Holy shit, last night. What a hell of a thing.

And not only did negative dickholes learn a lesson about maybe thinking twice before venting dumb-as-fuck horseshit like spoiled children, THE JAYS CAME BACK AND WON, TOO!!

Now let’s do it again. Or… well… without the going down 8-0 first maybe.

I mean, shit. That was wild enough I could even understand if people wanted to talk about not rolling over and focussing and stepping up and pulling together and making a statement and all that horseshitty magical narrative bullshit that usually doesn’t make a goddamn bit of sense to pretend anyone can divine through their TV, or, y’know, exists (or… well, focus obviously does, and good on the Jays for continuing to do their jobs, taking good at bats and pitching like it mattered, even after such a demoralizing second inning… which ought to be par for the course for professional millionaire ballplayers, but we know isn’t always). It was a hell of a fucking thing, and if that kind of self-belief can give this club even the most marginal, tiniest boost — and let’s not pretend it would do much more than that (clear enough that I believe in talent first and foremost?) — sure… fuck… I’m on board with whatever crazy intangible-based narrative anyone wants to invent. Last night was that ridiculously awesome!

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  1. Hendriks down, Rasmussen up.

  2. Last night was fucking insane and had me super stoked BUT…. it doesn’t defeat the point that they need a pitcher.

    Was I negative? yes absolutely I was, because I wanna see the Jays stay in first but to do that, AA needs to make a move or two, let’s see those moves.

    • I almost quoted your moronic polar opposite comments in this post. You’re welcome. Now fucking relax and stop being captain fucking obvious about the fact that they could use a pitcher. We all know this. Having the loudest whine in the room is not an accomplishment.

      • After so many years of shitty finishes, frustration mounts and when there’s finally a moment of greatness that seems to be slipping away, yeah, sometimes people get irrational and talk shit. I am enjoying the ride but they needed that huge win and comeback in the worst way, not only for the standings but for the team morale.

        What I said about selling the farm yesterday was completely IN THEORY if the Jays were to fall out of contention. I also noted that it was an unrealistic video game style solution. It was more so to say “think about what if”. Obviously they aren’t going to fire sale.

        Can’t blame a die hard fan for getting fired up even if being fired up causes a little bit of idiocy.

        • Um yeah we can. You’re supposed to be satisfied with 20 years of failed seasons according to the Lord and Master of Baseball.

  3. Wish I watched the game last night.

  4. The team showed heart and …um…hustle.

  5. Yankees down by 4, top of the 8th.

  6. How about Justin Masterson? Maybe?

  7. Does anyone have a lead on a gif of Encarnacion’s 9th inning bat flip? I want to look at it for the rest of the day.

  8. They can’t keep bringing Hendriks in for spot starts if he’s’ going to pitch like that though.

    Who’s the next candidate? Drabek?

  9. I think Stoeten thinks that following is relevant to winning and losing (in roughly the following order):

    1) Talent (on both teams)
    2) Happenstance, Randomness, Luck, umpiring etc.
    3) Mental state (focus, determination, hustle, effort, etc.)
    4) Coaching
    5) Fans

    Seems right to me. Am I missing something?

  10. The only thing worse than misinformed fans over reacting, is informed experts over reacting to those over reacting fans.
    Enjoy the ride, the disappointments, the successes,the highs and lows.
    Being a fan means being emotional and that you give a shit about the team.
    It’s better than apathy.

  11. Momentum, magic, focus, hustle- to use these terms interchangeably is silly. However- we may be meaning the same things when we use them? I want to come to defence of team chemistry and a magical win providing momentum. In any work place, especially a workplace where people are elite and your day to day actions result in immediate changes to the workplace and workplace productivity (professional sports, the arts, adverstising etc.) team morale and a perception that the improbable is still possible goes a long way. Does coming back from 8 runs create momentum? I would say definitely. Is it magic? No. Players see that the game isn’t over until you’re out 27 times, that their team is talented enough to come back from that sort of deficit and as Stoeten put it (but I won’t quote because I’m lazy) will take good at bats, continue to focus, not phone it in etc. Mental makeup and preparedness are real. Winning is fun.

