Alright, let’s ease our way back into the ol’ content game with something of a much needed distraction — at least for those of you who weren’t World Cup-ing and Pitch Talk-ing and therefore only barely cognizant of much of the “disaster” unfolding at Yankee Stadium this week *COUGH* — by ignoring (for the moment) what the hell is going on with this club right now (hint: baseball, mostly) and dipping into some prospect-y goodness via all the Jays-related tidbits from the two most recent weekly chat sessions Keith Law had with his readers over at ESPN.com.

Sound good? We’ll get through this…

From his June 12th chat:

Tom (San Francisco, CA)
Keith, Aaron Sanchez was apparently promoted to AAA. That seems a bit premature, to me. Thoughts?
I don’t think his performance merited it, but I know the Jays have a ton of respect for their AAA pitching coach, Randy St. Claire, and his ability to work with young starters.

This is a part of the Sanchez promotion that I hadn’t really touched on much (though, to be fair, what exactly have I touched on lately? HEYO!), but certainly seems plausible — unlike, say, all the “trade showcase” silliness people like to theorize about — and all the more reason to be OK with the move, I think. Now if only St. Claire could do something for aging former All-Star starters who just had season-ending knee surgery, then the Jays would really have something on their hands!


Craig (Belgium)
Were you surprised to see Reid Foley sign for slot? From what I heard he was going to be a hard sign that’s why he slipped to the 2nd round. Is there maybe some injury concern we don’t know about?
No, he signed for an appropriate dollar figure. Don’t create worries for yourself.

Law has been quite consistent about the fact that if a top pick doesn’t sign, it will be because of some sort of rare and unforeseen circumstance, and not something to worry terribly about. I get why Jays fans are a bit scarred, but relax.


From his June 19th chat:

Joe (Ontario)
Assuming a return to health would you put Hoffman in New Hampshire to start in 2015?
I don’t think he’ll be ready to pitch at all until mid- to late May next year, and then I imagine he’ll start in low-A or so on limited pitch counts.

Mike (Toronto)
People seem ask whether the Jays made the right call on Bickford vs. Pentecost, but isn’t the right comparison Pentecost versus one of the other guys they could have had in ’13? For example, how would you compare Pentecost to Reese McGuire, whom the Jays were linked to last year?
I would have taken JP Crawford there (and said so at the time). I’d rather have him than Pentecost. I’m seeing McGuire next week.

I don’t really have anything to add to either of these two tidbits. The first one is interesting, and the second one, sadly, is pretty difficult to deny. At least seems like the Jays didn’t fuck up too badly with the unsigned picks stuff.


MetsFaithful5 (Syracuse) [via mobile]
Are the reports on Thor still good? He hasn’t really had any starts where he’s dominated in the PCL. Does he still have possible Ace upside, but more probable, #2 upside?
PCL is such a bad place to pitch, so I wouldn’t get too concerned about him. I think your upside statement is accurate.

Mike (NJ)
Who is the Mets primary catcher in 3 years d’arnaud or Plawecki?
Leaning towards Plawecki now. d’Arnaud may not stay healthy enough for it.

Yes, yes, these are Mets related tidbits, but for all the pissing and moaning about the Dickey trade that we’ve heard over the past year-and-a-half, it’s probably worth pointing out that neither of the guys he was acquired for have yet ended up helping their big league club in the slightest — which was kind of the point of moving them for a win-now piece — and still may not. I’d like to say I’d like to see them work out for the Mets and for everybody to be happy with the deal, but… let’s be honest, it’s kind of nice to not have to be worrying about these guys and their backwards progression — though, to be fair, Syndergaard (who they’re apparently calling “Thor” these days?) has some pretty solidly explainable reasons for what looks on paper like a poor showing in the PCL.


Andrew (Toronto)
If you were the Jays, who out of Stroman, Norris and Sanchez would you not offer up for a trade?
Depends on for what, doesn’t it?

This is Jays-related, so I felt obligated to include it, but… yeah… that sure was a question.


Alex [via mobile]
Daniel Norris seems to be performing better this year but admittedly I haven’t seen him pitch. Can you give us an update on him?
I haven’t seen him yet, but reports are that the Jays have done a lot to clean up his mechanics and get him more consistently online. Been up to 96 and throwing more strikes, still with the plus CB.

