys, numbers don’t lie over a big sample. Guys like Gardner and Ellsbury have some kind of magical powers that allows them to hit well against players wearing a Toronto jersey regardless of who it is.

  70. Chad can keep walking right to the airport. Better yet the bus station for a trip back to Buffalo

  71. Another Yankee stadium shitshow. Goddamn.

    Moving on to tomorrow.

  72. Gose would’ve had that…

  73. Say goodnight.

  74. The answer is no

  75. Poor buehrle. He definitely deserved to win this game. The offense is just pathetic. I’ve said all year long, they cant score without hitting longballs.

  76. Hopefully that was a good enough reminder for Gibbons of how garbage Jenkins’ stuff is.

  77. So maybe AA needs to upgrade the black holes on the offense instead of thinking doing nothing will work (internal options aren’t that good)

  78. Why aren’t the Yanks falling for our really deceptive pitches?

  79. How about now for the bats to wake up? Gotta happen sometime.

  80. Really disappointed in the play of the Jays lately. I don’t mind if they lose so long as they play a solid 9 innings. That hasn’t been the case much of the last couple weeks.

    I just hope that they don’t fall back to mediocrity.

  81. Just a pathetic offensive showing recently why hasn’t anyone criticized the hitting coach?

  82. I got my EE parrot shirt today, it’s pretty cute.
    Well, the female version is cute. Perhaps the guy version not so much.

  83. All those who thought Bautista’s 1000th hit would be a weak grounder to 1B raise your hands.

    • If by weak grounder to 1st you mean a sharpishly hit grounder down the RF line against the shift the Yanks were playing on him for a double … sure I would believe that.

  84. Typical jays. bats wake up when the game is out of reach.

  85. Holy fuck, Joey Bats hits his 1000th career base hit and the best thing Buck can say about it is that it happened at Yankee Stadium!? If you love Yankee Stadium so much why don’t you marry it Martinez?

  86. EE, WTF. Dude swing the bat. Your a professional hitter for fuck sakes.

  87. Steve Tolleson vs Betances. That kind of matchup shouldn’t be allowed in pro sports. Just keep the bat on your shoulder and hope for a walk or HBP.

  88. So the jays have won 2 out of their last 26 at Yankee stadium

    Pretty sure a decent high A ball team could win three

    • That is true that they could, you are also probably an idiot for pointing that out. Probabilities are a bitch.

      • Yes . It makes me an idiot to point out the lack of success in this stadium . A record so poor that it is statistically about as likely as a player hitting 7/7 in a single game .

        I would say it makes you an idiot for agreeing with the premise but then getting butt hurt about it because it makes your team look bad so you lash out like a child

        • don’t you mean “OUR” team? You’re not cheering for the Yanks are you?

        • His team? If it’s not your team too what the hell are you doing here?

        • You don’t really understand statistics or probability, do you?

        • My point is that it is really really really easy to say that any level of baseball team would have won at least three of twenty-six games in Yankee Stadium since .400 team has a 99.9949% chance of winning 3 or more games, a .300 team has a 99.8412% chance of winning 3 or more. The fact remains that after they have played the games their chance of winning or losing the next game is unchanged so the odds of them breaking this streak at any point is just the best estimate of their winning percentage. Their record of late at Yankee Stadium is a statistical oddity, like flipping a coin 26 times and only getting 2 heads. Calling it anything other than that, as you have, and trying to compare the Blue Jays of the past years (or any years) to a high A team is complete and utter nonsense.

          Based on this there is a reasonable possibility that you aren’t aware of how your statement is masquerading as insight but is really just a tautology so, I’m going to say there is a decent chance you’re dumber than you think you are.

          • You are proving my point

            My point is exactly that the structure of baseball is such that even a terrible team beats a far superior team a decent percent of the time .. The fact that the jays and Yankees have been need equal in talent during this stretch is what makes it all the MORE aggravating .

            My point about the A ball team was to illustrate that point . Not to draw an equivalence between the jays and said A ball team in true talent .

