Let’s try this again, eh? Just don’t get swept, and the Yankees can’t pass you. Win the series, gain ground. It’s simple stuff. Stuff that isn’t nearly as difficult to accomplish as the poor insufferable souls already convinced the Jays are fucked are pathologically desperate to think, I’m sure. Stuff they may well not accomplish, in fact. But simple stuff.

Yes, it’s gonna be a grind if they’re going to stay in this fight. A “grindddd,” perhaps, if Brett Lawrie was still here. But, of course, he’s now on the DL with a fractured finger.

The White Sox then a very good Brewers team are next, followed by trip to Oakland, Anaheim, and the house of horrors in Tampa before we go into the All-Star break. The season won’t be made or broken here in the next three weeks, but a replay of their awful last two-ish — with eleven losses in 15 games — could go a long way towards the latter. Yes, somewhere in the incoherent goo oozing forth from out of their keyboards, the doomsayers have a tiny kernel sense: the Jays can’t keep playing like they have. It’s just… y’know… it’s as dumb to believe that they will as it was to have believed they’d always play like they did in May, or that the ghosts of 2013 will surely haunt us, as if the team isn’t stronger in the rotation, stronger in defence, stronger in left field and at catcher, and — even counting the recent troubles with injuries — better health. Oh, and… uh… not to mention that they’re in a ridiculously better position, too.

It’s gonna be a fun ride. Now let’s see what these guys can do! A little bit of adversity never hurt anyone. And a chance to watch Marcus Stroman tonight? Sold! Go Jays!


Sticking with the injury stuff, the Jays announced earlier today that Lawrie is officially on the DL, and also that Erik Kratz has been optioned back to Buffalo, with Kevin Pillar and Anthony Gose both being recalled.

Chris Toman tweets that John Gibbons says the doctors figure Lawrie will be out three-to-six weeks. “Doctors here will check him out and we’ll get a little better idea on that,” he said, referring to the club’s doctors here in Toronto.

This latest bout of injury news is not all bad, though. In fact, “we lucked out,” says Gibbers according to a tweet from Mike Wilner, regarding Jose Bautista’s MRI results. The slugger has a “mild” strain, and hopes to only miss two or three days. There are no plans as yet to place him on the DL.

It’s not out of the question that Bautista could land on the DL, though. Wilner tweets that Jose “wouldn’t say for sure that he’d be back in 2-3 days, but hopes he can play at some point in this series.” John Lott quotes him as saying “there’s a really good chance I can avoid this, yes.”

Brendan Kennedy tweets that Jose says there’s a pretty good chance he could pinch hit at some point in this series if needed.

In Jose’s absence, Shi Davidi tweets that the club intends on platooning Gose and Pillar in right field — at which point, he adds, one will be sent back down. The club will also continue with Kawasaki and Tolleson platooning at second, and Francisco manning third (though he’ll occasionally be spelled by Tolleson as well).

Asked if it wouldn’t be a better option to have Gose play centre on the days in which he’s in the lineup, I explained it thusly: “Tactically, yes. Politically, no. I’d lean towards tactics, but I get it.” Right?

Aaaaand more injury stuff: John Lott tweets that Adam Lind says it will be “a little while” before the foot he fouled a ball off of last week will be fully healed, but it turns out he’s a trooper. Lind will DH and bat third tonight. “Playing doesn’t help,” he tells Lott, but at this point he has no choice.

Better news: Jose Reyes is in the lineup and says, according to another Lott tweet, that his leg is “nothing to worry about.”

Moving on, Bautista tweets that he’s been chosen as the AL’s captain for the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Game, and requests help from fans in selecting his fellow participants (*COUGH* Edwin *COUGH*).

And lastly — and bestly — Jose has a message all those doubters out there in Blue Jay Land, via a Mike Wilner tweet: “If they want to root for the Yankees or Red Sox, be my guest. They shouldn’t be Jays fans.”

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Yankees

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Adam Lind (L)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
RF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Marcus Stroman

New York Yankees

LF Brett Gardner (L)
DH Carlos Beltran (S)
CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
1B Mark Teixeira (S)
C Brian McCann (L)
3B Kelly Johnson (L)
2B Brian Roberts (S)
RF Ichiro! (L)
SS Brendan Ryan (R)

RHP Chase Whitley

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  1. wow great that AA waited until tolleson made a fool of himself in right field and we lost a winnable game before realizing that 3 catchers and no 4th of was you know STUPID!!!!

  2. YES guys: “This is basically a battle for 1st place. The Jays, Yankees and Orioles are all tied for first with 35 wins. You disregard the wins because you can make up with but you can’t make up losses.”

    I see the underlying logic here but having 3 more wins in 3 more games played is a little bit better than not. No way I concede the point that the Blue Jays are tied with NYY or BAL.

  3. If today’s game is anything like the last time the Yanks faced Stroman this would be a great time to bring the glove to the ballpark, good chance you’ll get a souvenir foul ball.