  12. Over the last couple of weeks between my ball and having to do some shit around here with the nice weather and all ( keep wifey off my back) I’ve missed a few games, like the entire NYY series….which maybe was a good thing? They have been infuriatingly nauseating to watch of late what with poor baseruuning, mental errors, poor pitch selection and some right/left arm shittiness. I am hoping last night’s renaisssance will light a fire for them leading up to the NYY again on Monday as when they get it going I do think they can win this division. They do have to stay focussed though and as someome earlier mentioned, getting walks is a big part of that as it means ,ingeneral, that they are laying off the out of the zone shit.
    Just bought a case of Moosehaed tallboys-one for every HR or SB! ( plus random belts)
    Forward Soviet!

    • That sounds like a critical assessment of the Jays. Are you a cum stained entitled fan? The bearded one seems to think so.

  13. So now we’ve got Rasmus, Rasmussen, Thole and Tolleson on the team. Nice.

  14. Who’s not-Zaun?

  15. Well the good news is NY lost. Not sure which of those 2 I want to win tomorrow. Let’s see if our guys can keep on truckin’

    • We want NYY to lose. Always. 2GB and counting…. Let’s sweep those fuckers in Tronna next week.

  16. Nice catch Jose!

    In principle I’d like NY to lose. But we need Balto to lose as well…

  17. Sumadabitch.

  18. Happ sucks

  19. Well fuck.

  20. I highly doubt that we can lull the Red’s into a false sense of security two days in a row.

  21. Can we pull Happ please and pretend there’s an injury?

  22. Yup. All the these dumb as fuck spoiled, cum stained Jays fans expecting a solid team once every 20 years.

    How dare they.

  23. More like Hungover Jays Fans am I right?

  24. What’s Ricky doing pitching in the Majors again?

  25. This is pathetic

  26. “Hey Happ the bullpen had to basically go 8 innings last night so we need you to try and last out there.”

    *walks everybody*

  27. Back to back to back jacks to tie this whore up

  28. Holy shitballs, Happ.

    • Just so happens his middle name is shitballs, his middle name refers to every pitch he throws outside his fastball.

  29. Christ that ad for the e-magazine thing works my last nerve. Which idiot sexist schmuck thought that one up and guessed it would appeal to all of us dimbos who gotta have our magazines.

  30. Hey their guy walks runners as well!

  31. Bad Cletus

  32. That was a strike? Huh?

  33. Fuck you “Country” Joe West!

  34. As Seitzer preaches: get to their bullpen.

    Translation: you gotta do better than letting their starter have an 8 pitch inning.

  35. Crap on a cracker

  36. I guess all those 2 out RBIs were just on loan.

  37. 67 pitches though…

  38. Fuck…. 4-0 early and no one available this early in the pen… lovely.

  39. I was out “enjoying” the weather including this “wonderful” sun. So that’s probably why the Blue Jays are losing. But I am here now with all of my witchy prowess.

  40. It’s hard to believe that the very next afternoon following an epochal shit-kicking of these same Reds that the Monkey Army is seriously silent so fucking early.

  41. Uhm,,,, how exactly are the Rays jerseys retro when they are brand new? They never wore those in the past. Stupid.

  42. Love that momentum from yesterday, seems to have em really stoked. Also, I think Tabby is having mental images of chugging Leake’s cock balls deep.

  43. 90 pitches in the 4th.

    That’s the JA Happ we know and love.

  44. Memo to Jays: one miraculous comeback do not make huge deficits okay.

  45. Gettin ugly out there again. Alright Bautista, time for 11 RBIs today. Give Edwin the day off from being hero.

  46. On the subject of starters, unfortunately I think we are gonna have to pay a high price for whoever we get and I doubt that prospects alone will do the job. Who will we lose off the team?

  47. Jays have them right where they want them…

  48. 8-0 again! I smell another historical comeback!!!

  49. Also, having Kratz as his personal catcher doesn’t seem to be the miracle answer for Happ. Who really will have to take one for the team this time :(

  50. Heck of a job our starters have been doing the last two games

    When’s the last time we scored first?

    • I believe Tuesday (Reyes’ leadoff HR).

      And don’t be an idiot and cherrypick these last two games. Hendriks made a spot start and Happ is going to have good and bad starts. No need to get all pissy just because trade talks haven’t heated up yet. Have some patience.

  51. So I’d assume Rasmussen mops up and gets optioned for a fresh arm the carousel begins

  52. Great, look at this fuckin score. Those cum stained negative nancys will have a field day!

  53. Is it weird to have a pitcher do pinch running? I am not familiar with such things.

  54. Actually I just keep repeating the same un-cleaver schtict because I have a crush on Stoeten and I’m desperate for his attention. Why is he ignoring me?

