Think Dioner Navarro knew his fourth inning home run was gone from the second he made contact? Don’t answer just yet! First, have a look at the clip below and OH MY FUCK, THAT BAT FLIP!

Vine clip via Melissa Couto, aka @ThrowinSmoke:

Won’t be needing this!

Gold. Now hopefully the Jays can tack some more runs on, or at least make the 3-0 lead Dioner’s bomb provided.

[Update: Holy shit, Derek Jeter. A "fielder's choice" that was really Jeter just not throwing to any base quickly enough allowing Edwin Encarnacion to reach safely, followed by a Colby Rasmus double that scored two, saw Colby get hung up, then beat Jeter back to first base while Edwin scored a third. That was fucking glorious. Don't even care that ol' -- er... old -- #2 hit a home run in the first at-bat of the next inning, making it 6-1.] [Might add a clip or two of that eventually, too. Holy hilarious! (Jeter still a legend, though, just maybe not so much at age 58, or whatever he is)].

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  1. Sweet gif I’m at the game and noticed that too. Ballsy. On the Yankees forum they were pissed about it.

  2. Thank you for posting this for the poor bastards stuck at work. Was very butthurt I wouldn’t get to see it.

  3. wow Jeter looked really bad that inning.

  4. WTF is wrong with Jose Reyes. Jesus make a goddamn throw ffs

  5. Pfffffff JPA woulda had like 10 homers by now. And his hair is better.

  6. another walkoff bunt. wow

  7. Navarro. Yeah, baby!!

  8. We’re going to need a gif of Jose running home for that walkoff run.

  9. Between the followthrough twirl and the flip, that might be the classiest looking bat flip I’ve ever seen. 10/10

  10. Is Edwin okay? Him still standing in the batters box after ball four was weird.

  11. Excellent game.
    My record’s intact.
    Got a T shirt.
    Jay’s win.
    Life is good.

  12. I like our catcher. JPA might have looked better but our current guy does better, doesn’t he? Standing and delivering, some semi-pompous ass might say.

  13. Surprised we didn’t see McCann come out and yell at Dioner…..

  14. Hey boy whatchya wanna do we go lots a ladies and tons of brew

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