  4. Good top of the first and on 16 pitches. #SoFarSoGood

  5. Stroman has good stuff. To evencontemplate trading a guy for which we have another 6 years of control for someone we can control and pay big$$$ to for 1.5 years w/b foolish.
    I llok forward to seeing Marcus for years to come.
    Forward Soviet!

  6. Well, as crappy as it seems we’ve been playing lately, if we take 2 of 3, we’re .500 in June, which is pretty good considering it feels like we’re more like .300.

    That strong May has given us a lot of room to wiggle.

    On an unrelated note, dat lineup doeeee. Yikes.

  7. And… I’ve posted 4 of the first 6 comments. Ritalin helps me do my day job (economist-ing) but makes me a bit overly eager on the comment board it would seem.

  8. That’s my boy.

  9. Melky Cabrera was a CF like, 4 years ago. That’s mind boggling to me.

  10. And that’s fucking awesome. All awesome? Listening to the YES broadcast being sad and feeling pretty bad about how their team is going.

  11. Lind delivers-good job.
    Been thinking though. Wiyh Lind’s high OBP, ability to get walks, extend the count, and noticeable lack of power, I think he might be a good lead off guy-heresy with Reyes around I guess, but anyone looking aththe rwa stats might ponder it ?

    • He runs like a broken down nag when healthy which is not something that happens a whole lot.

    • I thought he was a certified fukstik.

    • I don’t think you are too far off the mark with the heresy. Reyes has had a sufficiently long and successful career that bumping him from the leadoff spot for a non-leadoff guy would be a risky move (if Lind was suddenly terrible or something => FYRE GOBBONS).

      Strictly speaking Lind wouldn’t be a bad leadoff guy against RHP though his decreased power numbers is, I think, largely due to opportunity. After all the guy is slugging .511, he is still a big bopper when you get down to it.

  12. EE”s bat dies a tough soldier hero

  13. This lineup can still hit mistakes…some luck they can hang in there for a few games

  14. We need someone to deliver here FFS to put the booys to em

  15. Good news is that the low pitches aren’t being called strikes like they were in New York.

  16. Christ their bats are made of exploding wood

  17. Stroman looking pretty good early.

  18. Stro is dealing, nice

  19. Phat Juan has to learn to hit the shit or else

  20. better- just make contact and good things can happen

  21. Everybody hits!

  22. Muni battles- worried abit here 5 hit only one run-we neeed a bomb

  23. Time for a Gose bomb methinks

  24. FFS Gose, bunt them over-you are not EE

  25. Just put the ball in play and Gose is hard to double up.

  26. Keep hittin’!

  27. Phat Juan is no rabbit.

  28. 6 hits-1 run-wtf?
    We had a game like this a few weeks ago

  29. Pleeeeaaaase don’t fuck this, top of the order.

  30. Joes-FFS, make sure it is a astrike!

  31. Why do so many of the fans Sportsnet shows look like they are watching baseball for the first time ? Some look like it’s the first time outside .

  32. Woah, Thump, Muni and Gose get consecutive singles. Things are starting to go the Blue Jays’ way. You know, if they score.

  33. Good rolling block by Gose there to take out the DP!

  34. One in. Good.

  35. Muni won’t fall for that Roberts, he looks like he is fifteen but he’s not. Yo.

  36. Reyes s/b running here FFS

  37. Working the pitch count… good.

  38. Melky!

  39. I’m enjoying these grounders.

  40. “A thing of beauty.”

  41. Great read and base running by Reyes there. Ntice Jeteer break slightly towards the bag there-bouht melky a hit

  42. should say NOTICE…

  43. Fuck. Yeah.

  44. Been a while since we had one of these ones.


  45. That’s my boy X2

    • That HR was precisely what was needed in that situation. Don’t get those who argue against that.

  46. Adam Lind!

  47. KITTENFACE I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

  48. Therees the bomb we needed! LIND baby! Ok u don’t have to bat leadoff

  49. Dammit, Lind, I said I’m loving these grounders!

  50. Man in White doin some work

  51. 43 piyches too-burn them relievers!

  52. This is so nice. Completely different teams than last week in NY.

  53. Look at Whitley’s face. That’s a face that says I’m not getting out of the 3rd inning.

  54. Not bad. Not bad at all

  55. Did McCann come to work drunk?

  56. Donair!

  57. Be nice if Dinner was delivered and is

  58. Dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. OK, Marcus we need the proverbia; shut down inning here

  60. The best part of this inning is the two schlubs from NY sitting next to me pouting.

  61. As a Guinness drinker, I have absolutely no interest in trying this black lager.
    But I’m curious as to what others have had to say about it.

  62. Good hook, baby

  63. Nice… Gardiner not fighting off pitches…

  64. This is a completely lovely way to honour ‘The Captain.’
    I hope he enjoys it.

  65. gose -just take a walk-yes

  66. Gose walking = good

  67. Walking then running. Beauty

  68. The YES guys are having a proper conversation about Gose running up 7 not going one way or the other so far but … ok they just brought up the 0-8 comeback in Cincinnati.

