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Strooooooooooooo man

He is a thief

You gotta belief

He stole my heart and my cat

Stole my own Twitter joke just there, speaking of thieves, but whatever. Fuck it. They won! Against the Yankees! And Stroman Stroman’d! Lind was pretty good, too. And Melky. And Edwin. And Dioner. And, shit, even Gose! And no one got hurt… that we yet know of. And as I write this the Orioles are losing too! [Update: They won, thank you very fucking much, Ronald Belisario.] (Chad Jenkins we don’t have to talk about).

I can live with that!


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  1. Woo, that was fun. Let’s do it again.

  2. Chris Davis walk-off HR… *sigh*

  3. What would it take to get Dayan Viciedo from the WSox to mash southpaws off the bench/platoon with Lind?

    • The Jays have needed a lefty masher all season. Becomes even more of a need with Lawrie out for a month. The lineup against LHPs is really lacking.

    • He can’t play 3rd can he? Or 2nd base?

      • The answer is no to both. He is killing lefties sure but with little room on the bench, don’t see how the Jays can afford a spot for him. They need someone to fill the void at 2nd base once The Brett Lawrie returns

        • If we want a guy to hit lefties on the cheap….. How about Jeff Baker from Marlins?

          He also has played 1st, 2nd & 3rd base (not a great fielder but no worse than Francisco) this year and LF/RF last year and outside of this year – he has raked vs lefties.

          I would think a tier 3 prospect would get him

      • He’s not much in the OF either.

  4. Basically a right-handed, slightly better Juan Francisco..

  5. It was so nice to see one of our prospects go out and pitch a great game like that. Stroman was just nasty tonight and hard hit balls are starting to find the holes for us.
    Kittenface deserves an honorable mention here as well.

  6. New official chant!

  7. Stromey’s my homey.

  8. Pet.

  9. Nice “So I Married An Axe Murderer” reference!

  10. Melky. Lawrie. Jose and those hot Blue Jays bats.
    They get me horny
    Every damn morny
    I want to be Edwin’s birdy
    Hey Jane…get me off this crazy thing…called “baseball”.

    Jazz lick. Candle. Applause

  11. Chad Jenkins has never and will never be worth talking about.

    • * he was drafted 5 spots ahead of Mike Trout.

      • Well, thanks for pissing on my cornflakes this morning!

        (It is interesting how many teams passed on his Troutness, though)

        • speaking of being passed up on, for those teams that were looking for immediate pitching help last year, stroman sure does look like he was exactly that at #22. Really only Wacha, and Gausman are looking like better options for immediate pitching help

      • how did I not know this depressing fact about what could have been…

    • just wait, the jenk’s day is coming

  12. Before we get out of the way that a Darvish trade is NOT happening:

    How would you all feel if they traded all of the prospects (probably Sanchez, Stroman, Norris + best position player that they want) for Darvish?

    I mean, you’re talking pretty damned team friendly thru 2017.

    This is his age 27 year and you are still talking some pretty good years through 30. FIP is 2.66.

    I would do that trade every day even though it would hurt like hell.

    Realistically, I’d love to pry Beltre away from them. Even at age 35, would the dude not appear to be everything they need right now (aside from a pitcher)?

  13. I think Soria and Rios will be dealt at the deadline for sure. There will be good demand and while they are considered “core” they aren’t the players Texas originally built their championship team around.

    I can’t see them being that desperate to trade Beltre, Darvish and Andrus however. They still have Choo and next year Fielder will be back. Their core is still very good, one of the best offenses in all of baseball. Only thing different this year is their extra bases power has dried up – mostly because Fielder is on DL, Beltre was on DL and Rios is in a power drought (but still hitting well) . . . otherwise they still consistently hit for high avg, get on base and steal really well.

    They were also dealt massive blow when they lost Matt Harrison and Derek Holland so not exactly like they need a massive overhaul. They have been devastated by injuries, not unlike the Jays of 2012 and 2013.

    • They’ve got 21 yr old Profar who can play SS/2B
      .647 OPS with 6HR 2SB 26BB in 286 AB

      and 20yr old Rougned Odor for 2B
      .787 OPS with 3HR 1SB and 3BB in 103AB

      Andrus is signed for $15m per through 2023
      Doubt the Blue Jays take on a contract of that length,
      but either one of the kids would look good in blue.

    • Didn’t remember how insane Darvish’s contract is… 6 yr/$56M? That’s 3 more years of control. Manalive.

      I never imagined Texas trading him, but being a front end starter + his contract, they could get a ridiculous haul back.

  14. Is it my impression that there is a lot of parity or have I just read too many headlines and believed it? It makes me wonder if teams won;t be MORE likely to try and make a trade closer to the deadline. Not huge, line-up altering trades but rather moving smaller pieces hoping for that incremental improvement that could be the difference maker in the latter half of the season.
    In the unlikely event that hypothesis might have some truth to it – does that help or hinder the jays?

    • The standings don’t reflect but I agree. Although in general there’s always tons of teams competing for playoffs this early. By the All Star break usually a couple of those teams get cold enough that they start to entertain trades a bit more.