            Your conclusions were wrong . Perhaps it is YOU who are Not quite intellectually as gifted as you think you are

            • If that is indeed what you meant then I got caught up in the way you said it and not what you said. I am sorry, sometimes I get carried away and can be a jerk on the internet.

              • From your first two comments I didn’t get that you were frustrated by the streak rather than reveling in it and I also didn’t read into them that you think the “jays and Yankees have been need [sic] equal in talent during this stretch”. I spend so much time dealing with insufferable naysayers and negative miserablists about the Jays that I tend to see them lurking behind every remark. So, yeah I shouldn’t have resorted to name calling and I’m not as good at divining the meaning behind comments as I thought I was.

    • High A ball teams don’t play in the majors so I guess we’ll never find out

    • yea – he must be an idiot for pointing out that stat. Baseball is no place for stats….

  89. Y’see, IMHO I think Rasmus could’ve got to that one.

    • That’s two over his head tonight, one with the bases loaded. He’s afraid of the wall so he plays shallow. I still want Gose back. I know that’s heresy here but Rasmus does that wayyyy too often and at the worst times.

      • I wouldn’t call it heresy, I think we all know that with Colby. And we saw what Gose can do with those plays

  90. So the #7 hitter, batting 220 coming in has 5 rbi and basically beats us singlehandedly. Boy that’s some pitching.

    • That hitter is one of the best hitting catchers in baseball who just happened to get off to a bad start

  91. So do the Jays get 50 wins before they reach 40 losses?

  92. 9 and 8 or better, I guess*

  93. Tabby full of infinite wisdom. “they gotta figure how to get Gardner out”…How’s about “they gotta figure how to hit”.

    • Baseballs a crazy game, seeing how an offense can go from practically on top of the world to this. I think we know they’re better than what we’ve seen though, they just gotta get their shit together

    • I know the Jays are scuffling a bit right now, but to hear Buck and Tabby talk about the O’s and Yanks it’s like the broadcast team expects them both to be unbeatable. I suppose nobody wants them to be total homers, but please chill the fuck out on the adulation. I guess it’s some sort of mistake the Jays are in front. Unlistenable sometimes.

  94. It’s too bad a division rival plays in Jays Automatic Loss Stadium. C’mon, men, just win one!

  95. Whoa, Zaun’s singing a different tune tonight. Wonder if he got some inside info or just got told to tone it down.

    • Missed it, what’s his ‘tone’ tonight?

      • “While I would love to have Price and Zobrist, but they need to hold onto their prospects, add an expiring guy who costs a marginal prospect, and trust that the bats will come around.”

        Paraphrasing, obviously, but he hit all of those points.

        • Ahh, so the corporate lords are preparing the fan base for an acquisition along the lines of Randy Wolf?

          • Or he just realizes that there is no way in hell that the Jays can beat out other teams in terms of reasonable offers for Price.

  96. This is an absolute joke! I knew it was too good to be true!

    I didn’t have much to say in may but now my expectations are being met. The downward slide has begun, the Jays will be out of first within a week, and the season is OVER!

    The bats have gone cold, Seitzer shoul dbe fired! The pitching has also gone cold! Clear out the coaching staff!
    Time to start the constant up and down to and from Buffalo again!!

    I’ve finally had it and I won’t subject myself to this any further. I will not watch another game this season! I will strongly consider not watching next year too! Furthermore, I refuse to listen to another game on the radio this year. I won’t even look at Gameday! I simply will not follow the Jays at all.

    I absolutely, 100%, for sure, without a doubt, will not be a part of this any longer!! This will be my last post – i am out for good!!

  97. Who the fuck is Chase Whiitley!!!!!?????

  98. Sportsnet Connected: Cecil’s groin pull isn’t getting better, he’s going on the DL

    • Makes no sense to use him . One game in June …not worth the risk

      The fact that he put Jenkins in first all but tells you gibbons didn’t want to use him … And he shouldn’t have

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