This here is a pretty lame Game Threat for a Thursday night and a big game that the Jays really probably want to win in order to keep the margin of their lead in the AL East from getting too uncomfortable, but… well… it’s the World Cup. So… y’know. Four years from now it’ll be the same story, so deal with it.

Plus! I’m about to head off to be part of a terrific panel at PITCH: #4, featuring the less-hung-over-than-I-am-I-guarantee Morgan Campbell, Michael Grange, and Jonah Keri. So I won’t even be seeing much of this one until later, which might not be the worst thing in the world, seeing as Brett Lawrie is getting the day off with his sore hand, Adam Lind is still out with a sore foot, and Steve Delabar is back with the club after Brett Cecil ended up actually having to hit the DL with a groin injury, a g-g-groin, a g-g-groin, a g-g-groin injury.

Fuck, are they ever due to win at this corporate shithole stadium, though. So that could work, too.

Go Jays!

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  1. Francisco is terrible. Dfa this scrub. Hes a pure fucking windmill up there.

  2. Time to dfa franscisco?

  3. The Francisco experiment needs to end. He KNOWS they’re going to throw the breaking ball, he KNOWS it’s going to bounce on the plate, he KNOWS he can’t hit it, and yet he still swings at it.

  4. Whats the over under on how many more outs til a Jays player or coach gets kicked out for arguing with an ump.
    Im kinda shocked it hasnt happened yet .. at all this series

  5. Seriously don’t take pitches in ny. If it doesn’t bounce in, it’s a fifty fifty strike call.


  7. Ok, so the next time there is less than two outs and a slow runner on first, if Jose Reyes or Anthony Gose hits a pop up in the infield, the automatic decision should be to interfere, and put the faster runner on base.

  8. These umps are a fucking joke. MLB should be embarrassed.

  9. why have the jays lost 15 straight at yankee stadium? because the fucking umps are basically handing it to the yanks on a platter. this is disgusting. gibby needs to get the fuck out there and make it an issue. mlb radio was all over the bad umping in the tanaka game. make it a public issue and it will stop.

  10. Driving home from golfing and the announcers were saying Francisco is going to strike out on a breaking ball – yup.

    Then watching the game on tv and the tv announcers are saying he’s going to strike out on a breaking ball – done.

    This is a joke.

  11. Ah Kelly Johnson youre such a dork

  12. Kelly Johnson looks like a lesbian still.

  13. I’m fed up with excuses. Jays need to wake the fuck up. Period.

  14. fuckin’ umps making it rain

    • Nah – it’s too early. Wait until it can be an official game + the Yankees are winning. THEN they make it rain.

  15. Colby double!

  16. Love Cletus

  17. <3 Cletey

  18. Anthony Gose with the double!

  19. Sweet Clete!

  20. Sign him now!

  21. Someone has to held accountable for the holes on this team. AA did jack shit this offseason and now has to pay more for trades

  22. Tolleson is fucking useless

  23. Reyes is pissing me off. He’s playing jeter defense and keeps hitting garbage

  24. Ouch

  25. Lead off double stranded… Hmmmm

  26. That run to first base pretty much sums up the past 15 games or so.

    Painful looking, kind of embarrassing, and not quite good enough

  27. Frie Grabovski!

  28. Gose would have scored on that grounder. .then again he wouldn’t have gotten to 3rd in the first place

  29. Is anybody else’s 30 yr old hair going grey like mine? This is some serious b.s hard to watch fuck.

  30. Well, they’ve managed to screw up potential big innings in a number of different ways these past few games.

  31. What the fuck was that?

  32. OK if anybody is a Game of Thrones fan, you have to check this out. I’m dying right now.

  33. I’m so close to taking a freaking bat to the television. That being said I’m wearing my Jays jersey so I’d probably miss and hit the wall.

  34. Its baseball so def slow and painfull, Id walk up to turn my tv off but I swing at balls so no chance of getting a walk aka any jays player

  35. Did karen and Stoeten fly to NY for the game?

  36. At least it was a 5 pitch walk to Texeira and not 10 or 11.

  37. Its pretty sad when reading the comments on here is more entertaing than watching the goddamn baseball game, I say go to the umps room and grab there brooms this team is so done, I dont care how many games over 500 they are coz its evaporating way too freaking quick.

  38. Hey guys. Let me know when Buck and Tabler come up for air from sucking on the Yankees cock.

  39. I think his parrot asked for a trade to the yankees lol

  40. Francisco’s up, bring out the breaking balls.

  41. Fat Juan’s low breaking ball is like Vernon’s high outside fastball.

  42. Fat Juan looks like he’s learning a little.

  43. It’s actually pretty crazy how many ways the jays have fucked themselves out of runs in the past few weeks.

  44. Kittenface arises

  45. Sweet Kittenz!

  46. You know, at 2-3 runs a game, they’re going to go on a lot more lose-9-of-12 runs…

  47. Fuck!

    Too bad he couldn’t get deeper in the count… Phelps seemed like he was almost out of gas.

  48. breaking news: jays score 2 runs

  49. You should see what the Yanks are paying me ahahahahaha. Eat that Blue Jays

  50. Edwardo?

  51. why did we pinchhit a lefty against the 4th best pitcher against lefties in mlb?

    • RH batters hitting .289 against and LH batters .125
      I thought that was the one place that Tolleson should’ve been

  52. he would have been there anyway

  53. I need something stronger to drink.

  54. Guess its safe to say the jays are pretenders and.not contenders, strated when reyes couldnt.make his routine ground throw on out
    3 in inning 9 vs KC its been this lousy b.s ever since

    • Stop. This is a long season with a lot of ebb and flow. This game is painful, but it’s not the end of the season.