      But since the end of the Jays big winning spell a lot has changed in the MLB landscape. Pittsburgh stayed hot and Cincy got hot, making them less likely to be sellers. Royals briefly took division from Tigers. Nats took the division from Braves and Marlins still hanging around. Hell the Phillies and Mets are still technically within striking distance of a playoff spot. Rays and Sox slowly improving.

      I’d say the only fringe team that may have soured all expectations were the ChiSox, who were never going to contend this year anyway. Otherwise the dumpster bin teams from before the Jays cold spell – Cubs, Padres, Dbacks – are still the same teams that should be garnering the most trade attention.

      Its fun but pointless to do much speculating now. Really the all star break is when can start looking into a more earth shattering material but I think all playoff possible teams would make those small deals for improvement

  15. If they are still in it in early August, I see a waiver deal bringing Lee (assuming he’s made 3 healthy starts) and Utley back with Gillick helping to get them waive their no trade clauses. The prospect haul will be commiserate with how much money also comes back with them.

    Trading Rasmus and going with a Pillose platoon would certainly make the finances and potential prospect losses more palatable.

    • It’s all well and good to say trade Rasmus. Hell I wanted to do it in the winter.
      But now, who are you going to trade him to?
      He is a FA and only the Jays can ofer him a QO at the end of the year. The teams most likley to want to trade are the rebuilding ones (Cubs, Stros etc) and they want young controllable talent not a guy who is going to walk on them. Colby has limited trade value and will not get the Jays want they need.
      The only exception might be a team that also has a pending FA and we trade”issues”
      Everyone saying trade Rasmus, please think a little. You might as well say teade Happ for Cliff Lee

      • Agreed. It’s probably ridiculous to think that there’s a realistic scenario where a team gives up something better than the draft pick the Jays will likely get when Rasmus leaves this off-season via free agency AND somehow the team acquires something to improve the current 25-man roster in the process.

    • If they are still in it why would want to lose their best CF by a mile?

      The return would have to be great enough to offset the downgrade from Rasmus to Gose/Pillar full-time (*shudder*) AND the loss of the QO pick.

      Might as well keep him.

      • I agree that Cletus is better than Gose, but it ain’t by a mile. Gose may not hit dingers like Cletus, but it may be fair to say that Gose is just as good as Rasmus in most other facets of the game, if not better.

        • dead horse argument.

        • Have to disagree. It is by a mile. The most important facet is hitting, and Gose can barely hit the ball into the outfield. When he comes up with the bases loaded and less than 2 outs I’m almost hoping for him to strike out so he doesn’t hit into a double play. Whereas with Rasmus you know he’s got a good chance to blow the game open with an extra-base hit. Power is just so valuable in this division.

          Gose maybe has the edge in defense, but Rasmus has put up entire seasons with elite fielding numbers. And since 2012, Gose hasn’t shown much on the basepaths either.

          As for Pillar, he doesn’t have a single walk this season. ‘Nuff said.

        • People defending Gose say it like we have any idea how much he’s going to hit. We don’t. Colby may not be that much better, but the fact that what he can do at the plate is actually (relatively) known has a tonne of value.

          What we DO know is that Gose has an OBP of about .315 in his last nearly-600 plate appearances in AAA. That’s not good. That’s not something anyone should expect won’t go down to unacceptable levels against MLB pitching.

          All this is moot, though, because a Colby trade is very, very unlikely to happen. They’re almost certainly not going to get back, for a half season of him, the value of the draft pick they’ll get after he walks next winter, so… we can probably move on here.

  16. (breathes into paper bag)

    …the Jays are in first place and it’s late June…
    …the Jays are in first place and it’s late June…
    …the Jays are in first place and it’s late June…

    (breathes into paper bag)

  17. Those stud Yankee pitchers don’t look at hot when the umps aren’t calling strikes a foot of the plate

  18. So, Bautista’s getting mouthy again. That’s always nice.

    • It is. Which first place team gets ragged on? Fuck bandwagoners (even though we all know that they’re the ones who matter when it comes to a team’s bottomline).

  19. Holy fuck Brady and Walker are fuckin morons. I never listen to them but accidentally did this morning and I wanted to rip my god-damn ears off.

    • Not sure I should be asking, but what were they saying?

      • Bring back Tom Landry!

        • Or Don Landry, maybe. But if you can bring back Tom Landry, please do. The Cowboys could use the dignity.

      • Just a bunch of drivel about Stroman being untouchable and who they would or would not trade him for. Using Leafs analogies and dialing up the hyperbole machine to 12.

        I mean Stroman is great but between them and their even dumber callers it was an exercise in the TSN comments section.

        Its like listening to a radio show about baseball hosted by two of your least informed friends who insist on talking about “winning-culture” for 10 minutes.

  20. John Sickels has an article today about Sean Nolin and Daniel Norris
    Pegs Nolan for a late season call-up, assuming he’s healthy
    and suggests Norris will be cracking the July top 150 prospect list.

