So the Jays’ lead in the AL East is down to 1.5 games, which isn’t good and sure gives insufferable sucking negative dipshits reason to talk about panicky bullshit as if it wasn’t entirely true and obvious to reasonable people all along that the Jays would hit a trough at some point, and that it was going to take a lot more fight to see October.

And the Jays got swept at Yankee Stadium, which is entirely a thing that happens in baseball sometimes, but because they haven’t won there in quite some time the fact lends itself to magical-thinking dimwits trying to build a framework of ghosts or lack of fortitude around it, as if there isn’t a tonne of coincidence and dogshit pitching and defence built into these sixteen straight losses, or — dumbly — as if this Jays team is exactly the same as those that lost the bulk of those games.

And R.A. Dickey’s sore groin necessitated a Liam Hendriks spot start and the re-optioning of Steve Delabar — who has been kinda terrible for a calendar year, FYI — which sadly doesn’t even feel like that much of a concern, given the way Dickey has pitched this season so far, especially when you remember that it gives the Jays a chance to give the pitchers they are in a lot of ways depending on the most — Drew Hutchison and Marcus
Stroman — an extra day off, which doesn’t just keep their untested arms more fresh now, but in some small way prolongs their season with respect to their number of innings pitched.

And Brett Lawrie is back in the lineup tonight, which is good, but Adam Lind isn’t, which is bad — and even the Lawrie thing isn’t great, given the way that Brett Cecil also figured he was fine this week, before going out and pitching and finding that he wasn’t (which was unfortunate, but not enough that anyone should have to endure the conspiratorial, tinfoil-hatted nutbar set trying yet again to dumbly create a fake panic and outrage about LIES).

Oh, and Ricky Romero is out for the season after having knee surgery, not that it matters (but come back strong, Ricky!).

And the email blast from the team announcing Romero’s surgery buzzed my phone just as I was about to hit the stage at PITCH #4 last night, along with Michael Grange and Jonah Keri, following an outstanding talk from Morgan Campbell, which was great fun, and something I hope everyone there enjoyed as much as I did (it was better than watching the damn Jays lose again, I’ll tell you that much) — so thank you very much to all who came out, and to Kevin Kennedy from Tallboys for putting it on, and all my fellow participants (sorry my selfie skills are so weak), the folks at Left Field Brewery and Loft Kitchen, everyone who came up and had kind words to say (though maybe not so much my friends from the Roxton who had me do a “Billy Cheers” — chugging a glass of red wine, FYI — at the end of the night before, which, I’m pretty sure, is most of the reason I was super hung over).

That about sum it all up? I’ve probably missed something, and I’m sure the comments will be quick to point it out, but… whatever. And now let’s watch the Jays get a damn win!

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  1. We got to striking distance. That’ll work.

  2. Gahd dammit, kittayh!!!

  3. I got a bad feeling about Jenkins. But I’m hoping he keeps the Reds off of the board.

  4. Jenkins arm hanging?

  5. gotta say, I’m lovin’ this umpire…he seems to actually call the strike zone properly and consistently. He will be the one human retained when the robot overlords take over MLB umpiring.

  6. geezers

  7. Kinda funny when you connect on twitter with someone from this comment section, and it turns out they’re really exceptional on several levels. Especially when you never had that impression of them from “here”.

  8. I get the feeling that Jumbo is about to get fucked up,

  9. Wait. This guy’s name is REALLY Jumbo Diaz?!?

    • Jumbo is a nickname…Buck did mention his real first name when he first came in.

      • imagine facing a guy that throws 99mph and throws everywhere…. that’d be a wee bit uncomfy.

  10. Boom!

  11. Just chip away. It ain’t over yet.

  12. This would be a great Jays win if not for Liam “weak sauce” Hendriks. I hope he gets his DFA papers after this game but wait…. who’s even in AAA that can come up and start effectively, oh that’s right, no one. Paging AA, make a move for a pitcher please!!!

    • I wonder why Redmond doesn’t spot start.

      • He shits the bed as a starter, better in the pen as a long man. It’s simple… it’s been simple all season, AA needs to trade for a top of the line starter and now, fuck…. nevermind, Ill take a solid #3 starter right now, that would even help a lot.

  13. Will I still be an insufferable, sucking, dipshit if the Jays are 14.5 come October first? Or will it still be early, with ups and downs then?

  14. Quality at-bat by Kawasaki so far.

  15. OriLOLes helping out so far.

    • I don’t know. Think I’d rather be battling the Yankees down the stretch than the Orioles. Would rather see the Orioles fall somewhere near the Sox.

  16. This will be, pound for pound, the best matchup of the game.

  17. C’mon, we need some more Revenge of the Ex-Red here Phat Juan!!

  18. Francisco just postponed his DFA by about two weeks right there.

  19. Holy fuck!

  20. Oh my!

    So glad I stayed on the boat!

  21. Hell yes!

  22. That was awesome.

  23. Guys are showing some fight. This is good.

  24. Welcome to the bigs, Jumbo.

  25. Are the comments showing up all fucked time-wise for anyone else? I have comments from more than an hour ago as most current.

  26. U know I watch Reyes field and man his range is horrible..He has a great arm. .why not shop for a shortstop..move Reyes to 3rd and Lawrie to 2nd

    • Put Lawrie at 3rd, find a great defensive second baseman (who can also hit, preferably), and make it so that it’s unnecessary for Reyes to have good range.