  55. Gibbons is a fucking genius for introducing rope-a-dope techniques into baseball. Just lull the opponent to sleep, then Bam! Jays in 10.

  56. Is RedsZone still insistng that the Jays are loading up on PEDs?

  57. J.A. Buzzkill

  58. we’re getting trolled seeing 8-0 back to back games….. so confused.

  59. ding!

  60. Well well well was I ever wrong. You sure got a hell of a team here. Way to really build on that comeback. Such timeless character. Fuckin losers.

  61. So, are we going to see an epic comeback two games in a row?

  62. Can everyone here get a fucking grip? All I’m seeing is fake ass, no nothing about baseball cum-stains whining about trailing the Reds by a few mere runs. Get over it or get off the bandwagon like I know you’re about to.

    That’s what sucks about covering a super-dynasty like the Jays, all you get it bandwagoners and trolls.

    • [Something an idiot troll said]

      • So awful that they’re in first!

        • Isn’t that “know” nothing?

          • Question for the intellectual giants that inhabit this board…if the jays are playing like shit in a given game …and this is pointed out …in a “game” (not season) thread…are you able to allow comments accurately depicting such shiftiness to be written without going all Stallone style over the top ? Pointing out the crappy play in a given game or stretch should not be drawn into a larger inference about what the commenter feels about the team as a whole .

            There’s a lot of this “you’re either with us or against us ” Bushism on this board that I dare say we could do with less of

  63. Is Redmind really a worse choice than Happ as a starter?

    • Redmond runs out of gas and gets lit up like a birthday cake…. he also likes birthday cake a lot. But in all seriousness Happ is the only option right now.

  64. Seems about right.

  65. Well okay, now it’s over.

  66. Good thing they got Loup warming in the pen. If they’re not careful things may get out of hand.

  67. unless they think they can go round two, throw an infielder as the pitcher save on rp innings.

    We are still doing fine on the season, but this games a wash.

    • Doing fine yes but with an ever shrinking 1.5 game lead and a whole bunch of holes to fill before things get worse.

      Let’s be honest here, it’s a fucking MIRACLE that the Jays have managed to stay in first this long with the starters they have right now.

      • Nope. Everything is perfectly fine and you’re a cum stained reactionary. But what do I know, I’m but a mere bandwagoner.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a Giants team I needto root for.

  68. Tomorrow.

    !0:00 AM (at least for me)
    Rubber Match.
    Be there.
    I like our chances.
    Stay on the bus that’s on the boat.

    • I’ll be here. I have literally no where else to be. + no one else to “talk” to. Lucky you!

    • Could someone who does the tweets ask Stoeten to bring down the ban hammer on one ‘Ian from Swansea’ please.
      Enough is enough.
      He’s begging for it.
      Make his day (and mine.)

      • I’m not sure what you’re so mad about. The Jay’s are doing just fine and I’m keeping in line with the mantra of this sub using super cool, edgy phrases like “cum stained”.

        Maybe you’re the one who should take a breather.

        Especially with RA Dickey pitching tomorrow, I know better than anyone that the Jays are going to do just fine.

        • Make my day and spontaneously combust.
          Just do it.

          • You’re probably that same fat, never played a sport guy, with the $400 Jays gear who got mad at me when I booed Wells in ’09 at the Dome.

            See you in the postseason….

            • I’d like to think that I’d recognize your ilk anytime, anywhere.
              The smell of death surrounds you.

  69. It’s quite funny to see people think the jays are fricked. Mean while, the giants had a .640 and are down to .589 we had a .600 and are down to .560 and everyone panics.


    • jays now down to .553 but that still would put them on pace for 89 wins. Interesting enough I say blame drew for bad June. He said at the end of May if the jays had a couple more mays in july and september but played dog shit in june and august they’d be fine. thus, blame drew.

    • Fricked… no but when you have a slumping team, struggling starters and a shrinking lead with a hot Yanks team nipping at the heels… that could be met with a little worry.

  70. I LOVE coming here and reading all the infighting comments you guys leave after every BJ loss.

    “Jays suck”

    “No they don’t! You suck!”

    And repeat.

    *infectious laughter*

  71. The comment section today was a fucking sespool

  72. Well, I do not know what to say. Well, all I/m going to say about this effort is that I only got to drink ONE Moosehead ,courtesy of the Bama Bomb. I was able to make up for it by having a bottle of Merlot for supper even though the wife does not care for it much.
    Well, let’s go again tomorrow and maybe we an hold the REDS to less than a touchdown especially since Cueto is pitching FFS

    • I for one would appreciate your in-game analysis, fukstik, not simply your after-the fact recap.
      Tomorrow, please live in the now, not in the what could’ve have been.
      Be real.

