So the Jays’ lead in the AL East is down to 1.5 games, which isn’t good and sure gives insufferable sucking negative dipshits reason to talk about panicky bullshit as if it wasn’t entirely true and obvious to reasonable people all along that the Jays would hit a trough at some point, and that it was going to take a lot more fight to see October.

And the Jays got swept at Yankee Stadium, which is entirely a thing that happens in baseball sometimes, but because they haven’t won there in quite some time the fact lends itself to magical-thinking dimwits trying to build a framework of ghosts or lack of fortitude around it, as if there isn’t a tonne of coincidence and dogshit pitching and defence built into these sixteen straight losses, or — dumbly — as if this Jays team is exactly the same as those that lost the bulk of those games.

And R.A. Dickey’s sore groin necessitated a Liam Hendriks spot start and the re-optioning of Steve Delabar — who has been kinda terrible for a calendar year, FYI — which sadly doesn’t even feel like that much of a concern, given the way Dickey has pitched this season so far, especially when you remember that it gives the Jays a chance to give the pitchers they are in a lot of ways depending on the most — Drew Hutchison and Marcus
Stroman — an extra day off, which doesn’t just keep their untested arms more fresh now, but in some small way prolongs their season with respect to their number of innings pitched.

And Brett Lawrie is back in the lineup tonight, which is good, but Adam Lind isn’t, which is bad — and even the Lawrie thing isn’t great, given the way that Brett Cecil also figured he was fine this week, before going out and pitching and finding that he wasn’t (which was unfortunate, but not enough that anyone should have to endure the conspiratorial, tinfoil-hatted nutbar set trying yet again to dumbly create a fake panic and outrage about LIES).

Oh, and Ricky Romero is out for the season after having knee surgery, not that it matters (but come back strong, Ricky!).

And the email blast from the team announcing Romero’s surgery buzzed my phone just as I was about to hit the stage at PITCH #4 last night, along with Michael Grange and Jonah Keri, following an outstanding talk from Morgan Campbell, which was great fun, and something I hope everyone there enjoyed as much as I did (it was better than watching the damn Jays lose again, I’ll tell you that much) — so thank you very much to all who came out, and to Kevin Kennedy from Tallboys for putting it on, and all my fellow participants (sorry my selfie skills are so weak), the folks at Left Field Brewery and Loft Kitchen, everyone who came up and had kind words to say (though maybe not so much my friends from the Roxton who had me do a “Billy Cheers” — chugging a glass of red wine, FYI — at the end of the night before, which, I’m pretty sure, is most of the reason I was super hung over).

That about sum it all up? I’ve probably missed something, and I’m sure the comments will be quick to point it out, but… whatever. And now let’s watch the Jays get a damn win!

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  1. What is that Vote Reds thing? All Star game related?

  2. C’mon Eddie, jerk one to cause the Cinci fans to have total meltdowns about how you got away.

  3. Chapman pitched36 pitches, and didnt pitch for 5 days? I kinda wanna see the line scores of the following games

  4. Is Sam really going to be “le cure”?

  5. To think that it’s the Reds bullpen that is getting the worst of it in a game where the Jays were down 8-0 in the 2nd is just amazing. What a fantastic effort by the Blue Jays tonight.

  6. My delicates have been sitting in the washer for a while now.

  7. Did Encarnacion just sniff his bat after that foul?

    • Upon further review…the sniff on the field did indeed occur. The upcoming homerun is good.

    • He does that a lot. Here is why, Ted Williams famously asked Mark McGuire if he could smell the varnish burning when he fouled off a ball. McGuire said yes to which Ted Williams replied that only true power hitters swing hard enough to do that.

      via Peter Gammons,

      Ted asked Boggs, “Have you ever smelled the bat burning?”

      “What are you talking about?” Boggs replied.

      Ted didn’t reply.

      At dinner, Ted repeated the question to Mattingly.

      “People think I’m crazy, but yes,” replied Mattingly. “It takes a perfect rising, four-seam fastball, a perfect swing, a foul straight back … and you can smell the burn of the seams and the bat.”

      “Only the guys who whip that lumber have smelled it,” said Ted.

      When all those great players surrounded Williams at Fenway at the ’99 All-Star Game, he motioned for McGwire to come closer. He asked the same question.

      After the game, McGwire repeated the story of how Ted called him over and asked if he’d ever smelled the bat burning. “I told him I had,” said McGwire. “But can you believe that he knew who I am?”"

      • Awesome story, CBM…I’ve never heard about that before. EE, one with the gods.

      • Love it. Baseball lore is the best.

        • My favorite Yogism (which is also a “real” quote, not a Garagiola story) was the day he was introduced to Princess Margaret. Yogi was wearing a seersucker suit and the Princess allowed as to how Yogi certainly looked cool ….

          To which Berra replied “You don’t look so hot yourself!”