  27. Well hey, if Jenkins worked, why not Santos?

  28. 8 runs will do a lot for you most nights. 10 will do more. Here’s hoping!

  29. Spirit Animal!!!

  30. This guy’s nickname is also Jumbo, I presume?

  31. The home plate ump, Alan Porter, has a great strike zone.

  32. Navarro is due, right?

  33. Buck doesn’t want to press Dickie’s groin into service. In case anyone was wondering.

  34. YES!!!!

  35. Woo! Edwin and Donair!

    Came to see EE with the bases loaded in the 6th.

  36. Ho lee shit

  37. Wow. What a game!

  38. annnnd I see a wave. see.


  40. This game has me realizing that this is how it must feel to be a Yankees fan (in-game, of course, minus 25 championships). i.e. the ability to come back from a large deficit by taking a ton of pitches and hitting cheapie-ish homeruns that wouldn’t leave 25 of 30 MLB parks.

  41. What’s the pink stuff the Jays are drinking on the bench?

  42. Like I said, character building!

  43. I still say fuck Hendricks.

  44. DINNER!!!

    Does Santos get another inning?

  45. Guys… GUYS.

  46. Excuse my potty mouth.

  47. Only problem is if this game goes deep into extras. By my count they have loup and janssen left. Also burned 2 starters as pinch runners

  48. An easy inning from dusty would help though

  49. Well…. this is interesting now isnt it lol….. wow.

  50. even though mathimatically I should hope for a 2-1 baltimore yankee outcome over 3 games, I want baltimore to sweep the yankees.

  51. I finally get off my ass to make dinner + the Blue Jays complete their comeback. My dude was super impressed. I am too.

    • Impressed with the Jays comeback, getting up to make dinner, or the dinner itself? I figure it’s a triple threat sorta thing…

      • He’s easily impressed with any food. Mostly he’s impressed to be home after a thirteen hour workday + gross commute. Though the probably is impressed that I cooked rather than ordering in [which I kinda hate doing].

        But really he was impressed with the Blue Jays fortitude. + he’s not really a fan.

  52. Doh. Thought we might have avoided Chapman tonight.

  53. For me, this game is a moral victory.
    Normally when the Blue Jays are down by a few, or even a couple, I will use the clicker to see what’s happening on Masterchef or something (unless I’m driving). Perhaps that urge won’t come over me anymore.

  54. Colby’s a nice shhhhtrong hitter who can hit Chapman’s heat out of the park, right?

  55. All right Colby starts off with a walk!

  56. Not used to the Jays being beneficiaries of a bizarro strike zone.

    • Yeah, Colby probably should’ve been called out looking. When things are going your way, things are going your way.

    • Not calling the high strike is pretty common through the league. I’ve been impressed by the exactitude of the strike zone in and out with a few exceptions.

  57. Now thats a sac bunt

  58. Chapman’s a little wild tonight.

  59. There’s faith by Gibbons–warming up Janssen before we get the lead.

  60. Holy crap!

  61. Yum

  62. Believe it!


  64. Kratz!

  65. Kraatz-amataaz?

  66. Jfc

  67. 10 to 9. Love it!

  68. Holy fucking shit! Holy fucking shit!

  69. Eric Kratz you sweet Herman Munster lookin’ sonofabitch!

  70. Is this happening?

  71. All of a sudden the ‘Fire Gibby’ crowd has grown silent.

  72. I love the look on the Reds’ fans faces.

  73. KratzTheBoss!


  75. Ewwww…Chapmans arm in slow motion

  76. Kratz batting .500 against Chapman coming into the game. 1 for 2 in his career.

    Way to work the micro splits Gibby!!!!

  77. You make my heart sing!

  78. I think that pitch is going to make Jeff Sullivan’s worst pitch of the month post.

  79. Don’t worry guys, I’ll be back next week

  80. Now THAT is the fucking proper Jays team. Just god damn,,,, get a fucking starter for this bunch already. They need one and deserve one. Theyve shown they wanna be there, get off your ass AA and make it happen.

  81. Melky delivers again!

  82. Melky delivers some love.

  83. Melky!!!!!

  84. Slump busted!

  85. Can you smell what the Melkman is cookin?

    Smells like Victory and pickled eggs!

  86. Baseball is fun.

  87. C’mon, Reds, real fans wouldn’t leave.

  88. This comeback is great and all, but I can’t get over the mental image created from hearing Tabby state that Chapman isn’t a guy that just comes in and “blows cheese”…wtf?!?

  89. Ready for the next 10?

  90. Fans are chanting USA USA USA
    Your pitcher is Cuban.

  91. Where my trolls at?

  92. And now, competing “Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose” and “USA! USA!” chants…

  93. Wow…anyone else hear the sore losers chanting “USA”?

  94. By the way, the Reds just burned their closer for tomorrow’s game. This is his third appearance in the last four days, so he can’t pitch tomorrow.

  95. Chapman’s probably burned for tomorrow’s game.

  96. This has been magic.

  97. Damn Yankees

  98. Did I hear that correctly? JBats walked 4 times tonight?

  99. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition;
    And gentlemen in Canada now-a-bed
    Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day in Cinci.

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