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Never in doubt. Never in doubt.

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  1. So, that offense. Not too bad eh.

  2. *strolls in*

    So… did something happen tonight?

    (Fucker Yanks came back on a walk-off… otherwise, this would have been an absolutely perfect night!)

  3. So glad I kept the game on, don’t know why I did.

  4. Does this post look as bad in a browser as it does on my phone? Meh. Fuck it. That ruled– not the east of which was the “negative morons being put in their place” aspect of it.

  5. Too bad this cant count as 5 wins

    • Did they hit too many home runs again, afdg?

      I jest.

      • Take a look at how many runs came via the hr tonight. They still got the w, thats all that matters but its not a formula for consistent offense.

        • …Wut?

          Hitting home runs is the BEST formula for consistent offense. Check out the highest-scoring teams in MLB. They all hit a shit-tonne of dingers.

          • They all have good hitters period.

          • To quote Earl Fucking Weaver

            “Team speed for chrissakes, you get fuckin’ goddam little fleas on the fuckin’ bases, getting picked off, tryin’ to steal, gettin’ thrown out, takin’ runs away from you, get them big cocksuckers that can hit the fuckin’ ball out the ballpark and ya can’t make any goddam mistakes.”

        • Oh, ffs! If their runs came from slapping singles into the outfield, fuckheads would complain that they’re not hitting enough home runs. If the pitching was consistently stellar and allowing less than two runs a game every night, asswipes would say that the batters need to take pressure off the pitchers. If the pitching and hitting were great nightly, cum stains would whine that the Jays haven’t faced adversity and need to learn how to win 1-0 and 2-1 games. Seriously, fuck off with the whining and bitching.

        • Way too many rally killing home runs. Better to play the right way, hit only singles, lose today, and have more grit for tomorrow

  6. I was at work and driving home until it got to 8-3. I look forward to reading the game threat up until I started commenting.

  7. I’m glad we were all able to stay positive and realize there was a lot of game left in those early innings. Great job by all of us.

    (no need to go back and read any posts)

    • I posted that the Jays would win 12 to 9 when they were down 8 to 3 I think.

      I was hammered at the time.

      I should drink more often.

      Go Jays

  8. That offense was electric, just waiting to explode. The Yankees will see a completely different team the next time they meet. Let’s keep rolling!

  9. Will the next person that sees somebody, throw something on the field…. point them out, we’ll get em out of here ….You don’t live in CLEVELAND, YOU LIVE IN CINCINNATI !!

    • Hey man, Clevo is a far cooler town than Cincinatti.

      • Fair point, it is a bit further north than Cincy, and being on the lake would suggest slightly cooler temperatures.

    • A comma can completely change the intended meaning of a statement when incorrectly placed.

      So now, when you see someone on the field, start throwing!!!

  10. Perfect summary. Best post game threat yet. No sarcasm intended.

  11. That.was.awesome. such a huge edwin boner.

  12. Missed the game and not trying to read through the first 3/4 of that game threat. What was the deal with Hutch pinch running? Just living out a dream?

    • Shortened bench. Didn’t want to burn someone who could actually pinch hit later as a pinch runner.

  13. I was wrong, 100%. Watched the whole thing – will remember this one for a long time.

  14. The 98.9 lose percentage says I was right to tune out for a couple of innings. The final score says otherwise

  15. S nice to see the fire in this team tonight. Top to bottom a refusal to lose. This is a game to draw from, to savour. All is good

  16. 11 runs driven in with 2 outs. Clutch.

  17. keithlaw @keithlaw · 19m

    Re Jays. Tweeted at 8:41 pm. Freak. “@AndrewStoeten: I root extra hard for comebacks in games like this because, y’know, stupid people.”

  18. The Blue Jays are so CLUTCH!

    We may never lose again. Which street will host the parade?

  19. Any news of roster moves?

    Bull Pen is probably going to need some serious help. Rasmussen yes…. Delabar…. no

    Who else can they call up?

    Esmil Rogers isn’t on the 40 man roster.

    • It had better be Rasmussen, but Korecky is the other option in terms of relievers

      • I don’t think you can call up Delabar for 10 days unless someone goes on the DL. Probably Rasmussen.

        The fact AA said a week or two ago he’s also out scouting for bullpen help tells me he’s not convinced Delabar will turn it around.

  20. Fuck. Can’t believe I’m too drunk to watch this game.

  21. After watching the Jays go down 8-0 after two and a six man pan and Redmond looking like shit, I thought the Jays were done, especially after getting swept in NYC.

    But tonight was just special. Edwin’s bat, which was slowly coming back, hit with authority. Bautista drew four walks. And the Jays did it against one of the best back ends in baseball.