  69. Yesterday the ‘humour is gone’/'pitching scout’ troll was chirping AA for not signing Brian McCann. Funny, because the NYY fans are booing McCann’s .285 OBP ass.

  70. Wow just got home and turned on the game now sportin’ a big ol’ smile

    • What happens to the trolls who insist that ONLY winning is acceptable and predicted that yankees would destroy us … now they’re wrong and therefore losing … I call that crazy

  71. So close, yet…

  72. Rasmus totally poked that over the wall.

  73. Marcu,baby, the 0-2 breaking ball has to be in the dirt-TOO FAT!

  74. Rasmus would’ve had it

  75. Gose would have had that..dude can’t jump and he hit it over the wall

  76. Cano for the HR Derby huh? Not that it matters, but what are the two of them on about?

  77. I know, if not for Rasmus it goes as a double

  78. Way to finish off the inning.

  79. OMG! Stroman gave up a home run and it’s 7-1 now. It’s 2013 all over again! Fire Gibbons!

  80. I’m reading the hijacked Griff Bag while watching and in that vein, WHY DON’T THEY TRAIN COLBY TO JUMP HIGHER!!?!?.

    Note: I don’t really believe that, that is my channeling of Griff Bag writer-inners.

  81. This dickey commercial is horrible

  82. Wait, i just realized something……Have we ever seen RA Dickey and The BK King in the same place at the same time?

  83. Tabby talking about how every major league player practices “handling the bat” every day. “You don’t get to the major leagues without being able to handle the bat!”

    • Tabby was also pretty jazzed talking about the bodies/athleticism of the soccer players.

      • Have you lads and ladies ever worried that we may actually be being horrible bigots if Tabler is actually a homosexual and just hasn’t seen fit to announce it on air but still likes talking about men’s bodies?

        I sometimes worry about that.

        • I’m pretty confident that I’m no bigot. If Tabby wants to come out he’s got my full support.

          • Absolutely! Sorry, I wasn’t trying to suggest you were. I was saying more that people might be acting LIKE (while not truly being) a bigot if it turned out he was gay. And I too would totally support him if he came out.

            • I’m pretty sure he’s straight. + just completely + totally unaware of how he sounds sometimes.

            • Again, if it is all actually unintended innuendo on his part then he deserves to be mocked ruthlessly. If it is intended he is far more clever than I thought. If he is actually getting all hot and bothered in the booth than he has nothing but support from me.

        • True enough. My comment was more about how you could read what he said as being about chronic masturbation rather than anything homoerotic. He was actually making a fair point, I just thought it was kind of funny to read it that way.

          Also, I honestly don’t care when he comments about a player being “strong” or having a “good body” (or some variation thereof) because both are perfectly fine points to make about a professional athlete. I don’t see why anybody who isn’t a bit homophobic would read something that Tabler (a man who, for all of his failings in this regard, is paid to analyze athletes) has to say about a player’s strength or fitness as in any way homoerotic. However, he does do it a lot which kind of detracts from what he’s saying and that is kind of funny in itself because if everyone is “strong” or has “a good body” then nobody does, relatively speaking.

  84. innr baby!

  85. I thought the blue jays sucked now? I’m so confused

    • I made the mistake of leaving Jays Talk on the radio yesterday. Gawd, the chicken little.

    • You should have heard that fucknut Sid Sexeiro this afternoon if you wanted to lose a few baseball IQ points.

      • No one is worse than Gareth Wheeler on TSN1050. It doesn’t matter the subject, he’s unbearable every time he opens his mouth.

        • Wheeler is that bad? Sid hung up on me when I called him out on his stupidity today, so I find it hard to believe anyone is worse than him.

  86. Dinner, just feasting on the Yankees.

  87. Chase (Utley) Whitley face comes true.

  88. With Lawrie out, besides learning to hit shit, PJ must learn to hit lefties, at least some. Earlier this year I was at the phils game where he hit a HR off Lee of all people!

  89. I don’t mind blowouts when the BJs are the ones doing the blowing.

  90. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! The YES announcers are actually talking about a Yankees position player taking the mound. Teeheehee!

  91. McCann’s a horrible goalie.

  92. Anyone else finding that rogers anyplace tv doesn’t work anymore??

  93. EE showing some leather tonite-he’s always beend a decent fielder-just can’t throw for shit

  94. Would be awfully nice if that beast Abreu and the CWS could beat the Ori-LOL-els.

  95. Good painting by Marcus there !

  96. Like the drills they did that afternoon had much to do with Eddie’s plaays tonight

  97. Stroman chewing gum like a boss tonight.

  98. No Bautista, no Lawrie, no problem.

  99. It sure feels good to see Stroman out there and pitching so well.

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