      • True. Lose this one and the next one and they’re still, somehow, at the top of the AL East.

        This is their nadir. Tampa is terrible this year and their season winning percentage is better than the Jays’ last dozen games. The true Jays are somewhere between their scorching May and this awful run.

      • Too much ebb, not enough flow.

    • A six game win streak followed those two losses to KC, dipshit.

  55. Look on the bright side: at least Gibby doesn’t make jokes about being a wife beater.

    • Oh god. WTF is wrong with that guy?

      • I guess we just have a different definition of humor.

        Seriously, are his brain and mouth not connected?

        • he went to harvard or something something smart guy. the smartest guy. -bucktabler

        • I can see someone saying it as a really tremendously off-colour joke. The kind you make only with people who know you’re being totally ridiculous. So…not the media.

  56. lind is a shitty hitter when it counts

  57. If Thole threw it to 3rd, Francisco would’ve struck out

  58. Jays,please wake up please.

  59. navarro, rasmus, lawrie, tolleson are all sub .300 obp so what did you think was going to happen when they came back to earth? going to be the biggest collapse in history

  60. Jeter just giving away baseballs TOTALLY cheapens the gift baskets that are earned.

  61. Nice play, Reyes.

  62. Fielder interference, jeter is safe and edwin is suspended 50 games

  63. I already hate the Tyrant show.

  64. How was that breaking ball in the dirt not a strike?!

  65. I’m not enjoying watching this offence turn to shit lately. Super frustrating.

    Still thinking that they’re going to have a crazy inning soon and drive home like 10 runs in an inning. They’re due for it.

  66. Why does this team seem incapable of a comeback ? Good teams win the occasional game in that way. This team looks lost and defeated ?? What the hell is going on ?

  67. Queue the epic and embarrassing collapse. Not to be outdone by the Leafs. Why do these fucking guys always shit their pants when they go to New York? This is a mediocre Yankees team that we are making look like the fucking gods of beisbol.
    So fucking disappointed. Sucked in AGAIN .

  68. Im fucking pissed (probably had too much to drink). Yeah sure their record is still ok but you cant lose games like this. The offense is overrated, im sorry. I dont give a shit they lead the league in runs scored. When it matters, they dont get the job done. 90% of runs come via the hr. skanks are still a better ball club, that can manufacture runs without bombs, put constant pressure on you by getting runners on. Thats a 1st place offense, not this fucking houdini act the jays put on. AND the jays pitchers are supposed to be better than the yanks! rant over

  69. AA knows the “Tolleson Francisco Experiment” is about done. He’s probably still in shock it lasted as long as it did.

    • And that means what ? Two more weeks of this crap and Tampa will have company down there. He will be in tough to get a deal done soon enough to save this

  70. Stick a fork in em….they’re done..
    …this is the end……my friend….the end

  71. See ya!!!!

  72. Shockingly, that 0 game stint in the minors doesn’t seem to have fixed Delabar.

  73. I would be delighted by more than one clean inning.

    • Also, if the Jays got some of the close inside and outside pitches that the Yankees got (like the low inside pitch that was a called third strike on Reyes).

  74. 1st game this year I’ve changed the channel. Can’t take this shit so many games in a row.

  75. That 3rd ball!

  76. Ugh, that ball three was strike two, but was only called a ball because it was dropped. Umps suck.

    Also, ball four, F off Delabar.

  77. Delabar seems fixed, eh?

    • Should’ve called up Rasmussen, and no they shouldn’t have sent Delabar down just because he has options but because he has a control issue he has to work out. Stupid to bring him back instead of another lefty

  78. What’s the difference if you lose 5-2 or 10-2 ?

    • Realistically, just the number of pitchers you burn to get there.

      Also, Jenkins is out, so it’s officially Garbage Time.

  79. The turning point of this game was top of the first …two on …one out …3-2 count on Edwin… And Cabrera laughably gets picked off

  80. The dreaded bases loaded walk….Ugh

  81. May as well bean the next one, just for fun

  82. So does AA get fired if the jays don’t make the playoffs, as it would be a massive failure on his part? Assume gibbons would be gone I guess

  83. yeah jays are 2nd in runs scored but only 20 runs diff from being 7th so please stop with the wilner logic. they scored a lot early on which bloated their total. they are not consistent which is what matters

  84. Holy fuck Yankees games take forever.

  85. It’s interesting reading the Yankees message board..BJ’s have been in first for a while, but you will have to look long and hard for any BJ mentions, good or bad..

  86. If it’s any consolation, The Tigers were supposed to run away with the Central, looked unbeatable for awhile. Look at them now

  87. AA this team is quickly going to shit. You are almost out of rabbits in your hat. Whos next ? Dan Johnson ?

  88. Hey guys.


    The boat’s over here. It’s still floating. I know you’re all falling out because you’re drunk, but the boat’s perfectly safe.

  89. Look at the box score for the Yanks


    No big innings just a team executing when needed.

    Like Game 1m the Jays are shut out except for one swing in each game.


  90. JBats looks angry.

  91. BOOM!

  92. Sqwwaaaakkkk!

  93. Well, even if we lose, it was nice to see Polly for a bit.

  94. Live or die by the HR

  95. Thats a sweet sight

  96. That’s like an orgasm after a 2 month drought

  97. Notput some on for cleat and we’re sitting pretty

  98. If Navarro lost some weight and did some sprints, he’d have a few more infield hits. Seems like there’s been a few the last few games that he’s just missed by virtue of being the slowest guy on the team.

  99. How did he not split his scrote?

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