This here is a pretty lame Game Threat for a Thursday night and a big game that the Jays really probably want to win in order to keep the margin of their lead in the AL East from getting too uncomfortable, but… well… it’s the World Cup. So… y’know. Four years from now it’ll be the same story, so deal with it.

Plus! I’m about to head off to be part of a terrific panel at PITCH: #4, featuring the less-hung-over-than-I-am-I-guarantee Morgan Campbell, Michael Grange, and Jonah Keri. So I won’t even be seeing much of this one until later, which might not be the worst thing in the world, seeing as Brett Lawrie is getting the day off with his sore hand, Adam Lind is still out with a sore foot, and Steve Delabar is back with the club after Brett Cecil ended up actually having to hit the DL with a groin injury, a g-g-groin, a g-g-groin, a g-g-groin injury.

Fuck, are they ever due to win at this corporate shithole stadium, though. So that could work, too.

Go Jays!

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  1. Wow. Mark Teixeira is the full Tabby package. Big, schtrooong man body with soft, soft hands.

  2. Can we get a closeup of that foot please?

  3. I swear these umps have our hitters and pitchers so fucked up nobody knows what’s a strike or a ball.

  4. Robertsen wont go three nights in a row….right?

    • No. Girardi has them right where he wants them though with thole and rasmus coming up vs thornton in the 9th.

  5. Why cant the yankees 3rd baseman tumble into the death pit?

  6. Who is that guy witht the charisma of drywall working with jamie campbell tonight?

  7. on a positive note : Colby has looked good in his return.

  8. Melky *

  9. Baffle-de bebop surely after tire retraction?

  10. Rally cap

  11. A much better effort tonight. Win or lose they did seem to hussle and battle more. Hutch actually impressed me that he didn’t completely melt. Lick your wounds Jays and get ready for a tough weekend in Cinci

  12. Thole always seems like he’s hitting the ball with a rolled up wet newspaper.

  13. Jays are only down by 2. It could happen! Come on, Cletus!

  14. Can Tolleson just go away now?

  15. Clete!

  16. Could this happen ?

  17. Hoping for some Muni Magic

  18. The greasier Cletus gets the better he hits, and he looks like he sweating butter right now.

  19. Seems like we’ve been having bad luck with all those “little loopers” right at people.

  20. that’s our 23 million dollar man!

  21. Still in first. I’m at the game on Monday and I’m undefeated so far.

  22. First place on June 19th? I can live with that.

  23. OH BOY. Here come all the “bandwagon” jumpers, AMIRITE? Nothing is wrong here whatsoever, no need to worry bout nothing (or “Get a grip” as our master would say).

    We can plainly see the October depth just getting warmed up here. Still PLENTY early. Time to call Wilner and stroke his ego. He’s gonna be dealing with a lot of idiots who know nothing about baseball tonight.

    • you seem pretty ok with just being swept by the Yanks. Excuse me for not joining you in the “we’ll get-em next time” cheer.

    • This was a huuugggee letdown. Now, yanks are tied in the loss column. Sure, theyre still in 1st but you can see the quality difference in the two teams. The jays offense is hopeless without the long ball. hopeless.

      • The talent difference? Lineup the rosters and tell me how many Yankees players are a clear upgrade.
        C – Yanks
        1B – Jays
        2B – Shitbags all around.
        3B – Jays
        SS – Jays
        LF – Probably a wash
        CF – Probably a wash
        RF – Jays
        Starting pitching – Tanaka’s obviously an upgrade over anything the Jays have but the rest rotation is evenish, possibly even Jays-sided
        Bullpen – Yankees, which should surprise everyone and is so volatile who knows what will happen?

        So, one position where the Yanks are clearly superior, and they’ve had a surprisingly solid bullpen. Huge fucking talent difference.

  24. Than go get em GSMC

  25. Wow this feels like the Maple Leafs. Can’t miss the playoffs, then…

    • Nope. The Leafs fuck things up in the final two weeks of a season and go from being a breath away from first place to a bottom feeder.

  26. Thank god I don’t have to watch this team play baseball this weekend. I’m just fed up watching this streak they’re on right now.

    At least when I watch the west coast games on later in the night I get to watch baseball without wanting to take a cheese grater to my head.

