Holy shit, last night. What a hell of a thing.

And not only did negative dickholes learn a lesson about maybe thinking twice before venting dumb-as-fuck horseshit like spoiled children, THE JAYS CAME BACK AND WON, TOO!!

Now let’s do it again. Or… well… without the going down 8-0 first maybe.

I mean, shit. That was wild enough I could even understand if people wanted to talk about not rolling over and focussing and stepping up and pulling together and making a statement and all that horseshitty magical narrative bullshit that usually doesn’t make a goddamn bit of sense to pretend anyone can divine through their TV, or, y’know, exists (or… well, focus obviously does, and good on the Jays for continuing to do their jobs, taking good at bats and pitching like it mattered, even after such a demoralizing second inning… which ought to be par for the course for professional millionaire ballplayers, but we know isn’t always). It was a hell of a fucking thing, and if that kind of self-belief can give this club even the most marginal, tiniest boost — and let’s not pretend it would do much more than that (clear enough that I believe in talent first and foremost?) — sure… fuck… I’m on board with whatever crazy intangible-based narrative anyone wants to invent. Last night was that ridiculously awesome!

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  1. Any idea which hip Jose injured in the past?

  2. Lawrie and Jose out of the same game… GAH!!!! fuck

  3. Just as long as no one’s injured long term. Please let no one be injured long term.

  4. Sure looks like his knee.

    • He grabbed the back of his knee/upper calf area.

      He might have just jammed it and it hurts like fuck. I’ve done that and it was okay in a few days.

      If he popped an ACL he’s gone until next year.

      • AA right now “well I wish I made moves this winter

      • As not a doctor everything I’m saying is pure speculation but as a sports spectator the ACL or UCL injuries are usually a lot more dramatic and no way he stays in for the next at-bat and runs to second. I figure he just jammed his knee.

        • True but Kobe tore his Achilles and still played for a minute

        • Beer maven, I agree

          If he popped his knee he wouldn’t have been moving like he did. He was in pain but that could mean he needs some damn rest. He was thinking of crashing the wall on a foul ball and caught himself before it happened.

          He’s tired and stressed and he needs a break before he breaks himself.

          Lawrie looks like he has a non displaced break like I’ve had, also caused by a HBP. Only thing that will fix that is time. Two,three weeks is my guess.

          Oddly enough, it’s the fielding that you can’t do with an injury like that.

        • I’m not a doctor either, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

  5. I’m available to play, should the Blue Jays require any extra players. Obviously I won’t play in a National League park. But I’m okay to start tomorrow in Toronto.

    I also know all the words to that “Put Me In Coach” song.

  6. If Jose is out for a longer period of time… ugh. Cue “It’s All Over”.

  7. This team is just snakebitten year after year by injuries. Theyre havent even been too many this year that you could blame the training staff other than rasmus. Would not be surprised if either or both lawrie and jbats go on DL.

  8. Lawrie is the author of his own misfortune.
    Exposes his hands, strides into the ball,
    does not turn his back to the inside pitch…
    he’s a broken hand waiting to happen.

    This does not look good with Jose.
    Lets hope it is not as serious as it looks.
    Jays can ill afford to be without him
    for any length of time.

    • The player whose name my handle refers to used to have his HEAD in the strike zone.

      Agreed, if Lawrie wants to crowd the plate like he does he better be prepared to GTF out of the way.

  9. Maybe the Jays should stop fucking carrying 3 catchers on the roster and these emergency substitutions would suck a little bit less.

  10. Right now you’re IF and OF options on the 40 man are Goins, Gose, Pillar and Mastro.

  11. But hey, at least we’re leading.

  12. Drive of the Game is Pena’s ‘single’ through an immobile left side consisting of Francisco and Reyes, putting Bruce on 3rd with none out. Bruce then scores to tie.