    • they’d be selling high on Pompey and Norris, both having outstanding years

      but i doubt AA wouldnt consider that package for Hamels or Price . . . those guys are a considerable step up from Samardzija and also have playoff experience

      sticking point with Price would be control

      Hamels would be about the money – if Rogers opens wallets they’d be stupid not to take on his contract

      • You’re probably right, but the irrational Canadian in me has dreams of Pompey being a better/less Animal House version of Lawrie.

      • The playoff experience stuff is nonsense. There have been lots of teams that have gone to the playoffs and won a World Series without any player who has had playoff experience.

    • Cole Hamels?!? When did he enter the conversation?

      If Philly continues falling apart it would be nice to get him. High price tag though. So many variables in place (will Rogers allow it? What prospects? Will Philly have to chip in some money?) but fuck… I want Cole Hamels.

  21. This is a weird idea, I’m guessing there’s some rule against it since I’ve never heard of it being done, but I’m curious.

    I’m thinking the idea of a true rental. A contending team trades for a player (with a contract that isn’t expiring) from a non-contending team for a prospect valued at half a seasons worth of that player. The catch is that there is a mutual agreement to send that player back to the previous team for next to nothing.

    This would reduce the dramatic prospect haul for contending teams to acquire a player without an expiring contract for a playoff run. Then the team who had a bad year can get the player back and go for it again the next season i.e. The Rangers

    I think I need someone with a different point of view to show why this is a terrible idea or maybe find a rule that prevents this type of deal.

    • What if he gets injured during rental period…what mess

      • Duh… Good one. Maybe an added part where the rental team pays the players salary as long as they are on the DL. Maybe those deals could include a PTBNL depending on those conditions. Every trade is risky business though

        • Isn’t that essentially what happened with John McDonald when the Jays traded him to Detroit at the deadline? He was dealt for a player to be named later and traded back to the Jays after the season to complete the deal. It would obviously be more complicated and much higher risk if the player was more than a backup infielder, though.

        • It would be crazy for the players…no stability. Be like AAA options all over again

    • It’s interesting, my guess is far too exotic for baseball. Baseball is like the arechtype Scared Old White Man. They hate change.

      Even if two teams were willing to try it, I would bet Selig would put a stop to it, for some reason.

    • Intriguing idea. Don’t they do this in soccer?

      • This years World Cup is the greatest extent to which I’ve followed soccer in my life (and that’s not saying much) so I wouldn’t know

        If they do then maybe Robs thinking has more merit than we’d like to admit

    • The “mutual agreement” wouldn’t be binding, so the team giving up all the value would have to actually trust that their trade partners would give their player back. Good luck with finding someone willing to risk that, risk the player getting hurt, and for what? A player “valued at half a season’s worth” of the guy they gave up, minus what goes the other way in the trade back (if it even happens)? That’s basically nothing.

      It’s a terrible idea for the team giving up the good player. No need to invent conspiracies for why such a practice would be kiboshed.

      • I did consider the agreement not being binding, figuring it wouldn’t be good business for a team to break that promise as that might discourage other teams from dealing with them in the future, but I realize even that is a stretch.

        I also was thinking like one top 10-20 prospect as opposed to giving up the loads of prospects we’re hearing teams want.

        I’m definitely a little biased in the sense that the Jays are in a contending position at the moment and might benefit most from a deal like this. Injuries are the big concern besides the whole non-binding part, otherwise the team giving up the player wouldn’t have much to lose.

        Just throwing the idea out there. I see now that something like this would not be that simple, but that’s why I’m on a blog and not working my way up the baseball business ladder, right?

  22. [Troll junk]

  23. They do loan out players in Soccer. But the player can’t play against his principal club. I can’t see it happening in MLB, at least not fast enough to benefit the 2014 Jays. They’ll have to go the old-fashioned route. The AL East is so close this year that 3 teams are in the market to buy so a GM with a rebuild on his hands can afford to be picky and take his time. AA can’t afford to get too cute in this environment.

  24. I will take rosterbation over trade speculation 7 days a week. Fuck, I’d rather read AA/AAA storylines about Sean Nolin and Daniel Norris than speculation over trade packages for The Shark or Price or whoever you think will cement the Jays playoff chances.

    It’s kinda like in poker after people fold they say what they had. I don’t give a fuck what you say you had. Either show your cards or shut the fuck up.

    But if you are the Jays organization you have to ask yourself the question “Is making the playoffs good enough? Let’s just say fuck it and sell the farm and spend more and make a run at the WORLD SERIES. All or nothing. Let’s do this.”

    • after 20 years, i would say that making the playoffs is good enough.
      obviously winning is beter, but if they make it in, i’d be ok.
      i believe they have the second longest playoff drought in baseball, and the royals are looking like they could remove themselves from that list and leave us with the longest drought.
      thats just fuckin embarrassing.
      Once you get in, it’s a short tournament, anyone can win

      • How is that embarassing? It’s not like qualifying for the post-season is easy in MLB. It’s a lot easier making the playoffs in leagues where eight teams from each division can qualify versus a league that only recently allowed five.

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