  27. Kevin Barker, Hmmmm maybe Zauns on a red eye to Cinci to take over for mumbles(gibby)

    • Kevin Barker sounded like more of a redneck than either zaun…and was gonna say Gibbons but who am I kidding with that last one lol

  28. The Blue Jays tend to beat the Yankees when I’m in the crowd…so who wants to sponsor my trip to SkyDome for next week? I’ll just need one seat as I’m a huge loser.

  29. Rogers owned SN Connected reporting that Liam Hendricks starting tomorrow, Happ stays for Saturday, RAD bumped back to Sunday.

    Hendricks at Great American Ballpark??? Tommorrow night could get fugly real quick.

  30. They miss tanaka next series at least

  31. Fucking embarrassment to the city. As if we needed any more of that with the Laffs and RoFo the Clown. Add this dogshit team to the heap.

  32. Hendriks, Happ and Dickey pitching in Cincinnati. Fucking hell.

    What’s the record for HRs given up by starters in a 3-game series?

  33. Hey Stoeten, what were you saying about people freaking out over nothing?

    1.5 game lead doesn’t look so hot with a stifled offense, injured Lind, struggling pen and so on. Now, Im not freaking out here but I am a little worried here. AA needs to make a move and quickly. Need some offense, a starter and a trustworthy reliever. Now’s the time to go for it.

  34. I know there’s no use complaining over this… But could you imagine how fucked the Yankees would be if they actually were wary of the luxury tax and didn’t do another free agent binge like always? McCann made sense, but without Ellsbury, Beltran, and especially Tanaka? Holy crap. But it also seems like they always get lucky with a bunch of nobodies/role players suddenly playing like solid every day players. Meanwhile we think it’s the second coming whenever role players play decent for 2 weeks.

    Oh well… Get it together in Cincy then fuck em up when they come to the dome eh? Please?

  35. relax, Relax, RELAX!!!!June 20th and the boys are in first. Cletus is back!! Sure there is a little bump in the road but that happens to all teams every year. If you are gonna jump off the boat, get out and don’t come back!!!

  36. Jays fans in Korea, let’s meet up and watch some games. Send a message, let’s form a Jays group, gather and drink.

  37. Someone needs to remind the Jays that you tend to win games when you score more runs than the opposition.

  38. You people who are on the ledge. Will you please fucking jump so I can enjoy the rest of the season? Get a grip folks. They’re still in 1st place. Yes it was a bad stretch and yes this team has holes but over 162 game season every team goes through a bad stretch. Why don’t you trade places with the Red Sox fans and tell me what you prefer. Summer is here. The roof will be open (most of the time). It’s only baseball. Enjoy it. I guarantee you won’t need blood pressure meds if you chill.

  39. 162 games. That is all.

  40. I actually hesitated to open the comments thread this morning even though that’s usually part of my routine. I knew it was going to be especially full of morons today.

    … I wish I’d stayed away.

  41. I love this place because according to everyone else you’re either on the ledge or an apologist. There is no room for anything in between. Like is it possible for anyone to acknowledge that the Jays are in a great spot because of the month of May and have great cause for concern because of the month of June? Things are really shitty right now. They could be no big deal very easily if they win a couple. Winning 3 of their last 11 is not a great spot to be in. Its not as bad as it could be but I reserve the right to bitch about baseball.

    • I want to hug you right now.

    • I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m more than a little terrified right now.

    • Sense. It’s scary that it’s so rare. I’m a little pissed off at being swept by the goddam Yankees, but onwards and hopefully upward.

    • Thank you!!! So sick of the pollyanna school marms.
      News flash to the apologists: This team is in deep shit right now and their doofus manager has no clue how to manage a team out of a slump (eg. manufacture runs).

  42. The first thing I did this morning was pull up the standings page.

    Newsflash: the sky is not falling.

  43. Can’t wait to see Hendriks wielding a bat

  44. This team is in first now? Yes, that is a current fact. It also seems to be used as one of the two defenses by the apologetics on this site lately (the other being the “it’s a 162 game season, jeesh!” thing, i.e. long season).

    To that I say, first place? Yeah, for now, but not for long. This team will be fighting with the Rays for last by season’s end.

    And small sample size? Haha, the more this subpar shitty playing goes one, the more that the winning streak they had for 3 weeks is the actual small sample size in all this. The more correct sample size would include last year as well. And, well, this team sucks if you look at last year and this year… And to add to that, you can add 20 years of of non-playoff baseball that is weighing heavy on some fans. So, it’s not just this shitty losing streak that has some people worried, it’s 20 years of shitty losing that does. Sorry, when it’s August and Sept, and they’re still in contention, well, I’ll get excited then.