  13. Just in for the first time this weekend

    Can someone give me a rundown of the injuries i keep hearing about?>

  14. I think jays should add a fourth catcher to the bench for added depth

  15. Cute, pitch should be around your fucking ears..

  16. And unfortunately there’s the Dickey we were all expecting in this park. Fuck.

  17. Dickey gonna Dick.

  18. This park is cursed

  19. Looks like Cueto’s hurt himself running bases.

  20. Fuck off Ra

  21. So does AA make a trade now that they have no more depth?

  22. What the heck is going on today? Lawrie, Bautista, Cueto, Dat Dude…

  23. All these injuries on a hot day…a getaway Sunday

    Both teams were up late hitting the sauce at least, if not the hookers and blow.

    I used to work in bars, the animated corpse look on Sundays is the rule rather than the exception.

    • Hookers + blow in Cincinnati. Fantastic.

      Maybe just too much of their weird chili.

      • The “weird” chili is awesome if you do it right. Too many people think Skyline is Cincinnati chili. That’s like calling McDonalds a burger.

        Properly done it’s a middle eastern meat sauce smothered with cheddar and onions and it’s a good thing.

        • I don’t use weird as an insult. Not here anyway. I quite enjoyed it when I was in Cincinnati. Not @ Skyline though. However, the putting it atop spaghetti was something I could have done without.

  24. Phillips has been replaced.

  25. So good to see Gose hitting better now.

  26. Cueto is hungover, so is Votto

    Probably Bautista and Lawrie too

  27. Lawrie, DL. Broken finger..

  28. Lawrie out with broken index finger..better than a knuckle..

  29. So Edwin to 3B and a healthy Lind to 1B? Or more JuanFran at 3B and the rotating door of Mune/Tolleson/Goins/warm body at 2B?

  30. So, Lawrie’s stellar defence is out, and Bautista’s .435 OBP is out. How the hell are the Jays going to deal with that and turn around the losing streak?

    • At least Cueto has looked beatable this afternoon, even if the Jays only have a pair of runs so far.

  31. They are going to miss lawrie’s defense a lot more than his offense. Without jbats though, this offense… Yikes. Its already been bad with him lately.

    • I’m glad it’s not his wrist, and I’m glad Edwin’s bat is coming around again. But it would be nice to have some good news and get out of this 1W-3L rut.

  32. AA could have planned on losing Lawrie and Bautista in consecutive innings and picked up Longoria and Trout for when that happened but he didn’t.


  33. Sanchez, Norris, Tirado and Gose for Zobrist and Price….right now please. Probably not enough, but might get the conversation going. How good would Zobrist look now?

  34. Edwin Encarna-SHOWN ladies and gents

  35. Good-oh EE!

    I just got n. What happened with Bautista?

  36. Hey, Edwin didn’t walk the parrot.

    • As I’ve been hinting at, the team is struggling and frustrated.

      Changing rituals is trying to break the jinx.

  37. Uhoh. No chicken wing! I hope the parrot isn’t hurt!

  38. Too hot foir a wing

  39. Lawrie has a fractured finger.

  40. Apparently Lawrie has a moustache tattooed on his broken finger….whaaaaa?

    • OF COURSE he does. Of course. I would be disappointed in my judgment of him if he didn’t.

  41. Fucking phat juan had no business swinging at that 3-1 pitch. Way inside.

  42. …not the strike 3 pitch Juan was expecting. Nice pitch, though.

    • That pitch was nasty. Cueto looks a lot like Pedro with his fastball movement and location.

  43. This Kevin guy is the Boom Goes The Dynamite guy, right?

  44. For all the distractions of injuries we have an old fashioned pitcher battle happening here.

    • Dickey’s pitched pretty well. Got victimized on one run where a baserunner should’ve been the third out, and his only real mistake was the HR pitch. Not a great game, but good, and keeping them close.

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  46. [something an idiot troll said]

    • I would rather have the Yankees win another 20 titles before the Red Sox ever winning another. The Red Sox, their fans and everything associated with that organization is the scum of the Earth.