  73. Saw a random thought on a forum… feel free to add some of your own possible trades

    Rasmus to Royals for prospects, those prospects and more to Rays for Price. I suppose it’s not impossible.

    Anyone have anything else?

    • How about packaging Kawasaki, Redmond, and a low A-ball prospect for Kershaw?

      • Youre peaking of course of Bryan Kershaw of the Peroria Pharts of the E League . He’s been kind of stinkin out the joint lately. BuT Kershaw it is. Probably would not have to throw in the prospect if we took his teammate Kilgor Trout instead. Oh…so it goes

      • The Kawasaki bob bannerman ads are flat out minstrel shows

        • I agree, those ads are in very poor taste. I emailed them about it and had quite the exchange with the sales admin. They were done in good spirit, I think, but came out sounding offensive, IMO.

      • That was an awesome comment, haha.

  74. I shit in your milk

  75. Lol look at some of you fucking whiny losers, it’s almost 10pm on a Saturday night, your favourite team is in 1st place and will be after tomorrow too no matter what, go out and enjoy your night. If you’re 40 and stuck at home for the rest of your life, go take it out on something other than a baseball team and an Internet board

  76. Happ obviously had a shitty game, but his previous few starts have mostly been solid, and he’s performed much better than his crappy start to the season. No. 4/5s are not meant to be consistent.

    Let’s get the series tomorrow!

    • Accepting shittiness because someone is a 4th or 5th starter is just as stupid as expecting greatness

      Happ sucks and has no upside . If you are going to go with a Russian roulette least go with one that has the potential to one day in the future not suck

      • Short sighted comment, he hasn’t sucked recently at all. How many rotations in baseball have 5 starters with top of the rotation potential?

  77. Off-season Jays had lots of holes to fill. Obvious, without red hot bats going they still have lots of holes to fill. Please, AA just trade for Franklin; give up Rasmussen or Rogers and move Lawrie back to 3B.

    • You’re not implying either of those guys gets Nick Franklin, are you?

      • I think he is!

        • Now now,,, were not Redsox fans man, we can’t go around saying that any team in baseball will trade us their assets for next to nothing in return.

          Jays need a starter, a reliever and either a 3B or 2B. To get a starter were looking at Sanchez and / or Norris on the way back, for a reliever, obviously a lot less and depending on the player coming back to play 2B or 3B, not overly sure what would be headed the other way, that’s going to depend on the player and their contract obviously.

  78. I don’t care about losing 11-1. forget about it. I wanna see a series win today and a good homestand vs the yanks and WS.

  79. I decided to check out the redszone forum after the big comeback game, just to see their game thread fall apart as the Reds lost the lead. Aside from one or two retards accusing the Jays of PED use, they somehow managed to maintain a civil discourse throughout their team’s meltdown.

    What’s wrong with the folks on this blog? Every thread ends up looking like a CNN comments section.

    • Toronto fans are the worst. Facebook Toronto fans are disgusting piles of piss on a daily basis. I have yet to find a fourm of Toronto fans that arent fucking insane and over reactive shitheads living in a dream world.Perspective is lost on most.

      We bitch that Stoeten calls people fuckheads and to stop acting like retards but he’s not wrong in condemning the over reaction and the useless ridiculousness of the trade proposals, near sightedness and rash decisions to jump off the boat and condemn everything and every move made or not made.

    • Maple leafs facebook fans are hilariously dumb. As for this blog, I think people are just kinda sick of having frustrating seasons. Youre also looking at a MUCH larger fan base for the Jays than the Reds. I consider myself a diehard fan for the leafs and jays so there’s twice the long term disappointment to deal with, twice the terribly mismanaged franchises to deal with and so on.

      I love the Jays, I really do, I have been a fan since I got my first Jays hat in 1984 when I was 6, there was a ton to cheer about at one point but it’s been a very long time since there was something to cheer about in Jays land. Last year they got us all super crazy stoked and then let us down worse than usual. So now with this first place run, a lot of people are on edge, they wanna see it continue and when they lose ground by losing terrible games, people will naturally point fingers.

      All I truly wanna see right now is for our GM to have some balls, go out and make the necessary moves to give this team what it needs to stay in first or stay in serious contention. That’s what a good GM does and should do. Enough talking Alex, make the moves or give the job to someone that will.