Aaron (Louisville)
Last year I asked you who would be the prospect to make the biggest rankings increase like Oscar Taveras had in 2013. You correctly told me Gregory Polanco. So I ask again…who will be 2015′s biggest rankings riser?
Gallo. Also Betts, Nimmo, Norris, Micah Johnson, Devon Williams.

Saved these ones for last, just so we could end on an uplifting note. The progression of Dan Norris back into the kind of guy we thought — or, at least, those who’d seen him had thought — he could be at the time he was drafted has been a little amazing this season. Even though, y’know, almost none of us — certainly not I — have ever seen him throw a ball. Throwing strikes, hitting 96, and jumping way up in the prospect rankings? I can live with that. NOW TRADE HIM, BECAUSE WE NEED HEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!

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  1. I like that bit at the end. Its pretty funny about Norris because if you asked me 4 months ago if I would rather keep Norris than Sanchez if one of them had to be dealt I would have laughed. It just goes to show how quickly things can change for these guys as they work on mechanics, start at different levels and learn how to be effective as pitchers.

  2. Is there any updates on Osuna?

  3. Griffin is back to thinking the Jays won’t make play into October if they stand pat. One of the highest profile Jays writers seems to have pretty large mood swings.

    • Griff is a pro……. drama, etc. gets eyeballs.

      • Yeah, that old dog knows exactly what he’s doing. I get the feeling that whenever the Jays lose a few games many like to read doom-mongering articles they can furiously nod their head to.

        • I can’t even watch the SN highlights in the mornings anymore. It’s just Cybulski and Cameron talking about pressing the panic button or how this is such a nightmare….

  4. d’Arnaud has 55 wRC+ in 257 PAs. Yikes. That’s Goins-esque.

  5. so delabar optioned back down to AAA
    he shouldn’t be back up for a while

  6. The kids are allright.

    Get a look at these guys who made the High A allstar team:


  7. With the way that Norris has been pitching, if the Jays can get the bus back on the road you have to think Sanchez may be available for the right return, no?

  8. how come the yankees have all these nasty pitchers come from nowhere but all our top pitchers get beat up, walk guys and can’t get through 5 ip?????

  9. Not so much trading Noah and D’

    It’s the opportunity cost of what you could have gotten for them other than dickey

    • Only other starter of dickey’s quality that was available that offseason was shields and the rays weren’t trading him here

      • No way you can know that for sure .

        And I can’t know if there was .

        All I’m saying is comparing dickey to the people we traded to the mets is the wrong comparison

    • You’re talking about trading for an elite veteran pitcher from a club that was punting on 2013. There weren’t many out there to begin with and they managed to land the reigning Cy Young winner. Clearly Dickey hasn’t performed as we’d hoped but that’s hindsight.

  10. Unfortunately that is true. It was rumored that we could of got Latos who is pitching for Cinci tonite and the year before, Oakland wanted “Thor” straight up with maybe a low prospect for GonzALEZ, gio. We said No and he was traded to Washington.
    Anyway, there isn’t much point in constantly seeing what the othere two are doing anymore as it wll drive you crazy. Just hope for Dickey to get it going a little better

    In any event , if this team doesn’t start hitting soon ( 2 weeks from now is too late) then Tanaka would have a tough time getting wins with this bunch. To boot the stupid mistakes have to stop such as Cabrera getting picked on a 3-2 pitch when we were on the verge of a big inning.
    Some of the players have been exposed. We now have to work around that and get it going again and soon. C’mon Jays!

  11. God loves Daniel Norris.

  12. Love to see a series win in Cincy, Baltimore take 2/3 in NY, then sweep the Yanks next week at home. That would be nice.

  13. …it has the words DON’T PANIC printed in large friendly letters on its cover.

  14. Lawrie back in the lineup. Here’s hoping Red Bull turns his back when the next pitch comes running inside.

  15. It is the longest race, this division is going all the way to the end with a close photo finish. The sweep really hurts but if the offense gets some of the spark back then the Jays can get on track. A new series, and a good HR park in Great American, let’s get into the swing of things. Go Blue Jays!

  16. Wait…Andrew from Toronto…Stoeten, was that you? We’re all friends here, you can admit it.

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