      • I agree, rooted for them in 2003/4 to break the curse but afterwards their fans eclipsed the obnoxiousness of Yankee fans like lightning.

        • there’s also the fact that red sox fans are more racist than any other fansbase

          • That’s an important fact.

            I despise the city of Boston and it’s defiant history of racism. It’s a provincial shithole with a few good Universities.

  47. [something an idiot troll said]

  48. Would be great if they could find a way to rough up Chapman twice in a series…

  49. C’mon Lurch!

    • Didn’t Buck and Tabby pretty much promise Chapman was done for the series? I’m a little disappointed!

      • You mean Buck + Tabby aren’t always right? I tend to think of them as being an infallible as the pope. I need to go re-evaluate my life decisions now.

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  52. Balls. Good to see Dickey pitch a little better though. Hope Bautista is back soon.

  53. Well, that’s that. At least it was a fun game to watch. Jays need to find a way to start winning games with more regularity.

  54. Buck and Pat aren’t pandering to the cheap seats anymore.

    They are engaged and talking like two old ballplayers.

    Game just ended, but that was tense. It’s an exciting season and I’ve seen them all.

    • Very entertaining game … have to feel sorry for “scout” above who can only enjoy life when winning …

      • [something an idiot troll said]

        • I enjoy living and baseball as a GAME is an enjoyable part of that. Winning is more fun than losing, but baseball has so many surprises when you sit back and enjoy what you are surely not controlling. It’s a pastime, after all.

          • [something an idiot troll said]

          • Smelly old dawg.

            That’s it exactly, it’s the experience not the result. You gracefully laid down the smack.

            Other than the actual game of baseball what I love is how they play everyday more or less. Millionaires or not these guys work every day at something exceptionally hard. To see their highs and lows with all the fatigue you can see beyond the athlete into the man.

            Today’s game was awesome because both teams were tired on a hot getaway travel day. Both teams made mistakes and both teams fought hard. Yet you could see the camaraderie between all the players and even the umpires.

            I’ve never seen a sport replicate the peaks, valleys and the grind of life quite like baseball.

            • That’s it … these guys can’t get anywhere near this level if they have the attitude of self-importance and lose their shit when things don’t go right. It’s also sweet to see JB refine his game, lose the chippy part and become a true leader and a better hitter at the same time. (I’d still rather he didn’t bunt though … going outside your game does surprise the other team, but you’re still outside your game)

              • True, getting outside your game only works for so long. It’s the chewing gum and walking thing that puts one ill at ease. Do what you’re good at and don’t get greedy.

                My thought about Jose earlier was that we need less Superman and more Clark Kent right now.

                Ted Williams was the first to be shifted and he refused to adjust. His attitude was that playing to his strengths was why he was a superstar and he was right. He kept yanking it to right and hoped for the best.

                Changing your swing to beat a shift is somewhat admirable in the right situation. Doing it to get to first base with no one on is counter productive. Jose needs to keep that as a trump card while still going up with the idea of snapping pitcher’s necks.

  55. [something an idiot troll said]

    • With his extra rest it’s not quite every 5th game. You don’t just come up with a ho-hum performance like the one he gave today on ordinary rest. Princess Dickey.

      • Whoa there

        Dickey went into the 8th against the best pitcher in the NL. He threw one bad pitch and battled like a soldier. The Jays were in it until the end against one of the best relief pitchers in history.

        • [something an idiot troll said]

        • If I were being objective then…sure…
          But I just plain don’t like him + nothing much will convince me otherwise. He certainly no ace.

          • Bean, he isn’t an ace but Aces are very rare these days. He’s good and he played hard today. Buehrle isn’t an ace either, but he’s good and plays hard.

            I swear, we Jays fans got too used to seeing Halladay rule the world like it was just another Monday.

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    • Because getting your players suspended is a very effective strategy.