      • you post sounds like he’s not trying or unwilling to. I think thats bullshit. And you cant blame youre being a fan of the Leafs as a reason for the extra anxiety, thats your fault. Im sure there are an awful lot of Jays fans that arent Leafs fans…I personal dont give a rats ass about hockey in general and wish it would always play half seasons and be over with in feb or march…

        I just think most fans are assholes and dont know how to look at anything other than winning as an acceptable action..which makes the fan base look even more retarded and easily criticized and rightfully so…just Jays fans take to a whole new reactionary level. All aboard…..everyone off…every fucking game

      • Uhh…that’s not what I consider a good GM. A good GM doesn’t fuck the future of the team for one, maybe two shots at contending. I’d love to see a midseason acquisition or two as well, but not by completely gutting the farm system.

        • Yeah, like Pat Gillick. He really fucked the team by trading Jeff Kent for David Cone in 1992 and Steve Karsay for Rickey Henderson in 1993.

          • or Micheal Young for Estaban Loiza..oh wait

            • Great. A prospect turned out well for a change.

              • Just pointing out your cherry picking. The team in 92 and 93 was almost an all star team. Especially in 93 when the Jays had 1,2, 3 in AL in batting avg hitting in the top of their line up. I wouldnt say the trade for Cone or henderson gutted the farm system or even made a difference that that time due to the insane talent that was on the field. The WS Jays were a video game team that had prototype type of players at key spots and very few holes as bad as other Jays teams, especially this years. Upgrading is one thing..constantly selling off the future for a win now will catch up.

                Everyone knows pitching is needed..but its needed by a lot of teams..even those trailing the Jays.

                • The reality is, though, that the majority of prospects are busts. How many can’t-miss-guys end up being huge misses? Go look at the prospects traded for Miguel Cabrera, Cliff Lee, and — dare I say it? — Roy Halladay, for example. Hell, if one player that AA sent to Miami becomes an above-average, everyday player, then they did well in that trade.

                • @Macho Man, and he also spent years not trading (remember the whole Stand Pat moniker?) for players despite the fact the team was pretty strong. People seem to forget that part of the development curve for those teams.

        • He said pitching was the number one target directly after the world series, nothing happened so where things are at now is 100% his own doing. Giving up pieces is necessary to acquiring needed players. I am just kinda tired of the grey area teams. Either trade prospects to fill holes or trade away the assets for prospects and get ready for a long rebuild. It’s always somewhere in the middle with an average farm system and a major league team with holes.

          • Did AA tell all the free agent pitchers not to sign with the Jays? I think he did have a deal for a guy a lot of people wanted and he went somewhere else. And some of the other possibilities didnt turn out so well. Just because a need is identified does not mean you go to the grocery store and pick on off the shelf, doesnt work that way. I dont think AA is sitting on his hands thinking he has nothing left to do to make a championship team, but other teams and other players have to play with them too to get a deal done…I just think youre full of shit

            • How am I full of shit? Im not lying, I am simply stating an opinion. I respect your point of view and understand what you are saying but it doesnt defeat the fact that something needs to happen if the jays are going to stay in contention. Say whatever you want however you want to say it but at the end of the day, the team in place now needs help and that help costs prospects. There’s so many other teams that seem to be able to trade away prospects and then somehow manage to always have more down the pipe, yet the Jays system doesn’t seem to be able to do the same. So on that side of things I get why AA would be tentative about making moves but that’s the game for yah

  80. Ill see you folks in mobile

    Hear they got good hamburher helper

  81. Well here goes nothing…. CMON JAYS!!! NEED A WIN!!!!

    • they need between 48-50 more wins there abouts. and theres 86 games to do it in. Any 48-50 games will do as winners. Stop fucking freaking out.

      • I don’t even think they need that many, 90 wins in this version of the American League east and I suspect they’d be ahead by plenty. 44-46 wins probably does it.

      • A hockey mentality probably drives a lot of the stupidity about the recent rough patch.

        • Thats very sad if thats true. I hear people talk sports in public and makes me laugh all the time. People are pretty much functionally retarded when it comes to real sports debate from the average fan.

          The Rogers commercial with the guy at at the dry clearer is the prime example of a typical Toronto fan and I find it hilarious. He brags about how he knows all the stats, all the all the games and then Brett Lawrie is standing beside him and has no fucking clue who he is. Typical Jays fan. Talks shit like they know something but couldnt pick one of their players out of a line up.