    • I’m glad i don’t live in your sad sad world.

      Sports are fun.
      Baseball is awesome.
      The Jays in First.

    • why does anyone care when you’ll choose to get excited? get another hobby and come back in september then

      • “And, well, this team sucks if you look at last year and this year… ”

        Pete, You know of course that last year at this time the Jays were last in the AL East, 7 games back of the Sox and 5 games back of the O’s?

        Last year? Really?

        • I love that part. So the 2013 WS champions actually sucked last year because they were bad in 2012! Infallible logic.

          • You’re talking about RS, I’m talking about the BJ. Kind of hard to compare those two clubs and their last 10-15 years of history.

            Look, I hope that next year, if I see that the Jays are floundering again, and I write a stupid mini op-ed about how I don’t they’re going anywhere, you’ll be able to berate me with the same “infallible logic” jab. But instead, you’ll be using the 2014 BJ wining the WS. I’ll take it, believe me. Plus, it will be way more apt.

            • History doesn’t mean anything, unless you believe in stuff like “curses” and “the will to win”.

              There are some clear parallels between the 2013 Sox and 2014 Jays. After major under-achievement the previous year, both teams kept their rotation relatively intact and augmented their lineup with minor additions.

              Both teams counted on positive regression. It worked for the 2013 Sox and so far it’s worked for the 2014 Jays.

              • I think history does in fact mean something, but not in the emotional sense as you suggested (such as the mentioned “curses” and “will to win” gar-bage).

                And obviously, so do you. You just referred to possible historical parallels, after just discounting using history as a tool.

                Any rate, I wish that team the best. It would be otherworldly to see them in playoffs. Aw man, I would lose my fuckin’ mind.

                • I hate to belabor the point (I think you get what I’m saying anyway) but in this case I’m not using history as in “they lost a lot in the past therefore they’ll keep losing”, but rather in the form of a very relevant example that positive regression actually happens.

        • Look, I’m not even a Jays fan but I want them to do well (I guess I might be a fan then). I hate seeing the same ol teams in the playoffs, new blood would be AWESOME. So, no one more than me wants them to win. But I see there is a nervousness among some, and the rest are shitting all over these nervous nellies, not seeming to understand where this hesitancy might be coming from.. I mean, really? You can’t? I only brought up last year, because this team and last year’s team are 90% the same. So when I see people crap on the nervous nellies by only pointing out the Jays have been in first place for 6 weeks or so (WHICH IS FANTASTICAL!), I scoff and include last years numbers are something to be concerned of as well. Just to say that, yes they were underperforming last year, but they might be overperforming a bit this year, in conjunction with the collective AL east sucking ass.

          It looks like I’m trolling, but I’m not. I do like the Jays and wish them and fans the best. I’m just scared to seem them hemorrhaging in the last near few weeks.

          • The team is a lot more different than you might think.

            2013 rotation: Dickey, Buehrle, Johnson, Morrow, Happ (+ Ortiz, Wang, Jenkins, etc.)
            Current rotation: Dickey, Buehrle, Hutchison, Stroman, Happ (+ McGowan, Morrow, Hendriks)

            Arencibia (historically bad) replaced with Navarro (average-ish). Izturis/Bonifacio (both terrible) replaced by Francisco/Tolleson (both pretty good).

            Reyes and Lawrie actually healthy for most of the year. Cabrera without a tumour in his back.

            Need I go on?

            • No, those are pretty good points. That helps a bit.

              Enh, what can I say, I’m human, and the scar tissue of past burns flares very easily. Losing streaks with the current BJs, will sting a lot more than say another team, who is inevitable going to get them as well (losing streak), but who are also constantly in the playoffs.

    • No need to apologize, no one gives a shit when you get excited or not.

      Chill the fuck out and enjoy the ride.

    • Why do people invoke “small sample size” when they clearly have no idea what it means?

      Over 2 /12 months, the Toronto Blue Jays have scored the 3rd most runs in MLB and 3rd in wRC+. That’s the full sample size.
      The current offensive slump is the small sample size.

      The larger sample size is more likely to represent the team’s true talent level. It’s really very simple.