      • [something an idiot troll said]

        • Have you ever been to a Yankees/Blue Jays game @ SkyDome? Because there is heckling ahoy. No player is immune.

          • [something an idiot troll said]

          • About heckling

            I get seats a few times a year that are four rows from first base. Back in late August 2004 the Red Sox came to town on a nasty losing skid.

            It was Ted Lilly vs. some guy named Martinez

            Me and my friend were moderately shittoed, but not too bad. At the end of the first inning we noticed that Manny Ramirez was taking deliberate, slow, baby steps as he half assed his way off the field. Well that did it.

            Started giving him “C’mon Manny, it’s a weekday…people have to work tomorrow!”. Next inning he did it again and as the innings wore on we were singing LEFT FOOT, RIGHT FOOT at every baby step he took. He would not budge but he was hearing it.

            Meanwhile, Ortiz is in the dugout laughing his ass off and pointing at Manny by around the 5th inning. Manny starts giving us that sweeping hand signal that he does every inning. The wall is broken.

            Meanwhile…Lilly and Pedro are locked in a pretty epic pitchers duel. These goofs near us see how we were having fun with Manny and start going at Pedro in a very artless and unfunny way. Finally, Pedro in the 8th inning or so gives the crotch chop in our direction while grinning and making eye contact with us. It was a fuck off to the clowns behind us and a wink to us.

            So we heckled the Sox on a Monday night in late August, they enjoyed it and went on a tear and won the World Series. Not taking any credit for that but it was a slump busting event.


      • talking to a troll, thread dead

        Because Stoeten something, something…weekends

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  60. Looks like Baltimore is going to win, so both NYY and BAL back 1.5 games, big sweep at home vs the Yankees starting tomorrow, you heard it hear first!

    • Even The most optimistic jays fans are going to have a tough time believing a jays sweep is possible with Lawrie , Bautista , and lind out

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  63. Ladies and gentleman : These are your 2013 Toronto Blue Jays

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    • Playing with trolls is fun, too … so let’s see … Season is done if we lose to yankees which has yet to happen, ergo game was done on Friday night when we were 8 behind. We should have Tanaka who was creamed by Orioles today … poor fella, baseball is so far from rational that half the fun is that you are going to be wrong at least half the time. And as for your winning strategy, you, my angry friend are going to feel bad until you take care of that … winning OR losing will not help and your remedies are hindsight victories, do not exist …

  66. Awesome, Andrew. Thank you for dealing with Idiot Troll.

    • Fabulous way to indicate a troll riding into the sunset. Can you make it flash and sizzle?

  67. Yankees lost big today, so we have a one-game lead.

    Hopefully, with the upcoming series being in Toronto, the Jays can avoid being killed by Yankee Stadium calls.

    • It is now 1.5 games back, Yankees tied with O’s. The Jays despite losing the series didn’t suffer any setback on the top of the division over the weekend.

      Really hope the injury to Jose isn’t serious, and possibly Lawrie too, although fractured finger takes, what, around a month to heal? The depth is able to cushion the losses somewhat, with Franciso, Rasmus, Encarnacion, Cabrera hitting for power and others working to get on base and produce good at bats.

      We will get through this, we are still at 1st! Let’s get the Yanks and back on track, go Blue Jays!

  68. [Moron being moron]

  69. @SNBarryDavis: Bautista says hamstring has been tight for few days but tried to play thru it. Pulled himself out today as precaution. #bluejays

  70. [Something an idiot troll said]

    • You might think this fucking loser would find a better place to waste his time than somewhere where nobody is actually going to get to see what he’s wasting his time writing, but the truth is, you don’t know just what a fucking loser this guy is.

  71. If anyone told me in April that the Jays would be 1st place in the AL East on June 22 by 1.5 games, I’d be happy with that.

  72. Epic series coming up…hope fans show some wicked support despite poor performance of late

  73. Wow Stoeten you’ve been busy!

    Still Yanks lost so we are still a game and a half up.

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