          • @ macho

            i have this happen everytime somebody learns I follow the Jays.
            Could fill a book with anecdotes.

            • I remember the Dickey Trade and TSN went over big trades for pitchers in Jays history..I mentioned in passing to a guy wearing a Jays hat, asked if he heard about the trade and said “They got Roger Clemens didnt they? Hes good” This is 3-4 years after the guy retired and about 15 after he was ever with the Jays. I just stopped talking and shook my head.

      • I’m not freaking out, I emphasized NEED A WIN because of the dry ass pounding they took yesterday and needing a win to get the morale and momentum back in the right direction. I just like to see a team bounce back from a huge loss with a big win is all. Relax.

        • Momentum eh? maybe they should drop their gloves and have a punch fest to stop the other teams momentum and take control. If ball players only had passion they’d know thats how its done Jesus. Its guys like you Stoenten rightfully makes fun of.

  82. Way to go Colby.

  83. Even if you win, you’re still in Ohio

  84. Thank you for keeping Dickey’s pitch count down Jose!

    • So under rated in his defence.
      Fuck the metrics.

      • Except when he slides around like a moron not even close to making a play other than that 1 time…good arm..ok routes but hes not a great fielder.

        • Look again Macho.
          He’s a very smart player.

          Don’t fall into the UZR trap.

          • I dont but thanks for assuming. I see him sliding all over the place for his trap catch he did once at least 2-3 times a week and hes not even close. He has a great arm and is an ok fielder but I disagree with your assessment.

            • Sorry for assuming which is why i originally said fuck the metrics.
              And yes I respectfully disagree with you.

              • I just meant I havent looked at his fielding metrics for awhile. He’s always had a cannon, and makes an effort but assists means some dumb fuck is running on Bautista when they shouldnt be. And I see him running down balls that look like they should be as difficult as they appear if he had better routes, more speed or better jumps. (I must say this has gotten slightly better) but I guess I kinda lumped his position into his throwing ability/decoys and have a huge issue with his ridiculous sliding and diving to trap balls that are 10 feet away and bounce over his head when he could have had better positioning and keep the hit to a single. But yes, we can respectfully disagree. Too many shitheads to fight with real asshole comments

  85. Lawrie’s hand is going to explode soon

  86. Pitchers hitting just looks so wrong.

    • No. It’s awesome + brings strategy into the game. In short, National League forever.

    • How can anyone expect them to be adequate in both aspects of the game?

      • I see it the other way. Theyre baseball players, theyve been playing baseball their whole lives and if they are hitting in games they should be able to do so with some level of skill. I think the NL should have a DH 100%, no question whatsoever. Pitchers should just pitch, no matter what. And if the NL doesnt want to adopt the DH rule, there should still be a DH rule at all times during interleague play regardless of the home team.

  87. Lawrie’s out..

  88. Bautista bunts the bases loaded? Sure

  89. The magic of Mooney. He put the whammy on Joey Votto’s brain.

    Joey Votto is not an easy guy to troll.

    • On second thought, Votto looks really hungover or tired.

      Jose looks like the struggles are getting to him and he’s pressing on defense and base running. He’s going to hurt himself.

      Late addition for Cletus!

    • Votto is throwing the game, only explanation for that throw and the positioning on the bunt.

      Note: The are many other explanations.


    • I was thinking to myself, “What a great play!” then I saw him grimacing and immediately thought, “Oh my god why did he bunt!?”. Hahaha, the things that pop into my head before the old logic kicks in.

  91. Way to show up your team mate, Cueto!

  92. Colby!

  93. Atta boy Gose!

  94. Way to go, Colby.

  95. In Cletus we trust.

  96. Gose would have GIDP there.

  97. everyone leave the game today awesome

    • Are player managers allowed ?

      • Sure, as long as they are on the 25 man roster.

        The days of Earl Weaver throwing coaches on the mound is over however.

      • Didn’t Ken Griffey Sr. play and manage? Not sure if it’s still allowed or how that works. I assume Marcus Stroman could play some SS or 2B if need be, McGowan could play some outfield if need be and I could be wrong but I believe Casey Janssen was also once a shortstop.

        • Griffey may have done it, Pete Rose CERTAINLY did when he was betting against his own team.

          It isn’t the manager part that’s the problem, it’s the 25 man roster.

  98. Oh fuck shit, Bautista is sooooo important to this team. :’(

  99. Bautista reached for his calf/knee area on his right leg.

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