      You can’t distort the meaning of universal statistical concepts just to fit your own agenda.

      You also can’t extend the sample to include 2013 (or the last 20 years, WTF?) because half the damn team is different. Obviously.

      • * 2 1/2

      • No, you’re right I noticed I didn’t use that term correctly (wish there was a damn edit button sometimes).

        My point was this team and last year’s team are very similar roster wise. So, when I see a bad three weeks, last year comes to mind as well. You can’t help but think of that, and let a long sigh..

  45. Ok, Jays are in trouble. Not so much for being swept by Yanks, I don’t give a crap about loosing 15 or 16 straight in the Bronx, but for the way they are sucking. Starters pitch counts are too high forcing them out of games too early. Jays bats are too giddy, swinging at crap out of the zone. yes, they faced great pitching, but still guys like Bats, EE and Navarro were much better in May, getting walks not Ks. And the field – terrible miffs on D and base running has been bad. Jays need some kind of spark. Maybe Rasmus does that. Maybe play Kratz more as PH or DH?

    • The thing is these guys are old enough to know better. They know that pitchers have adjusted to what they were hitting in May and they should know that they shouldn’t be swinging at crap. They haven’t been walking like they should. I think JB’s being taking his walks (btw anyone notice the tantrums have all but disappeared?), but the rest of them – Reyes, EE, Cabrera, need to wake up. If they take their walks, they’ll get better pitches next time.

  46. The silver lining of being swept by the Yanks is that it indirectly trolls RedSox fans. They lose their SHIT when the Jays play them tough, then wilt like highschool callups vs. the Yanks.

  47. Hey Stoeten thanks again for doing Pitch last night, it was great fun.

  48. Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but Daniel Norris had his first start in AA. Line doesn’t look great, with four runs in 5.2 innings, but he did strike out nine and only walked one. Four hits, but two of them went for homeruns.

  49. Seriously…. AA, MAKE A MOVE!!!

    • If I were an opposing GM I would like Bats, EE, maybe Reyes, maybe Buehrle, Stroman, maybe Cecil, Janssen, Melky, and maybe Lawrie. I don’t see AA moving any of them. To get good piece(s) back any other trade would be Sanchez based and would have to include a number of prospects or combo of every day players.

      • AA is in a tough spot but teams in the hunt that want to bolster their line ups or fill holes need to give up prospects, it’s that simple. They would need to do just that.

    • For whom, exactly? If there was a clear improvement to be made — at a reasonable cost — I’m sure he’d go for it, but as we saw this offseason AA is not going to make a trade just for the sake of making trades.

      • Reasonable cost? Since when has a team ever traded for a starter or a bat at the deadline for a reasonable cost? It’s gonna cost a bunch but that’s the name of the game. AA snoozed during the offseason and now he’s in a tough spot. Either he trades for help or wastes another year of the veteran players on the team.

        • Reasonable cost as in “not Stroman+Hutchison for Samardzija”. The Jays can’t compete in that sort of market without completely gutting their farm system, with teams like Baltimore and Boston sniffing around. Most of their best guys are in, or just out of, A-ball and Sanchez has been struggling in the high minors.

          “Wasting another year” seems like something you should complain about when it, you know, actually happens. Not when the team still has the 2nd best record in the AL. For that matter, is one new player going to make everyone else remember how to hit again? Because that’s the biggest problem right now. If the offense continues to slumber like it has for the past two weeks even Clayton bloody Kershaw wouldn’t help.

        • Biggest issue is likely to be payroll. Most available pieces have high salary and if jays had payroll room they would have signed fa.

          Lee and Utley are exactly what the team needs and philly should be selling. Throw in bastardo for third lefty in pen and jays are World Series contenders rather than playoff contenders. They can’t take on 40 million in payroll like trade with marlins is the issue.

          Maybe they would take Romeos contract and throw in cash if jays are willing to give up a big time package of prospects like Sanchez Norris Nolin Baretto Nay or whoever other top 10 prospects along with a couple young roster filler guys like Redmond drabek Jenkins goins. Now seems like as good of a time as ever to sell the farm to compete for championship the next couple years. Hell get revere for a fourth of too or even Ruiz to be starting catcher. A marlins esque trade could happen with Philly and the jays have the prospects and mlb ready mediocre roster fillers to make it happen …. But they may not have the cash and payroll flexibility

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