    And I’m been in on the other end. I was at the game in July 2009 when the Rays were down 8-0 after four and came back to win in extras.

    Rasmussen is up. Hendriks down.

    This was similar to the Tampa debacle last year on May 6 at the Trop. After the Rays pounded Mark Buehrle for 7 runs in the 3rd, JP Arencibia homered in the top of the ninth to bring in Bonifacio and win the game (Janssen save) 8-7.

  22. I still remember this game like it was yesterday… Ernie on one knee launching the winning blast:

    So eerily awesomely similar

    Fuck I’m old

  23. Has it been covered that Travis Snider pitched an inning two nights ago? And struck out Joey Votto?

    Highlights here:

  24. Holy shit, I left for my game and the Jays were down 9-3.
    Like the Jays my team was down huge tonight but our exceptionally light hitting SS (sick mitt though) went off. He hit a 3 run homer and then a walk off grand slam for us to win it.
    Coming in to tonight in 7 seasons he had 1 homer, tonight 2 homers and 7 RBI’s.

    When he hit the walk off I said, “wow, check the Jays score.”

    Crazy shit.

  25. John Gibbons – NL Manager of the Year

  26. Isn’t this where Stoeten notices the 98.9% and concludes statistics like this are useless?

  27. They aren’t useless. But the problem I have with the OVER reliance on statistics by some fans, especially in regard to player values (including our host sometimes), is that they are only ever an indicator of past performance. Even in a large sample. The problem with this thinking is that, sometimes, people get better at things through practice. Baseball or anything else. And as Jays fans, we should ALL have pretty good, first hand knowledge in this regard because of Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. So, you know, Aaron Sanchez MIGHT get better at throwing strikes, and DJ Davis MIGHT get better at hitting baseballs. Maybe Anothony Gose too. As much as we’d like too, we can’t predict baseball. Likelihood and probability is not the same thing. And that’s the part that’s fun.

  28. Too much “everyone is an asshole for thinking the Jays were done down 8-0″, not enough “holy fuck that was a miraculous and satisfying comeback win”.

    Why can’t we just not be assholes to each other all the fucking time? Maybe it’s the 20 years of heartbreak, maybe it’s our sarcastic and cynical generation, but fuck, I have had enough of it. It makes even crazy wins like this one no fun.

  29. Last night reminded me that when home team throws pitches a foot off the plate – it doesn’t have to be called a strike

  30. I bailed last night, but I kind of wish I hadn’t. what a comeback. However..

    Get Liam Hendricks back to Buffalo and fucking leave him there. The defense also needs to tighten up.

    The Jays won in large part to them being a touch more patient at the plate than they have in the last couple weeks. The dingers are nice, but it’s frustrating when they become solo shots due to them hacking more than they probably should. Jays batters had nine walks. Nine. That right there is why they were able to score 14 runs, and taking free passes is what sets this offense up.

  31. Had a blast at Great American Ballpark last night … Got lucky with some centerfield pavilion seats (behind the batter’s eye) and was the only Jays fan in there. A great continent of Jays fans in the stadium and to their credit stuck around despite the start.

  32. Despite the awfulness in New York the jays have the 4th best record in mlb after the comeback in cincy last night

  33. Reds fans are all freaking out and claiming the Jays are a bunch of roided up dudes.

    • Yeah, cause you need to be juicing to hit home runs in that ridiculous ballpark.

      Let me guess, it’s super secret undetectable designer Canadian maple-flavoured steroids.

    • If they’re roided up, try explaining the last couple weeks. In fact, it has been two weeks exactly since the shit hitting streak started

      • honestly, I think every team’s fans that we beat are accusing the Jays that we’re roided up. Kind of fun to read.

    • Looks like it’s just one vocal dumbass.

    • I watched a Jays/Boston game earlier in the season with a Red Sox fan.

      When Melky got a hit I heard him say under his breath, “steroids”.

      In the interest of keeping the afternoon civil, I didn’t call him on it. But still, ridiculous much?

  34. John Gibbons managed like a champ.

    And I agree with the post upthread. If people were quick to lose faith after the second inning, the Jays gave them reason to rethink their mindset. We don’t need to be dumping on fairweather fans, calling them stupid and so on. Truth be told I thought they were done after the second inning as well but kept on watching. And they weren’t done after all!

    • I loved that every pinch hitter got a huge hit. Great team effort.

      • Gibby haters be like: Pinch hitters getting hits and relievers getting outs all the time = good managing

        Even they can’t find much to quibble about from last night

  35. Kevin Barker replacing Gregg Zaun who is “taking the day off”

    Ole Kevin needs to work on his shit, sounds like he’s talking about wrestling.

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