  8. Edwin!!!!!!


  10. Brawwk!

  11. Ho. lee. fuuuuuuuuuck.

  12. Gotta say, it’s mildly hilarious that Gibbons faith in warming up Janssen early was not rewarded, in that it’s no longer a save situation.

  13. Eddie smash!

  14. OH Eddie…you evil trolling bastard!

    Take a bow

  15. That was a meatball.

  16. Wowwwwwwwww

  17. Ed-WING!!!

  18. The Blue Jays: Guys, sorry about not scoring any runs the past couple weeks. How about these?


  20. That’s just rude.

  21. Was it slomo, or did eddie give that homerun a good looking at?

  22. It was 8-0 last time I looked! I was about to let everyone know i was finally done for good but it looks like I’ve been saved at the last moment!

  23. Game of the year so far?

    • Of the year!? More like of the … more than a year. And I love the “so far”, damn straight.

    • Game of the decade. When Barry Davis mentioned it was the biggest comeback since that freakshow game at Fenway in 1989, Kratz gave a “well how about that” head shake and grinned.

  24. Reds fans aren’t taking this well. RedsZone called EE a “roided-up fraud.”

  25. Janssen is a weird mixture of calm and pumped up/jittery at all times. I think he gets into lawrie’s red bull stash

  26. Holy fucking shit!!!!! More shocking than this amazing come back…

    Joey fucking Votto popped up!!!!!

    Holy Shit! Casey made Joey Votto pop up!

  27. Jays win!

  28. YAHOOOOO!!!!!

  29. Dear Rogers,

    Please spend all my cable, cell and internet money on Brandon Phillips and Ian Kennedy!

    Thank you,


  30. Well fuck me and call me Jenna… that was a fucking GAME… no doubt they are gonna ride this into a win streak. I hope this game sets an example for AA to work the phones feverishly because a guy like Hendriks can’t be starting for this team, things are too tight to have crap like that.

    Wow… lately, I’ve been a bit deflated. Ever since the Cards series, they’ve seemed a bit flat but fuck… tonight was a doozy!!!


  31. Remember where you were tonight, kids. This one was special. Totally, totally made my day/week/month/baseball season. So far.


  32. Did anyone see that Jays fan in blackface after Edwin’s second homerun cheering in the crowd? WTF white people why do you think this is okay? Dumb asses.

  33. Where are all the douchebags now?

  34. Dear Rogers,

    I liked watching Raptors playoff basketball. It was fun! Please buy us Ian Kennedy and Brandon Phillips with all of your money, instead of making the bluejays use all of their minor league talent.

    Thank you,


  35. Hell yeah! The boat just got a little bigger.

  36. couple of weeks ago Jays had streak stopped by Royals who became the next best team in baseball … tonight the sky is falling crowd thought they had a victory in here, but baseball be a strange game … some of them will still be pissed because they were wrong.
    Forget about winning and enjoy the games …

  37. I see the negative suckholes are no where to be found now. W H A T A G A M E!!! This feels like Enrie Whitt’s grand slam at Fenway in 89. Sweet mother of pearl!!!

  38. I think the key to the game was obviously the raccoon that ran all over the infield tarp prior to the start of the game. Our new spirit animal…it’s the Year of the Raccoon people!!

  39. The series in NY was so dispiriting on so many levels, especially knowing we’re a better team than the Yankees. But this beatdown in Cincy was the sweetest comeback I can think of, negating the shitty umpiring, Lawrie plunking, short porch bullshit, and eating up the Cincy bullpen while we’re at it. I call a sweep. It’s been awhile.

  40. Reading through the depressive-to-manc comment thread in one go was really enjoyable. What a game, people!

  41. A lot of those runs were scored with two out. Which is excellent.
    By the end of it the only fans left were ours.

  42. Watched upto 8-3 at home and went to a party. Got a score update at 9-8 and the party turned their attention to the game. Insane. This kind of victory hopefully spurs them on!

  43. Stop lying you dont get invited to parties

  44. Excuse my potty mouth.

  45. did you say something?

  46. They seem to find the single word ‘geezers’ offensive.
    It says on my screen that the comment is awaiting moderation.
    Go figure.
    Can’t a geezer be borderline ageist?

  47. Weird. It’s not offensive in England.

  48. Apparently it’s funked the whole system. Either that or the moderator is 90 years old an pissed at you.

  49. did you have more than one html link in your comment? that’s what I saw when I did that.

  50. quit your moral grandstanding

  51. One word.


  52. Our new rallying cry.
    They may take our wins but they’ll never take our GEEZERS!

  53. I love that word.

    I always chuckle when I think of Jasper as the “freezer geezer” at the Quik-E-mart on the Simpsons.

  54. Kind of like how the C word is thrown around as a term of friendliness in Ireland.

    But the Irish…they’re just different.

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